Access to Information

The Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DEDC) is committed to publishing information in a responsible and transparent manner. Here, you have access to the most requested public information, quickly and free of charge. Without unreasonable delays, without excuses.

In compliance with OE 2017-010, our Agency has an Information Officer to respond and diligently channel requests for public information from citizens.

Examine the files in this section. If there is public information that is not available, you can contact the Information Officer here. Please note that, in the case of auction files, they are available for inspection upon request of the interested party and a modest reproduction fee may apply, in accordance with current regulations.

This section –like the information– is dynamic. Stay connected for document and file updates. It is your right to be informed and our commitment to guarantee access.


The DDEC, in its role of leading the Committee appointed through Executive Order 2020-051 to promote the marketing, promotion, strategy and logistics of international cargo and passenger transfers in Puerto Rico, rendered the work plan to implement the Exemption of Air and Passenger Cargo, granted by the United States Department of Transportation (DOT), earlier this year. The Air Cargo and Passenger Exemption - achieved by the DDEC - offers a unique opportunity to promote the Island as a destination for a transfer center, and to develop capacity to support multiple sectors, renewing the infrastructure. Given the current situation of the pandemic, Puerto Rico has the opportunity to become the main center of the Americas in the manufacturing sector of pharmaceutical products, and other sectors.

Air Cargo Comittee Action Plan.

Judgment in favor of the DDEC in a case presented by a Popular legislator to stop the integration of Tourism

Court of First Instance, Superior Chamber of San Juan, declared the Motion to dismiss and in opposition to the preliminary injunction, presented by the DDEC, together with the Government of Puerto Rico, after dismissing the claim presented by the representative of the Popular Democratic Party , Ángel Matos, in an attempt to stop the process of integrating the Puerto Rico Tourism Company (CTPR) into the DDEC, as ordered by Law 141 of 2018, known as the “Execution Law of the Department's Reorganization Plan of Economic Development and Trade ”. The DDEC continues to comply with and enforce the Law and the Fiscal Plan Certified by the Fiscal Supervision and Financial Administration Board for Puerto Rico. See the Judgment of the Court of San Juan.



In accordance with the provisions of the Fiscal Plan Certified by the Board of Fiscal Supervision and Financial Administration for Puerto Rico for the Department of Economic Development and Commerce, we publish the Quarterly Report on Cash Grants or “cash grants” granted as of the Fiscal Year 2017-18 to March 31, 2021.

Performance Report on Act 20 and Act 22

This year, we reveal the results of the implementation of Act 20 to Promote the Export of Services and Act 22 to Encourage the Transfer of Individual Investors to Puerto Rico, between the years 2015 to 2019. The study, commissioned by the company Estudios Técnicos , Inc. shows that the incentive programs under Acts 20 and 22, made possible the creation of over 36,200 direct, indirect and induced jobs and over $ 2.5 billion in investment in Puerto Rico. Download the document.

Study Infographic

Opportunity Zones (OZ)

The Committee of Priority Projects in Opportunity Zones approved a list of all those eligible commercial or business activities recognized as Priority Projects in Opportunity Zones. The Opportunity Zones initiative is now part of the Puerto Rico Incentive Code and would allow promoting the economic development of about 98% of the Island designated as such.

Eligible commercial activities Regulations

Information on the compensation of public servants of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce, the Industrial Development Company and the Commerce and Export Company​

Our agency strives to properly manage the information and, as part of our commitment to provide transparent access, we have determined to make available information related to the compensation that our career and trust public servants receive for the work they carry out on behalf of the economic development of Puerto Rico, without any distinction. In the case of the trust service, it is noteworthy that public servants perform tasks for all entities (DDEC, PRIDCO, CCE), by determination of the Secretary in order to maximize available resources.

The document contains data on the names, positions, nature of the positions and annual salary of all our employees in the Department of Economic Development (including the Office of Permit Management, Youth Development Program, Workforce Development Program, Development Program of the Film Industry, Energy Public Policy Program and Business Incentives Office in Puerto Rico) as well as the Industrial Development Company (PRIDCO) and the Trade and Export Company (CCE) in their period of transition as a DDEC program.


Public information on beneficiaries of decrees

In Puerto Rico, the existence of a Decree or other benefit provided by the Incentive Code is considered public information. That is to say; if – for example – an entity has a Decree pursuant to Sections 2031.01 and 2031.02 of the Puerto Rico Incentive Code, (formerly commonly called “Act 20”), the public has access to know it. The names of the Exempt Businesses and the chapter of Subtitle B of the Code under which the Decree was granted are also disclosed. Also public information is the name of the person who has a Decree for being an Individual Investor under Subtitle B- Chapter 2 of the Puerto Rico Incentive Code (previously commonly called “Act 22”) and any other provision contained in the Code. Other related personal information is confidential and will remain protected.

To examine a directory of beneficiaries of tax exemption decrees under various provisions of the Incentive Code, you can use our Disclosure Portal:

