Workforce Development Program

The Labor Development Program (LDP) promotes interaction between the economic sector and the labor market of Puerto Rico, with the purpose of facilitating access for the populations served with funds from the Law on Opportunities and Innovation in the Workforce (WIOA ) to sustainable jobs.

In the same way, employers can count on talents that allow them to satisfy their demands for human capital, and with opportunities to provide them with training and retraining, according to the needs of each one.

Strategic Goals

Planning and implementation of the Annual Workforce Development Summit, to provide employers and industries a forum to share their needs (in terms of profiles and skills of their workforce) employment opportunities, access to WIOA funds and increase communication with these.

  • Through a Collaboration Agreement with the Youth Development Program (PDJ), the PDL will delegate to the PDJ the design and implementation of demonstrative and innovative projects aimed at promoting the insertion of the young population in the labor market; and that young people who are at risk of dropping out remain in the educational system and are interested in professions and occupations that respond to market demands. This initiative is aimed at young people, inside and outside the school, in accordance with WIOA criteria.

Implementation of the Apprenticeship Expansion Grant. The DEDC is the government agency delegated by the Governor of Puerto Rico as the State Apprenticeship Agency and, having successfully implemented the Apprenticeship USA State Accelerator Grant, an application for funds was submitted for the grant of initiatives Expansion of the learning model in Puerto Rico. As part of this initiative, we will be able to support multiple employers in adopting this training model that allows them to raise the skill levels of their new and incumbent workforce in accordance with their specific needs. Through this “grant” employers will be able to access funds for salary subsidies and training expenses.

  • Planning and implementation of demonstrative and innovative projects. The Government, through the DEDC and the PDL, has the obligation to develop projects that serve to promote the implementation of innovative initiatives, in accordance with WIOA, that can be replicated in the 15 Local Areas of Labor Development. These initiatives have the purpose of modifying the mechanism by which the Local Boards provide services to the populations of Youth, Adults and Displaced Workers.

These projects may include: mentoring, credentialing training, career exploration, training, and STEAM, among others.

  • Standardization of the process to access WIOA funds. We have facilitated evaluation and design work for the mechanisms of the employers to access the funds through the DEDC and the 15 Local Labor Development Boards. As a result, we will be announcing and implementing a standard process through which employers will be able to access WIOA funds for: On the Job Training (OJT), Customized Training and Learning activities.
  • Drafting and filing of amendments to Law 171-2014, with the purpose of adjusting it to the current federal law WIOA.
  • Create an Employer Services Unit in the Division of the State Unit for Displaced Workers and Employers (UETDP), in order to have specialized resources in the business area, providing continuous support, in coordination with the Office of Business Development, to established and new employers.

Strategic Objectives

Guiding employers on the benefits of WIOA and how to access available funds, in collaboration with the Office of Business Development.

  • Assign staff to support the implementation process of the “Apprenticeship Expansion Grant”.
  • Write and publish the “Request for Proposal” (“RFQ”) for the identification and selection of innovative demonstration projects.
  • Train Local Boards to use the mechanisms and applications implemented to access WIOA funds, at the state level.