Real Estate

The real estate office of the Industrial Company of Puerto Rico (PRIDCO) is responsible for managing the inventory of the company's properties in the best interest of the public patrimony. The basic services of the real estate division are to provide industrial rental space for companies and investors in order to promote, improve and develop the island's economy.

The objectives of the real estate division are:

  • Acquire, operate and improve industrial parks to provide suitable sites for industries in Puerto Rico
  • To complement the Industrial Development program established under the Department of Economic Development and Commerce

The Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DDEC) has a large inventory of industrial properties in Puerto Rico, with more than 1,500 properties strategically distributed throughout the island. The DDEC portfolio has industrial warehouses, lots and rough land. Your company can benefit from these properties under a rental agreement or, in some strategic cases, through the sale.

Our buildings can accommodate a variety of uses, from light manufacturing to specialty manufacturing, research and development, distribution centers, warehouses, or even light industrial activities. Our properties generally have:

  • Sites from 2,000 to more than 100,000 square feet
  • Loading areas with docks and level doors.
  • 12 foot minimum ceiling height with a clear span
  • Minimum 120/208 kw with three-phase power capacity for 50kva
  • Plumbing ready with a minimum water diameter ranging from 1 ½ "to 2"
  • Parking lot
  • Strategically located near highways, ports and airports.

Through efficient planning and zoning, the DDEC Property Catalog provides an ideal place to start or expand your business. Additionally, we are ready to assist new and existing businesses with various incentives. Contact us for more information.

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​The Real Estate Office will assign an agent to help you throughout the rental or buying process. This includes:

  • property profile and spec's
  • showing
  • estimates
  • requirements
  • contract

To rent a property:

After the selection of the property to locate your business and get the confirmation of its availability you need to complete the reservation process.  This duty has to be completed within 10 labor days.

Once the reservation process is made you have to present supporting documents to complete the rental process and be able to have access and the right to use of the property.  For this process your company has 10 days. The required documents are:

  • Corporative Resolution
  • Good standing certification
  • Insurance if applicable
  • Guarantee Deposit
  • Federal Identification Number (SSN)
  • Contact Information
  • Others requirements may apply

More details of this process can be found in the applicable By Laws. Get access and obtain a copy.

  • Reg. 7473  / MO-ODE-001 Reglamento de Reservaciones de Arrendamiento de Propiedad Inmueble de la Compañía de Fomento Industrial  (Spanish version)
  • Reg 6860 / MO-BRI-048 Reglamento Para el Arrendamiento de Espacios o Secciones de Edificios Industriales a Entidades que Emplean Personas Con Impedimentos (Spanish version)
  • MO-BRI-041 Procedimiento para el Otorgamiento de Contratos de Arrendamiento
  • MO-BRI-042 Procedimiento para la Resolución de Contratos de Arrendamiento y la Recuperación de Propiedades de la Compañía de Fomento Industrial. (Spanish version)

You can reach the property leasing team at: (787) 758-4747 extensions 4445, 4461 or 2154. In addition you can write us to:

To buy a property:

To complete the buying process to buy a PRIDCO' property the prospect buyer needs to supply at least the following documents. This information will be review by the Sales Committee:

  • Business Plan
  • Financial Reports
  • Description of business impact to the area where be located the company.  Includes employee creation.
  • Others requirements may apply
  • More details of this process can be found in the applicable By Laws. Get access and obtain a copy.  
  • Reg. 7474 / MO-ODE-002 Reglamento para la Disposición de la Propiedad Inmueble . (Spanish version)

You can reach the property selling team at: (787) 758-4747 extensions 4438 or 2154. In addition you can write us to: