Medical tourism

The Medical Tourism industry is one in the process of wide development. Its growth has been exponential in recent years and more and more destinations dedicate resources to its development. In Latin America, Medical Tourism is expected to maintain sustained growth of 18.9%, reaching $ 10.3 billion in 2021.

In Puerto Rico there is an average of about 8,000 visits by medical tourism patients. This Program is aimed at being an agile, efficient and self-sufficient one. It is estimated at about 11 million people seeking medical treatment worldwide. Of this total, 3.5% travel internationally. At a minimum, it is intended to capture 1% of this market. In addition, it is intended to capture at least .5% of the following markets: the Caribbean islands (with a population of about 18 million inhabitants); auto insurers (with some 32 million lives insured); and the average of 1,800 crew members who visit the island monthly.

Strategic Goals

  • Increase 15% annually, over the next 5 years, the number of medical tourism patients who visit Puerto Rico
  • Increase by 40% the number of certified ancillary institutions, doctors and services under the Medical Tourism program
  • Attract around 30,000 patients in the next 2 years
  • Refocus the niche markets: cruise lines based in San Juan, Caribbean islands, auto insurers and international market
  • Create agile certification processes
  • Encourage the return of doctors to Puerto Rico
  • Create a structure so that the Program is self-sustaining.

Strategic Objectives 

  • Filing a bill, amending the statutes established in law 196 of 2010. These amendments would facilitate and make the certification process cheaper, simplify the Program and transform it into a self-sufficient one. It would also expand the services that can be certified
  • Implement the Marketing Plan integrating Invest Puerto Rico and Discover Puerto Rico. We have identified three main markets: auto insurers, cruise companies, and Virgin Islands governments
  • Development of a website linked to the website of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce
  • Development and implementation of the Regulation