IncentiveBeneficiary NameApproval Date
Act 14-2017 Antonio Padua Ramos03/27/18
Act 73-2008(Mfg) Tech Group Puerto Rico, LLC7/1/2015
Act 20-201210-6 Ventures LLC06/21/16
Act 20-20121001 Holdings, LLC04/05/16
Act 20-201210X Media, LLC05/31/18
Act 20-2012144000 LLC11/16/19
Act 20-201216 Points Holdings LLC04/11/17
Act 20-20121600Millas LLC05/27/19
Act 20-20121701 Management LLC05/17/18
Act 20-20121774, LLC05/09/18
Act 20-20121776 LLC12/17/18
Act 27-201118 Degrees North, LLC - Corona06/30/14
Act 20-201218 North LLC10/04/19
Act 135-199820-15, Inc.10/4/2001
Act 20-2012200 Carritos LLC06/22/19
Act 73-2008212 Ag, LLC6/21/2011
Act 20-201222Er LLC02/12/18
Act 27-201123 Horas, LLC - 23 Horas06/30/17
Act 27-201123 Horas, LLC - 23 Horas06/30/19
Act 27-201124RJC Productions, LLC - Cockfights: The Last Season06/30/20
Act 135-199826 Metal Recycling Corp.7/19/2006
Act 8-19873 A Press, Corp.3/14/1997
Act 20-20123 Little Birds LLC10/22/19
Act 20-20123.5.7.11 Management Holding LLC12/02/13
Act 27-201130 Seconds Productions, LLC - Kany García06/30/13
Act 20-20123500 Square Miles12/24/19
Act 20-2012360 Degrees Inc12/19/16
Act 20-2012360 Marketing & Events Group LLC07/19/18
Act 73-20083A Press, Corp11/1/2012
Act 73-20083Mg R&D, LLC8/1/2014
Act 135-19983rd Generation Enterprises, Inc.4/15/2005
Act 20-20123W Consulting LLC03/12/18
Act 27-20114 Mile Productions, LLC - Toxic Shark06/30/17
Act 27-20114 Mile Productions, LLC - Toxic Shark06/30/19
Act 20-20124T Holdings LLC10/26/16
Act 20-2012570 Business Group LLC10/14/19
Act 20-20125Th Avenue Capital LLC04/27/16
Act 135-19989-12 Corp.9/9/2002
Act 20-20129901 LLC01/27/19
Act 135-1998A & R Environmental Technologies, Inc.1/8/2002
Act 20-2012A and K Distributors Pr, LLC10/06/15
Act 135-1998A Avanti Kitchen Inc.6/15/2016
Act 73-2008A New Vision In Education Services & Material, Inc3/7/2011
Act 135-1998A New Vision In Educcational Services and Materials, Inc.11/30/2001
Act 135-1998A. Avanti Kitckens, Inc.1/23/2007
Act 135-1998A. J. Oster Caribe, Inc.8/29/2005
Act 22-2012A. Michael Flaherty12/06/13
Act 135-1998A.G. Group, Inc.7/20/2006
Act 20-2012A.G. Group, Inc.04/20/18
Act 135-1998A.J. Oster Caribe, LLC4/23/2013
Act 73-2008A.N.A. Packaging Co Inc.1/8/2018
Act 73-2008Aag Recycling, Inc.8/7/2012
Act 22-2012Aaron Ashner08/16/16
Act 22-2012Aaron Baalbergen07/19/18
Act 22-2012Aaron Osguthorpe10/19/18
Act 22-2012Aaron Paul Stewart11/16/16
Act 22-2012Aaron Schwartz07/19/18
Act 27-2011AB Advertising & PR, Inc. - Escándalos06/30/16
Act 27-2011AB Advertising & PR, Inc. - Incógnita06/30/14
Act 27-2011AB Advertising & PR, Inc. - Incógnita 206/30/15
Act 27-2011AB Advertising & PR, Inc. - Ismael Cala06/30/17
Act 27-2011AB Advertising & PR, Inc. - Pasión del mil amores06/30/13
Act 27-2011AB Advertising & PR, Inc. - Puerto Rico Social06/30/17
Act 27-2011AB Advertising & PR, Inc. - Take me or leave me06/30/17
Act 20-2012Abarca Health, LLC11/26/14
Act 73-2008Abarca Technologies LLC5/27/2015
Act 20-2012Abartys Health LLC04/25/18
Act 73-2008Abb Vie Biotechnology Ltd.5/19/2016
Act 73-2008Abb Vie Ltd.6/19/2014
Act 135-1998Abbot Chemicals Plant, Inc Abbott Health Products, Inc Abbott Fermentation Products Pr3/1/2001
Act 20-2012Abbot Lang, LLC09/28/18
Act 73-2008Abbot Optical Products LLC10/26/2017
Act 135-1998Abbott Health Biotechnology11/8/2002
Act 73-2008Abbott Healthcare (PR) Ltd.6/19/2014
Act 73-2008Abbott Pharmaceuticals Pr Luitd12/31/2012
Act 135-1998Abbvie Biotechnology, Ltd / Abbott Biotechnology Ltd.5/16/2008
Act 14-2017Abby Agosto08/04/19
Act 135-1998Abc Netherlands, Inc Y P&B, Inc. Y Alliance Duty Free2/19/2004
Act 14-2017Abdiel Cruz Loubriel01/24/18
Act 83-2010Able Sales Solar 1, LLC1/31/2018
Act 14-2017Abner E Limardo Defendini02/09/18
Act 135-1998Abraxis Bioscience Manufacturing, LLC/ App Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing, LLC3/16/2007
Act 20-2012Absorb Health Pr, LLC08/01/17
Act 27-2011Abudo Masso Advertising & Public Relations, Inc. - Central High06/30/19
Act 14-2017Abymael Frontanes Heredia02/22/18
Act 73-2008Ac Culinary Group LLC11/13/2018
Act 20-2012Accelerated Consulting and Management LLC06/01/19
Act 135-1998Accumail Of Puerto Rico, Inc.12/17/2004
Act 135-1998Accuprint, Inc.6/13/2008
Act 73-2008Accuprint, Inc.12/7/2012
Act 73-2008Accurate Manufacturing Inc7/6/2017
Act 135-1998Accurate Manufacturing, Inc.10/16/2003
Act 73-2008Accurate Printers, Inc.5/30/2012
Act 135-1998Accurate Solutions and Designs3/13/2002
Act 135-1998Ace Construction6/25/2001
Act 135-1998Ace Construction Supplies, Inc.7/2/2002
Act 73-2008Ace Forming Systems Inc.5/30/2012
Act 20-2012Aceland Mortgage, LLC12/16/19
Act 135-1998Aceros De América8/30/2001
Act 135-1998Ach Food Companies Of Puerto Rico, Inc.4/8/2003
Act 27-2011Acisum Group, Inc. - Yandel06/30/15
Act 20-2012Acme LLC06/01/19
Act 135-1998Aconcagua Dental Laboratory Corp1/31/2008
Act 135-1998Aconcagua Dental Laboratory Corp2/12/2008
Act 135-1998Aconcagua Dental Laboratory, Corp.2/20/2008
Act 135-1998Aconcagua Dental Manufacturing Laboratory, Corp.7/31/2006
Act 73-2008Aconcagua Dental Manufacturing Laboratory, Corp.3/13/2018
Act 20-2012Acrecent Financial Corp.09/25/12
Act 135-1998Acrecent Financial Corporation5/2/2008
Act 20-2012Acredo International Management10/28/14
Act 73-2008Acs Solutions of Puerto Rico, Inc.7/9/2012
Act 20-2012Act Pr LLC11/20/18
Act 20-2012Actss Corp06/01/16
Act 20-2012Ad Practitioners, LLC12/30/16
Act 20-2012Ad Punch LLC12/24/19
Act 14-2017Ada N Ortiz Santiago07/10/18
Act 14-2017Ada Santiago Carrión07/22/19
Act 14-2017Adair A. Laboy Zengotita12/28/17
Act 73-2008Adalberto Harber D/B/A Aceres Machine Shop6/23/2015
Act 14-2017Adalberto López Avilés03/12/18
Act 14-2017Adalberto Lugo05/07/19
Act 14-2017Adalberto Mendoza Vallejo02/28/18
Act 20-2012Adalberto Ramirez and Associates LLC02/05/19
Act 14-2017Adalberto Tosado Arocho02/22/18
Act 22-2012Adam Beguelin04/28/16
Act 22-2012Adam C. Sinn07/30/13
Act 22-2012Adam Chance07/10/17
Act 22-2012Adam D. Glickman09/07/16
Act 22-2012Adam E Levin01/27/19
Act 22-2012Adam Hegi09/11/18
Act 22-2012Adam J Thorpe07/30/13
Act 22-2012Adam Long08/10/18
Act 22-2012Adam Weiner09/11/18
Act 14-2017Adanette Wiscovitch Pagan11/07/19
Act 20-2012Adaptiv Underwriters, LLC02/19/16
Act 135-1998Adchem Distributors9/2/2003
Act 14-2017Addiss Maldonado Mendez04/13/19
Act 14-2017Adel Gonzalez08/30/19
Act 14-2017Adelba Torres Lopez04/04/19
Act 22-2012Adele G. Helmers07/30/13
Act 20-2012Adept Management Group LLC10/05/19
Act 22-2012Adil S. Karam04/08/14
Act 14-2017Adisbeth Morales Burgos04/05/18
Act 22-2012Adnan Elassad09/18/15
Act 14-2017Adolfo Sánchez Ortiz02/28/18
Act 22-2012Adom Dumanian10/19/18
Act 14-2017Adrian Alvarez02/09/18
Act 22-2012Adrian D Jayasinha04/22/19
Act 22-2012Adrian D. Ratnayake01/22/15
Act 14-2017Adrian Laracuente11/04/19
Act 14-2017Adrian Perez Corchram12/20/17
Act 14-2017Adrian Santana Parachini12/28/17
Act 135-1998Adrian Santiago Rosa Y Ada Maldonado Vega7/14/2006
Act 135-1998Adrian Santiago Rosado Y Ada Maldonado Vega10/6/2006
Act 73-2008Adrian Santiago Rosado Y Ada Maldonado Vega12/26/2018
Act 22-2012Adrian Siu-Cheuk Wu11/09/16
Act 22-2012Adrian Wenker05/09/18
Act 14-2017Adriana Arcila Vasquez06/02/19
Act 14-2017Adriana Candelario Gonzalez07/22/19
Act 14-2017Adriana Caparros12/23/18
Act 14-2017Adriana Del Llano11/04/19
Act 14-2017Adriana Marzan Loyola01/06/19
Act 22-2012Adriana Mestre12/06/13
Act 14-2017Adriano H Martinez Rivera06/05/18
Act 22-2012Adrienne Goodman08/29/18
Act 20-2012Ads Inc05/17/18
Act 20-2012Ads Ventures Group LLC12/16/19
Act 135-1998Advance Export Inc.2/15/2000
Act 73-2008Advanced Disc Pr, Inc.3/1/2010
Act 135-1998Advanced Drainage Systems Of Puerto Rico, Inc.4/26/2005
Act 73-2008Advanced Graphic Printing, Inc.8/28/2017
Act 135-1998Advanced Graphics Printing, Inc.7/29/2008
Act 20-2012Advanced Healthcare Logistics12/19/16
Act 20-2012Advanced Hematology & Oncology Group of Puerto Rico05/03/19
Act 135-1998Advanced Med Group1/18/2002
Act 135-1998Advanced Medical Systems Corporation5/23/2001
Act 135-1998Advanced Quality Cutting Dies, Inc7/23/2002
Act 73-2008Advanced Suture, Inc.6/12/2017
Act 73-2008Advanced Technology Services Puerto Rico, LLC9/21/2010
Act 135-1998Advanced Windows Mfg.11/30/2004
Act 20-2012Advantage Insurance Services, LLC02/04/16
Act 273-2012Advantage Internationale Bank Corp07/05/16
Act 20-2012Advantage Management Services, LLC08/13/19
Act 20-2012Advisa, LLC01/17/19
Act 22-2012Aedan Weinstein11/18/19
Act 20-2012Aee International LLC04/10/18
Act 73-2008Aero Investment Group, Inc.11/9/2015
Act 135-1998Aerometalica Corporation4/1/2008
Act 135-1998Aerospace Systems, Inc.5/15/2003
Act 20-2012Aes Capital Management10/05/18
Act 83-2010AES Illimuna, Inc.1/24/2011
Act 135-1998Aes Puerto Rico, Lp/ Aes Puerto Rico, Inc/ Aes Las Mareas, Inc/ Aes Del Sol, Inc8/17/1999
Act 20-2012Aesir Energy, LLC04/20/15
Act 135-1998Afa Plastics5/9/2001
Act 73-2008Afa Plastics Corporation7/6/2017
Act 135-1998Ag Group10/11/2001
Act 73-2008Ag Group, Inc.2/13/2015
Act 73-2008Agaia Latin America, Inc.4/20/2018
Act 20-2012Agate Innovation Inc03/21/19
Act 20-2012Agility Systems LLC12/24/19
Act 20-2012Agm Construction Management11/06/18
Act 14-2017Agnes Bosch02/09/19
Act 20-2012Agqo LLC06/27/19
Act 135-1998Agreliant Genetics, LLC7/31/2006
Act 14-2017Agripino Lugo Velazquez04/19/18
Act 135-1998Aguakem Caribe Inc.12/4/2007
Act 135-1998Aguas Puras Del Caribe, Inc.8/27/2007
Act 135-1998Aguayo'S Sheet Metal Mfg.6/30/2010
Act 20-2012Aguila Advisers, LLC03/26/15
Act 14-2017Agustin Cajigas08/07/19
Act 14-2017Ahmed Morales Jorge01/24/18
Act 22-2012Ahmet Ugur08/10/18
Act 20-2012Ai Logistics LLC11/18/19
Act 73-2008Aiac International Pharma9/6/2016
Act 73-2008Aicon Mechanics, Inc8/27/2009
Act 14-2017Aileen E Santos Arroyo06/05/18
Act 14-2017Aileen G. Ojeda Rodríguez03/07/18
Act 14-2017Aileen Guzman Morales12/28/17
Act 14-2017Aileen Rivera03/04/19
Act 20-2012Aims Management Corp12/18/18
Act 135-1998Air Borinquen, Inc.10/11/2002
Act 73-2008Air Master Awning, LLC.12/12/2017
Act 135-1998Air Master Awnings, Inc.6/10/1999
Act 20-2012Aircraft 22 Company, LLC05/09/18
Act 20-2012Aircraft Engine Lease Finance, Inc.08/18/17
Act 83-2010Aireko Energy Solutions LLC9/22/2015
Act 135-1998Airequipo, Inc10/9/2001
Act 135-1998Airmec Fluid Power Corp.6/22/2000
Act 73-2008Airport Aviation Services, Inc7/3/2012
Act 135-1998Airport Aviation Services, Inc.10/10/2005
Act 8-1987Airport Catering Services, Inc.9/24/2002
Act 20-2012Airport Services Provider Inc01/30/18
Act 73-2008Airport Shoppes12/15/2011
Act 20-2012Airport Shoppes Corporation02/13/15
Act 14-2017Aixa Dones12/16/19
Act 135-1998Aj Bart3/9/2001
Act 20-2012Aja Management and Research, LLC - Nine Points Capital Advisors, LLC06/27/13
Act 135-1998Ajm Meat Packing2/11/2002
Act 73-2008Ajr Manufacturing Corp11/4/2016
Act 73-2008Akceulita, LLC10/30/2015
Act 22-2012Akshai Patel03/29/19
Act 22-2012Akshay Narasimhan09/13/17
Act 22-2012Al Burgio07/19/18
Act 135-1998Al-Euro Corp11/6/2003
Act 135-1998Al-Expo Corp.12/31/2004
Act 20-2012Alacrinet LLC08/28/17
Act 20-2012Alambres Del Caribe Pr LLC06/28/16
Act 20-2012Alamo Solutions, LLC02/09/18
Act 22-2012Alan Burke06/12/17
Act 22-2012Alan Eben11/23/15
Act 22-2012Alan G Nicholson04/15/19
Act 22-2012Alan G. Schill02/23/18
Act 22-2012Alan Hurty04/06/16
Act 22-2012Alan Schmerler02/12/15
Act 22-2012Alan Stephen Masley03/28/16
Act 22-2012Alan Theodore Rizer06/14/18
Act 22-2012Alan Wilson01/26/18
Act 14-2017Alanna Guzman Martinez07/22/19
Act 20-2012Alaph Capital, LLC05/19/14
Act 135-1998Alara Pharmaceutical8/4/2004
Act 73-2008Alara Pharmaceutical Corporation3/28/2014
Act 135-1998Albani Manufacturing11/13/2001
Act 22-2012Albert Davydov02/26/18
Act 22-2012Albert Wang09/13/17
Act 14-2017Alberto A. Guardiola Dominguez04/05/18
Act 14-2017Alberto Abreu Rivera04/19/18
Act 14-2017Alberto Cerra Franco06/24/19
Act 135-1998Alberto Cossio Soto4/15/2005
Act 135-1998Alberto Cossio Soto6/2/2005
Act 73-2008Alberto Cossio Soto5/24/2010
Act 135-1998Alberto Culver (Pr), Inc,6/25/2003
Act 14-2017Alberto De La Vega Pujols09/10/18
Act 14-2017Alberto E. Arevalo Roig12/28/17
Act 22-2012Alberto E. Mestre10/07/13
Act 14-2017Alberto Garcia Orta06/05/18
Act 14-2017Alberto Grana01/31/19
Act 14-2017Alberto H. Torres Hernández02/28/18
Act 14-2017Alberto J. Lugo Cobian03/23/18
Act 14-2017Alberto J. Ramírez López12/28/17
Act 135-1998Alberto L. Cossio Soto10/7/2005
Act 14-2017Alberto Middelhof De Leon03/31/19
Act 14-2017Alberto Ortiz Carrasquillo04/19/18
Act 14-2017Alberto P Corica Guinle06/05/18
Act 22-2012Alberto Perez10/19/18
Act 14-2017Alberto R Rivera Rosado05/14/18
Act 22-2012Alberto Voli06/12/17
Act 14-2017Alberto Zabala09/28/19
Act 14-2017Alberto Zamot Carmona02/09/18
Act 14-2017Albin Martinez09/29/19
Act 135-1998Alc Industrial Development Corp.12/21/2005
Act 135-1998Alc Industrial Development Corp.12/21/2005
Act 135-1998Alc Industrial Development Corp.12/21/2005
Act 135-1998Alc Industrial Development, Corp.1/24/2006
Act 135-1998Alcan Packaging Puerto Rico, Inc.3/9/2004
Act 135-1998Alcan Packaging Puerto Rico, Inc.3/9/2004
Act 20-2012Alchemy Advisory LLC12/16/19
Act 8-1987Alco High Tecch Plastics, Inc.10/31/2000
Act 135-1998Alco High Tech Container, Inc.10/25/2007
Act 73-2008Alco High Tech Plastics Inc.5/17/2018
Act 135-1998Alco High Tech Plastics, Inc.9/13/2004
Act 135-1998Alcon (Puerto Rico), Inc.9/14/2000
Act 73-2008Aldarra Overseas Group, Inc.9/1/2010
Act 20-2012Alec Monopoly Art LLC05/04/19
Act 14-2017Alegyari Figueroa11/16/19
Act 14-2017Alejandra Santiago Vives06/13/18
Act 14-2017Alejandro A. Medina Vilar02/22/18
Act 22-2012Alejandro Ferris Wallis12/01/15
Act 14-2017Alejandro Figueroa01/13/19
Act 14-2017Alejandro J. Lopez Mass12/20/17
Act 14-2017Alejandro Jorge Hidalgo Rios02/28/18
Act 22-2012Alejandro Krell09/18/18
Act 14-2017Alejandro López Araujo12/20/17
Act 14-2017Alejandro Mercado Arroyo09/10/18
Act 14-2017Alejandro Perez Ruiz06/13/18
Act 22-2012Alejandro Ponce04/11/17
Act 14-2017Alejandro Porrata Nieva02/09/18
Act 14-2017Alejandro Quilichini08/30/19
Act 20-2012Alena Solutions LLC11/19/19
Act 20-2012Aleutian Advisors LLC02/23/18
Act 22-2012Alex Arriaga03/31/15
Act 22-2012Alex Daley02/06/14
Act 22-2012Alex Feldman09/21/18
Act 14-2017Alex Gonzalez12/17/18
Act 22-2012Alex Grieco07/19/18
Act 14-2017Alex M. Acosta Miranda03/27/18
Act 22-2012Alex Maldonado11/13/17
Act 14-2017Alex Sandra Porrata Ortiz02/28/18
Act 22-2012Alex Yintao Sun09/07/16
Act 20-2012Alexa Films, LLC01/08/18
Act 22-2012Alexander andon04/15/19
Act 22-2012Alexander Bordbar05/23/18
Act 14-2017Alexander Borrero Arvelo04/13/19
Act 22-2012Alexander Borschow08/31/16
Act 22-2012Alexander Cyril Manz12/08/16
Act 22-2012Alexander Grossman03/25/19
Act 22-2012Alexander J Venet03/23/19
Act 22-2012Alexander J. Von Lokner08/19/15
Act 22-2012Alexander Kim05/25/18
Act 22-2012Alexander L. Lemond11/30/12
Act 14-2017Alexander Lugo Janer12/28/17
Act 22-2012Alexander M. Glonek08/10/18
Act 22-2012Alexander P Bachuwa04/15/19
Act 22-2012Alexander Podgurski10/25/16
Act 14-2017Alexander Segal Pomales04/19/18
Act 22-2012Alexander Silver09/11/18
Act 22-2012Alexander Voloshin02/08/16
Act 14-2017Alexandra Alvira05/02/19
Act 14-2017Alexandra Campis Valentin06/05/18
Act 14-2017Alexandra Deya02/18/19
Act 14-2017Alexandra Garraton12/04/19
Act 14-2017Alexandra M. Ortiz Oramas02/28/18
Act 14-2017Alexandra Méndez02/18/19
Act 14-2017Alexandra Montalvo01/31/19
Act 14-2017Alexandra Perez09/29/19
Act 14-2017Alexandra Rodríguez García02/28/18
Act 14-2017Alexandra Roque Saldaña07/22/19
Act 14-2017Alexandra Santiago Vazquez09/30/19
Act 14-2017Alexandra Ubilla11/02/19
Act 14-2017Alexi Santos Santiago04/19/18
Act 14-2017Alexis Canino Rodriguez12/20/17
Act 14-2017Alexis Figueroa Sanchez09/29/19
Act 14-2017Alexis Gonzalez11/02/19
Act 22-2012Alexis I. Rios Cruz05/09/18
Act 14-2017Alexis M. Cruz Chacón02/22/18
Act 14-2017Alexis Otero Rosado07/14/19
Act 14-2017Alexis Rivera Gonzalez12/16/19
Act 14-2017Alexis Sánchez Arniella02/28/18
Act 14-2017Alexis Torres Rodríguez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Alexis Villalobos Ortiz05/03/18
Act 14-2017Alexsander Antonetti09/29/19
Act 14-2017Alexys Duprey02/03/19
Act 135-1998Alfa Recordings, Inc.11/30/2001
Act 73-2008Alfa Recordings, Inc.10/27/2010
Act 14-2017Alfonso Serrano Isern02/09/18
Act 14-2017Alfonso Torres Palacio06/05/18
Act 22-2012Alfred R Mida08/13/19
Act 14-2017Alfredo Beauchamp Sierra06/05/18
Act 14-2017Alfredo Bou Prieto07/22/19
Act 14-2017Alfredo Canino06/18/19
Act 14-2017Alfredo Lamela Domenech03/06/19
Act 14-2017Alfredo Lopez Jimenez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Alfredo Pérez Canabal01/31/19
Act 14-2017Alfredo Piñeiro Pereira12/28/17
Act 14-2017Alfredo Ramirez Justiniano02/09/18
Act 14-2017Alfredo Sanchez Cruz05/07/19
Act 20-2012Algo LLC12/24/19
Act 22-2012Ali Alatieh Jassim01/09/19
Act 14-2017Aliana Bofill07/22/19
Act 20-2012Alias Payments Inc.01/27/19
Act 22-2012Alice Edery07/23/19
Act 22-2012Alicia López-Monteverde12/12/14
Act 135-1998Alimentos Líquidos Industriales Inc.12/6/2018
Act 135-1998Alimentos Líquidos Industriales, Inc.3/15/2005
Act 22-2012Alison Gallo05/09/18
Act 22-2012Alison J Prince06/22/19
Act 20-2012Alison J Prince LLC11/19/19
Act 20-2012All American Wind LLC07/03/18
Act 135-1998All Investment Corp6/15/2016
Act 135-1998All Investment Corporation9/6/2005
Act 73-2008All Metal Equipment and Containers of Pr Corp.3/1/2010
Act 20-2012All Star Services Inc08/01/17
Act 135-1998All Trailer Office, Inc.11/2/2009
Act 135-1998All Uniforms4/10/2002
Act 20-2012All Wise Buys Inc.05/03/19
Act 22-2012Allan B Hu06/30/19
Act 22-2012Allan Cao06/06/16
Act 14-2017Allan Santiago Pacheco03/23/18
Act 22-2012Allan Scott Jones02/06/17
Act 14-2017Allan Torres Vargas07/17/18
Act 22-2012Allen J. Hudson11/13/14
Act 135-1998Alliance Duty Free, Inc. Abc Netherlands, Inc. P & B, Inc.9/24/2009
Act 20-2012Alliance Duty Free, LLC07/05/17
Act 135-1998Allied Engineering Automation2/10/2003
Act 22-2012Allison Terese Kern01/26/18
Act 14-2017Allison Toledo Candelario01/24/18
Act 20-2012Allora & Calzadilla Projects LLC06/02/17
Act 135-1998Alloyd Co. Inc.9/15/2003
Act 22-2012Allyson R. Brower12/19/16
Act 14-2017Alma C. Pontón Nigaglioni03/23/18
Act 14-2017Alma M. Cruz Santana03/23/18
Act 14-2017Alodia Lameiro Aguayo10/03/19
Act 135-1998Alonso & Carús Iron Works6/13/2002
Act 135-1998Alonso & Carus Iron Works, Inc.1/23/2008
Act 73-2008Alonso & Carus Iron Works, Inc.12/27/2017
Act 135-1998Alp Caribbean, Inc.10/10/2005
Act 20-2012Alpha Global Enterprises LLC10/14/19
Act 20-2012Alpha Medical Group LLC06/14/18
Act 135-1998Alpha Omega Wound Care Products Corporation3/14/2002
Act 135-1998Alpha Realty Corporation6/18/2002
Act 135-1998Alpha Tech, Inc.7/5/2001
Act 20-2012Alpha Wealth Advisors LLC12/09/18
Act 20-2012Alphachain Capital, LLC12/11/18
Act 20-2012Alphalab Capital LLC03/07/19
Act 20-2012Alphaone Global LLC01/18/19
Act 135-1998Alpla Caribe, Inc.12/14/2007
Act 135-1998Alpla Del Caribe6/14/2001
Act 135-1998Alpla Realty Corp1/12/2002
Act 135-1998Als Advanced Logistic Specialties, Inc.2/21/2008
Act 135-1998Alsco Aluminium, Corporation10/31/2006
Act 135-1998Alsco Aluminum Corp11/13/2018
Act 20-2012Alta, LLC01/26/18
Act 14-2017Altagracia Fullana Hernandez06/05/18
Act 135-1998Altama Delta (Puerto Rico) Corporation3/27/2006
Act 20-2012Alten Energy LLC01/27/19
Act 83-2010Alten Group, Inc12/12/2017
Act 20-2012Alternativas, Inc.08/27/19
Act 20-2012Alternative Solutions Group, LLC12/01/14
Act 22-2012Alton Ling Wah Lam04/28/16
Act 20-2012Altoros, LLC12/24/19
Act 135-1998Altura Food, Inc.8/30/2007
Act 20-2012Altva Holdings LLC11/07/18
Act 135-1998Alu West Industries (Aluwest)1/5/2000
Act 135-1998Alumaster Corporation1/31/2008
Act 73-2008Alumaster Corporation8/15/2017
Act 73-2008Alumax, Inc.7/6/2017
Act 73-2008Aluminios De Puerto Rico, LLC12/17/2018
Act 135-1998Aluminios Del Caribe9/6/2001
Act 135-1998Aluminum & Glass Center Manufacturing, Corp.4/24/2008
Act 135-1998Aluminum & Millwork Etc, Inc.10/10/2005
Act 73-2008Aluminum and Metal Services, Corp8/27/2009
Act 135-1998Alvalle & Co., Inc.7/13/2006
Act 20-2012Alvarez Diaz Group, Psc11/01/12
Act 14-2017Alvaro Bravo07/08/19
Act 14-2017Alvaro Gracia Ramis10/03/19
Act 22-2012Alvaro M Aranda11/18/19
Act 14-2017Alvaro Ramos Rodriguez09/09/19
Act 14-2017Alvaro Reimunde Fosso12/20/17
Act 14-2017Alvaro Santaella Jiménez02/09/18
Act 14-2017Alvaro Talavera Martínez03/23/18
Act 14-2017Alvaro U. Aranda Rodríguez12/28/17
Act 22-2012Alvin G Wilkinson09/10/15
Act 14-2017Alvin López Pujals02/09/18
Act 14-2017Alvin Romero Cales04/19/18
Act 22-2012Amal Hamidinia01/04/19
Act 14-2017Amalia Tous Torres04/19/18
Act 22-2012Amanda M Johnson04/14/19
Act 14-2017Amanda Marrero02/18/19
Act 22-2012Amanda P. Von Kamp11/24/18
Act 14-2017Amarilis Corchado Perez07/17/18
Act 14-2017Amarilis Huertas12/15/19
Act 14-2017Amarilis Perez De Jesus06/05/18
Act 14-2017Amarilis Rivera Marrero02/28/18
Act 14-2017Amarilys Rodriguez Garcia04/19/18
Act 14-2017Amarilys Santiago Rolon04/19/18
Act 14-2017Amarylis Rosado Rodriguez02/09/18
Act 14-2017Amaryllis Aymat Rodriguez05/14/18
Act 14-2017Amaury Hernández09/29/19
Act 14-2017Amaury J. Llorens Martínez12/20/17
Act 14-2017Ambar Mier06/30/19
Act 20-2012Amberjack Solar - Pr, LLC10/11/18
Act 20-2012Ambria Capital LLC12/16/19
Act 20-2012Ambrosia Corporation08/01/17
Act 135-1998Ambrosiani Hermanos, Inc1/22/2002
Act 20-2012Amc Consulting LLC08/01/17
Act 135-1998Amcor Flexibles Puerto Rico, Inc.12/31/2004
Act 73-2008Amcor Flexibles Puerto Rico, Inc.6/19/2019
Act 135-1998Amcor Pet Packaging De Puerto Rico, Inc.1/24/2006
Act 20-2012America'S Business Capital, LLC01/21/16
Act 20-2012American Business Enterprises Inc08/10/18
Act 73-2008American Butchers, Inc.3/12/2014
Act 273-2012American International Bank LLC03/07/19
Act 20-2012American Lubricants Corp08/29/18
Act 73-2008American Metal and Electrical Equipment, Inc.11/12/2010
Act 135-1998American Micro Steel Of Puerto Rico, Inc.12/16/2009
Act 135-1998American Paper Corp6/21/2002
Act 73-2008American Paper Corporation12/17/2008
Act 20-2012American Posture Institute Global LLC02/23/18
Act 20-2012American Quality Services De Puerto Rico, LLC09/12/17
Act 73-2008American Telemedicine Center Corp6/11/2012
Act 135-1998American Tools, Inc.1/30/2007
Act 20-2012American Vertex, LLC02/06/14
Act 20-2012American Wine Trading LLC10/05/19
Act 20-2012Americas Caribbean LLC11/18/19
Act 135-1998Americo Boschetti Bitter12/18/2002
Act 20-2012Americounsel LLC03/23/18
Act 135-1998Ameriplast, Inc.11/29/2005
Act 20-2012Amf Services, Inc.07/19/18
Act 135-1998Amgen Manufacturing Limited4/25/2003
Act 73-2008Amgen Manufacturing, Limited11/4/2016
Act 135-1998Amgen Manufacturing, Limited / Amgen Technology, Limited / Amgen, Inc. / Immunex Corporation3/14/2007
Act 135-1998Ami Doduco (Pr) LLC / Metalor Electrotechnics (Pr) LLC10/16/2003
Act 14-2017Amilcar G Rodriguez Melendez06/05/18
Act 14-2017Amin D. Jaskille Mojica12/20/17
Act 135-1998Amistad Properties4/3/2003
Act 22-2012Amit Patel06/01/19
Act 20-2012Ammvr Group, Ijnc H-N-C Immuno Reference Lab07/31/13
Act 73-2008Amn Business Forms7/8/2013
Act 14-2017Amneris Colón Bosques02/09/18
Act 135-1998Amo Puerto Rico Manufacturing, Inc.6/5/2008
Act 135-1998Amo Specialty Corp10/24/2001
Act 135-1998Amo Specialty Corporation2/7/2002
Act 14-2017Amogh Sahai01/13/19
Act 73-2008Amphenol Advanced Sensors Puerto Rico, LLC6/24/2015
Act 20-2012Amplotech07/15/16
Act 22-2012Amy Ballinger01/09/19
Act 22-2012Amy C. Hubbard05/02/19
Act 14-2017Amy Cabrera03/03/19
Act 22-2012Amy Overton09/18/15
Act 22-2012Amy S. Smits12/14/15
Act 20-2012Amz Accounting Solutions, LLC01/10/19
Act 22-2012Ana A Rodriguez Oliveras08/15/17
Act 14-2017Ana Anguita-Oliveras10/04/19
Act 14-2017Ana Arreaga Roa06/02/19
Act 14-2017Ana Barlucea03/23/19
Act 14-2017Ana Bartolomei Aguilera09/29/19
Act 14-2017Ana C Toro Ortiz06/05/18
Act 14-2017Ana C. Pérez Florit04/19/18
Act 22-2012Ana Cataxinos12/27/17
Act 22-2012Ana Christine Prim12/19/16
Act 14-2017Ana Colon Morera02/09/18
Act 22-2012Ana G Mendez11/16/19
Act 14-2017Ana Galva12/09/19
Act 14-2017Ana H. Mejías Soto02/28/18
Act 14-2017Ana I Corripio Sanchez06/13/18
Act 14-2017Ana I. Córdova Rivera03/23/18
Act 14-2017Ana I. Rivera De La Vega02/09/18
Act 14-2017Ana López Dávila10/03/19
Act 14-2017Ana Lúgaro Gómez12/16/19
Act 14-2017Ana M Gomez Varela02/09/18
Act 14-2017Ana M Rodriguez Portela02/09/18
Act 14-2017Ana María Pabón Martínez02/22/18
Act 14-2017Ana Martinez - Figueroa12/24/19
Act 14-2017Ana Martínez Cazorla04/19/18
Act 14-2017Ana Rodriguez Quintana02/03/19
Act 14-2017Ana Seda Cordero12/13/18
Act 14-2017Ana Suarez Lozada09/29/19
Act 14-2017Ana T. Santos Quiñones12/28/17
Act 14-2017Ana Torres01/06/19
Act 14-2017Ana Vaillant Ortiz06/13/18
Act 14-2017Ana Y. Garcia Marrero03/23/18
Act 22-2012Anabella Troconis12/18/14
Act 14-2017Anabelle M Mudafort Irizarry04/19/18
Act 14-2017Anabelle Ortíz Rivera03/27/18
Act 14-2017Anaida J Nadal Torres03/12/18
Act 14-2017Analicia Vargas09/30/19
Act 20-2012Analytics & Automation LLC01/10/19
Act 22-2012Anand Sanghvi08/10/18
Act 14-2017Anarda González12/28/17
Act 14-2017Anardi Agosto Mujica04/19/18
Act 14-2017Anardi Agosto Mujica04/13/19
Act 135-1998Anastacio Padilla Valdés2/4/2004
Act 135-1998andamio Productions Corp / Arco Publicidad, Corp.7/20/2006
Act 20-2012andean Financial L.L.C.06/04/18
Act 22-2012anders E. Aasen07/09/15
Act 22-2012andre Feliz08/10/18
Act 22-2012andre J. anderson07/11/14
Act 22-2012andré Wolper02/08/16
Act 14-2017andrea Camarena Sainz05/24/19
Act 14-2017andrea Del Toro12/16/19
Act 14-2017andrea Delgado09/29/19
Act 22-2012andrea E. Crikelair07/30/13
Act 14-2017andrea J Gonzalez Carbonell06/13/18
Act 22-2012andrea M. Gunden10/26/17
Act 22-2012andrea Sharp09/11/18
Act 22-2012andres Bahamon02/23/18
Act 14-2017andres Cordova12/04/19
Act 14-2017andres D Bermudez Caba05/03/18
Act 14-2017andres Emanuelli Anzalotta12/20/17
Act 14-2017andrés Guerrero Rodríguez01/24/18
Act 14-2017andrés Maymi Guerra05/17/18
Act 14-2017andres Morgado Laureano09/29/19
Act 14-2017andres Muniz03/25/19
Act 14-2017andres Perez11/04/19
Act 14-2017andres Rabell Bernal05/19/19
Act 22-2012andrew Adler03/28/16
Act 22-2012andrew Allen Canole09/13/17
Act 22-2012Andrew Amis12/16/19
Act 22-2012andrew B. Carlton11/24/18
Act 22-2012andrew Buckingham01/26/18
Act 22-2012andrew C. Pipa09/18/18
Act 22-2012andrew Culham04/11/17
Act 22-2012andrew Cutkomp10/19/18
Act 22-2012andrew D. Lam03/21/18
Act 22-2012andrew Fong08/04/17
Act 22-2012andrew Furrow06/14/18
Act 22-2012andrew Goltzman04/02/14
Act 22-2012andrew H. Cummins11/09/16
Act 22-2012andrew Hancox05/02/19
Act 22-2012andrew Hollister03/17/15
Act 22-2012andrew Holloway06/17/15
Act 22-2012andrew J Fusco04/07/19
Act 22-2012andrew J. Tuorto08/10/18
Act 22-2012andrew Kagan07/15/15
Act 22-2012andrew L. Turner01/01/17
Act 22-2012andrew Manser07/19/18
Act 22-2012andrew Nguyen03/21/18
Act 22-2012andrew Roger Keys05/31/18
Act 22-2012andrew Routsis06/21/16
Act 22-2012andrew S. Wick07/30/13
Act 22-2012andrew Techmanski02/18/19
Act 22-2012andrew Z. Ryan12/15/14
Act 22-2012andrey Dorenbaum07/19/18
Act 22-2012andriy Troshyn08/18/17
Act 22-2012andro Nodarse-Leon12/20/16
Act 14-2017Anette Y. López Martínez02/28/18
Act 14-2017Angel A Galera Santiago06/13/18
Act 14-2017Angel Arizmendi Abou Hossen09/29/19
Act 14-2017Angel Colon Loyola12/15/19
Act 14-2017Angel D. Nazario Rodríguez03/23/18
Act 14-2017Angel D. Vélez Rodríguez02/28/18
Act 14-2017Angel E. Martínez Irizarry01/24/18
Act 14-2017Angel E. Rivera Negron02/09/18
Act 14-2017Ángel E. Romero Sánchez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Angel F. Laureano Cuadrado03/23/18
Act 14-2017Angel G Pagan06/20/18
Act 14-2017Angel Gomez09/28/19
Act 14-2017Angel J Lopez Garib04/19/18
Act 14-2017Angel J. Menéndez Aponte12/28/17
Act 14-2017Angel L Comulada River05/17/18
Act 14-2017Angel L Fraguada Reyes06/13/18
Act 14-2017Angel L Perez Adorno06/05/18
Act 14-2017Angel Luis Gelpi Guzmán02/22/18
Act 14-2017Angel Luis Torres Rivera01/26/18
Act 14-2017Angel M Aviles Aviles06/05/18
Act 14-2017Angel M Vazquez Alvarez06/05/18
Act 14-2017Angel M Velzaquez Torres05/17/18
Act 14-2017Ángel M. Reyes Alicea04/19/18
Act 14-2017Angel Manuel Roman12/20/17
Act 14-2017Angel Pacheco05/19/19
Act 14-2017Angel Pagan11/04/19
Act 14-2017Angel Perez Amaro05/02/19
Act 14-2017Angel R Guerra Torres04/19/18
Act 14-2017Angel Ramón Muñoz Mirabal03/27/18
Act 14-2017Angel Rivera Barrios06/05/18
Act 14-2017Angel Rivera Santos12/15/18
Act 22-2012Angel Seda05/31/18
Act 14-2017Angel T. Maldonado Alvelo02/09/18
Act 14-2017Angel Torres Aviles09/29/19
Act 14-2017Angel Vega Ramos05/19/19
Act 14-2017Angel Viñuela Cabezas De Herrera02/09/18
Act 14-2017Angel W Velez Santiago05/03/18
Act 22-2012Angela Abdullah04/02/14
Act 22-2012Angela Dawn Brookman03/30/17
Act 22-2012Angela Gardner05/09/18
Act 14-2017Angela M. Méndez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Angela Miranda10/03/19
Act 14-2017Angela Torres11/16/19
Act 14-2017Angelita Olazabal Bello08/18/19
Act 22-2012Angelo Atienza09/11/18
Act 22-2012Angelo L Ongpin11/18/19
Act 27-2011Angelo Medina - Tommy Torres06/30/13
Act 22-2012Angie Ki11/19/19
Act 14-2017Angie M Rosado Droz06/05/18
Act 135-1998Angle Shelf Distributing, Co., Inc.11/30/2007
Act 135-1998Angle Shelf Of Puerto Rico, Inc.12/28/2007
Act 14-2017Aníbal J. Lugo Rosas03/27/18
Act 14-2017Aníbal Rivera Rivera03/27/18
Act 22-2012Aniello D Zampella03/21/19
Act 14-2017Anita Díaz Torres02/22/18
Act 22-2012Anita Roberts06/30/14
Act 14-2017Anmelys Rivera Valentín03/23/18
Act 14-2017Anna Di Marco Serra12/28/17
Act 22-2012Anna Morrison03/21/18
Act 27-2011Annabelle Mullen - El Hombre que Cuida06/30/16
Act 14-2017Annabelle Rodriguez-Llauger10/03/19
Act 22-2012Anne Petrie Burns11/07/13
Act 22-2012Anne-Celine N Grandury04/15/19
Act 22-2012Anne-Marie K. Maxe Lebus06/12/15
Act 14-2017Annelisse Santiago Pintado09/28/19
Act 14-2017Annette E Pietri Ramirez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Annette L. Pagan Castro02/09/18
Act 14-2017Annette Martinez05/04/19
Act 14-2017Annette Perez12/04/19
Act 22-2012Annette Perez-Delboy10/26/17
Act 22-2012Annie Dickenson02/25/19
Act 14-2017Annie Guiven09/27/19
Act 22-2012Anny Chou05/31/18
Act 22-2012Antanina Tiggre02/13/15
Act 22-2012Anthem H. Blanchard12/27/17
Act 22-2012Anthony Charles Lazzara10/31/16
Act 22-2012Anthony D. Puopolo Ii05/31/18
Act 22-2012Anthony J Philips03/10/19
Act 22-2012Anthony J. Coscio04/08/14
Act 22-2012Anthony Muscolino08/01/17
Act 22-2012Anthony Sy01/25/18
Act 22-2012Anthony Tassone10/07/13
Act 22-2012Anthony Toro07/30/13
Act 22-2012Anthony Trotta12/14/15
Act 20-2012Antilles Lawyers & Advisors, LLC11/18/19
Act 22-2012Antoinette M. Greenlee11/24/18
Act 14-2017Antolin J. Álvarez Pont02/22/18
Act 14-2017Antolin J. Padilla Morales03/27/18
Act 14-2017Antonio A. De La Cruz Miranda12/28/17
Act 14-2017Antonio Alvarez Rodriguez04/19/18
Act 135-1998Antonio Archilla Batista6/6/2003
Act 135-1998Antonio Archilla Batista6/20/2003
Act 135-1998Antonio Archilla Batista1/29/2004
Act 14-2017Antonio Ariel Vera Arocho03/23/18
Act 14-2017Antonio Baez12/24/18
Act 22-2012Antonio Blanca Marabotto05/11/16
Act 14-2017Antonio Busquets Ferriol12/20/17
Act 14-2017Antonio Cepella Hernandez05/03/18
Act 14-2017Antonio Chardon09/29/19
Act 14-2017Antonio De Thomas Cabrera02/28/18
Act 14-2017Antonio Hiram Soler Salas12/20/17
Act 14-2017Antonio I. Del Valle Segarra03/23/18
Act 22-2012Antonio J. D'Elia10/07/13
Act 14-2017Antonio J. Mattei Pacheco12/20/17
Act 14-2017Antonio Jimenez Chinea12/04/19
Act 14-2017Antonio L Diaz Rivera02/09/18
Act 14-2017Antonio L. Figueroa Rivera03/07/18
Act 14-2017Antonio Lozada Contreras02/28/18
Act 14-2017Antonio Luis Diaz Hernandez12/20/17
Act 14-2017Antonio M. Pavía Cabanillas02/28/18
Act 14-2017Antonio Medina05/04/19
Act 14-2017Antonio Miranda12/16/19
Act 14-2017Antonio Orraca Gotay06/30/19
Act 14-2017Antonio Otero Lopez02/09/18
Act 14-2017Antonio Puras Báez02/28/18
Act 14-2017Antonio Riutort Gonzalez09/29/19
Act 14-2017Antonio Rivera Luna11/02/19
Act 14-2017Antonio Rodriguez Mimoso03/03/19
Act 135-1998Antonio Yanguas Y Sonia Reyes9/26/2007
Act 135-1998Antonio Yanguas Y Sonia Reyes De Yanguas12/12/2018
Act 22-2012Anuradha Thareja05/31/18
Act 14-2017Anwar Abdul-Hadi Martínez04/19/18
Act 20-2012Any Kinda App LLC10/14/19
Act 73-2008Aop Financial Services LLC6/11/2012
Act 135-1998Apa Realty, Inc.7/20/2006
Act 73-2008Apendis, LLC6/11/2012
Act 20-2012Apercu International Pr, LLC09/11/15
Act 20-2012Apex Capital Group LLC05/09/18
Act 73-2008Apex Technologies, Inc.10/27/2010
Act 20-2012Apollo Swings Corporation12/24/14
Act 135-1998App Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing, Inc./Abraxis Bioscience Manufacturing, LLC9/12/2008
Act 20-2012Appia Wind Services LLC07/03/18
Act 135-1998Appletree Answering Services Puerto Rico, Inc.2/21/2008
Act 20-2012Applied Tech Management and Consulting LLC09/17/15
Act 20-2012Apr Media LLC04/10/18
Act 135-1998Aqua Pak System Y Chlorine & Instruments Services Co.5/24/2002
Act 20-2012Aquarius Enterprises LLC04/03/18
Act 20-2012Aquarius Management Corp.08/28/17
Act 14-2017Aracelis Nieves Rodríguez12/28/17
Act 135-1998Aramark Clean Room Services (Puerto Rico), Inc.6/12/2006
Act 73-2008Aramark Cleanroom Services (Puerto Rico), Inc.11/21/2019
Act 20-2012Arbusto Capital, LLC05/03/19
Act 135-1998Arc Com1/24/2002
Act 20-2012Arc Pr LLC12/11/18
Act 20-2012Arc Relocation Management of Pr, LLC05/09/18
Act 135-1998Arcam Pharmaceuticals8/12/2002
Act 20-2012Archetype02/18/19
Act 20-2012Archie International Limited Liability Company11/19/19
Act 20-2012Arco Caribe Architects Psc10/27/19
Act 135-1998Ardagh Group / Impress Packaging Puerto Rico, Inc.1/18/2002
Act 135-1998Arecibo Printing, Inc.10/17/2003
Act 83-2010Arecibo Solar Project, LLC2/11/2014
Act 14-2017Arelis Febles Negrón02/22/18
Act 20-2012Arena B LLC11/09/18
Act 135-1998Arenero Estrella6/13/2002
Act 135-1998Arenero Estrella, Inc.10/14/2015
Act 20-2012Arensis Inc09/14/17
Act 20-2012Argent Settlement Analytics LLC05/09/18
Act 20-2012Argentum Capital Corp04/10/18
Act 20-2012Argos Trading Puerto Rico LLC03/23/18
Act 22-2012Ari Kresch04/11/17
Act 14-2017Ariana Gonzalez Melendez12/04/19
Act 14-2017Ariana Lopez12/04/19
Act 22-2012Arianna J. Savant04/30/15
Act 14-2017Ariel Chacon Bolado02/09/18
Act 14-2017Ariel Cruz Igartúa-Rivera03/12/18
Act 14-2017Ariel Dávila Parrilla09/10/18
Act 14-2017Ariel E. Bermúdez Vera03/27/18
Act 14-2017Ariel González Cordero02/18/19
Act 14-2017Ariel Morciglio04/19/18
Act 14-2017Ariel Rivera Márquez02/22/18
Act 135-1998Ariel Rodríguez Del Río1/27/2003
Act 20-2012Ariex Interactive LLC02/23/18
Act 14-2017Aristides Colon01/31/19
Act 22-2012Arjan Zieger02/11/19
Act 20-2012Arkadas LLC11/18/19
Act 22-2012Arkadi Gontmakher02/06/17
Act 22-2012Arleen Taveras06/12/17
Act 14-2017Arlene Hernández Medina02/09/18
Act 14-2017Arlene M. Rivera02/22/18
Act 14-2017Arlene Martinez Nieto06/05/18
Act 73-2008Arlet Aviation, LLC8/3/2015
Act 14-2017Armando Caro07/17/19
Act 22-2012Armando Curcio03/28/16
Act 14-2017Armando F. García Rivera03/12/18
Act 14-2017Armando Fortuño Padilla02/28/18
Act 14-2017Armando J Marquez Hernandez06/05/18
Act 14-2017Armando J. Cruzado Ramos02/28/18
Act 14-2017Armando James Collazo Leandry04/19/18
Act 14-2017Armando L. Bonnet Mercier05/07/18
Act 14-2017Armando L. Oliver12/28/17
Act 14-2017Armando López Trustani03/23/18
Act 14-2017Armando O. Cardona Ramírez02/22/18
Act 14-2017Armando Perez03/04/19
Act 14-2017Armando Torres Nieves03/23/18
Act 14-2017Arnaldo E. Lasa Imbert03/23/18
Act 14-2017Arnaldo Freire Pérez11/04/19
Act 14-2017Arnaldo Nieves03/06/19
Act 14-2017Arnaldo Nieves10/25/19
Act 14-2017Arnaldo Rodriguez Santiago02/09/18
Act 14-2017Arnaldo Valencia Pintado06/13/18
Act 22-2012Arnold Olshanesky06/12/17
Act 20-2012Arquebus LLC11/13/18
Act 14-2017Arrieta Alicea02/06/19
Act 135-1998Arrow Electronics2/2/2004
Act 135-1998Arroyo Connector, Inc.10/27/2010
Act 14-2017Arsenio Reyes11/16/19
Act 20-2012Arte Terapia, Pr08/13/19
Act 20-2012Arteaga Consulting LLC11/15/18
Act 14-2017Artemio Santiago03/12/18
Act 14-2017Artemio Torres Martinez06/13/18
Act 22-2012Arthur Cohen02/12/15
Act 22-2012Arthur R. Petrie02/27/17
Act 22-2012Arthur Slack08/28/17
Act 20-2012Arthur-Cabot Holdings, LLC01/26/18
Act 22-2012Arti Patel11/09/16
Act 73-2008Artifex Solutions, LLC2/6/2014
Act 73-2008Artisoft Laboratories, Inc.12/22/2014
Act 14-2017Arturo Arroba Carpio07/22/19
Act 14-2017Arturo Cedeno07/22/19
Act 14-2017Arturo Colón Herdman03/23/18
Act 14-2017Arturo Lopez Rivera04/19/18
Act 14-2017Arturo Medina Ruiz06/13/18
Act 14-2017Arturo Ortiz03/03/19
Act 22-2012Arturo Urbina07/09/14
Act 73-2008Asa Steel, LLC3/13/2018
Act 20-2012Ascend Capital Pr LLC09/26/16
Act 20-2012Asesoria Slag LLC10/04/19
Act 135-1998Asfa Assemblers & Fabricators Of Pr, Inc.3/1/2007
Act 22-2012Asher Burke05/09/18
Act 20-2012Ashford Dental Psc12/13/16
Act 20-2012Ashford Partners LLC12/27/16
Act 20-2012Ashford Point, LLC05/09/18
Act 73-2008Ashford Venture Partners Gp,LLC5/7/2012
Act 22-2012Ashley Cameron Epting05/25/18
Act 14-2017Ashley Diaz Figueroa09/29/19
Act 22-2012Ashton Hayward Soniat10/29/13
Act 22-2012Ashwin Deshmukh05/27/19
Act 14-2017Ashwin Deshmukh09/27/19
Act 20-2012Asia Pr09/21/18
Act 135-1998Asm Precast11/28/2001
Act 135-1998Aspect Software Caribbean, Inc. / Corsidian Caribbean Technology, Inc.7/19/2007
Act 73-2008Aspen Surgical Puerto Rico Corp12/21/2011
Act 73-2008Aspenall Energies, LLC2/19/2010
Act 73-2008Asphalt Solutions Hatillo, LLC8/12/2013
Act 73-2008Asphalt Solutions Toa Alta, LLC8/12/2013
Act 20-2012Aspire Commodities 1, LLC05/19/14
Act 20-2012Asponte Inc07/13/16
Act 20-2012Asq Consulting LLC07/01/15
Act 22-2012Assaf Shalev03/03/16
Act 135-1998Associates Commercial Corporation Of Puerto Rico3/19/2001
Act 135-1998Associates International Holdings Corp. and General Electric Capital Corp. Of Puerto Rico5/20/2011
Act 14-2017Astrid Gonzalez Ramos08/04/19
Act 14-2017Astrid Morales Ralat07/10/18
Act 14-2017Astrid R. Soares Medina10/19/19
Act 135-1998Astro Industrial Supply, Inc.9/7/2006
Act 135-1998Astro Industrial Supply, Inc.11/25/2014
Act 135-1998At&T / Ccpr Services, Inc.12/18/2008
Act 135-1998Atahualpa, Inc.10/4/2002
Act 20-2012Ataraxia Technologies LLC05/17/18
Act 20-2012Atelium LLC08/27/18
Act 20-2012Atencion Atencion International LLC08/30/16
Act 27-2011Atención Atención, Inc. - ¿Dónde está el Sr. Sapo?06/30/17
Act 27-2011Atención Atención, Inc. - Atención Atención06/30/13
Act 27-2011Atención Atención, Inc. - Atención Atención 15 Años06/30/14
Act 27-2011Atención Atención, Inc. - Atención Atención S406/30/14
Act 27-2011Atención Atención, Inc. - Atención Atención S506/30/15
Act 27-2011Atención Atención, Inc. - El Web Series de AA06/30/17
Act 27-2011Atención Atención, Inc. - Jugando con AA06/30/17
Act 135-1998Atento De Puerto Rico, Inc.3/9/2004
Act 20-2012Atento De Puerto Rico, Inc.10/26/17
Act 14-2017Atilano Leon Torres04/05/18
Act 20-2012Atlantic Alliance Underwriting Managers, Inc09/25/18
Act 135-1998Atlantic Brokers, Inc.6/22/2000
Act 135-1998Atlantic Container6/21/2002
Act 135-1998Atlantic Metal Manufacturing, Inc.12/24/2013
Act 135-1998Atlantic Metal Mfg1/9/2004
Act 20-2012Atlantic Pacific Financial LLC03/17/15
Act 135-1998Atlantic Pipe Corporation8/23/2002
Act 20-2012Atlantic Point Aviation, LLC10/28/15
Act 73-2008Atlantic Technical Organization, LLC8/18/2017
Act 20-2012Atlas Capital Advisors, LLC04/03/18
Act 20-2012Atlas Global Capital LLC03/07/18
Act 20-2012Atlas Holdings LLC02/28/19
Act 135-1998Atlas It Export, Corp.9/7/2007
Act 20-2012Atmy Consulting and Trading LLC04/10/18
Act 20-2012Ato Ventures, LLC05/09/18
Act 20-2012Aton Financial, LLC08/31/16
Act 20-2012Atorus International Investment Management LLC12/27/16
Act 22-2012Atul Jain06/12/17
Act 22-2012Atul K Sharma12/20/18
Act 27-2011Audition B Productions, LLC - Esta es tu Cuba06/30/17
Act 20-2012August Advisory LLC02/23/18
Act 14-2017Aura F. Delgado Cifuentes03/12/18
Act 273-2012Auramet International, LLC10/10/14
Act 14-2017Aurelio M. Collado Pacheco12/20/17
Act 14-2017Aurelio Miró Rosado02/09/18
Act 14-2017Aurelio Ruiz Luciano09/30/19
Act 14-2017Aurelio Segundo Diaz12/20/17
Act 73-2008Aureo Incorporado4/29/2009
Act 22-2012Austin Butler04/05/16
Act 22-2012Austin Doukas08/10/18
Act 22-2012Austin Duke02/27/17
Act 73-2008Auto Kool Manufacturing Co, Inc.9/1/2010
Act 135-1998Auto Lux Mobile Car Wash, Inc.8/19/2004
Act 73-2008Auto Pack Engineering Corp8/6/2013
Act 135-1998Automated Parkings, Corp2/11/2003
Act 73-2008Automation Technologies, Inc.10/2/2009
Act 27-2011Automique, LLC - Atomic Shark06/30/16
Act 8-1987Autopak Engineering Corp6/4/1997
Act 20-2012Auxerre LLC06/03/19
Act 135-1998Avant Technologies Of Pr, Inc.7/29/2008
Act 20-2012Avenger Pr, LLC08/31/15
Act 20-2012Avento Credito, LLC10/03/16
Act 20-2012Aventus LLC03/02/19
Act 22-2012Avery Knapp09/13/17
Act 135-1998Avnet De Puerto Rico, Inc.8/8/2003
Act 73-2008Avon Products, Inc.9/11/2009
Act 135-1998Avotus Corporation Of Americas8/22/2005
Act 22-2012Avraham Weinstein07/19/18
Act 22-2012Avraham Zeines06/17/14
Act 20-2012Avsteel Corporation04/11/12
Act 14-2017Awilda Rivera Negron01/26/18
Act 14-2017Axel Báez07/22/19
Act 14-2017Axel Torres Hernández05/17/18
Act 20-2012Axiom Management Group LLC08/07/19
Act 27-2011Axis Film Production PR, LLC - Axis Sally06/30/19
Act 20-2012Axis Global Advisory, LLC05/17/18
Act 135-1998Axiscare Health Logistics, Inc.12/10/2013
Act 135-1998Axon Puerto Rico, Inc.6/23/2008
Act 20-2012Axysnet, Inc.08/05/15
Act 14-2017Ayleen Ivette Roman Cruz06/05/18
Act 20-2012Ayurveda International Comp LLC03/16/17
Act 22-2012Ayush Sharma07/10/17
Act 83-2010Az Engineering4/11/2017
Act 20-2012Az Engineering, P.S.C.09/29/15
Act 22-2012Azim Hemani12/14/15
Act 20-2012Azucena Enterprises LLC12/15/19
Act 20-2012Azul Strategy Group, LLC03/26/14
Act 73-2008B & B Manufacturing Corp7/3/2012
Act 73-2008B. Fernández & Hnos. Inc9/5/2012
Act 73-2008B. Fernandez Investment Corp2/20/2014
Act 135-1998B.B. Bedding, Inc.1/13/2006
Act 73-2008B.B. Bedding, LLC12/8/2016
Act 135-1998B.I.W. Gabinetes, Inc.4/11/2006
Act 20-2012B.O.S.S., Inc05/17/18
Act 73-2008B'Bakery, Inc.7/18/2013
Act 135-1998B&B Manufacturing6/12/2003
Act 20-2012B&E Services LLC11/18/18
Act 20-2012B2B Marketing10/25/16
Act 20-2012Babilonia Design Group Pr LLC12/15/19
Act 20-2012Baby Records Inc08/07/19
Act 135-1998Bacardi Corporation8/8/2005
Act 73-2008Bacardi Corporation5/15/2015
Act 135-1998Bacardi Corporation / Biotechnical Processes, Inc. / Biobac Corporation8/16/2000
Act 20-2012Back To Green Mining LLC10/11/18
Act 27-2011Back to the Beginning, LLC - Back to the Beginning06/30/15
Act 27-2011Back to the Beginning, LLC - El Cristo de PR06/30/16
Act 27-2011Back to the Beginning, LLC - Mi abuelo se quiere casar06/30/15
Act 20-2012Backsource LLC08/18/17
Act 22-2012Badr Zrari11/24/18
Act 22-2012Badri Ramanathan09/02/15
Act 135-1998Baez Iron Works, Inc8/10/2007
Act 20-2012Bahia Enterprises LLC07/19/18
Act 20-2012Bainesworth Ventures Limited Liability Company05/17/18
Act 135-1998Baja, Inc7/19/2001
Act 20-2012Bakkem LLC04/07/19
Act 22-2012Balbir Gosal02/27/17
Act 135-1998Bali Foundations1/31/2001
Act 22-2012Balwant Cheema06/01/19
Act 20-2012Balwant Cheema LLC10/04/19
Act 73-2008Banco De Sangre De Servicios Mutuos, Inc.8/20/2019
Act 73-2008Banco Popular De Puerto Rico4/13/2016
Act 20-2012Banktech, LLC10/28/14
Act 14-2017Bárbara E. Maestre Grau04/19/18
Act 22-2012Barbara G Burgess01/16/19
Act 22-2012Barbara Heimbach10/26/17
Act 22-2012Barbara L. Jersey12/19/14
Act 14-2017Barbara Reyes12/24/18
Act 14-2017Barbara Rosado Carrión01/24/18
Act 20-2012Barbaros Corp.12/24/19
Act 73-2008Barcelona Kitchen & Bath, Inc.3/1/2010
Act 73-2008Bard Shannon Ltd4/8/2013
Act 135-1998Bard Shannon, Ltd.7/18/2002
Act 22-2012Barron P. Jeter05/09/18
Act 22-2012Barry E. Breeman10/17/12
Act 22-2012Barry J. Nield09/02/14
Act 22-2012Barry Michael Friedman04/11/17
Act 73-2008Barry Wehmiller Design Group, Inc.9/1/2010
Act 22-2012Bart J. Mensinger11/10/14
Act 14-2017Bartolo Santiago10/03/19
Act 135-1998Basf Agrochemical Products B.V.3/24/2008
Act 22-2012Basil M Hantash11/18/18
Act 135-1998Batas Textiles9/10/2001
Act 20-2012Batttleline Ventures, LLC05/17/18
Act 14-2017Bauza The Law offices04/19/18
Act 20-2012Bawldguy LLC02/05/19
Act 135-1998Baxter Healthcare Corporation Of Puerto Rico / Baxter Caribe, Inc. / Edwards Lifesciences Corporation Of Puerto Rico7/7/1999
Act 73-2008Baxter Healthcare Sa5/30/2012
Act 20-2012Bay Lane LLC08/29/18
Act 135-1998Bayamón Tobacco6/15/2001
Act 135-1998Bayamon Tobacco Corp5/20/2011
Act 14-2017Bayoán Ramos Parra12/04/19
Act 135-1998Bb Acquisition (Pr) L.P. / Bumble Bee1/26/1999
Act 20-2012Bbpr, LLC08/29/18
Act 73-2008Bc International Advisors, LLC/Bellocampo Development LLC5/30/2012
Act 73-2008Bcv LLC2/16/2016
Act 27-2011BDD LLC - Marcelo06/30/19
Act 20-2012Bdh Global Advisors, LLC08/01/17
Act 83-2010Bdlm-Si, LLC6/17/2016
Act 135-1998Bdo Puerto Rico Psc / Scherrer Hernandez & Co., Cpa, Psc4/14/2003
Act 135-1998Bdo Puerto Rico, Psc11/6/2013
Act 27-2011BDPR Corp - Los Foodtruckeros06/30/20
Act 27-2011BDPR, Corp. - Qué Despelte06/30/14
Act 27-2011BDPR, Corp. - Que Joyitas 206/30/13
Act 20-2012Beach Cities Solar Consulting06/06/19
Act 73-2008Beaconmd Tehcnology LLC3/30/2017
Act 20-2012Beanstalk Assets Group LLC03/29/19
Act 73-2008Bearco, LLC12/26/2012
Act 135-1998Bearing Buddy2/7/2002
Act 73-2008Bearse Tactical Sewing Pr LLC12/27/2017
Act 22-2012Beata M. Krzoska-James03/04/19
Act 14-2017Beatriz Figueroa05/27/19
Act 14-2017Beatriz Ramírez12/24/19
Act 22-2012Beau Crabill09/23/19
Act 14-2017Bebelin Meléndez Pagan01/26/18
Act 8-1987Beckton Environmental Laboratories, Inc.12/10/1990
Act 135-1998Becton Dickinson Caribe Ltd4/24/2000
Act 135-1998Becton Dickinson Caribe Ltd.5/31/2002
Act 135-1998Becton Dickinson Caribe, Ltd12/7/2006
Act 20-2012Beimeishop LLC09/06/16
Act 83-2010Belectric, Inc.9/9/2014
Act 20-2012Beliv LLC12/27/17
Act 20-2012Belkemm Puerto Rico LLC08/29/18
Act 14-2017Belkiss I. Murati Amador03/23/18
Act 14-2017Belkliz Y Torres Rivera06/05/18
Act 135-1998Bella Export Corporation4/8/2008
Act 135-1998Bella Export Corporation4/3/2018
Act 20-2012Bellicose VI LLC04/08/13
Act 20-2012Bellicose VI LLC10/30/14
Act 20-2012Bellwill, LLC12/16/19
Act 14-2017Belmarie Rodriguez08/30/19
Act 22-2012Belton Wall10/25/16
Act 73-2008Bemis Healthcare Packaging De Puerto Rico Inc2/9/2018
Act 22-2012Ben H Nguyen Tang Le11/24/18
Act 22-2012Ben J. Maher11/10/14
Act 22-2012Ben Liao08/27/18
Act 14-2017Benanette Medina Ruiz09/29/19
Act 20-2012Benchmark International, LLC04/05/19
Act 73-2008Benítez Metal Maanufacturing9/5/2012
Act 8-1987Benitez Metal Manufacturing, Corp.(Javier Benitez)8/14/1998
Act 22-2012Benjamin Brown07/03/18
Act 20-2012Benjamin C. Haynor, LLC03/26/15
Act 22-2012Benjamin Clarke05/09/18
Act 22-2012Benjamin Eiler12/19/14
Act 22-2012Benjamin F Cagle12/18/18
Act 22-2012Benjamin L. Patton12/18/18
Act 22-2012Benjamin Leo Schmidt08/29/18
Act 14-2017Benjamín Muñíz Roldos12/20/17
Act 22-2012Benjamin R Walker12/17/18
Act 22-2012Benjamin Schwank06/26/15
Act 14-2017Benjamin Weinberg09/09/19
Act 22-2012Bennet P. Blakeman06/01/19
Act 22-2012Bennett Carroccio05/25/18
Act 20-2012Benwalt Capital Inc.05/17/18
Act 135-1998Bergerac Investment Corp.11/18/2005
Act 73-2008Berkey International LLC1/11/2018
Act 14-2017Bernadette Barbosa Santos06/13/18
Act 22-2012Bernard F Hurley11/24/18
Act 22-2012Bernard Macan02/06/14
Act 14-2017Bernardo Campos Gonzalez01/26/18
Act 14-2017Bernardo Gonzalez Gonzalez05/14/18
Act 14-2017Bernardo Marques Díaz02/09/18
Act 20-2012Bernier Consulting, LLC09/29/19
Act 22-2012Bert Mouler05/31/18
Act 20-2012Beryllium Corporation12/09/18
Act 135-1998Best Car Mats Manufacturing3/9/2004
Act 135-1998Best Caribbean Juice Corp5/18/2001
Act 20-2012Best Legal Leads Pr LLC11/20/18
Act 135-1998Best Petroleum Corporation1/19/2018
Act 135-1998Best Petroleum, Corporation5/3/2007
Act 73-2008Best Petroleum, Corporation7/11/2019
Act 135-1998Best Quality Mfg. Corp6/9/2000
Act 73-2008Best Tire Recycling, Inc.1/25/2010
Act 135-1998Best Ways Air Lines, Inc.10/11/2002
Act 135-1998Bestfoods Caribbean9/24/2002
Act 14-2017Beth Ann Rivera Frometa06/13/18
Act 14-2017Bethzaida Ortiz11/17/19
Act 20-2012Betis Products, LLC08/07/12
Act 14-2017Betsy Colón Acevedo01/31/19
Act 20-2012Better Ideas, LLC.06/02/17
Act 20-2012Better LLC08/29/18
Act 135-1998Betterecycling Corporation2/3/2000
Act 20-2012Bettermed LLC06/01/19
Act 73-2008Bettina Cosmetics, Inc.9/26/2014
Act 22-2012Betty Bei Wu03/13/17
Act 14-2017Betty Chinea Cruz12/28/17
Act 14-2017Betty Gil07/22/19
Act 135-1998Beverage Plastics LLC4/3/2006
Act 14-2017Beverly A. Arroyo Márquez03/12/18
Act 20-2012Bewealthy LLC08/27/18
Act 20-2012Beyond Health Centers LLC06/21/16
Act 20-2012Bfh Investment, LLC02/18/16
Act 20-2012Bg Services LLC03/30/17
Act 83-2010Bh Energy LLC3/17/2015
Act 22-2012Bharath Rao08/10/18
Act 22-2012Bharathi Malalur Ramarao11/24/18
Act 20-2012Bhpr Equity Research Corp05/09/18
Act 273-2012Bi Puerto Rico International Bank, Inc.04/05/16
Act 135-1998Bianca Fashions Limited2/27/2001
Act 14-2017Bianca Rullan Oliver12/18/18
Act 22-2012Bibiano G Sandigan01/04/19
Act 20-2012Bidwise Inc.05/17/18
Act 20-2012Big Case Marketing LLC12/15/19
Act 22-2012Bilal Rammuny12/28/16
Act 22-2012Bill J Walton02/18/19
Act 20-2012Billeaud Consulting LLC04/04/19
Act 22-2012Billy Algarin04/11/17
Act 22-2012Billy J. Smith Ii02/18/19
Act 22-2012Bing Zhou02/06/19
Act 20-2012Binswanger Puerto Rico LLC11/18/19
Act 22-2012Binyomin Rutstein05/09/18
Act 73-2008Bio Medical Imaging Manufacturing Inc.9/1/2010
Act 73-2008Bio Systems International, Inc.6/1/2011
Act 73-2008Bioanalytical Instruments, Inc.10/30/2009
Act 73-2008Bioanalytical Instruments, Inc.8/13/2010
Act 73-2008Biogen S.A.S.8/25/2017
Act 14-2017Biomaris Medina Rivera03/12/18
Act 73-2008Biomass Green Fuels, LLC11/5/2019
Act 20-2012Biopharma Cmc Consulting Services, Inc.05/23/18
Act 135-1998Biovail Laboratories10/29/2001
Act 20-2012Bird Ventures LLC03/30/17
Act 20-2012Birdrock Consulting LLC05/09/18
Act 20-2012Bizstartlive, LLC05/17/18
Act 20-2012Bjmc Pr LLC05/28/19
Act 20-2012Bkm LLC10/14/19
Act 20-2012Bl Spartan Caribe, Inc.12/09/18
Act 135-1998Bla Covers10/23/2002
Act 20-2012Black and Gold Ventures, LLC03/02/19
Act 20-2012Black Beard Development LLC09/28/18
Act 135-1998Black Horse, Inc. Of Puerto Rico10/14/2004
Act 20-2012Black Knight Organization, LLC08/02/13
Act 20-2012Black Light Technologies, LLC04/30/15
Act 20-2012Black Mountain Consulting LLC04/17/18
Act 20-2012Black Point Industries, LLC06/01/19
Act 20-2012Black Sheep, LLC12/15/19
Act 273-2012Blackheath International, LLC10/22/13
Act 20-2012Blackmere Partners, Inc.11/13/17
Act 73-2008Blackpoint Management LLC12/16/2010
Act 14-2017Bladimir Sanchez Perez02/18/19
Act 22-2012Blake J Whealy11/24/18
Act 22-2012Blanca A. Navarro03/10/19
Act 14-2017Blanca N. Fernández Rodríguez02/09/18
Act 73-2008Blanco Y Riera, Inc.8/29/2018
Act 14-2017Blas Delgado Ortíz03/23/18
Act 20-2012Bldm-Si, LLC08/26/15
Act 20-2012Blg Enterprises Pr LLC05/27/19
Act 20-2012Blg LLC05/17/18
Act 22-2012Bliss Young02/18/19
Act 20-2012Block 8 LLC11/18/19
Act 20-2012Blockwave Connections LLC02/13/19
Act 73-2008Bloom Produce, Inc.10/30/2009
Act 73-2008Bloques Caribe Inc.9/1/2010
Act 135-1998Bloques Carmelo, Inc.(Ecologica Carmelo, Inc.)2/3/2003
Act 135-1998Bloques Essan6/4/2001
Act 20-2012Blossom Health LLC03/07/18
Act 20-2012Blozzum/School Cliamte Solutions08/18/16
Act 73-2008Blu Caribe Inc.10/27/2010
Act 73-2008Blue Beetle Ii, LLC10/27/2010
Act 20-2012Blue Capital Management, Inc.04/08/14
Act 20-2012Blue Horizon Consulting, LLC08/29/18
Act 20-2012Blue Management and Consulting, LLC04/25/18
Act 20-2012Blue Ocean Capital Ventures LLC12/19/16
Act 20-2012Blue Ocean Industries, LLC09/18/15
Act 135-1998Blue Ocean Trading3/26/2009
Act 135-1998Blue Ocean Trading Corp7/31/2018
Act 20-2012Blue Ridge Ventures LLC05/09/18
Act 20-2012Blue Sea Advisors LLC11/19/19
Act 20-2012Blue Skies Information Technology, LLC12/16/19
Act 20-2012Blue Stone Finance LLC11/15/18
Act 20-2012Blue Stone LLC10/28/19
Act 273-2012Blue Water International Financing As A Unit of Blue Financing LLC04/05/16
Act 20-2012Blue Water Ventures, LLC11/15/19
Act 20-2012Bluen Medical LLC07/10/17
Act 20-2012Bluesky Investments LLC05/09/18
Act 20-2012Bluestone Capital Partners LLC11/18/19
Act 135-1998Bluewater Defense, Inc.(D.J. Manufacturing, Corp)7/19/2006
Act 20-2012Bluewater Management - Consulting, Inc.12/26/12
Act 20-2012Blustar LLC05/27/19
Act 135-1998Bmf, Inc.6/30/2010
Act 135-1998Bmf, Inc.6/30/2010
Act 20-2012Bmh Mining LLC11/06/18
Act 22-2012Bobbie J. Lee09/18/15
Act 22-2012Bobby Daryanani04/11/17
Act 22-2012Bobby Joe King Jr.06/12/17
Act 135-1998Bodegas Españolas Argentinas, Corp.3/24/2008
Act 20-2012Boekhoudt Enterprises, Inc.02/10/16
Act 20-2012Bogart Capital Services, LLC08/01/17
Act 22-2012Bohdana Davenport02/18/19
Act 73-2008Bohío International Corporation9/1/2010
Act 20-2012Bois Cotlette, Inc.11/06/18
Act 22-2012Bojena Linton12/20/16
Act 14-2017Bolivar Arboleda Osori01/24/18
Act 14-2017Bolivar Burgos Vargas05/17/18
Act 135-1998Bond Street Management, LLC / Arco Capital Management, LLC3/12/2005
Act 22-2012Bonnie anderson03/28/16
Act 22-2012Bonnie L Matheson07/16/19
Act 22-2012Bonnie Wang05/07/13
Act 135-1998Boricua Wood Processing, Inc.4/21/2005
Act 73-2008Borinquen Biscuit Corporation1/25/2010
Act 73-2008Borinquen Cones of Puerto Rico, Inc.7/9/2010
Act 135-1998Borinquen Doors & Windows9/10/2001
Act 135-1998Borinquen Fiber Drrums6/19/2003
Act 20-2012Borinquen Hub Agency, LLC03/29/19
Act 73-2008Borinquen Macaroni Corporation12/4/2009
Act 135-1998Borinquen Metal Scrap10/9/2001
Act 135-1998Borinquen Signs & Displays10/18/2001
Act 135-1998Borinquenair, Inc.2/12/2003
Act 14-2017Boris M. Zepeda Zepeda09/10/18
Act 14-2017Borja Santaella11/04/19
Act 273-2012Bosco Ix Overseas LLC05/03/19
Act 20-2012Botsford Associates, LLC11/19/19
Act 135-1998Bp Blow Holding, Inc.4/26/2005
Act 135-1998Bp Blow Molding8/14/2018
Act 20-2012Bp Multi Services, LLC12/22/14
Act 73-2008Bp Products North America, Inc.1/25/2010
Act 20-2012Bpo Telecom LLC01/13/19
Act 22-2012Bradford H. Paskewitz11/10/14
Act 22-2012Bradley Brown08/10/18
Act 22-2012Bradley Cohen03/27/14
Act 22-2012Brady Stiles08/27/18
Act 135-1998Brake Parts Puerto Rico, Inc.1/23/2003
Act 20-2012Brall Together Corp11/07/16
Act 73-2008Branco, LLC1/2/2013
Act 20-2012Brand Services LLC03/16/17
Act 14-2017Brandaliz Cabrera Ortiz06/05/18
Act 22-2012Branden Nadon09/11/18
Act 22-2012Brandon Gottlieb10/28/14
Act 22-2012Brandon J Kernan05/27/19
Act 22-2012Brandon M. Barrett11/18/19
Act 14-2017Brandon Pagan02/06/19
Act 22-2012Brandon Smith12/14/15
Act 22-2012Brandon Spruill08/17/15
Act 22-2012Brandon Webb07/19/18
Act 22-2012Brandon Welley02/12/15
Act 20-2012Brandooza LLC11/13/18
Act 22-2012Brandt Kempton02/08/16
Act 27-2011Brava Studios, Corp. - MOD06/30/16
Act 20-2012Bravo Asset Management LLC02/09/18
Act 20-2012Bravoplan Corp12/09/18
Act 20-2012Brean Advisors, LLC08/09/16
Act 73-2008Breentag Puerto Rico, Inc.10/27/2010
Act 14-2017Brenda Acosta07/14/19
Act 22-2012Brenda Carroccio05/09/18
Act 14-2017Brenda L. Loubriel Rivera02/28/18
Act 22-2012Brenda Liz Torres Barreto09/21/16
Act 22-2012Brenda Méndez10/28/14
Act 22-2012Brenda North08/21/14
Act 14-2017Brenda Ojeda01/13/19
Act 22-2012Brenda Wooten07/10/17
Act 14-2017Brendaliz Rivera Vélez04/19/18
Act 22-2012Brendan Mccormick07/19/18
Act 22-2012Brendon Burchard12/17/18
Act 22-2012Brent A James12/17/18
Act 22-2012Brent D Metz04/05/19
Act 22-2012Brent Kochuba04/28/16
Act 22-2012Brent Michael Skoda09/15/15
Act 22-2012Brent Schillage04/11/17
Act 22-2012Brent Tanner08/01/17
Act 22-2012Bret Kimmel12/16/14
Act 22-2012Brett Bolte05/23/18
Act 22-2012Brett Johnson05/10/16
Act 22-2012Brett Stapper03/22/19
Act 22-2012Brian A. Lambert03/03/16
Act 14-2017Brian A. Rossy Vega03/23/18
Act 22-2012Brian Amster07/30/15
Act 22-2012Brian Aronson07/10/17
Act 22-2012Brian Bouchard02/27/17
Act 22-2012Brian Bourgerie08/10/18
Act 22-2012Brian Campbell06/12/17
Act 22-2012Brian D. Marler03/28/15
Act 22-2012Brian Douglas Dohmen04/28/16
Act 22-2012Brian Essex01/30/15
Act 14-2017Brian Gonzalez12/16/19
Act 22-2012Brian Grover12/11/17
Act 22-2012Brian Hirschmann05/25/18
Act 22-2012Brian Hynes01/25/18
Act 22-2012Brian L Clark06/30/19
Act 22-2012Brian Lavertu06/28/16
Act 22-2012Brian M. Mcfadden10/07/13
Act 22-2012Brian Melancon12/26/18
Act 22-2012Brian Ramphal01/25/18
Act 22-2012Brian S Fuller05/02/19
Act 22-2012Brian S Wilbanks07/15/19
Act 22-2012Brian Sawyer04/27/16
Act 22-2012Brian Tenenbaum12/15/14
Act 22-2012Brian Valentine02/27/17
Act 22-2012Brian W. Giese12/15/14
Act 22-2012Brian W. Tyson07/28/15
Act 22-2012Brian Wade11/18/18
Act 22-2012Brian Weinstein12/16/14
Act 22-2012Brian Williamson02/26/18
Act 20-2012Brigss Consulting International LLC11/13/18
Act 273-2012Brilla Bank International LLC11/26/14
Act 73-2008Brisas De Los Llanos, Inc7/10/2012
Act 73-2008Brisas Del Caribe, Corp9/9/2014
Act 14-2017Briseida Feliciano Astacio03/12/18
Act 135-1998Bristol Myers Barceloneta, Inc./Bristol Caribbean, Inc./Squibb Manufacturing, Inc./ Zimmer Caribe, Inc/ Bristol Myers Squibb Laboratories Company6/2/1999
Act 135-1998Bristol Myers Squibb Holdings Pharma, LLC/ Bristol Myers Squibb Caribbean Company/ Squibb Manufacturing Company/ Bristol Myers Squibb Manufacturing Company/ Bristol Myers Squibb Puerto Rico, Inc10/16/2008
Act 22-2012Brittany Sierra Ruiz05/02/19
Act 20-2012Broad Peak Advisers, LLC04/12/19
Act 22-2012Broc Spradlin11/06/15
Act 22-2012Brock Pierce10/19/18
Act 22-2012Brock Wood05/17/18
Act 20-2012Brocoli Records, LLC11/30/18
Act 27-2011Broken Films, LLC - High Tide06/30/18
Act 22-2012Bront Bird02/18/19
Act 20-2012Brook Media and Consulting LLC05/09/18
Act 22-2012Brooke A. Heckert11/18/19
Act 22-2012Brooke Wartell12/21/15
Act 20-2012Brooks Consulting, LLC04/11/19
Act 20-2012Brownstone Management, LLC08/01/17
Act 20-2012Broxton Capital Pr LLC12/23/15
Act 22-2012Bruce Deichl11/26/14
Act 22-2012Bruce Delaurentis01/08/15
Act 22-2012Bruce Gray11/12/15
Act 14-2017Brunilda Ortiz Giuliani03/23/18
Act 14-2017Brunilda Vazquez Bonilla11/17/19
Act 22-2012Bryan L. May04/02/14
Act 22-2012Bryan Luter02/03/16
Act 20-2012Bryan Luter04/11/17
Act 14-2017Bryan Pagán Rivera11/04/19
Act 22-2012Bryan Pascual05/09/18
Act 14-2017Bryan Santiago Diaz12/16/19
Act 22-2012Bryant Sewall08/10/18
Act 22-2012Bryce Palmer11/19/19
Act 73-2008Btb Corporation6/12/2014
Act 73-2008Buckeye Caribbean Terminals, LLC1/10/2020
Act 135-1998Buckeye Caribbean Terminals, LLC / Shell Trading Company12/21/2001
Act 20-2012Buena Gente Por S.N., Inc.03/04/19
Act 20-2012Buildinary Inc01/18/19
Act 73-2008Bull Bond Mfg Corp7/10/2012
Act 135-1998Bull Bond Mfg. Corp9/19/2000
Act 20-2012Bulldog Expert Solutions & Technologies06/04/18
Act 20-2012Burning Bay LLC12/16/19
Act 135-1998Business Consulting Services, Inc.5/12/2003
Act 20-2012Business Improvement and Marketing Solutions, LLC (Bims)11/15/18
Act 20-2012Business Music Inc12/24/19
Act 20-2012Business Tourism Services Corp12/02/13
Act 135-1998Busvicam Realty4/13/2000
Act 135-1998Busvicam Realty, Inc.11/29/2010
Act 20-2012Butler Advisory, LLC03/29/19
Act 20-2012Bzpr Hospitality, LLC06/26/19
Act 135-1998C and J Car Products Mfg1/16/2002
Act 135-1998C-3 Inc. H/N/C Reaktor Post12/6/2018
Act 135-1998C-3, Inc.8/23/2007
Act 135-1998C-Axis Corp10/29/2004
Act 73-2008C-Axis PR, Inc3/11/2013
Act 135-1998C/Trek Corporation4/25/2003
Act 20-2012C&C Business Solutions, LLC08/18/17
Act 20-2012C2C LLC07/19/18
Act 20-2012C3 S.A., Inc.09/28/16
Act 27-2011C3, Inc. - Reaktor Post Infrastructure Project06/30/13
Act 135-1998Cabinet Gallery, Inc.4/26/2005
Act 83-2010Cabo Caribe Solar, LLC3/13/2018
Act 83-2010Cabo Solar, LLC4/19/2013
Act 20-2012Cacciamani and Rover LLC10/04/16
Act 73-2008Cacique Food Corp.5/31/2011
Act 20-2012Cacique Intl, LLC08/14/13
Act 20-2012Cacique Systems LLC04/05/16
Act 135-1998Cadillac Clean Room Services, Inc.9/4/2009
Act 73-2008Cadillac Group Realty LLC8/4/2017
Act 135-1998Cadillac Group Realty, Inc.5/11/2005
Act 20-2012Caduceus Healthcare Inc.12/15/17
Act 73-2008Caguas1/18/2012
Act 135-1998Caguas Orthopedic Center, Inc.4/27/2006
Act 135-1998Caguas Uniforms, Inc.4/22/2008
Act 273-2012Cai Capital International LLC04/05/16
Act 20-2012Caiman Capital LLC12/16/19
Act 22-2012Caitriona Marie Foley08/10/18
Act 14-2017Caleb Feliciano Valls12/28/17
Act 22-2012Caleb Osborne08/18/17
Act 20-2012Call Center LLC04/03/18
Act 20-2012Calper Consulting LLC05/09/18
Act 20-2012Camali Infrastructure Consulting Services LLC01/21/16
Act 20-2012Cambio Consulting LLC11/18/19
Act 22-2012Cameron D Gray06/26/19
Act 22-2012Cameron Hamza07/03/18
Act 22-2012Cameron James Collings03/21/18
Act 14-2017Camila E. Jusino Del Pozo02/09/18
Act 14-2017Camila Fernandez Lockwood05/19/19
Act 14-2017Camila Saade02/18/19
Act 22-2012Camilla Maria Trooien Sagerup04/28/16
Act 14-2017Camille Gonzalez09/29/19
Act 14-2017Camille Torres03/31/19
Act 20-2012Camino Management L.L.C.12/19/16
Act 20-2012Campodata10/04/19
Act 135-1998Campolor, Inc.8/3/2006
Act 135-1998Canarico Quarries Inc.2/10/2017
Act 135-1998Canarico Quarries, Inc.4/2/2007
Act 22-2012Candace Streib12/19/14
Act 135-1998Canmar Products12/17/2001
Act 135-1998Canmar Products, Inc.10/27/2010
Act 135-1998Cantera Bravo2/7/2003
Act 135-1998Cantera Carmelo, Inc.11/22/2013
Act 135-1998Cantera Carraizo Inc.11/9/2017
Act 135-1998Cantera Carraizo, Inc.1/25/2007
Act 135-1998Cantera Coralina, Inc.3/30/2007
Act 135-1998Cantera Dorado, Inc.3/7/2003
Act 20-2012Cantrell Drug Company09/05/12
Act 20-2012Capa International03/21/19
Act 20-2012Capcom Consulting Inc.06/14/18
Act 20-2012Capexel, LLC08/10/18
Act 20-2012Capital Crossing Puerto Rico, LLC11/03/15
Act 20-2012Capital Venture Group LLC10/27/19
Act 20-2012Capitalia Consulting LLC01/27/19
Act 20-2012Capitol Project Management LLC09/26/14
Act 20-2012Capitol Transportation, Inc.06/30/14
Act 20-2012Capitol Transportation, Inc.12/22/14
Act 20-2012Capstone Capital Pr, LLC12/01/14
Act 22-2012Cara Knapp03/10/19
Act 83-2010Carabla, Inc.1/18/2012
Act 83-2010Caracol Solar, LLC3/11/2013
Act 135-1998Carapeva, Inc.11/29/2018
Act 135-1998Carapeva, Inc.(Central Industrial Services, Inc.)11/23/1998
Act 135-1998Cardinal Health P.R.11/30/2004
Act 135-1998Care Consultants Group7/23/2001
Act 135-1998Caremco, Inc6/5/2001
Act 14-2017Carene A. Oliveras García12/28/17
Act 22-2012Carey M. Metz09/12/16
Act 20-2012Carib Pipeline, Inc.12/15/14
Act 20-2012Caribbean Ad Services Corp05/17/18
Act 135-1998Caribbean Airport Facilities2/28/2002
Act 73-2008Caribbean All Metals Recyclers3/1/2010
Act 135-1998Caribbean America Deli5/7/2002
Act 135-1998Caribbean Assurance Services10/5/2001
Act 135-1998Caribbean Bottling, Corp.9/29/2006
Act 73-2008Caribbean Can Manufacturing10/27/2010
Act 20-2012Caribbean Capital & Consultancy Corp.10/28/16
Act 135-1998Caribbean Cast Stone,Inc.2/7/2007
Act 73-2008Caribbean Chemical Industries Corp.4/30/2010
Act 135-1998Caribbean Communications Solutions1/30/2003
Act 135-1998Caribbean Composting, Inc.5/5/2000
Act 73-2008Caribbean Composting, Inc.5/9/2019
Act 20-2012Caribbean Consulting Partners, LLC06/30/14
Act 20-2012Caribbean Design & Management Partnership, LLC05/25/18
Act 73-2008Caribbean Ductwork Manufacturing7/13/2010
Act 135-1998Caribbean Electroplating9/6/2001
Act 135-1998Caribbean Electroplating, Inc.9/11/2013
Act 135-1998Caribbean Engineering & Technologies, Inc8/13/2002
Act 135-1998Caribbean Fiber Drums, Inc.8/23/2002
Act 73-2008Caribbean Financial Group, Inc.3/1/2010
Act 135-1998Caribbean Furniture Warehouse8/24/2001
Act 135-1998Caribbean Instruments Engineering10/5/2001
Act 20-2012Caribbean Medical Research Center, LLC03/10/19
Act 135-1998Caribbean Metal Fabricators, Inc.7/30/2008
Act 135-1998Caribbean Nutraceutical, Inc.9/4/2002
Act 73-2008Caribbean office Design4/6/2016
Act 20-2012Caribbean Opportunities, LLC11/23/15
Act 135-1998Caribbean Packaging10/11/2001
Act 135-1998Caribbean Petroleum Corporation/ Caribbean Petroleum Refining, Lp7/3/2007
Act 20-2012Caribbean Radiology Consultants, Psc06/29/15
Act 73-2008Caribbean Recycling-Glass, Inc / Caribbean Best Block, Inc.8/16/2011
Act 135-1998Caribbean Refrescos, Inc.4/30/2004
Act 73-2008Caribbean Refrescos, Inc.11/6/2018
Act 135-1998Caribbean Sign Supplies12/13/2001
Act 135-1998Caribbean Sign Supplies Manufacturers, Inc.7/24/2006
Act 73-2008Caribbean Sign Supplies Manufacturers, Inc.6/11/2012
Act 73-2008Caribbean Sign Supply3/4/2018
Act 135-1998Caribbean Sign Supply, Inc10/7/2004
Act 135-1998Caribbean Sign Supply, Inc.1/29/2009
Act 73-2008Caribbean Snack & More, Inc.5/14/2014
Act 20-2012Caribbean Sunshine LLC11/20/18
Act 73-2008Caribbean Tanks Technologies, Inc.7/9/2010
Act 73-2008Caribbean Technical Services (CTS), Inc.7/13/2011
Act 20-2012Caribbean Technology Consulting LLC09/29/19
Act 135-1998Caribbean Transportation Services, Inc.6/26/2003
Act 135-1998Caribbean Truck Bodies & Equipment1/20/2004
Act 73-2008Caribbean Truck Bodies and Equipment, Inc.12/7/2012
Act 135-1998Caribbout Export Corp4/28/2006
Act 20-2012Caribbout Export, Corp.08/01/17
Act 135-1998Caribe Ahu Systems, Inc.1/13/2006
Act 135-1998Caribe Candle, Inc.9/4/2002
Act 20-2012Caribe Capital Advisors LLC05/03/19
Act 20-2012Caribe Export Puerto Rico LLC05/09/17
Act 73-2008Caribe Freeight Forwarding of Puerto Rico6/18/2014
Act 20-2012Caribe Freight Forwarding of Puerto Rico, Inc.04/20/15
Act 73-2008Caribe Holdings (Cayman) Co. Ltd. Corporation3/23/2018
Act 273-2012Caribe International Bank, Corp.03/14/16
Act 135-1998Caribe Optilab, Inc.11/30/2006
Act 135-1998Caribe Pallets & Packaging Corp.2/27/2006
Act 73-2008Caribe Pallets and Packaging Corp9/22/2015
Act 135-1998Caribe Recycling Corporation11/30/2001
Act 73-2008Caribe Services & Equipment, Inc.10/27/2010
Act 20-2012Caribe Tecno Global, LLC08/01/17
Act 20-2012Caribe Trading Group Inc10/18/16
Act 73-2008Caribe Water Technology, Inc.10/27/2010
Act 14-2017Caridad S. Vargas Quiñones05/14/18
Act 135-1998Carimco, Inc5/21/2002
Act 14-2017Carina Perez-Cisneros07/21/19
Act 14-2017Carissa M. Cruz Berríos03/12/18
Act 22-2012Carl A Boggs03/02/19
Act 22-2012Carl Sanders05/09/18
Act 22-2012Carl W Runge07/15/19
Act 14-2017Carla Blanco Urrutia06/13/18
Act 14-2017Carla Cruz Díaz07/22/19
Act 14-2017Carla Matos Rodriguez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Carla Rodriguez06/18/19
Act 14-2017Carla Rodríguez04/13/19
Act 135-1998Carla'S Sweets Corp.1/11/2008
Act 14-2017Carlene Marie Cádiz Fuentes04/19/18
Act 20-2012Carleton LLC08/27/18
Act 14-2017Carlo Hernandez03/04/19
Act 14-2017Carlos A Anaya Mejia04/19/18
Act 14-2017Carlos A Buxo Tirado06/13/18
Act 14-2017Carlos A Cepero Ayende06/26/18
Act 14-2017Carlos A Cortes Sanchez06/13/18
Act 14-2017Carlos A Salgado Rodriguez06/26/18
Act 14-2017Carlos A. Camacho Landron12/20/17
Act 135-1998Carlos A. Casellas Loperz Y/O Olga Badillo Valles10/19/2007
Act 135-1998Carlos A. Casellas Y Olga Badillo Valles3/13/2003
Act 14-2017Carlos A. Falcón Matos01/26/18
Act 14-2017Carlos A. Key Oyola04/05/18
Act 14-2017Carlos A. Latimer12/28/17
Act 14-2017Carlos A. Luciano Román02/22/18
Act 135-1998Carlos A. Olivo Maldonado Y Gladys Santiago Maldonado5/16/2014
Act 22-2012Carlos A. Rodriguez07/28/15
Act 14-2017Carlos A. Santiago Sánchez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Carlos A. Vidal Yordan12/20/17
Act 14-2017Carlos Acevedo12/23/18
Act 14-2017Carlos Alberto Gomez Marcial04/19/18
Act 14-2017Carlos Alvarez12/26/18
Act 22-2012Carlos andres Scaminaci06/15/16
Act 14-2017Carlos Aneses09/27/19
Act 14-2017Carlos Antonio Feliciano Jiménez03/23/18
Act 14-2017Carlos Balsalobre Alonso12/28/17
Act 14-2017Carlos Bou09/30/19
Act 14-2017Carlos Cabrera Vázquez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Carlos Calvo09/29/19
Act 14-2017Carlos Carrión Lorenzo01/24/18
Act 14-2017Carlos César Lassalle Nieves02/09/18
Act 14-2017Carlos Chavez02/06/19
Act 14-2017Carlos Colon Gomez02/09/18
Act 14-2017Carlos D Garcia Rodriguez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Carlos Del Valle Biascoechea02/22/18
Act 14-2017Carlos Delgado Reyes02/22/18
Act 14-2017Carlos E Ruiz Rodriguez05/14/18
Act 22-2012Carlos E. Diaz03/13/18
Act 14-2017Carlos E. Jimenez Huyke12/20/17
Act 14-2017Carlos E. Marrero Ortíz03/23/18
Act 14-2017Carlos E. Méndez Serrano02/28/18
Act 135-1998Carlos E. Serrano Terrón8/12/2004
Act 73-2008Carlos Escribano LLC11/15/2016
Act 14-2017Carlos Estévez Vélez03/04/19
Act 14-2017Carlos F. Figueroa Nuñez03/12/18
Act 14-2017Carlos Fernandez06/30/19
Act 14-2017Carlos Fernandez10/03/19
Act 14-2017Carlos Fernandez Sifre12/27/17
Act 14-2017Carlos G. Orraca Lugo03/23/18
Act 14-2017Carlos G. Rivera Bermúdez03/12/18
Act 14-2017Carlos G. Sánchez Sergenton03/12/18
Act 14-2017Carlos Garcia Gubern06/05/18
Act 14-2017Carlos Garcia Rodriguez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Carlos González Aquino12/20/17
Act 14-2017Carlos Gonzalez Camacho10/04/19
Act 14-2017Carlos Gonzalez Degro05/10/19
Act 14-2017Carlos Guardiola05/03/19
Act 14-2017Carlos I. Arroyo12/28/17
Act 14-2017Carlos I. Cruz Medina02/28/18
Act 14-2017Carlos Ismael Maldonado Santos02/22/18
Act 14-2017Carlos Ismael Maldonado Santos02/22/18
Act 14-2017Carlos Izcoa Flores12/20/17
Act 14-2017Carlos J Fraga Millan04/18/18
Act 14-2017Carlos J Gonzalez Garcia04/19/18
Act 14-2017Carlos J. Baco Alfaro12/28/17
Act 14-2017Carlos J. Carro Pagán04/19/18
Act 14-2017Carlos J. Chisea Cedó03/12/18
Act 14-2017Carlos J. Estrada Gutierrez02/09/18
Act 14-2017Carlos J. Martínez Archilla08/20/18
Act 14-2017Carlos J. Nassar Yumet02/22/18
Act 14-2017Carlos J. Pérez López02/09/18
Act 14-2017Carlos J. Sánchez Rodríguez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Carlos Jimenez12/13/18
Act 22-2012Carlos Jose Bellosta Varady08/18/17
Act 14-2017Carlos Leyva05/02/19
Act 14-2017Carlos López Asencio02/09/18
Act 14-2017Carlos Lugo Olivieri03/23/18
Act 14-2017Carlos M Cidre Miranda03/27/18
Act 14-2017Carlos M Fonseca Salgado03/12/18
Act 14-2017Carlos M Santiago Diaz06/13/18
Act 14-2017Carlos M. Chévere Mouriño01/24/18
Act 14-2017Carlos M. Marrero Vaz12/20/17
Act 14-2017Carlos M. Robles Arias12/28/17
Act 14-2017Carlos Maldonado Garcia12/15/19
Act 14-2017Carlos Manuel Nieves La Cruz03/12/18
Act 22-2012Carlos Manuel Roca04/30/15
Act 14-2017Carlos Marrero10/03/19
Act 14-2017Carlos Martinez Perez07/11/19
Act 14-2017Carlos Martinez Perez07/11/19
Act 14-2017Carlos Martinez Rivera01/31/19
Act 14-2017Carlos Micames Caceres12/20/17
Act 14-2017Carlos Montalván Miró04/19/18
Act 14-2017Carlos Montalvo Molina02/03/19
Act 14-2017Carlos Munoz05/10/19
Act 14-2017Carlos Muñoz12/04/19
Act 14-2017Carlos N. Montalvo Bonilla03/23/18
Act 27-2011Carlos Nido - Nicky Jam La Serie06/30/18
Act 14-2017Carlos O Laboy Olivier06/26/18
Act 14-2017Carlos Ocasio Lopez12/20/17
Act 14-2017Carlos Olivares02/03/19
Act 135-1998Carlos Olivo Maldonado Y Gladys Santiago Maldonado11/26/2003
Act 14-2017Carlos Orlando Pérez Arroyo04/19/18
Act 14-2017Carlos Otero Rodriguez02/09/18
Act 14-2017Carlos Pacheco Imbert04/05/18
Act 14-2017Carlos Perez07/22/19
Act 14-2017Carlos R Alvarez Ruiz06/13/18
Act 14-2017Carlos R Robles Rivera05/14/18
Act 14-2017Carlos R. Alcalá Márquez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Carlos R. Alcalá Muñoz12/28/17
Act 14-2017Carlos R. Mendez Buso12/28/17
Act 14-2017Carlos R. Pou Vendrell12/28/17
Act 14-2017Carlos R. Quiñones Quiñones03/12/18
Act 14-2017Carlos Ramírez Tánchez03/12/18
Act 14-2017Carlos Ramos Perea12/13/18
Act 14-2017Carlos Remedios Carbone03/27/18
Act 14-2017Carlos Rivera10/03/19
Act 14-2017Carlos Rivera Lopez04/13/19
Act 135-1998Carlos Rodríguez Camacho D/B/A Tropical6/5/2001
Act 14-2017Carlos Romero Ramos07/22/19
Act 14-2017Carlos Sanchez01/06/19
Act 14-2017Carlos Sarriera04/13/19
Act 22-2012Carlos Steffens01/26/18
Act 22-2012Carlos T. Alcantara08/25/15
Act 14-2017Carlos Tejeda Tapia12/28/17
Act 14-2017Carlos Torres León04/19/18
Act 14-2017Carlos V. Pérez Cardona02/09/18
Act 14-2017Carlos V. Rosario Sepúlveda06/13/18
Act 22-2012Carlos Valle03/10/19
Act 14-2017Carlos Vives Alvarado08/04/19
Act 22-2012Carlos Wang01/25/18
Act 14-2017Carlos Weber Seda09/09/19
Act 14-2017Carluis Torres Torres03/12/18
Act 14-2017Carmelo Santana López02/28/18
Act 83-2010Carmelo Solar Productora, LLC3/16/2017
Act 14-2017Carmen Alvarez12/24/18
Act 14-2017Carmen Amaral Ramos12/28/17
Act 14-2017Carmen Collazo04/04/19
Act 14-2017Carmen Cotto Oyola06/05/18
Act 22-2012Carmen D Navarro11/24/18
Act 14-2017Carmen De Zorrilla Maldonado01/24/18
Act 14-2017Carmen Flecha Melendez03/12/18
Act 14-2017Carmen G Velazquez Rios01/24/18
Act 14-2017Carmen J. Brito Medina04/26/18
Act 22-2012Carmen Juana Martin Martin08/18/17
Act 14-2017Carmen L Baez Franceschi06/05/18
Act 14-2017Carmen M Chinchilla Jimenez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Carmen M. Matos Román03/12/18
Act 14-2017Carmen Magali Cabrera Beauchamp02/22/18
Act 14-2017Carmen Maria Prieto12/28/17
Act 14-2017Carmen Méndez Molina03/12/18
Act 22-2012Carmen Pringle10/28/14
Act 14-2017Carmen Rivera-Anaya05/19/19
Act 14-2017Carmen Rodríguez08/04/19
Act 14-2017Carmen Santa Noriega09/29/19
Act 14-2017Carmen Serrano Ramos03/23/18
Act 14-2017Carmen Valderrabano07/11/19
Act 14-2017Carmen Villanueva08/04/19
Act 14-2017Carmenl. Santiago Muñoz12/20/17
Act 20-2012Carmichael Consulting LLC06/22/19
Act 14-2017Carol Torres Cotto04/19/18
Act 22-2012Carola G. Schropp01/30/15
Act 73-2008Carolina Catering Corp.9/21/2009
Act 73-2008Carolina Catering Corp.12/20/2019
Act 135-1998Carolina Catering Corp. / (Previous: Airport Catering Services Corporation)12/12/2005
Act 135-1998Carolina Catering, Corp11/12/2013
Act 14-2017Carolina De Jesus Acosta05/07/19
Act 27-2011Carolina Film and Media Group,LLC - The Other Side of Life06/30/18
Act 135-1998Carolina International5/18/2001
Act 73-2008Carolina International, Inc.5/24/2013
Act 22-2012Carolina Porcari06/12/17
Act 135-1998Carolina Recycling, Corp.12/10/2001
Act 135-1998Carolina Tech, Inc.11/3/2008
Act 14-2017Carolina Toro Ruiz12/28/17
Act 14-2017Caroline Rodriguez Ferrer03/27/18
Act 22-2012Carolyn Britven02/06/14
Act 22-2012Carolyn M Amajhon Kimball04/15/19
Act 20-2012Carrasquillo Consulting, LLC08/01/17
Act 14-2017Carrie Bacó - Brogniez12/24/19
Act 73-2008Cars Investments LLC3/1/2019
Act 22-2012Carson Ederle03/28/16
Act 22-2012Carson Mitchell11/23/15
Act 22-2012Caryn Beth Vandegrift01/31/18
Act 73-2008Casa Grande Interactive Communications, Inc.1/25/2010
Act 20-2012Casamerica International, Inc.07/31/13
Act 135-1998Cascades Technologies Of Puerto Rico, Inc.5/10/2007
Act 135-1998Casco Sales Company, Inc.12/4/2007
Act 22-2012Casey B. Lambert06/02/16
Act 20-2012Cash Network LLC04/25/18
Act 20-2012Casla Partners LLC10/03/16
Act 73-2008Castell Export Corp7/9/2012
Act 135-1998Castell Export Corporation1/23/2002
Act 14-2017Catalina Frau09/29/19
Act 20-2012Catalyst Sports and Media Pr, LLC03/10/19
Act 20-2012Catamaran Management Company, Inc.12/12/12
Act 22-2012Catherine A. Nelson06/30/14
Act 22-2012Catherine Allison Waldrop03/30/17
Act 22-2012Catherine Ann Puma07/29/16
Act 22-2012Catherine Kim08/29/18
Act 22-2012Catherine Mitchell03/28/16
Act 22-2012Caton M Burwell02/18/19
Act 20-2012Cavatina Capital LLC02/23/18
Act 20-2012Cavery Services LLC02/26/18
Act 273-2012Cb International Bank,LLC03/07/19
Act 135-1998Cb Real Estate Corp.8/10/2004
Act 20-2012Cbc Pr LLC01/08/18
Act 20-2012Cbf International, Psc05/17/18
Act 20-2012Cc Consulting, Corp01/30/15
Act 135-1998Cc Pallets4/24/2002
Act 135-1998Cci Caribbean Importers, LLC3/12/2007
Act 73-2008Cci Caribbean Products, Inc.9/1/2010
Act 73-2008Cci Industries, LLC6/20/2011
Act 135-1998Ccl Insertco De Puerto Rico, Inc. / Ccl Label De Puerto Rico, Inc.8/29/2006
Act 135-1998Ccpr Services12/23/2008
Act 135-1998Ccr International, Inc.1/23/2003
Act 135-1998Cdi Laboratories, Inc.(Caribbean Dairy Institute)1/31/2008
Act 73-2008Cdi Thermoforming, Inc5/30/2012
Act 22-2012Cecelia Puopolo05/31/18
Act 22-2012Cecilia M. Holmes11/10/14
Act 22-2012Cecilia S. Rodriguez09/10/15
Act 14-2017Ceciliana De andino De Jesus09/27/19
Act 14-2017Cecilio José Cádiz Figueroa04/19/18
Act 22-2012Ceco Gakovic10/05/19
Act 20-2012Ced Consulting LLC05/09/18
Act 73-2008Cediprof, Inc.11/7/2014
Act 20-2012Ceiba Services LLC05/04/19
Act 20-2012Celero LLC08/01/17
Act 22-2012Celestino Reyes01/13/16
Act 14-2017Celia Lozada Murcelo07/22/19
Act 14-2017Celia Mendez Martir05/19/19
Act 14-2017Celimar Busquets09/28/19
Act 14-2017Celso Joel Arocho Irizarry01/26/18
Act 135-1998Cemex Cal, Inc.8/10/2009
Act 73-2008Centennial Puerto Rico Operations, Corp.9/1/2010
Act 135-1998Centennial Wireless Pcs Operations5/30/2001
Act 73-2008Center For Diagnosis, Rehabilitation and Pain Treatment of The Caribbean and International, LLC4/30/2010
Act 20-2012Center For Disease Detection International LLC09/29/15
Act 20-2012Centercourt Development LLC03/07/18
Act 135-1998Central Carton5/9/2001
Act 8-1987Central Insulation Manufacturing, Inc.12/12/1997
Act 8-1987Central Insulation Manufacturing, Inc.3/19/2013
Act 73-2008Central Packaging Caribe, Inc.3/30/2017
Act 73-2008Century Packing Corporation9/25/2009
Act 73-2008Century Trading Corporation4/30/2010
Act 135-1998Ceph International1/31/2001
Act 135-1998Ceph International Corporation12/4/2000
Act 135-1998Cephalon Borinquen, Inc.5/21/2008
Act 73-2008Ceramco Manufacturing Bv1/25/2018
Act 135-1998Ceramco Manufacturing, Co.12/20/2004
Act 22-2012Cerena Han05/23/18
Act 20-2012Certified Consulting Group, LLC07/16/19
Act 135-1998Certified Gold Exchange, Inc.3/27/2007
Act 135-1998Cervecera De Puerto Rico, Inc.(Cerveceria India)12/22/2005
Act 135-1998Cervecería India3/18/2003
Act 73-2008Cervezas Del Sur, Inc.7/9/2010
Act 14-2017Cesar A González Durieux03/12/18
Act 14-2017Cesar andino Colon12/27/17
Act 73-2008César Castillo5/9/2017
Act 14-2017Cesar Castillo Alicea10/03/19
Act 135-1998César Castillo Inc.10/16/2015
Act 135-1998César Castillo, Inc.5/11/2005
Act 14-2017César Cordero09/27/19
Act 14-2017Cesar Cortes Cardona02/09/18
Act 14-2017César Cruz García01/26/18
Act 14-2017Cesar E. Gomez Rivera12/20/17
Act 22-2012Cesar Gueikian05/09/16
Act 14-2017César H. Trabanco De La Cruz03/23/18
Act 14-2017Cesar Hernandez09/29/19
Act 14-2017Cesar M Cubano Martinez06/13/18
Act 14-2017Cesar Méndez - Medina11/17/19
Act 14-2017Cesar Ortega Cava07/22/19
Act 14-2017César Quiñones Colón02/22/18
Act 14-2017Cesar R Talavera Peraza04/19/18
Act 14-2017Cesar Rivera Riveron03/04/19
Act 14-2017César Tort Sola01/26/18
Act 14-2017César Vázquez Muñiz04/19/18
Act 14-2017Cesar Viana Santos03/12/18
Act 20-2012Cesiv, Inc.05/25/18
Act 20-2012Cetus LLC10/04/19
Act 135-1998Ceva Logistic Pr Inc.5/2/2019
Act 135-1998Cf Food Company3/21/2003
Act 20-2012Cg Global Services, Inc.12/20/16
Act 20-2012Ch4 Systems LLC10/28/16
Act 22-2012Chad Astleford06/01/19
Act 22-2012Chad Fox04/07/19
Act 22-2012Chad Minarcin08/10/18
Act 22-2012Chad R Olson02/18/19
Act 22-2012Chad William Parks03/01/16
Act 22-2012Chadbourn T. Sharpe10/07/13
Act 20-2012Chainwave LLC01/17/19
Act 135-1998Challenger Brass & Copper8/30/2001
Act 135-1998Challenger Brass & Copper Co., Inc.5/15/2012
Act 20-2012Champion Companies P.R., LLC04/05/16
Act 20-2012Champlain Advisors, LLC Adirondack Advisors LLC12/23/13
Act 22-2012Chapman C Ducote11/24/18
Act 22-2012Charlene Y Chen09/02/19
Act 22-2012Charles A. Wiggins02/18/19
Act 14-2017Charles Ayala Segui04/19/18
Act 22-2012Charles Bauerle09/14/17
Act 22-2012Charles Bucher09/18/18
Act 22-2012Charles Conroy12/26/18
Act 14-2017Charles Cuff11/13/19
Act 22-2012Charles D'Alessio05/09/18
Act 22-2012Charles Dean Slover11/09/15
Act 22-2012Charles Dirk Flaherty09/18/18
Act 14-2017Charles E. Zirenberg-Pérez01/26/18
Act 22-2012Charles Earl Fisher02/08/16
Act 22-2012Charles Elisha Combs05/23/18
Act 22-2012Charles H. Rexer Jr.02/25/19
Act 22-2012Charles J Fombrun10/29/13
Act 22-2012Charles J. Comerford11/10/14
Act 14-2017Charles Juarbe12/15/19
Act 22-2012Charles K. Bartz04/28/16
Act 22-2012Charles Lynn Hamilton12/15/14
Act 22-2012Charles Madden06/12/17
Act 22-2012Charles Muszynski05/09/18
Act 20-2012Charles Neal LLC09/28/18
Act 22-2012Charles Neal Sumlin09/11/18
Act 22-2012Charles Vollum12/15/19
Act 22-2012Charles W. Stout Iii08/06/15
Act 22-2012Charles Waldo07/10/17
Act 22-2012Charlie Lewis06/11/15
Act 135-1998Charlotte De Puerto Rico, Inc.5/21/1999
Act 22-2012Chase Rolfsen07/10/17
Act 20-2012Chaudhri Advisory LLC12/24/19
Act 135-1998Checkpoint Caribbean, Ltd11/17/2006
Act 22-2012Chelsea E. Wever10/29/13
Act 22-2012Chelsea Shaup09/11/18
Act 20-2012Chembridges, LLC12/27/17
Act 22-2012Cherissa N Fox04/07/19
Act 22-2012Cherry Wiest12/16/19
Act 22-2012Cheryl A. Entress02/29/16
Act 22-2012Cheryl L. Talkington03/31/15
Act 22-2012Cheryl M. Flatt06/30/14
Act 22-2012Cheryl Pabich06/12/17
Act 14-2017Cheryl Paulo02/09/19
Act 135-1998Chesebrough Pond'S Manufacturing Company3/6/2008
Act 135-1998Chevron Phillips Chemicals Puerto Rico12/13/2001
Act 22-2012Cheyne C. Pace03/30/15
Act 20-2012Chhikara Consulting LLC04/12/19
Act 14-2017Chiara Biaggi05/10/19
Act 27-2011Chick Fight The Movie, LLC - Chick Fight06/30/20
Act 20-2012Chico Ventures Pr Corporation08/08/16
Act 20-2012Chim D.O.G. LLC02/28/19
Act 22-2012Chinworth Yao03/29/19
Act 20-2012Chm2L Servicios Inc.07/28/15
Act 22-2012Chogae Sheafer03/17/15
Act 20-2012Choicetrade Holdings, Inc.04/13/15
Act 20-2012Chomp Dental and Medical, LLC11/06/18
Act 22-2012Chris J. Fabyonic03/21/18
Act 22-2012Chris M Cassidy11/18/18
Act 14-2017Christelle Rodriguez06/30/19
Act 14-2017Christian A. Foy Parrillla12/20/17
Act 22-2012Christian Barnes11/24/18
Act 14-2017Christian Cacho Martinicorena01/26/18
Act 14-2017Christian Castillo Latorre11/04/19
Act 14-2017Christian E. Schenk Albahondo03/23/18
Act 22-2012Christian Flanders12/27/17
Act 14-2017Christian Fourquet Caraballo07/14/19
Act 22-2012Christian Friedland12/30/16
Act 22-2012Christian G Gal10/05/19
Act 135-1998Christian Guex5/6/2002
Act 22-2012Christian K. Hausner02/13/19
Act 22-2012Christian M. Streib10/29/13
Act 14-2017Christian Mejias09/29/19
Act 22-2012Christian Mickelsen02/13/19
Act 22-2012Christian R. Briggs08/22/17
Act 14-2017Christian Rodríguez Cintrón04/19/18
Act 14-2017Christian Rodriguez Rivera06/13/18
Act 14-2017Christian Rolon Almestica09/12/18
Act 20-2012Christiansen Real Estate, Inc. D-B-A Christiansen Commercial02/27/15
Act 14-2017Christina Hupman03/12/18
Act 22-2012Christina Kay Butt04/30/15
Act 22-2012Christina Louise Wisniewski10/07/15
Act 14-2017Christina Rodriguez Ruiz09/27/19
Act 22-2012Christine Inda02/04/15
Act 14-2017Christine Jimenez Davila06/05/18
Act 22-2012Christine Lay05/23/18
Act 22-2012Christine Mundkur11/02/15
Act 14-2017Christine Muñoz09/29/19
Act 22-2012Christopher A Krzoska03/02/19
Act 22-2012Christopher A Mcelvany01/16/19
Act 22-2012Christopher A. Cobb11/26/13
Act 22-2012Christopher A. Kagan07/14/16
Act 22-2012Christopher A. Sipes12/15/14
Act 22-2012Christopher Anthony York06/14/18
Act 22-2012Christopher Baker08/10/18
Act 22-2012Christopher Bouma08/29/18
Act 22-2012Christopher Brunner12/26/18
Act 22-2012Christopher Corcoran07/15/19
Act 22-2012Christopher Dedow05/09/18
Act 22-2012Christopher E. Morice01/14/14
Act 22-2012Christopher Gilliard08/27/18
Act 22-2012Christopher Grizzard08/01/17
Act 22-2012Christopher Harding05/09/18
Act 22-2012Christopher Hart11/24/18
Act 22-2012Christopher Hausman10/03/16
Act 22-2012Christopher J. Foster12/27/16
Act 22-2012Christopher J. Wu10/29/13
Act 22-2012Christopher Jackson11/13/14
Act 22-2012Christopher James Roundtree06/14/18
Act 22-2012Christopher Johnston02/06/17
Act 22-2012Christopher Lawrence Parachini05/09/18
Act 22-2012Christopher M. Johnson01/14/14
Act 22-2012Christopher Manus07/19/18
Act 22-2012Christopher P. Smith06/12/17
Act 22-2012Christopher Pallante10/26/17
Act 14-2017Christopher Ramos01/07/19
Act 22-2012Christopher Richmond12/27/16
Act 22-2012Christopher Shields04/05/19
Act 22-2012Christopher Smith05/31/16
Act 22-2012Christopher Sommer07/19/18
Act 22-2012Christopher Stratton01/16/19
Act 22-2012Christopher Valentine04/15/19
Act 22-2012Christopher W Mack05/02/19
Act 22-2012Christy Douglas Otto04/28/16
Act 20-2012Chronos Capital Management LLC01/13/19
Act 14-2017Chun He12/20/17
Act 135-1998Ciales Uniforms, Inc.4/9/1999
Act 135-1998Ciba Vision Pr9/12/2008
Act 135-1998Ciba Vision Puerto Rico3/9/2001
Act 14-2017Cid S. Quintana Rodriguez12/20/17
Act 8-1987Cidra Metallic Caskets Inc.5/21/1998
Act 20-2012Cimel International, LLC03/13/17
Act 22-2012Cindy M. Engstrom01/25/18
Act 135-1998Cinemas Management International, Inc.7/10/2006
Act 20-2012Cinemas Management International, Inc.09/04/13
Act 27-2011Cinevia, Corp. - Motor City / Dark Power06/30/15
Act 73-2008Ciracet, Corp8/27/2009
Act 20-2012Ciracet, Corp.04/08/13
Act 20-2012Ciracet, Corp.04/08/14
Act 83-2010Ciro Group Corp7/8/2011
Act 83-2010Ciro One Salinas, LLC7/8/2011
Act 20-2012Citizen Ad Network, LLC01/11/16
Act 135-1998City Signs Corp6/12/2001
Act 135-1998City Signs Manufacturing, Inc9/28/2000
Act 20-2012Cjb Enterprises LLC09/29/19
Act 135-1998Cjd Management4/8/2003
Act 135-1998Claims Software Development, Corp.8/1/2008
Act 22-2012Clare G. Walker01/14/14
Act 135-1998Clariant Life Science Molecules (Puerto Rico), Inc.5/11/2005
Act 20-2012Clarity Consulting International LLC07/29/16
Act 20-2012Clarity Nutrition LLC05/09/18
Act 135-1998Classic Industries Of Puerto Rico7/8/2003
Act 14-2017Claudia Camunas Perez05/19/19
Act 14-2017Claudia Moreda Rivero11/17/19
Act 14-2017Claudia Ocasio Rodriguez09/29/19
Act 22-2012Claudia P. Gervasi12/16/14
Act 14-2017Claudia Rosales Alvarez03/29/19
Act 14-2017Claudino Arias Benabe03/12/18
Act 22-2012Claudio Cerminatti01/30/15
Act 14-2017Claudio Corral09/27/19
Act 14-2017Claudo Bernaschina Bobadilla12/28/17
Act 20-2012Claypoole Executive Search LLC03/13/18
Act 22-2012Clayton Atchison08/10/18
Act 135-1998Clean Room Technologies Corp.5/21/2008
Act 20-2012Clear Blue Insurance Services Puerto Rico LLC10/31/16
Act 22-2012Clement Borkowski11/19/19
Act 20-2012Click Media LLC08/10/18
Act 20-2012Click Strategies LLC05/09/18
Act 20-2012Clickyard L.L.C.09/21/19
Act 20-2012Climactiva Global Partners LLC08/27/19
Act 20-2012Climate Risk Management Solutions LLC05/27/19
Act 73-2008Clinical Research P.R., Inc.8/19/2015
Act 135-1998Clinical Research Puerto Rico, Inc.8/26/2003
Act 22-2012Clinton James04/29/16
Act 22-2012Clive M. Proud02/06/14
Act 20-2012Clo Consulting Pr Corporation12/11/17
Act 135-1998Clorox Manufacturing Company Of Puerto Rico, Inc.2/27/2007
Act 73-2008Clorox Manufacturing Company of Puerto Rico, Inc.12/12/2017
Act 73-2008Club Caribe Distillers, LLC11/1/2012
Act 20-2012Clubhouse Real Estate, LLC04/10/18
Act 22-2012Clyde Cleveland09/02/14
Act 20-2012Cma International Architects & Engineers, Psc03/21/18
Act 20-2012Cma Services LLC06/16/14
Act 20-2012Cmbii Consulting LLC12/11/18
Act 20-2012Cmv Virtual Radiology Services, LLC07/16/19
Act 73-2008Cnc 2000, Inc.2/13/2015
Act 20-2012Cnp Management Corp.11/18/18
Act 20-2012Coaccelerator LLC05/27/19
Act 135-1998Coach Leatherware International5/7/2002
Act 20-2012Coaction International Development, Inc.05/09/18
Act 20-2012Coastal Consulting LLC04/10/19
Act 135-1998Coco Beach Utility4/9/2001
Act 22-2012Cocó March-Michog04/08/14
Act 73-2008Coco Rico, LLC12/4/2017
Act 20-2012Coconut Management L.L.C.04/03/18
Act 20-2012Codex Alpha LLC11/18/18
Act 22-2012Cody Gleason12/20/19
Act 20-2012Cogent LLC05/09/18
Act 20-2012Coindado LLC06/01/19
Act 20-2012Coinmint LLC01/10/19
Act 22-2012Cole M Cullen12/23/18
Act 27-2011Colectivo 84, Corp. - Circotic 2013 The Doc.06/30/14
Act 27-2011Colectivo 84, Corp. - Electric Holiday 13-14 The Doc.06/30/14
Act 27-2011Colectivo 84, Corp. - Electric Holiday The Doc 14-1506/30/15
Act 135-1998Colgate Palmolive Company Distr.7/7/2004
Act 73-2008Colgate Palmolive Company Distributors, LLC5/30/2012
Act 135-1998Colgate Palmolive De Puerto Rico1/31/2002
Act 135-1998Colgate Palmolive De Puerto Rico2/12/2003
Act 22-2012Colin K Hutchings07/16/19
Act 135-1998Colir Corp.8/17/2004
Act 22-2012Colleen J Bailey02/18/19
Act 22-2012Collin Kettell08/23/16
Act 20-2012Collins Capital LLC06/28/18
Act 20-2012Colony Consulting LLC05/27/19
Act 135-1998Colorcon P.R., LLC8/25/2006
Act 135-1998Colorcon Puerto Rico1/23/2002
Act 135-1998Comaco Incorporado10/4/2005
Act 135-1998Comar Unicon Pr LLC7/10/2019
Act 135-1998Combe Products3/20/2001
Act 135-1998Combe Products, Inc.8/8/2000
Act 73-2008Combe Products, Inc.5/10/2013
Act 73-2008Comercial Equipment Finance, Inc.8/4/2015
Act 135-1998Comercial La Pino, Inc.2/6/2003
Act 135-1998Comitia Molina International7/23/2001
Act 20-2012Commerce Consulting LLC12/11/18
Act 20-2012Commercial Business Consulting, LLC03/26/15
Act 20-2012Commercial Equipment Finance, Inc.08/22/17
Act 135-1998Commonwealth Battery Development, Inc5/7/2002
Act 135-1998Commonwealth Oil Refining4/9/2002
Act 20-2012Commonwealth Partners, LLC08/05/13
Act 20-2012Commonwealth Reserve LLC08/04/16
Act 20-2012Commsense, LLC09/26/14
Act 20-2012Communications Distributors LLC11/26/14
Act 135-1998Compañía Cervecera De Pr, Inc.12/30/2016
Act 73-2008Compañia Cervecera De Puerto Rico, Inc.12/30/2016
Act 135-1998Compañia De Marmol De Puerto Rico6/20/2008
Act 135-1998Compañía El Mueble10/23/2001
Act 135-1998Compañia Industrial Marmolera8/16/2006
Act 73-2008Complete Coach Works Inc.3/27/2012
Act 135-1998Compu-Signs3/11/2002
Act 73-2008Computer Distributors Inc5/9/2018
Act 135-1998Computer Expert Group, Inc.8/20/2007
Act 73-2008Computer Expert Group, LLC7/19/2018
Act 73-2008Computer Integration of Quality Assurance, Inc.12/30/2016
Act 135-1998Computer Integration Of Quality Assurance, Inc.(Ciqa)10/16/2008
Act 20-2012Computer Learning Centers, Inc. Dba Forward Learning12/27/17
Act 135-1998Comunicadores Graficos, Inc.11/15/2007
Act 73-2008Comunicadores Graficos, Inc.8/28/2018
Act 22-2012Concepcion Miranda-Kafka12/22/15
Act 20-2012Concept Through Design, L.L.C.04/12/19
Act 20-2012Concord Partners, LLC08/05/13
Act 20-2012Condado Capital Management LLC02/23/18
Act 20-2012Condado Marketing, LLC12/27/16
Act 135-1998Condado Window Hurricane Protection, Inc.1/13/2011
Act 135-1998Condado Windows Of Pr5/21/2001
Act 73-2008Conestoga International, LLC7/3/2012
Act 135-1998Congar International Corp.6/25/2001
Act 73-2008Congar International Corporation12/31/2012
Act 20-2012Connect Global LLC04/10/18
Act 20-2012Connect Launch, LLC08/27/18
Act 73-2008Connect Solutions LLC2/23/2018
Act 20-2012Connective Solutions Inc12/09/18
Act 14-2017Connie Santana11/16/19
Act 22-2012Connie Zhao10/05/19
Act 20-2012Conocarpum Advisors, LLC02/09/15
Act 27-2011Conocerás la verdad, LLC - Conocerás la verdad06/30/17
Act 20-2012Conquest Management Services LLC03/16/17
Act 20-2012Cons Pro, Corp04/08/14
Act 20-2012Conscientus, LLC06/30/14
Act 135-1998Consorcio Las Lomas, Inc.9/24/2009
Act 20-2012Construction Solutions LLC07/16/19
Act 20-2012Construction Support Services, Inc09/23/19
Act 14-2017Consuelo Clemente Peris06/05/18
Act 20-2012Consulting Services, LLC06/30/15
Act 73-2008Continental Shipping, Inc.2/17/2012
Act 135-1998Contours2/23/2001
Act 20-2012Controlled Chaos P.R. LLC11/18/19
Act 135-1998Controlled Demolition and Recycling Corp.2/19/2004
Act 20-2012Convergence LLC11/13/18
Act 20-2012Cook Consulting Corp09/30/19
Act 20-2012Coolbrook LLC06/17/15
Act 73-2008Cooling Systems11/1/2012
Act 8-1987Cooling Systems Caribe, Inc.5/4/1992
Act 22-2012Cooper C Schwartz Skolnik11/24/18
Act 135-1998Coopervision Caribbean Corp (Ocular Science Caribbean Corporation / O.S.I. Puerto Rico Corporation)3/9/2000
Act 73-2008Coopervision Caribbean Corp.1/31/2018
Act 73-2008Copan Industries, Inc.6/21/2019
Act 20-2012Copaycutters LLC06/01/19
Act 20-2012Copeca Jetcenter, LLC03/16/17
Act 135-1998Copeq Industrial1/31/2001
Act 14-2017Coral M Casals Blasini05/03/18
Act 135-1998Cordeco Northwest Corp.12/28/2000
Act 135-1998Cordis LLC10/21/2002
Act 22-2012Cordon Landrew Woolworth10/05/19
Act 20-2012Corea, LLC11/13/18
Act 20-2012Coreplus Servicios Clínicos Y Patológicos, LLC11/18/18
Act 22-2012Corey J Bach12/23/18
Act 22-2012Corinne E Stokes11/18/18
Act 73-2008Cormac Manufacturing Corporation3/12/2014
Act 20-2012Cornerstone Construction Advisors, LLC04/20/15
Act 135-1998Corning Cable Systems Puerto Rico3/9/2001
Act 73-2008Corpometal Recycling, Inc.9/9/2014
Act 135-1998Corporación Sublistática, Sa6/19/2003
Act 135-1998Correa Tire Distributors, Inc.9/2/2004
Act 20-2012Corsario International Corp Corporation11/07/18
Act 135-1998Cortelco Systems Puerto Rico8/4/2003
Act 73-2008Cortelco Systems Puerto Rico, Inc.11/5/2015
Act 135-1998Cortes Hermanos LLC3/21/2018
Act 73-2008Cortes Industrial Organization Inc.10/5/2018
Act 135-1998Cortés Industrial Organization, Inc.10/17/2003
Act 135-1998Cortés Industrial Organization, Inc.9/3/2008
Act 135-1998Corus Hardware Corp6/10/2003
Act 22-2012Cory Greenberg08/18/17
Act 22-2012Cory J. Dickerson12/24/14
Act 22-2012Cory Taylor04/11/17
Act 14-2017Cosme Santos Torres04/05/18
Act 135-1998Cosmopar Inc.8/30/2017
Act 135-1998Cosmopar, Inc.10/14/2004
Act 83-2010Coto Laurel Solar Farm, Inc.6/3/2016
Act 73-2008Coty Puerto Rico Inc11/15/2012
Act 135-1998Coty Puerto Rico, Inc.10/17/2006
Act 135-1998Cover Y Más Cover, Inc.1/16/2003
Act 20-2012Covert Bit Forensics Limited Liability Company12/24/19
Act 27-2011Cozy Lights Pictures, Corp. - Las Vacas con Gafas06/30/13
Act 20-2012Cqi Consulting LLC03/13/18
Act 20-2012Cqv Compliance, LLC02/12/14
Act 20-2012Crabill, LLC06/01/19
Act 22-2012Craig A. Maltby01/09/19
Act 22-2012Craig Allen Leblanc04/28/16
Act 22-2012Craig F.S. Dean04/11/17
Act 22-2012Craig Sellars09/11/18
Act 22-2012Craig Yerger03/28/16
Act 20-2012Crain Family Holdings, LLC02/13/14
Act 73-2008Crb Caribe Llp10/30/2009
Act 20-2012Creative Brands, LLC05/09/18
Act 135-1998Creative Graphics Group12/12/2003
Act 20-2012Creative Marketing Boutique LLC02/26/18
Act 20-2012Creative Services LLC09/28/19
Act 135-1998Creative Tactile Solutions Of Puerto Rico1/18/2002
Act 20-2012Credible Branding LLC06/28/19
Act 20-2012Credit Rx LLC12/16/19
Act 22-2012Creed D Cameron11/24/18
Act 20-2012Crew Rooms International LLC12/11/18
Act 20-2012Crg Enterprises LLC12/19/16
Act 73-2008Criolite, Corp.4/20/2018
Act 14-2017Cristabel Torres04/13/19
Act 135-1998Cristaleria Willie Cardona Inc7/28/2000
Act 135-1998Cristalería Y Rótulos Vivas1/9/2001
Act 135-1998Cristales Curvos Y De Seguridad2/23/2001
Act 14-2017Cristian Rodriguez07/21/19
Act 14-2017Cristian S. Colón Rivera04/19/18
Act 14-2017Cristian Tampa Moreno03/23/18
Act 14-2017Cristina Bird-Collado07/16/19
Act 14-2017Cristina Ferrari Lugo04/05/18
Act 14-2017Cristina Joy Pérez03/27/18
Act 14-2017Cristina Martínez Recio12/28/17
Act 14-2017Cristina Martínez Román03/23/18
Act 14-2017Cristina N. Brau Javier12/20/17
Act 14-2017Cristina Nevares De Jesus12/28/17
Act 14-2017Cristina Ortiz05/23/19
Act 14-2017Cristina Quintero11/16/19
Act 14-2017Cristina Ramos Gonzalez09/29/19
Act 14-2017Cristina Ramos Romey02/28/18
Act 22-2012Cristina V. Monteverde12/19/14
Act 14-2017Cristobal Cruz03/03/19
Act 22-2012Cristopher A. Cannon10/08/14
Act 14-2017Cristy Martínez04/13/19
Act 73-2008Critical Hub Networks, Inc10/26/2011
Act 20-2012Cross Current Capital LLC09/25/18
Act 135-1998Crossco Manufacturing Corporation6/27/2008
Act 73-2008Crossco Manufacturing Corporation12/31/2012
Act 27-2011Crossface, LLC - Good06/30/17
Act 20-2012Crossline Services LLC10/14/19
Act 20-2012Crosswater International, LLC05/19/16
Act 73-2008Crown Beverage Packaging Puerto Rico, Inc.12/18/2012
Act 135-1998Crown Cork De Puerto Rico1/23/2002
Act 135-1998Cruise Plus Sales & Services2/11/2002
Act 20-2012Crwd LLC11/19/19
Act 20-2012Cryptin Pr Inc.10/11/18
Act 20-2012Crypto Liquidity Services, LLC - Cambió De Nombre A Sea Otter Services (Pr), LLC05/19/14
Act 20-2012Crypto Rico LLC01/24/19
Act 135-1998Crystal Precast8/24/2001
Act 135-1998Crystal Salt9/19/2001
Act 14-2017Crystalmarie Santiago-Cruz05/27/19
Act 20-2012Cs Services LLC11/19/19
Act 135-1998Csa Group International LLC1/31/2007
Act 83-2010Csif Energy, LLC1/10/2020
Act 135-1998Csn, Inc6/18/2002
Act 27-2011CTF,LLC - Estrelas de la Lucha Libre06/30/20
Act 20-2012Cuddlebug Pr, LLC12/21/16
Act 20-2012Cue Consulting03/02/19
Act 20-2012Culebra Design Works LLC04/12/19
Act 22-2012Cuong Tran07/19/18
Act 20-2012Curabout LLC12/15/19
Act 20-2012Curis Analytics & Consulting, LLC11/18/19
Act 20-2012Current Advisors, LLC12/24/19
Act 22-2012Curtis Frericks08/10/18
Act 135-1998Curtis Instruments9/17/2002
Act 135-1998Curtis Instruments (Pr), Inc.9/24/2009
Act 73-2008Curtis Instruments (Puerto Rico), Inc.2/9/2018
Act 22-2012Curtis J Cooper01/27/19
Act 22-2012Curtis M Alderson02/25/19
Act 135-1998Custom Millwork Systems8/30/2001
Act 73-2008Customed Inc.4/11/2017
Act 135-1998Customed, Inc. / Puerto Rico Hospital Supply, Inc.7/12/2004
Act 135-1998Customed, Inc. Y Puerto Rico Hospital Supply, Inc.7/12/2004
Act 135-1998Cutler Hammer Electrical Company / Eaton Electrical, Inc.12/14/2007
Act 20-2012Cybersolutions LLC11/18/18
Act 20-2012Cynergy08/29/18
Act 22-2012Cynthia D. Blanchard12/27/17
Act 22-2012Cynthia G. King11/13/17
Act 14-2017Cynthia M Torres Colon02/09/18
Act 14-2017Cynthia Rosado Gonzalez12/15/19
Act 22-2012Cynthia Ruth Solanot07/10/17
Act 22-2012Cynthia Wine Byrd11/10/14
Act 22-2012Cynthia Zhang05/31/18
Act 20-2012D & A Litigation Support, LLC12/19/16
Act 20-2012D&B Services,Llp06/01/19
Act 20-2012D&D Trading LLC02/12/18
Act 135-1998D&H Products1/18/2002
Act 20-2012D20 Holdings Pr LLC03/07/18
Act 135-1998Dade County Shutter8/23/2001
Act 14-2017Dagmary Purcell02/22/18
Act 14-2017Dagnes Y. Calderón Acosta03/12/18
Act 14-2017Daisy Baez Franceschi09/10/18
Act 14-2017Daisy Vazquez05/23/19
Act 22-2012Dale Lefebvre12/07/12
Act 22-2012Dale M. Krause03/04/19
Act 14-2017Daled Bahri Jovet10/03/19
Act 22-2012Dalen D Thomas11/24/18
Act 14-2017Dalia Hernández Medina07/22/19
Act 14-2017Dalianie Nieves11/16/19
Act 14-2017Dalimar Panell12/15/19
Act 14-2017Dalitza Marie Alvarez Valentín08/09/18
Act 22-2012Dallas Hall09/22/15
Act 20-2012Damac Services LLC03/29/19
Act 14-2017Damaris Acosta Miranda12/28/17
Act 14-2017Damaris Molina Negrón12/20/18
Act 14-2017Damaris Prieto Carballo 04/19/18
Act 14-2017Damaris Torres Berrios06/05/18
Act 135-1998Damian Aluminum, Inc.4/12/2007
Act 135-1998Damian Aluminum, Inc.2/15/2017
Act 14-2017Damián E. Grovas Abad12/28/17
Act 22-2012Damian Joseph Zanoni08/23/16
Act 22-2012Damon W Vickers05/07/13
Act 22-2012Dan Colman05/09/18
Act 14-2017Dana Delgado Colon11/07/19
Act 14-2017Danessa Vazquez12/17/18
Act 14-2017Dania Leiva12/24/18
Act 14-2017Dania Santiago02/06/19
Act 22-2012Danial Afzal04/14/19
Act 22-2012Daniel Akers01/25/18
Act 22-2012Daniel Alcarraz Morales05/25/18
Act 14-2017Daniel Arzola Castañer12/28/17
Act 22-2012Daniel B Anton11/09/15
Act 22-2012Daniel Casanas10/19/18
Act 14-2017Daniel Conde Sterling06/05/18
Act 14-2017Daniel Cruz Galarza03/23/18
Act 14-2017Daniel Diaz Rubayo11/02/19
Act 14-2017Daniel E. Valle Terrasa02/22/18
Act 22-2012Daniel Erat10/19/18
Act 14-2017Daniel Fernandez Soltero12/20/17
Act 22-2012Daniel J. Hall12/16/14
Act 22-2012Daniel Jay Rhoades04/02/14
Act 22-2012Daniel Kasal10/09/15
Act 22-2012Daniel M Ni10/05/19
Act 22-2012Daniel Martin Revai Brzoza08/10/18
Act 22-2012Daniel Mcmanus04/29/16
Act 14-2017Daniel Muñoz09/29/19
Act 14-2017Daniel Pérez Brisebois06/13/18
Act 22-2012Daniel Razore12/27/16
Act 14-2017Daniel Reyes De Jesus11/04/19
Act 22-2012Daniel Richardson02/04/15
Act 14-2017Daniel Rodríguez Aponte03/12/18
Act 22-2012Daniel Ross Damian Singh11/28/12
Act 22-2012Daniel Rubock04/11/17
Act 14-2017Daniel Ruiz06/30/19
Act 22-2012Daniel S. Brian02/18/19
Act 22-2012Daniel Schwartz08/10/18
Act 22-2012Daniel Thomas Kuthy11/06/14
Act 22-2012Daniel Troy Longan-Fasy12/12/14
Act 14-2017Daniela Carlos Pons06/13/18
Act 22-2012Danielle Drizin06/29/15
Act 22-2012Danielle K. Kagan06/21/16
Act 22-2012Danielle Mehta07/10/17
Act 22-2012Danielle N Ciancimino10/05/19
Act 14-2017Dannelly B. González Melendez03/12/18
Act 14-2017Danny Mangual05/04/19
Act 135-1998Danosa Caribbean, Inc.11/30/2004
Act 73-2008Danosa Caribbean, Inc.12/21/2011
Act 73-2008Danosa Caribbean, Inc.3/5/2019
Act 22-2012Dante D'Ovidio03/21/19
Act 22-2012Dante Monteverde12/12/14
Act 14-2017Dante Rodriguez Rivera02/18/19
Act 135-1998Dantzler Trade, Inc5/29/2001
Act 135-1998Dantzler Trade, Inc.9/23/2011
Act 22-2012Daoud Schelling09/11/18
Act 14-2017Daphne Diaz07/21/19
Act 14-2017Daphne V Delgado Perez06/13/18
Act 20-2012Dapp Inc.02/15/19
Act 135-1998Dar International Services, Inc.1/14/2003
Act 135-1998Dar International Services, Inc.3/19/2013
Act 14-2017Dario M. Goitia Rios01/26/18
Act 14-2017Darío Sanabria Bellassai03/12/18
Act 22-2012Darius S Przydzial02/18/19
Act 20-2012Dark Rock Media Pr LLC04/20/18
Act 20-2012Darma LLC01/24/19
Act 20-2012Darma Partners LLC03/04/19
Act 22-2012Daron K. Hovannisian05/09/18
Act 22-2012Daron W Greene10/05/19
Act 22-2012Darren Chiappinelli05/09/13
Act 22-2012Darren S Schwartz11/18/19
Act 22-2012Darren Talen Chiao Ting08/27/18
Act 22-2012Darren Vick08/10/18
Act 22-2012Darshak Jeyanandarajan09/13/17
Act 20-2012Dart Data Inc.06/03/16
Act 22-2012Darvin James Legaspi04/05/16
Act 22-2012Dasha Alexander04/11/17
Act 135-1998Data Access Communications, Inc3/14/2002
Act 135-1998Data Service Bureau5/23/2001
Act 20-2012Dataworks Consulting Group Corporation06/13/16
Act 14-2017David A Castrodad Justiniano04/19/18
Act 22-2012David A. Runge03/31/15
Act 22-2012David Alan Willis04/25/16
Act 20-2012David Alan Willis LLC12/27/16
Act 22-2012David Anthony Rancourt10/09/15
Act 22-2012David B Dietrich12/17/18
Act 22-2012David B. Macrae11/24/18
Act 22-2012David B. Wagner06/01/19
Act 14-2017David Beaton12/04/19
Act 14-2017David Bermudez Nunez04/19/18
Act 14-2017David Blas Boria12/28/17
Act 22-2012David Bratslavsky06/12/17
Act 22-2012David Brillembourg06/14/18
Act 22-2012David C. Driscoll02/13/15
Act 22-2012David C. Goodson12/22/16
Act 22-2012David Chew05/09/18
Act 22-2012David Claypoole12/04/17
Act 14-2017David De Angel Sola09/30/19
Act 22-2012David Dean04/28/16
Act 22-2012David Desilva10/03/16
Act 14-2017David Diaz Rubayo06/30/19
Act 22-2012David Elliott04/11/17
Act 22-2012David F Mickelson06/19/19
Act 22-2012David Fong08/10/18
Act 22-2012David Hall12/27/16
Act 22-2012David Hancock08/27/18
Act 22-2012David Hanig06/14/16
Act 14-2017David J. Aguirre Guzmán 03/12/18
Act 22-2012David J. Little10/26/13
Act 22-2012David Jacob Shugart09/02/15
Act 22-2012David John Collings07/10/17
Act 22-2012David K. Panton02/02/15
Act 22-2012David Kirkup05/09/18
Act 22-2012David L Orr01/08/18
Act 22-2012David Lathrop08/10/18
Act 14-2017David Latoni04/03/19
Act 14-2017David Lozada Figueroa06/05/18
Act 22-2012David M Schmitt05/02/19
Act 22-2012David M Schnettler03/22/19
Act 22-2012David M. Bergman03/02/19
Act 22-2012David M. Nissman11/26/14
Act 22-2012David Mcknight05/09/18
Act 14-2017David Mehne Hazelwood01/26/18
Act 14-2017David Miguel Badia Rivera04/19/18
Act 14-2017David Miguel Badia Rivera04/19/18
Act 22-2012David Mitchell06/15/17
Act 22-2012David Nudell03/21/18
Act 22-2012David P Nolan11/18/18
Act 22-2012David R. White10/29/14
Act 14-2017David Rafael Questell Alvarado02/28/18
Act 22-2012David S Wilson Ii09/11/18
Act 22-2012David Schmidli04/16/14
Act 22-2012David Sechovicz02/26/18
Act 14-2017David Silva Caraballo03/27/18
Act 14-2017David Solis López12/28/17
Act 14-2017David T. Sicard Figueroa02/28/18
Act 22-2012David V. Lenihan03/28/16
Act 22-2012David V. Watkins10/07/15
Act 14-2017David Vazquez Morales12/20/17
Act 14-2017David Vera Santiago06/30/19
Act 14-2017David Virella Cruz12/20/17
Act 22-2012David W Byrd11/24/18
Act 22-2012David Wartell09/07/16
Act 22-2012David Weibel08/10/18
Act 22-2012David Whittemore06/30/14
Act 22-2012David Young Jae Kim05/23/18
Act 22-2012David Zebrowski04/02/14
Act 20-2012Davidson Wellness LLC12/11/18
Act 22-2012Davit Mrelashvili06/30/19
Act 22-2012Dawn Frederick08/10/18
Act 22-2012Dawn Marie Crew06/06/16
Act 20-2012Dc Media LLC12/27/17
Act 135-1998Dci Limited Partnership8/13/2005
Act 20-2012Dco Core, LLC10/26/17
Act 20-2012Dcp International Services LLC01/13/19
Act 135-1998Dd Williamson (Pr) Ltd4/3/2002
Act 135-1998Dd Williamson (Pr), Ltd.12/2/2002
Act 20-2012Ddm Profesional Leasing Services, Inc.07/10/12
Act 73-2008Ddm Profesional Leasing Services, Inc.2/16/2016
Act 73-2008Dds Caribbean Corp3/28/2018
Act 20-2012De Diego Law LLC11/13/19
Act 73-2008Dealer Market Exchange Pr LLC6/28/2018
Act 22-2012Dean E. Byrd12/18/18
Act 22-2012Debbie Hantash11/18/18
Act 135-1998Debora B. Ferdman3/27/2002
Act 14-2017Debora Limardo Defendini06/05/18
Act 14-2017Deborah E Arus Rosado06/13/18
Act 22-2012Deborah L. Jumppanen06/26/19
Act 22-2012Deborah Reed06/26/19
Act 22-2012Deddrick A Perry11/18/18
Act 22-2012Deepen Shah02/23/18
Act 14-2017Defensoria Legal LLC04/19/18
Act 73-2008Defpac Corporation11/14/2016
Act 20-2012Del Morro & Sons LLC10/11/18
Act 135-1998Del Patio Films, Inc.7/8/2008
Act 27-2011Del Rey Productions, LLC - Extortion06/30/15
Act 135-1998Del Río Metal Sheet12/6/2001
Act 14-2017Delba I. Garrastegui Cardé03/23/18
Act 20-2012Delerme International Inc.11/30/18
Act 14-2017Delfin V. Bernal Echeandia12/27/17
Act 14-2017Delimar Miranda01/06/19
Act 22-2012Delos Chang11/18/19
Act 27-2011Delta Blue Holdings, LLC - Untitled Miami Project06/30/15
Act 20-2012Delta Dental Plan of Puerto Rico Inc.03/03/17
Act 135-1998Delta Packaging, Co12/6/2002
Act 20-2012Deluxeads Pr LLC05/09/18
Act 27-2011DeLuz, CRL - Carmín06/30/15
Act 73-2008Demaco Terminal Operations Corp7/19/2018
Act 73-2008Demaco Terminal Operations, Corp.3/15/2011
Act 20-2012Demeter Harvest Corp02/23/18
Act 14-2017Dencel Garcia12/24/19
Act 14-2017Denia Gonzalez02/09/19
Act 14-2017Denis F. Ruíz Serrano02/28/18
Act 22-2012Denise Bolen03/21/18
Act 22-2012Denise Burchard12/17/18
Act 14-2017Denise Caro12/23/18
Act 14-2017Denise M. Báez García03/23/18
Act 14-2017Denise Rivera Lugo09/29/19
Act 22-2012Dennis A. Kruse10/14/15
Act 22-2012Dennis Bennett01/25/18
Act 22-2012Dennis Chyba02/09/16
Act 14-2017Dennis Cummings09/29/19
Act 22-2012Dennis D. Pedra05/14/14
Act 14-2017Dennis E Perez Colon04/19/18
Act 22-2012Dennis Ehle05/09/18
Act 14-2017Dennis F Suarez Canabal05/17/18
Act 22-2012Dennis G. Reed Jr.12/18/18
Act 22-2012Dennis R. Conklin06/01/19
Act 22-2012Dennis S. Frank07/30/15
Act 22-2012Dennis W. Sinclair10/07/13
Act 20-2012Dental Management & Recruiting, LLC01/25/18
Act 20-2012Dental Research Assocites, Inc.03/04/15
Act 22-2012Denver Dale08/24/15
Act 22-2012Derek Hansen12/17/18
Act 14-2017Deric Lopez04/13/19
Act 14-2017Derick Enrique Colón López04/19/18
Act 22-2012Derick Fiebiger08/27/18
Act 14-2017Derik Marrero Amadeo12/20/17
Act 22-2012Derrick Champion04/05/16
Act 135-1998Desarrollos Arquitectónicos (Dase) Inc.12/12/2018
Act 135-1998Desarrollos Arquitectonicos (Dase), Inc.6/16/2008
Act 20-2012Desert Snow Storm LLC12/06/18
Act 135-1998Design Furniture Company, Inc.6/26/2007
Act 14-2017Dessie L Vega Sorrenti06/13/18
Act 73-2008Destilería Coquí, Inc.10/20/2015
Act 73-2008Destilería Cruz, Corp12/23/2013
Act 135-1998Destileria Serralles, Inc.8/30/2007
Act 73-2008Destileria Serralles, Inc.6/16/2015
Act 27-2011Detectives Salvajes, LLC - The Last Tour06/30/19
Act 14-2017Dev R. Boodoosingh Casiano04/19/18
Act 20-2012Deval LLC03/07/18
Act 20-2012Dexter Global Limited Liability Company05/04/19
Act 14-2017Deyson Lorenzo Rios06/22/19
Act 273-2012Df International, LLC07/08/15
Act 20-2012Dfh Consulting LLC10/03/16
Act 20-2012Dg Authority LLC11/09/15
Act 20-2012Dgthree Cfo Services LLC06/01/19
Act 135-1998Dh Distributors, Inc.4/5/2005
Act 20-2012Dhandho Holdings Corp02/25/15
Act 14-2017Dharma Suris04/13/19
Act 135-1998Diabetic Solutions Medical Equipment & Prosthetics Corp12/8/2008
Act 73-2008Dial Management Corporation4/11/2012
Act 20-2012Dialectic Pr LLC10/14/19
Act 22-2012Diana Auco Pham10/26/17
Act 22-2012Diana B Fitzgerald05/27/19
Act 14-2017Diana Bartolomei Aguilera04/07/19
Act 14-2017Diana Betancourt Aleman05/17/18
Act 14-2017Diana Díaz Ramírez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Diana Fernandez Garcia06/05/18
Act 14-2017Diana L Aviles Castillo05/14/18
Act 14-2017Diana Loperena Lopez12/24/19
Act 14-2017Diana M. Otero Castro12/28/17
Act 14-2017Diana Valentin01/27/19
Act 22-2012Diane M. Cohn01/30/15
Act 22-2012Diane Melville08/21/14
Act 22-2012Dianna Carpenter Peterson07/10/17
Act 14-2017Dianne Carrasquillo03/03/19
Act 14-2017Dianne Marie Márquez Minondo02/28/18
Act 14-2017Dianolis Trinidad Soto03/23/18
Act 14-2017Diany Y. López Torres04/19/18
Act 73-2008Diaz Brothers, Inc.12/27/2017
Act 22-2012Dickran Guerguerian05/04/19
Act 22-2012Didier Lorence11/18/18
Act 14-2017Diego Alcala Ocasio12/28/18
Act 14-2017Diego Gonzalez10/03/19
Act 135-1998Digicore, Inc.3/9/2004
Act 135-1998Digital Audiovisual Services, Inc., F/K/A Dynamic Audiovisual Service, Inc.10/17/2003
Act 20-2012Digital Papaya, Inc.02/26/18
Act 20-2012Digital Shake, LLC08/31/15
Act 20-2012Digital Sourcing & Staffing LLC09/29/19
Act 20-2012Digitalsea LLC12/04/15
Act 135-1998Digitec, Inc.3/16/2000
Act 14-2017Dilka I Gonzalez Ortiz06/05/18
Act 73-2008Dimalsa Logistics, Corp6/18/2014
Act 14-2017Dimaris Dominguez Ayala12/27/17
Act 14-2017Dimas Ferrer08/18/19
Act 22-2012Dino Anagnostopoulos01/13/19
Act 22-2012Dino Vidovic12/20/18
Act 14-2017Dinorah Quiles Rodriguez05/17/18
Act 20-2012Dioguardi Law Firm LLC10/04/19
Act 14-2017Diómedes Rodríguez03/04/19
Act 20-2012Dion Training Solutions LLC12/16/19
Act 20-2012Direct Responsesource, Inc.04/10/12
Act 135-1998Direct Responsource, Inc.11/22/2000
Act 20-2012Direct Source Wealth, Inc.04/30/15
Act 135-1998Dis-Pach Transportation Puerto Rico1/15/2002
Act 20-2012Discover Puerto Rico, LLC05/31/18
Act 27-2011Discovery Networks - Feral Island06/30/15
Act 20-2012Dislocation Capital Management Pr Inc.12/30/16
Act 27-2011Disney - Making Waves06/30/15
Act 73-2008Distribuidora La Jugosita Inc.2/9/2017
Act 135-1998Distribuidora Norma, Inc.9/24/2009
Act 20-2012Distributed Network Advisors LLC05/09/18
Act 20-2012Diversa Industrial Services LLC12/27/17
Act 73-2008División De Aceros Estructural Cic Una División De Cic Construction Group, LLC3/17/2015
Act 14-2017Dixie Cabán Acoste04/05/18
Act 135-1998Dj Manufacturing Corporation1/23/2002
Act 20-2012Dkar Group, LLC12/26/12
Act 20-2012DLA Piper (Puerto Rico) LLC12/14/16
Act 20-2012Dlb Enterprises Inc07/22/16
Act 135-1998Dm Aluminum and Glass Corporation5/1/2008
Act 22-2012Dmitriy Shapiro12/24/19
Act 20-2012Dms Management Group of Pr, LLC07/16/19
Act 20-2012Dmx Solutions Pr LLC11/13/17
Act 73-2008Dne Labs LLC, Dne Technologies LLC, Ccsn, LLC1/8/2018
Act 73-2008Dne Research and Innovation, LLC1/25/2018
Act 73-2008Dns Aluminum Incorporation5/9/2019
Act 20-2012Do It Digital Development, LLC12/27/16
Act 27-2011Do More Productions, Inc. - Broche de Oro06/30/13
Act 27-2011Do More Productions, Inc. - El Comienzo Broche de Oro06/30/17
Act 27-2011Do More Productions, Inc. - La Sagrada Familia06/30/16
Act 27-2011Do More Productions, Inc. - The Suspect06/30/13
Act 27-2011Do More Productions, LLC - Stowaway / Chroma06/30/18
Act 20-2012Document Solutions Partners, Inc.12/23/12
Act 14-2017Dodanid Cardona07/14/19
Act 14-2017Dolly E Lugo Martinez06/05/18
Act 20-2012Domenari Capital LLC12/30/16
Act 14-2017Domingo Chardón Feliciano03/23/18
Act 14-2017Domingo Perez Berdegue06/20/18
Act 22-2012Dominik Zynis01/26/18
Act 22-2012Dominique Trujillo11/06/18
Act 20-2012Domus LLC11/06/18
Act 22-2012Don Peterson10/03/16
Act 135-1998Doña Yiya Foods, Inc.4/10/2007
Act 22-2012Donald Gifford08/27/18
Act 22-2012Donald Hayden06/12/17
Act 22-2012Donald Kafka02/12/15
Act 14-2017Donald Mangual Velez12/20/17
Act 22-2012Donna Behring12/21/16
Act 22-2012Donna G. Coomes12/19/14
Act 22-2012Donna K. Wise05/06/14
Act 22-2012Donna S. Cohen02/12/15
Act 135-1998Dooney and Bourke Pr Inc.10/19/2007
Act 27-2011DOP Productions, Inc. - The Do - Over06/30/16
Act 14-2017Dora L. Donate Perez12/20/17
Act 20-2012Dorado Capital Investments, LLC07/03/14
Act 20-2012Dorado Consulting LLC08/01/17
Act 20-2012Dorado Group LLC12/15/19
Act 20-2012Dorado Investments Authority08/18/19
Act 73-2008Dorado Quarry and Recycling Corp.2/26/2018
Act 20-2012Dorado Services of Pr Limited Liability Company07/19/18
Act 73-2008Dorado Steel Manufacturing LLC9/13/2019
Act 22-2012Doretta Milligan10/22/15
Act 20-2012Dorial Logica LLC03/17/15
Act 14-2017Dorian M. López Bracetty01/24/18
Act 22-2012Dorian Punj09/13/17
Act 14-2017Doris Esteras12/13/18
Act 14-2017Doris M Perez Torres06/13/18
Act 14-2017Doris M. Iturrino Pagán02/28/18
Act 22-2012Doris Peterson10/03/16
Act 20-2012Dos Puertos12/27/16
Act 20-2012Dos Puntos Capital LLC01/18/19
Act 22-2012Doug Synoground08/18/19
Act 22-2012Douglas Adams04/11/17
Act 22-2012Douglas Green02/26/18
Act 22-2012Douglas Heimbach10/26/17
Act 22-2012Douglas Robards12/15/14
Act 22-2012Douglas Rowe04/11/17
Act 22-2012Douglas Sanders02/18/16
Act 22-2012Douglass Burgdorf03/28/16
Act 135-1998Dow Chemical Inter-American Limited11/10/2006
Act 20-2012Dr Catalyst LLC03/16/17
Act 20-2012Dr. Coco Pr, LLC09/09/14
Act 14-2017Dr. Joaquin Balaguer Padilla 03/12/18
Act 22-2012Dr. Larry E. Cromwell, N.D.05/14/14
Act 14-2017Dr. Luis A. Sánchez Colón03/12/18
Act 135-1998Dream Sports International, Inc1/10/2002
Act 20-2012Dream To Serve Pr LLC07/18/16
Act 22-2012Drew D. Markson09/18/18
Act 22-2012Drew Schoentrup10/25/16
Act 27-2011Driven Film Productions, LLC - Driven06/30/18
Act 20-2012Drmtes, LLC03/20/19
Act 135-1998Droguería Antillana, Inc.5/12/2003
Act 8-1987Drogueria Betances, Inc.2/24/2014
Act 135-1998Drogueria Central, Inc./Consern Development, Inc.11/12/2002
Act 135-1998Droguería Reyes10/22/2001
Act 20-2012Dscqg Pr LLC02/27/17
Act 20-2012Dsm Partners LLC07/16/19
Act 20-2012Dsr Corporation12/24/19
Act 73-2008Dss LLC6/7/2019
Act 20-2012Dt Export Group, LLC11/18/19
Act 20-2012Dtrading Company, LLC05/09/18
Act 22-2012Duggal Harpreet02/18/19
Act 73-2008Dui, Incorporado11/13/2017
Act 14-2017Dulce J. Rodríguez Estrella12/28/17
Act 73-2008Dulces La Fe, Inc.8/12/2013
Act 135-1998Dulces Tainos, Inc.8/3/2000
Act 135-1998Dulces Tainos, Inc.1/25/2008
Act 135-1998Dulzura Borincana, Inc.1/2/2007
Act 22-2012Duncan Mccallister Frederick10/29/13
Act 135-1998Dupont Agricultural Caribe7/23/2001
Act 73-2008Dupont Agricultural Caribe Industries, Ltd12/21/2011
Act 20-2012Duraseal LLC09/28/18
Act 73-2008Durman Esquivel Puerto Rico, Corp12/21/2011
Act 22-2012Dustin L Ballinger12/29/18
Act 22-2012Dustin Young05/09/18
Act 22-2012Dwight Brunoehler03/04/15
Act 135-1998Dwyer Instruments, Inc., Pr12/17/2004
Act 20-2012Dx Solutions, Inc.12/30/16
Act 20-2012Dyad LLC10/26/17
Act 22-2012Dylan Greenlee11/06/18
Act 83-2010Dymanic Solar Solutions, Inc.7/3/2012
Act 20-2012Dynamic Psychiatric Solutions LLC05/27/19
Act 20-2012Dynamics Payments, Corp05/12/15
Act 20-2012Dysedc LLC06/18/18
Act 73-2008E-Cycling Puerto Rico, Inc.12/23/2013
Act 73-2008E-Health Partners, Inc.2/16/2011
Act 20-2012E-Market Trading LLC03/29/19
Act 135-1998E-Nabler Corp.3/24/2008
Act 135-1998E-R Rule Co.Of Puerto Rico9/18/2002
Act 135-1998E.D. Martinez, Inc.4/18/2008
Act 73-2008E.L.M., Inc12/21/2009
Act 135-1998E.S.B Puerto Rico, Corp.4/26/2005
Act 20-2012E3 Consulting10/05/18
Act 135-1998Eagle Industries Del Caribe, Inc.8/8/2005
Act 73-2008Eagle Tools Manufacturing Corp.4/30/2010
Act 135-1998Ear Comm Sales and Services10/19/2004
Act 22-2012Earl Bradford Pyke07/10/17
Act 22-2012Earl W. Brower Iii12/19/16
Act 20-2012Earnest Management Services, LLC04/05/16
Act 14-2017East A. Mere Chapuseaux03/23/18
Act 73-2008Eaton Corporation11/18/2016
Act 20-2012Eb5An Management and Consulting, LLC05/23/18
Act 135-1998Ebi Patient Care3/25/2002
Act 135-1998Ebi Patient Care Inc/ Biomet Holdings Bv3/30/2007
Act 73-2008Ebi Patient Care, Inc.8/19/2015
Act 20-2012Ebic Management and Consulting LLC08/28/17
Act 20-2012Echelon Pr LLC05/17/18
Act 73-2008Echo Consulting Group, Inc.6/11/2012
Act 20-2012Echo Consulting Group, Inc.11/07/13
Act 20-2012Echo Systems, LLC07/31/13
Act 20-2012Ecj Enterprises, Inc.04/04/16
Act 73-2008Eco Green Recycle, Corp.1/25/2018
Act 73-2008Eco-Caribe Recycling,LLC6/18/2012
Act 73-2008Eco-Green Metal Recycling Corp12/24/2014
Act 135-1998Ecoeléctrica Lp12/8/2009
Act 135-1998Ecoeléctrica, Lp7/8/1999
Act 135-1998Ecolab Manufacturing, Inc.1/25/2008
Act 135-1998Ecolift Corporation11/30/2001
Act 135-1998Ecolift Corporation2/14/2014
Act 73-2008Ecolift Corporation10/28/2014
Act 135-1998Ecologica Carmelo, Inc.11/20/2012
Act 135-1998Ecologica Carmelo, Inc.8/9/2013
Act 135-1998Ecológica Carmelo, Inc.10/11/2002
Act 73-2008Ecológica Carmelo, Inc.10/21/2009
Act 135-1998Ecologica Carmelo, Inc. / Previous: (Industrias Carmelo, Inc.)1/10/2002
Act 20-2012Ecom Global LLC04/04/19
Act 135-1998Ecourbana, Inc.4/20/2006
Act 20-2012Ecr Engineering, LLC04/10/18
Act 20-2012Ed Contractors, Inc.12/15/14
Act 14-2017Eddie Rodriguez03/31/19
Act 14-2017Eddy A. Mieses Ariza03/23/18
Act 14-2017Eddy Flores De Hostos06/05/18
Act 135-1998Edelcar,Inc.9/21/2007
Act 135-1998Eden Manufacturing1/10/2002
Act 14-2017Edgar A. Belardo Marrero02/22/18
Act 14-2017Edgar A. Rodríguez Nazario02/28/18
Act 14-2017Edgar Acevedo02/28/19
Act 22-2012Edgar Casablanca05/02/19
Act 22-2012Edgar Cataxinos08/01/17
Act 14-2017Edgar Colón Negron01/26/18
Act 14-2017Edgar Díaz Fernandez12/20/17
Act 14-2017Edgar E. Domenech Fagundo03/12/18
Act 14-2017Edgar Echevarría Stuart04/05/18
Act 14-2017Edgar Hernandez Montalvo05/17/18
Act 14-2017Edgar Hernández Viera03/23/18
Act 14-2017Edgar Ortiz Cintron06/26/18
Act 14-2017Edgar Rivera Martínez02/28/18
Act 14-2017Edgar Rodriguez09/29/19
Act 14-2017Edgar Solís Sánchez04/05/18
Act 14-2017Edgar Torres Garcia02/28/18
Act 14-2017Edgar Vazquez Vargas10/03/19
Act 14-2017Edgard R Serra Semide05/14/18
Act 14-2017Edgardo A. Negron Berrios01/24/18
Act 14-2017Edgardo Adorno Fontánez02/22/18
Act 73-2008Edgardo Bonilla Validation Services, Inc.9/1/2009
Act 14-2017Edgardo F. Cartagena Ayala03/23/18
Act 14-2017Edgardo Galloza09/29/19
Act 14-2017Edgardo González Romero03/12/18
Act 14-2017Edgardo Luis Santiago Guzmán03/23/18
Act 14-2017Edgardo Prieto11/24/18
Act 14-2017Edgardo Quintana Pagán03/12/18
Act 14-2017Edgardo Reyes Aponte05/26/19
Act 14-2017Edgardo Rivera Hernandez06/13/18
Act 14-2017Edgardo Rivera Rosa03/12/18
Act 14-2017Edgardo Rodriguez Monge01/24/18
Act 14-2017Edgardo Rodríguez Vallecillo01/24/18
Act 20-2012Edge Legal (Us), LLC06/22/19
Act 20-2012Edge Legal Strategies P.S.C.04/07/19
Act 14-2017Edil O. Jiménez Pérez02/28/18
Act 14-2017Edilberto Martínez Martell03/23/18
Act 14-2017Edinson Camargo Arias06/30/19
Act 14-2017Edith Calderon01/06/19
Act 14-2017Edith M Irizarry Toledo06/13/18
Act 135-1998Editorial Cordillera1/16/2002
Act 73-2008Edmundo B. Fernandez, Inc.10/25/2018
Act 14-2017Edmundo Jordan03/04/19
Act 14-2017Edna M. Mora Pinero12/28/17
Act 14-2017Edna Melendez12/16/19
Act 14-2017Ednise M. Román Ruperto03/23/18
Act 14-2017Eduardo A Gonzalez Jove06/05/18
Act 14-2017Eduardo A. Martínez Martínez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Eduardo Acosta Pumarejo10/03/19
Act 14-2017Eduardo Amy Torres04/19/18
Act 14-2017Eduardo Díaz Méndez05/25/19
Act 14-2017Eduardo F. González Stubbe08/20/18
Act 14-2017Eduardo Fahme06/24/19
Act 22-2012Eduardo Gomez Jr10/26/17
Act 14-2017Eduardo Gonzalez Pons11/02/19
Act 14-2017Eduardo Hernandez09/27/19
Act 14-2017Eduardo I Canto Repetti05/17/18
Act 14-2017Eduardo Ibarra Ortega03/12/18
Act 14-2017Eduardo J. Labat Alvarez02/09/18
Act 14-2017Eduardo Josue Viruet Montalvo04/19/18
Act 14-2017Eduardo L. Chinea Amadeu12/27/17
Act 14-2017Eduardo Medina04/13/19
Act 14-2017Eduardo Michelin Namnum12/20/17
Act 14-2017Eduardo Muñiz Vélez03/23/18
Act 14-2017Eduardo Nadal Ortiz07/10/18
Act 14-2017Eduardo Natal Albelo05/23/19
Act 14-2017Eduardo Nieves Olabarrieta10/03/19
Act 14-2017Eduardo P Taboas Perez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Eduardo Partida Robles05/03/18
Act 14-2017Eduardo Partida Rodriguez09/29/19
Act 14-2017Eduardo Pascual Ferrer01/13/19
Act 14-2017Eduardo Perez Rodriguez02/09/18
Act 14-2017Eduardo Rentas Serra06/13/18
Act 14-2017Eduardo Rodriguez09/28/19
Act 14-2017Eduardo Rodríguez García04/07/19
Act 14-2017Eduardo Torres Berrios04/19/18
Act 14-2017Eduardo Umpierre Vela02/22/18
Act 20-2012Educademy, LLC05/17/18
Act 22-2012Eduin E. Caceres04/11/17
Act 14-2017Edward A. Gómez Torres12/12/18
Act 22-2012Edward A. Seykota02/13/15
Act 22-2012Edward Alexander10/19/18
Act 14-2017Edward C. Mcburney Enriquez03/27/18
Act 22-2012Edward Epstein12/27/16
Act 22-2012Edward G. Slingerland04/30/15
Act 22-2012Edward Grzywinski08/10/18
Act 14-2017Edward Hernández Ramírez04/19/18
Act 22-2012Edward J Caveney05/07/13
Act 20-2012Edward J Caveney07/17/13
Act 22-2012Edward J Clay11/24/18
Act 22-2012Edward Joseph Fitzgerald Iii11/07/16
Act 22-2012Edward Kim08/29/18
Act 22-2012Edward Lau10/07/13
Act 22-2012Edward Liceaga07/03/18
Act 14-2017Edward Nieves Roman10/03/19
Act 14-2017Edwardo Ramos01/06/19
Act 20-2012Edwards and Associates LLC11/19/19
Act 135-1998Edwards Lifesciences Export Pr Corp10/11/2001
Act 73-2008Edwards Lifesciences Technology Sarl6/29/2012
Act 14-2017Edwin Alejandro Narvaez05/07/18
Act 135-1998Edwin Cotto Rodriguez2/2/2006
Act 14-2017Edwin D. Barreto Velázquez02/22/18
Act 135-1998Edwin D. Martinez Melendez/ Maria Elena Torres Brull/Victor Reimunidi/ Aurea Santos Garcia4/1/2008
Act 22-2012Edwin Dwight O'Bannon08/18/17
Act 14-2017Edwin F. Rodriguez Allende02/09/18
Act 14-2017Edwin García La Torre04/19/18
Act 14-2017Edwin Garcia Rodriguez05/14/18
Act 14-2017Edwin Lafontaine Medina11/17/19
Act 14-2017Edwin Lugo Lugo01/24/18
Act 14-2017Edwin Molina07/22/19
Act 14-2017Edwin Perez Marrero12/28/17
Act 14-2017Edwin Perez Perez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Edwin Portalatin03/03/19
Act 14-2017Edwin Ramos Ruiz03/23/18
Act 14-2017Edwin Rodriguez Aponte05/14/18
Act 14-2017Edwin Rodríguez Cruz02/22/18
Act 14-2017Edwin Rodriguez Rios09/29/19
Act 14-2017Edwin Rosa03/04/19
Act 14-2017Edwin Rosado10/03/19
Act 14-2017Edwin Soler Candelaria06/05/18
Act 14-2017Edwin Soto Tapia04/19/18
Act 14-2017Edwin Villafañe San Inocencio06/13/18
Act 20-2012Efh Global Holdings Inc. and Ef Hutton Affiliate Services07/08/13
Act 73-2008Efh Global Holdings, Inc.12/23/2013
Act 14-2017Efraín Castro Irizarry02/09/18
Act 14-2017Efrain Del Valle02/03/19
Act 14-2017Efraín Delíz Asmar12/28/17
Act 14-2017Efrain Feliciano Guzman05/02/19
Act 14-2017Efrain Flores06/18/19
Act 14-2017Efrain Montañez Morales12/20/17
Act 14-2017Efraín Nazario Cintrón12/28/17
Act 14-2017Efrain Padilla-Rosa09/09/19
Act 14-2017Efrain Vazquez Luna06/13/18
Act 14-2017Efren A. Colon Rodriguez12/20/17
Act 14-2017Efrin Marcantoni Excusa02/22/18
Act 20-2012Egan Global Management LLC08/27/19
Act 20-2012Egea Inc. D/B/A Tropical Vendors02/06/19
Act 135-1998Egea Inc., D/B/A Tropical Vendors7/10/2006
Act 20-2012Egide International Corporation04/11/17
Act 14-2017Egidio Montanile Perro06/05/18
Act 22-2012Ehsan Yousefzadeh02/27/17
Act 22-2012Eiad Salahi Asbahi12/30/16
Act 20-2012Eighty Oaks Holdings, LLC12/15/19
Act 14-2017Eileen Colón Santos01/24/18
Act 14-2017Eileen E. Santa Rosario03/12/18
Act 14-2017Eileen M. Hart Román03/12/18
Act 22-2012Eileen Suarez Guevara08/21/14
Act 14-2017Eilyn De Jesus07/14/19
Act 135-1998Ejs Incorporado2/6/2001
Act 135-1998Ejs Incorporado2/27/2012
Act 135-1998El Borincano Feed Mills7/13/2001
Act 135-1998El Campo Development Corporation9/5/2006
Act 20-2012El Capital, LLC02/25/19
Act 20-2012El Cartel Records, Inc.05/27/19
Act 27-2011El Chata, LLC - El Chata06/30/16
Act 73-2008El Churry, Inc.2/27/2017
Act 27-2011El Cuartito, LLC - El Cuartito06/30/19
Act 135-1998El Día Directo2/11/2003
Act 135-1998El Día Directo, Inc.6/5/2002
Act 135-1998El Día, Inc.10/14/2002
Act 135-1998El Guajibaro, Inc.7/1/2004
Act 20-2012El Market Puerto Rico Corporation12/09/16
Act 135-1998El Morro Corrugated Box Corp8/23/2001
Act 20-2012El Morro Financial Group, LLC08/04/17
Act 27-2011El Ojo de Dios, LLC - El Ojo de Dios06/30/17
Act 135-1998El Trigal, Inc.11/28/2003
Act 73-2008El-Com Systems Corp2/18/2016
Act 135-1998Elaboraciones Felo3/16/2001
Act 135-1998Elaboraciones Felo, Inc.9/10/2015
Act 14-2017Eladio Perez12/13/18
Act 22-2012Elaine D. Reyes Bisbal05/14/14
Act 14-2017Elaine M. Pagán Ortiz02/09/18
Act 20-2012Elan Solutions, Inc.07/08/13
Act 14-2017Elba A. Orduña Acúm04/13/18
Act 14-2017Elba I. Arroyo Camuñas03/07/18
Act 14-2017Elba R. Martinez Reyes12/28/17
Act 14-2017Elba Torres Matundan03/23/18
Act 14-2017Elbia Toro Marrero12/04/19
Act 20-2012Eldeco Services LLC12/22/14
Act 135-1998Eldeco Services, Inc.3/9/2004
Act 135-1998Electrical & Electronics Supplies5/9/2001
Act 135-1998Electrical Distributors & Manufacturing Corp6/9/2006
Act 20-2012Electrical Installation & Service Corporation09/30/19
Act 135-1998Elektro Steel6/20/2001
Act 135-1998Elektro Steel, Corp.6/20/2001
Act 20-2012Elekuent Corp02/17/16
Act 20-2012Elemy LLC02/05/19
Act 14-2017Elena Álvarez Westwood03/23/18
Act 14-2017Elena Iguina08/30/19
Act 14-2017Elena M Nogales Perez06/13/18
Act 22-2012Elena M. Driscoll12/18/18
Act 14-2017Elena M. Jiménenez Martínez05/07/18
Act 27-2011Elena McMahon Productions, Inc. - The Last Thing He Wanted06/30/19
Act 14-2017Elena Montalvan Miro12/28/17
Act 22-2012Elena Piovanetti02/23/16
Act 20-2012Elevate LLC03/10/19
Act 20-2012Elevated Enterprises LLC05/09/17
Act 20-2012Elevation Media LLC05/09/18
Act 22-2012Elgin Allen01/25/18
Act 135-1998Eli Lilly Export, Sa5/14/2004
Act 22-2012Eli Safdieh09/18/18
Act 14-2017Elías Antonio Bou Prieto03/23/18
Act 22-2012Elias Balasis02/12/15
Act 14-2017Elias Sobrino10/03/19
Act 14-2017Eliasin Muñoz11/04/19
Act 22-2012Elie Golshan12/27/17
Act 14-2017Elionexsis Rivera Rodríguez02/28/18
Act 14-2017Elisa A. Otero Franqui03/23/18
Act 14-2017Elisa Del Socorro Cruz Arrigoitia06/05/18
Act 14-2017Elisa M. Quintero12/28/17
Act 22-2012Elisabeth A Bennett03/02/19
Act 14-2017Elisabeth Soto12/17/18
Act 22-2012Elise M. Keys12/18/18
Act 20-2012Elite 8Gency LLC03/16/18
Act 20-2012Elite Bco LLC07/09/14
Act 273-2012Elite International Bank, Inc.10/16/14
Act 14-2017Eliud Lopez Velez02/06/19
Act 22-2012Elizabeta Dimkova05/06/16
Act 135-1998Elizabeth Arden (Export)4/24/2002
Act 135-1998Elizabeth Arden (Export), Inc.7/2/2012
Act 14-2017Elizabeth Calderón Alicea03/27/18
Act 14-2017Elizabeth Cruz Cruz03/23/18
Act 22-2012Elizabeth De Las Casas05/09/18
Act 14-2017Elizabeth Duran09/29/19
Act 14-2017Elizabeth Orsini López04/05/18
Act 22-2012Elizabeth P. Kagan10/03/16
Act 22-2012Elizabeth P. Schub10/28/14
Act 14-2017Elizabeth Perazza12/18/18
Act 22-2012Elizabeth Reut Brown08/10/18
Act 14-2017Elizabeth Rodríguez Acevedo04/19/18
Act 22-2012Elizabeth Rothstein07/19/18
Act 22-2012Elizabeth S. Lara11/19/19
Act 22-2012Elizabeth Spruance Kimple11/07/13
Act 22-2012Elizabeth Suzanne Rosellini02/03/16
Act 14-2017Elizabeth Torres Tirado03/23/18
Act 14-2017Elizabeth Velez Colon06/05/18
Act 135-1998Elizabeth, Gloria Y Margaret Robinson Guarch6/25/2004
Act 14-2017Elizanette Soto04/13/19
Act 20-2012Elk Group International, LLC06/29/15
Act 22-2012Ellen K. Glonek06/01/19
Act 20-2012Ellevity Capital, LLC05/17/18
Act 135-1998Elmec Industries, Inc11/21/2000
Act 135-1998Elmendorf Colors10/9/2001
Act 135-1998Elmendorf Grafica Inc.6/6/2007
Act 14-2017Elmer Irizarry Cruz03/23/18
Act 14-2017Eloy Cintron Brunet09/29/19
Act 20-2012Elr Advisors, LLC05/04/19
Act 22-2012Elsid Aliaj10/19/18
Act 14-2017Elsie Diaz Schroeder06/30/19
Act 14-2017Elsie Il. Cruz Cuevas05/03/18
Act 135-1998Elster Amco Water Inc. (Before) Abb Water Meters, Inc./Amco Water Metering Systems, Inc.9/5/2006
Act 20-2012Elucent LLC06/01/19
Act 14-2017Elvin Echevarria Rosa09/28/19
Act 14-2017Elvin Hernandez08/07/19
Act 14-2017Elvin Soto Hernández12/24/19
Act 22-2012Elvyn Torres04/15/19
Act 14-2017Emanuel Mejias Lafontaine01/06/19
Act 14-2017Emanuel Warrington Colón02/09/18
Act 73-2008Emanuelli Research & Development Center7/18/2016
Act 20-2012Embodee Puerto Rico, LLC01/25/16
Act 73-2008Emcor Facilities Services (Pr), Inc.8/13/2010
Act 20-2012Emergent Software LLC11/15/19
Act 135-1998Emerson De Puerto Rico10/4/2002
Act 20-2012Emerson Puerto Rico10/11/18
Act 22-2012Emil Bailey06/01/19
Act 14-2017Emil Pastrana Ramirez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Emilette Torres Comas02/09/18
Act 14-2017Emilio Alejandro Baez Rivera02/09/18
Act 14-2017Emilio Del Toro12/15/19
Act 14-2017Emilio Javier Baez Rivera12/20/17
Act 14-2017Emilio R Gonzalez Torres07/24/18
Act 22-2012Emily Black03/17/15
Act 22-2012Emily Fairbairn03/28/16
Act 22-2012Emily Roisman08/18/17
Act 27-2011Eminence Corp. - Attraction06/30/17
Act 14-2017Emlio Pérez De León12/28/17
Act 14-2017Emma C Diponio Bracete06/13/18
Act 22-2012Emma Cooke11/18/15
Act 22-2012Emma Diponio07/29/15
Act 14-2017Emmanuel Gonzalez Irizarry05/04/19
Act 22-2012Emmanuel Jaegle08/18/17
Act 14-2017Emmanuel Lopez Noguera05/27/19
Act 73-2008Empacadora Y Procesadora Del Sur, Inc.11/15/2012
Act 135-1998Empaques Puertorriqueños2/19/2002
Act 135-1998Empresas Barsam, Inc.2/7/2007
Act 73-2008Empresas Barsan, Inc.10/26/2017
Act 135-1998Empresas Boriqué, Inc.11/6/2003
Act 135-1998Empresas El Yaucano, Inc3/20/2000
Act 135-1998Empresas La Corozaleña9/24/2001
Act 135-1998Empresas Manufacturera, Inc.12/29/2000
Act 135-1998Empresas Mundo Real, Inc.6/15/2006
Act 135-1998Empresas Ortiz Brunet, Inc.9/27/2004
Act 135-1998Empresas Ortiz Brunet, Inc.10/14/2015
Act 73-2008Empresas Y-Nuina12/23/2013
Act 135-1998Empresas Y-Nuina, Inc.11/12/2002
Act 20-2012Emsys LLC12/20/18
Act 20-2012Emvy LLC07/12/18
Act 20-2012Enablement Lab, LLC09/02/14
Act 20-2012Encanto Investment Group LLC08/10/18
Act 73-2008Enco Manufacturing, Corp.12/31/2012
Act 20-2012Encore Global Solutions LLC12/11/17
Act 20-2012Endpoint Capital LLC09/10/18
Act 14-2017Eneida M. De La Torre Lugo03/23/18
Act 83-2010Energ'Ia Y Sol Inc.6/13/2016
Act 73-2008Energía 2000, Inc.8/13/2010
Act 20-2012Energized International Inc.04/12/19
Act 135-1998Energy Answer Corporation Of Puerto Rico6/4/2001
Act 83-2010Energy Answers Arecibo, LLC12/7/2012
Act 73-2008Energy Electrical Industrial Supply, Inc.10/29/2009
Act 135-1998Energy Solar Products, Inc.6/6/2006
Act 73-2008Energy Solar Products, Inc.12/12/2017
Act 20-2012Engineered Advantage Psc06/19/19
Act 135-1998Engineered Metal Forms3/13/2002
Act 135-1998Engineered Parts & Services, Inc.1/14/2010
Act 135-1998Engineered Parts & Services, Inc.1/14/2010
Act 135-1998Engineering Systems & Sales / Energy & Power Engineering Services, Inc.12/21/2007
Act 73-2008Engiworks Corp.7/6/2017
Act 14-2017Enid Del Valle De Jesus06/13/18
Act 14-2017Enid Rivera-Jimenez07/03/19
Act 14-2017Enid S. Garcia Ortega02/09/18
Act 20-2012Enium Pr, LLC09/29/19
Act 20-2012Enlightened Entrepreneur Group LLC11/18/19
Act 14-2017Enrico G. Sartori Bazzano02/09/18
Act 14-2017Enrique A Pasarell Juliao05/03/18
Act 14-2017Enrique A. Padro Castro12/28/17
Act 14-2017Enrique A. Sabater Pujol02/22/18
Act 22-2012Enrique Besalduch Gaitan02/11/15
Act 14-2017Enrique Carbonell Mamary07/22/19
Act 14-2017Enrique Carrión Vargas12/28/17
Act 135-1998Enrique Cortes Flores11/30/2007
Act 73-2008Enrique Cortes Flores12/11/2018
Act 135-1998Enrique Cortés Flores E Ivette Torres Negrón2/14/2003
Act 14-2017Enrique E. Figueroa Torres01/24/18
Act 14-2017Enrique Escobar Medina01/24/18
Act 14-2017Enrique J. Rivera Rivera03/12/18
Act 14-2017Enrique Lefevre Ramos06/05/18
Act 135-1998Enrique Mangual Flores2/23/2005
Act 14-2017Enrique Orlando Velez Garcia12/20/17
Act 22-2012Enrique Ortega08/27/18
Act 14-2017Enrique Ramos Freese05/03/18
Act 14-2017Enrique T. Gorbea Gonzalez02/09/18
Act 14-2017Enrrique J Olaverri Rodriguez06/13/18
Act 135-1998Ensysa Products Mfg7/18/2001
Act 20-2012Entco Caribe B.V. LLC04/03/18
Act 20-2012Entech Design and Project Management Psc03/04/15
Act 20-2012Enterprise Healthcare Resources LLC10/03/16
Act 20-2012Enterprise Iron - Puerto Rico LLC08/31/17
Act 20-2012Entheos LLC08/08/16
Act 20-2012Entrepids Puerto Rico, LLC11/26/14
Act 135-1998Envasadora De Azúcar6/30/2003
Act 135-1998Envasadora De Azúcar Inc.4/29/2019
Act 22-2012Enver Peck08/10/18
Act 20-2012Environics Engineering Group, LLC11/30/16
Act 135-1998Environics Recycling Services, Inc.3/11/2002
Act 135-1998Environmental Management Services Corp12/29/2000
Act 135-1998Environmental Power Of Puerto Rico, Inc.8/3/2000
Act 135-1998Environmental Quality Laboratories, Inc.9/25/2014
Act 135-1998Environmental Quality Laboratorios,Inc.2/3/2005
Act 135-1998Environmental Resources Management Pr, Inc.2/4/2010
Act 135-1998Envirosystems3/30/2001
Act 20-2012Eofire LLC08/18/17
Act 20-2012Epcvip Pr LLC11/13/19
Act 22-2012Epifanio Torres06/12/17
Act 135-1998Epm & Son Manufacturing, Inc.12/31/2004
Act 20-2012Eq-Global LLC12/15/19
Act 135-1998Equant Puerto Rico6/18/2002
Act 135-1998Equant Puerto Rico, Inc.5/17/2013
Act 20-2012Equitable Voice Execution LLC05/09/18
Act 14-2017Eric A Alicea Martinez06/05/18
Act 22-2012Eric A. Miller10/22/15
Act 22-2012Eric Alcantara08/25/15
Act 14-2017Eric Astacio03/03/19
Act 22-2012Eric B King04/15/19
Act 22-2012Eric C Boyer10/31/16
Act 14-2017Eric D. Avilés Rivera02/09/18
Act 135-1998Eric Delgado Santiago H/N/C Promotional Enhancing Services1/17/2003
Act 14-2017Eric Francisco Carro Figueroa02/28/18
Act 14-2017Eric Frontera Roura11/17/19
Act 22-2012Eric Gerber08/27/18
Act 14-2017Eric Godreau09/28/19
Act 14-2017Eric Hernandez10/03/19
Act 14-2017Eric J. Carro Jiménez04/19/18
Act 22-2012Eric M. Godreau08/18/17
Act 14-2017Eric Maldonado Marrero09/29/19
Act 14-2017Eric Martínez Colón03/27/18
Act 14-2017Eric N Figueroa Rios05/03/18
Act 22-2012Eric Naiyuan Chen03/13/17
Act 14-2017Eric Ortiz Llavona02/28/18
Act 14-2017Eric R Javier Camacho03/27/18
Act 14-2017Eric Rámirez12/13/18
Act 14-2017Eric Ramirez Rodriguez06/20/18
Act 22-2012Eric Swider12/15/19
Act 22-2012Eric W. Gifford06/16/16
Act 14-2017Erick G Cruz03/12/18
Act 14-2017Erick I Ramirez Busigo05/17/18
Act 14-2017Erick Otero Garcia12/24/19
Act 14-2017Erick Rodriguez11/04/19
Act 135-1998Ericsson Caribbean4/24/2002
Act 135-1998Erie Scientific Cormpany Of Pr, Inc.7/1/2004
Act 14-2017Erik Eduardo Márquez Sarraga12/28/17
Act 22-2012Erik F. Rivera03/02/19
Act 14-2017Erik G Medina Pi04/19/18
Act 22-2012Erik Jacinto06/12/17
Act 14-2017Erika M. Benabe González03/23/18
Act 14-2017Erika Sanchez Galinanez03/04/19
Act 14-2017Erika Watts04/13/19
Act 22-2012Erin Dean04/28/16
Act 22-2012Erin Osborne01/25/18
Act 22-2012Erin Pelton01/10/19
Act 20-2012Erkko Sales and Consulting LLC03/29/19
Act 22-2012Ernest De Bourbon03/30/17
Act 22-2012Ernest Mendoza12/27/16
Act 14-2017Ernesto Ayala05/03/19
Act 14-2017Ernesto Borrero03/23/19
Act 14-2017Ernesto Garcia11/12/18
Act 14-2017Ernesto L. Collazo Batista12/28/17
Act 14-2017Ernesto L. Jusino Roman12/27/17
Act 14-2017Ernesto R. Soltero Oliveras02/28/18
Act 14-2017Ernesto Santini04/13/19
Act 14-2017Ernesto Sola Sanchez06/13/18
Act 135-1998Ernst & Young Llp1/23/2003
Act 135-1998Ernst & Young Puerto Rico, LLC9/5/2012
Act 20-2012Erpr Consulting LLC11/18/19
Act 73-2008Ertec, Psc Environmental Consultants5/31/2011
Act 14-2017Erving Arroyo11/02/19
Act 135-1998Erving Rodríguez Feliciano6/15/2001
Act 135-1998Es Television Corp7/3/2007
Act 14-2017Esam Hussein02/18/19
Act 27-2011Esase, LLC - Érase una vez06/30/19
Act 20-2012Escalate Sciences Psc05/09/18
Act 135-1998Esco Manufacturers, Inc.10/8/2007
Act 73-2008Esco Manufacturing Inc.8/22/2017
Act 14-2017Esmeralda Miranda12/23/18
Act 20-2012Esmpr LLC03/07/18
Act 20-2012Espacio 1414, LLC12/09/15
Act 135-1998Especias Montero, Inc.11/15/2007
Act 135-1998Essig Pr, Inc.2/20/2007
Act 135-1998Essilor International10/17/2006
Act 14-2017Esteban Castro Diaz04/13/19
Act 22-2012Esteban Glower03/21/18
Act 14-2017Esteban Linares Martin02/28/18
Act 14-2017Esteban Ramos Alvarez05/19/19
Act 14-2017Esteban Rodríguez Martinó12/04/19
Act 14-2017Esteban Vazquez Valencia05/19/19
Act 22-2012Esther A Sumitra-Albert11/18/19
Act 20-2012Estrella LLC03/30/17
Act 135-1998Estructuras Ambientales11/26/2001
Act 22-2012Ethan Danial03/21/18
Act 22-2012Ethan Topper06/26/19
Act 14-2017Ethel Lamela05/04/19
Act 20-2012Ethereal Media LLC08/29/18
Act 20-2012Ethicon Endo-Surgey LLC04/11/14
Act 135-1998Ethicon, LLC9/25/2003
Act 22-2012Eugene Camali11/23/15
Act 22-2012Eugene M. Jao02/06/17
Act 22-2012Eugene R. Franco07/30/13
Act 20-2012Eugene, LLC07/31/13
Act 14-2017Eugenia Galindo Ramos01/24/18
Act 14-2017Eugenio Mulero Portela04/19/18
Act 22-2012Eunsook Han03/10/19
Act 73-2008Euro Caribe Packing Company,Inc.4/30/2010
Act 20-2012Euro Pacific Asset Management, LLC06/16/14
Act 135-1998Euro Windows6/18/2001
Act 135-1998Euro Windows, Inc.12/27/2011
Act 135-1998Eurokitchens4/8/2003
Act 20-2012Eurotrade, Inc.02/27/15
Act 14-2017Eusebio Diaz Pagan12/23/18
Act 14-2017Euyen Latour Pérez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Eva L. Cruz Jove02/28/18
Act 22-2012Eva M Siekierski03/29/19
Act 22-2012Eva R. Carter02/18/19
Act 14-2017Eva V. Gonzalez Mendez02/09/18
Act 14-2017Evadelin Suazo12/04/19
Act 22-2012Evan Dickinson02/26/18
Act 22-2012Evan Rose03/30/17
Act 14-2017Evaristo Medina08/04/19
Act 14-2017Evaurely Hernández García02/28/18
Act 14-2017Evelisa Martínez10/03/19
Act 14-2017Evelyn Abreu López03/23/18
Act 14-2017Evelyn Almodóvar Puantong02/09/18
Act 14-2017Evelyn Carrero Nieves02/22/18
Act 14-2017Evelyn Fonseca Rivera04/19/18
Act 14-2017Evelyn Ramirez Zapata07/17/18
Act 14-2017Evelyn Rivera11/02/19
Act 14-2017Even Cedeño01/16/19
Act 20-2012Evergreen Supply, LLC05/09/18
Act 20-2012Everly, Inc.02/04/15
Act 135-1998Evertec Group LLC8/6/2018
Act 135-1998Evertec Group, LLC5/16/2008
Act 73-2008Evertec, Inc.10/11/2011
Act 73-2008Evertec, Inc.10/19/2012
Act 20-2012Evinmotors Pr Inc04/27/16
Act 20-2012Evo Consortium, LLC02/13/14
Act 135-1998Ex-Lax Inc.10/22/2007
Act 135-1998Ex-Lax Inc., Ciba Vision Puerto Rico Inc., Gerber Products Company Of Puerto Rico, Inc. Y Syngenta Seeds, Inc.5/24/2002
Act 20-2012Ex2 Solutions Puerto Rico, LLC04/17/18
Act 73-2008Excelerate Energy Lp4/8/2014
Act 73-2008Excellere Consulting Associates, Inc.8/4/2009
Act 273-2012Eximius International12/19/16
Act 135-1998Exotique Salon Essentials, Inc.9/24/2009
Act 20-2012Expedient Medicolegal Services LLC10/26/16
Act 20-2012Expedition Communications Pr LLC06/02/15
Act 20-2012Expertopinion.Com LLC02/28/19
Act 20-2012Explorador, LLC12/27/16
Act 135-1998Explosive Images, Inc.11/12/2002
Act 27-2011Expo Caribe, Inc. - Yo Soy un Gamer06/30/15
Act 27-2011Expo Caribe, Inc. - Yo soy un gamer06/30/16
Act 135-1998Expo Displays Caribbean, Inc.2/2/2004
Act 135-1998Export Consulting4/8/2003
Act 135-1998Export National4/26/2002
Act 20-2012Export Service Strategies LLC12/06/16
Act 73-2008Expressway Graphics Corp.6/1/2011
Act 73-2008Extreme Graphics, Inc.5/19/2010
Act 27-2011Eye Productions, Inc. - Seal Team - Season 206/30/19
Act 14-2017Ezer Camacho Rodríguez12/28/17
Act 20-2012F1 Media LLC05/09/18
Act 20-2012F9 Advertising LLC11/14/14
Act 14-2017Fabia Mendoza Aponte06/21/19
Act 14-2017Fabio H Lugo Gutierrez05/03/18
Act 22-2012Fabio Pasquale Granato03/06/15
Act 14-2017Fabio R. Ricci Gorbea12/20/17
Act 22-2012Fabiola Perez11/18/19
Act 135-1998Fábrica De Bloques Vega Baja, Inc.7/29/2008
Act 135-1998Fabrica De Muebles La Caborrojena, Inc.9/9/2005
Act 73-2008Factoria Design Group, Inc.10/27/2010
Act 135-1998Fadyro Distributors, Inc.8/8/2000
Act 73-2008Fadyro Distributors, Inc.10/10/2014
Act 22-2012Fahad Ghaffar04/09/14
Act 22-2012Fahed Missmar12/23/14
Act 20-2012Fairbridge Capital Markets, Incorporated05/12/15
Act 20-2012Fairpost Advisors, LLC05/19/14
Act 273-2012Fairwinds International Bank, LLC07/06/17
Act 14-2017Falta Copia03/23/18
Act 20-2012Family Environmental International LLC05/27/19
Act 20-2012Family Medical Group LLC02/27/17
Act 135-1998Fancy Kids Corporation3/31/2003
Act 14-2017Fanny Lopez Gomez06/28/19
Act 14-2017Fanor Saavedra Pozo12/28/17
Act 20-2012Fanvc, LLC11/13/17
Act 14-2017Fares Cid Mansur02/09/18
Act 22-2012Farhood Azima10/05/19
Act 22-2012Fariborz Azarian08/10/18
Act 20-2012Farrell & Patel Global LLC11/30/16
Act 22-2012Farukh Shroff11/24/18
Act 135-1998Fashion Group Inc5/23/2008
Act 135-1998Fast Steel Corp3/26/2009
Act 135-1998Fast Steel Corporation8/3/2000
Act 14-2017Fatima Cintron11/02/19
Act 27-2011Favela Productions, Inc. - Favela06/30/13
Act 73-2008Favorita Biscuit Corp.5/19/2016
Act 135-1998Favorita Biscuit Corporation6/8/2007
Act 20-2012Fbhcontrol Corp03/16/17
Act 135-1998Fcb Worldwide (Puerto Rico)4/23/2003
Act 135-1998Fcb Worldwide (Puerto Rico), Inc.4/23/2003
Act 135-1998Fe-Ri Construction Inc6/24/2008
Act 73-2008Fe-Ri Construction Inc6/18/2018
Act 73-2008Fe-Ri Construction, Inc.3/1/2010
Act 20-2012Fearless Productions, LLC06/02/17
Act 20-2012Featherwood International Management and Consulting LLC12/27/17
Act 73-2008Federal Express Corporation6/11/2012
Act 135-1998Federal Industries1/31/2002
Act 14-2017Federico A Corica Santamarina06/05/18
Act 14-2017Federico J. Gregory González01/24/18
Act 14-2017Federico Maestre Grau01/26/18
Act 14-2017Federico Rodríguez Pérez03/23/18
Act 14-2017Federico Salcedo Irizarry12/28/17
Act 20-2012Feedyak, Inc.01/25/18
Act 22-2012Feiran Shi12/20/16
Act 22-2012Felice Mcknight05/09/18
Act 135-1998Feliciano Aluminum Works, Inc.8/3/2000
Act 14-2017Felipe Antonio Vélez González03/12/18
Act 14-2017Felipe Carro Rivera03/23/18
Act 14-2017Felipe Fontanez Sullivan04/19/18
Act 14-2017Felipe J. Arias Quinones01/24/18
Act 14-2017Felipe Sánchez Gaetán03/03/19
Act 14-2017Felix A. Valentín Marrero03/12/18
Act 14-2017Felix Caratini Soto04/19/18
Act 14-2017Félix D. Lugo Adams04/19/18
Act 14-2017Félix D. Rodríguez Schmidt04/19/18
Act 14-2017Felix Del Rio Suarez09/29/19
Act 14-2017Felix E Maldonado Santos04/19/18
Act 14-2017Félix F. Hernández Rodríguez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Félix Ferré Vera08/20/18
Act 14-2017Félix Gerardo Del Río Rodríguez03/12/18
Act 14-2017Félix J. Rosa Cartagena04/19/18
Act 14-2017Felix J. Seda Díaz01/24/18
Act 14-2017Felix M. Casino Cabrera05/03/18
Act 14-2017Félix M. Figueroa Pérez02/22/18
Act 14-2017Felix Mendoza09/29/19
Act 73-2008Felix R. Baez Negrón2/14/2011
Act 14-2017Félix R. Roque Velázquez03/23/18
Act 14-2017Félix Ríos González02/22/18
Act 14-2017Felix Rivera Borges02/09/18
Act 14-2017Félix W. Pérez Ramos02/28/18
Act 20-2012Fenton LLC05/09/18
Act 135-1998Fenwal International, Inc.8/6/2007
Act 14-2017Ferdinand Lugo Romeu03/12/18
Act 14-2017Ferdinand Rivera Ortiz02/22/18
Act 14-2017Ferdinand Rivera Villalba06/13/18
Act 14-2017Ferdinand Rodriguez Agramonte07/22/19
Act 14-2017Fermin Hernandez12/04/19
Act 22-2012Fernando A Neris Cruz12/16/18
Act 14-2017Fernando Arroyo11/16/19
Act 14-2017Fernando Baez Corujo11/02/19
Act 14-2017Fernando Bonilla Valentin04/13/19
Act 14-2017Fernando Cabanillas Escalona06/13/18
Act 14-2017Fernando Cuadrado11/13/19
Act 22-2012Fernando Cuestas07/19/18
Act 14-2017Fernando Echeandia Fuster06/05/18
Act 14-2017Fernando Entenza12/04/19
Act 14-2017Fernando J. Lopez12/27/17
Act 22-2012Fernando J. Valverde07/30/13
Act 14-2017Fernando J. Ysem Borrás03/23/18
Act 14-2017Fernando Joglar Irizarry12/28/17
Act 14-2017Fernando L Soto Torres05/03/18
Act 22-2012Fernando L. González Vizcarrondo11/28/12
Act 14-2017Fernando López De Jesús12/28/17
Act 14-2017Fernando Luis Sepulveda Irrizarry02/09/18
Act 14-2017Fernando Luis Zayas Torres04/19/18
Act 14-2017Fernando M. Calero Recio 03/12/18
Act 14-2017Fernando Martinez04/13/19
Act 14-2017Fernando Ramos Mercado03/12/18
Act 14-2017Fernando Rivera01/31/19
Act 14-2017Fernando Rivera Cruz02/09/18
Act 14-2017Fernando Rojas Diaz02/22/18
Act 14-2017Fernando Sol Descartes Soler01/26/18
Act 14-2017Fernando Vega Moral06/05/18
Act 14-2017Fernando Villamil Wiscovitch12/28/17
Act 14-2017Fernando Zalduondo04/13/19
Act 22-2012Fernmarie Rodriguez09/02/19
Act 20-2012Ferraiuoli LLC12/23/13
Act 135-1998Ferrero, Inc.6/3/2003
Act 135-1998Ferrero, Inc.11/24/2003
Act 73-2008Fideicomiso Hernandez4/16/2019
Act 135-1998Fideicomiso Hernandez Castrodad8/16/2006
Act 135-1998Fideicomiso Hernandez Castrodad2/21/2008
Act 135-1998Fideicomiso Hernández Castrodad5/5/2004
Act 135-1998Fideicomiso Hernández Castrodad5/5/2004
Act 14-2017Fidel De Frias Jiménez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Fidel Santos09/27/19
Act 20-2012Fidelis Engineering Inc.08/31/15
Act 20-2012Fiducial Jade Pr, LLC04/10/18
Act 20-2012Fifth Ladder, LLC12/24/19
Act 27-2011Film Heroes LLC - Long Gone Heroes06/30/19
Act 27-2011Filmes Cometa - Memorias del Futuro: 125 años del Banco Popular y Puerto Rico06/30/20
Act 135-1998Filtertek De Puerto Rico8/15/2002
Act 135-1998Fina Airlines12/30/2003
Act 20-2012Finadyne LLC11/18/18
Act 20-2012Finanzas, LLC12/15/17
Act 83-2010Finca La Eulalia, Inc.6/18/2014
Act 20-2012Fitness For Life, LLC04/01/14
Act 20-2012Fitzpatrick Consulting LLC06/22/19
Act 20-2012Five Star Services, Inc.11/18/18
Act 20-2012Five-Co Consulting Group, LLC05/17/18
Act 135-1998Flanes Acevedo, Inc.10/31/2005
Act 135-1998Flepak Investment12/5/2003
Act 135-1998Flepak Investment1/23/2004
Act 73-2008Flexible & Integrated Technical Services12/21/2011
Act 135-1998Flexible Packaging9/6/2001
Act 135-1998Flexible Packaging Company3/26/2009
Act 135-1998Flexitank Food Grade, Inc.8/19/2004
Act 135-1998Flexitank, Inc.7/9/2002
Act 73-2008Flexitank, Inc.11/15/2012
Act 135-1998Flexo Rico,Inc.6/2/2005
Act 20-2012Flextokens LLC10/14/19
Act 20-2012Flightspin Inc08/04/16
Act 14-2017Flor Garcia Ricardo07/22/19
Act 14-2017Flor M Diaz Fontan05/03/18
Act 14-2017Flora I Orama Alvarez06/13/18
Act 14-2017Flores Caraballo08/30/19
Act 22-2012Florian Gaa02/18/19
Act 135-1998Florida Tube, Corp3/7/2003
Act 135-1998Florida Turbine, P.R. LLC2/20/2007
Act 20-2012Flowecom Global Services, LLC08/29/18
Act 20-2012Flyclever09/29/19
Act 135-1998Fmc Distributors, Inc.11/6/2000
Act 135-1998Fmc International10/11/2001
Act 135-1998Fmc Technologies Ag-Puerto Rico Branch12/4/2007
Act 135-1998Foam Cem Caribe, Inc.5/31/2006
Act 135-1998Foam Cem Caribe, Inc.8/29/2018
Act 73-2008Foam Cem Caribe, Inc.8/29/2018
Act 135-1998Foam Pack Of Puerto Rico8/9/2001
Act 135-1998Foam Pack Of Puerto Rico, Inc2/18/2014
Act 73-2008Foam Pack of Puerto Rico, Inc.11/7/2018
Act 135-1998Focal Point Manufacturing5/2/2002
Act 73-2008Fogel Caribbean10/24/2016
Act 135-1998Fogel Caribbean Corporation5/30/2001
Act 27-2011FON Film Productions - Force of Nature06/30/20
Act 83-2010Fonroche Energy America, Inc.3/11/2013
Act 135-1998Food Processing7/23/2001
Act 73-2008Food Resources International Trading, Corp6/11/2012
Act 20-2012Foottraffik LLC06/30/19
Act 20-2012Force 12 San Juan, LLC02/27/15
Act 20-2012Forensic Decisions Pr LLC06/30/19
Act 20-2012Forest Investment, LLC12/26/12
Act 20-2012Forevenue LLC03/23/18
Act 20-2012Forge Inc.03/10/19
Act 20-2012Fort Partners Puerto Rico, LLC05/09/17
Act 20-2012Fort Rock LLC02/23/18
Act 20-2012Fortaleza Capital Partners, LLC09/25/12
Act 73-2008Fortaleza Windows and Doors Corp7/9/2010
Act 135-1998Fortiflex, Inc.8/16/2006
Act 135-1998Fortiflex, Inc.9/19/2006
Act 73-2008Fortiflex, Inc.12/20/2019
Act 135-1998Forto Chemical Corporation3/13/2003
Act 20-2012Fortress Global LLC08/27/18
Act 20-2012Forty3North Consulting Group, LLC08/01/14
Act 135-1998Forward Holding Company LLC4/4/2008
Act 20-2012Forza Holdings LLC03/23/18
Act 22-2012Fotis andrianakos09/13/17
Act 73-2008Four Bells Resources9/1/2010
Act 135-1998Fox Trailers, Inc.7/29/2008
Act 20-2012Fpj Ventures LLC10/03/16
Act 20-2012Fractal Rico LLC11/06/18
Act 14-2017Frances Aulet05/19/19
Act 14-2017Frances Baerga09/29/19
Act 14-2017Frances I. Larin Hoyos12/28/17
Act 14-2017Frances M. Vélez Lago03/12/18
Act 14-2017Frances Marrero Barrera06/28/19
Act 14-2017Frances Morell09/28/19
Act 14-2017Frances Pietri Vazquez05/07/19
Act 20-2012Frances Rios Communications, LLC07/21/15
Act 14-2017Frances Rodriguez02/03/19
Act 14-2017Franchesca Fiorito Torres04/05/18
Act 14-2017Francine Vivoni Girod01/26/18
Act 14-2017Francis Beauchamp08/18/19
Act 14-2017Francis Beauchamp09/29/19
Act 22-2012Francis J. Meistrell12/15/14
Act 14-2017Francis M. Vázquez Roura01/26/18
Act 14-2017Francis Picon12/04/19
Act 14-2017Francis S Bauldrick Hernandez06/13/18
Act 14-2017Francisco A. Batlle Batlle04/19/18
Act 14-2017Francisco A. Lebrón Arzón02/09/18
Act 14-2017Francisco A. Viejo Rullán12/28/17
Act 14-2017Francisco Aponte09/25/19
Act 14-2017Francisco Ball Rosa02/09/18
Act 14-2017Francisco Bermúdez Segarra10/03/19
Act 14-2017Francisco Blanes Mayans02/09/18
Act 14-2017Francisco Cebollero Santamaría04/19/18
Act 14-2017Francisco Colón Fontanez04/19/18
Act 135-1998Francisco Cueto Bernardo12/21/2007
Act 14-2017Francisco De Jesus Gerez07/21/19
Act 14-2017Francisco Del Olmo11/24/18
Act 14-2017Francisco Dubocq03/04/19
Act 14-2017Francisco E Carro Anzalotta05/03/18
Act 135-1998Francisco Garcia Alonso3/2/2007
Act 14-2017Francisco Gómez Goytía04/19/18
Act 22-2012Francisco Guerra12/16/18
Act 14-2017Francisco Guevara Abadia05/27/19
Act 14-2017Francisco Gutierrez07/22/19
Act 14-2017Francisco H Jaume Boscio05/03/18
Act 14-2017Francisco Herrero Rovira03/23/18
Act 14-2017Francisco Irizarry Rivera01/06/19
Act 14-2017Francisco J Capo Dominguez05/17/18
Act 14-2017Francisco J Del Olmo Collado06/13/18
Act 14-2017Francisco J Lefebre Llavona03/23/18
Act 14-2017Francisco J Monserrate Rodriguez07/17/18
Act 14-2017Francisco J Quintana Gonzalez06/13/18
Act 14-2017Francisco J Ruiz Fullana04/19/18
Act 14-2017Francisco J. Arraiza12/20/17
Act 14-2017Francisco J. Carlos Cabrera03/23/18
Act 14-2017Francisco J. Corretjer Catalan01/26/18
Act 14-2017Francisco J. Díaz Sotomayor12/28/17
Act 14-2017Francisco J. Fontanet Avilés04/19/18
Act 22-2012Francisco J. Gavilan02/11/15
Act 14-2017Francisco J. Loubriel Ortiz02/09/18
Act 14-2017Francisco J. Meléndez Quiñones02/22/18
Act 14-2017Francisco J. Otero López01/24/18
Act 14-2017Francisco J. Reyes Vale02/28/18
Act 14-2017Francisco J. Rivera Pedrogo02/22/18
Act 14-2017Francisco J. Torres Lozada01/24/18
Act 14-2017Francisco J. Torres Sierra04/19/18
Act 14-2017Francisco J. Vázquez Reillo02/22/18
Act 14-2017Francisco J. Vizcarrondo12/28/17
Act 22-2012Francisco Javier Codina11/24/18
Act 14-2017Francisco Javier Colón Rivera05/17/18
Act 14-2017Francisco José Pérez Gil02/22/18
Act 14-2017Francisco Lafontaine Aviles12/20/17
Act 14-2017Francisco Lazaga Ordoñez11/16/19
Act 14-2017Francisco Loubriel Méndez03/23/18
Act 22-2012Francisco Luzio06/12/17
Act 14-2017Francisco M. López González12/28/17
Act 14-2017Francisco Montalvo Rodríguez02/22/18
Act 14-2017Francisco Murphy03/06/19
Act 14-2017Francisco N. Alvarado Melendez12/28/17
Act 22-2012Francisco Navarro-Sertich11/24/18
Act 14-2017Francisco Nieves Santiago04/19/18
Act 14-2017Francisco Noel Irizarry12/24/19
Act 14-2017Francisco Orobitg Brenes11/04/19
Act 14-2017Francisco Parra Pinto05/02/19
Act 14-2017Francisco Quintero02/18/19
Act 14-2017Francisco R Rodriguez Rodriguez07/17/18
Act 14-2017Francisco R. Golderos Sanabria02/22/18
Act 14-2017Francisco R. Marte Rivera12/20/17
Act 14-2017Francisco R. Suárez Lozada12/28/17
Act 22-2012Francisco Rengel02/26/18
Act 14-2017Francisco Rosa Cruz03/06/19
Act 14-2017Francisco Tirado Polo09/30/19
Act 14-2017Francisco Torre León12/28/17
Act 14-2017Francisco Vargas04/13/19
Act 14-2017Francisco Velarde Arias02/09/19
Act 14-2017Francois Soto-Palou12/04/19
Act 22-2012Frank A. Yarussi01/30/15
Act 14-2017Frank Acevedo12/13/18
Act 20-2012Frank Advisors, LLC08/07/19
Act 22-2012Frank B Turner05/02/19
Act 135-1998Frank C. Astor10/27/2003
Act 14-2017Frank Gaudier09/30/19
Act 22-2012Frank Joseph Bisesi05/09/18
Act 22-2012Frank Leon Holder10/29/13
Act 14-2017Frank Velez12/18/18
Act 14-2017Frankie Alvarado Abraham02/28/18
Act 135-1998Frankie Vazquez Marrero H/N/C All Steel Mfg8/31/2001
Act 14-2017Frankling Rivera Carras05/03/18
Act 22-2012Franklyn B. Weichselbaum10/14/15
Act 73-2008Frans Global Corporation / Camille'S Interamerica Development, Inc. / Angel'S Interamerica Development, Inc. / Chester'S Interamerica Development, Inc.12/16/2009
Act 14-2017Fransheska Rivera01/07/19
Act 14-2017Frantony Mercado09/27/19
Act 14-2017Franz Pino Delgado12/28/17
Act 73-2008Fratelli Realty, Inc.8/10/2018
Act 14-2017Freddie E. Velázquez Feliciano03/12/18
Act 14-2017Freddy A. Madera Soriano02/28/18
Act 22-2012Freddy Alejandro Diaz12/12/17
Act 14-2017Freddy Rafael Mendez Torres12/28/17
Act 14-2017Freddy Sallent Aquino02/09/18
Act 22-2012Frederick Beall01/25/18
Act 22-2012Frederick E. Kimble02/12/15
Act 22-2012Frederick La Vern Mcafee09/13/17
Act 8-1987Frederick Lee , Inc.10/21/1997
Act 73-2008Frederick Lee, Inc.6/24/2015
Act 22-2012Frederick R Kessler06/01/19
Act 22-2012Fredericus Huijskens09/11/18
Act 135-1998Free Real Estate Referrels.Com Corporation12/22/2004
Act 20-2012Freedom Adventures, Inc.05/17/18
Act 20-2012Freedom Consulting LLC11/19/19
Act 20-2012Freedom Internet Group, Inc.04/12/19
Act 20-2012Freedom Management LLC04/10/19
Act 20-2012Freedom Reigns Inc06/21/16
Act 135-1998Freiría & Co1/31/2001
Act 135-1998Frenda Corporation2/11/2003
Act 73-2008Frenda Corporation5/28/2019
Act 20-2012Fresh Export Solutions12/12/18
Act 20-2012Friedland Consulting LLC12/27/17
Act 20-2012Friedman - Feiger, LLC10/08/14
Act 20-2012Frinj LLC08/10/15
Act 20-2012Frontier International LLC12/16/19
Act 20-2012Frontier Semiconductor, Inc.11/07/14
Act 20-2012Frottix LLC03/20/19
Act 20-2012Frs Solutions LLC11/18/19
Act 20-2012Frv International LLC10/27/19
Act 20-2012FSPR LLC04/08/13
Act 20-2012FSPR LLC02/13/15
Act 135-1998Ft Validation1/18/2002
Act 20-2012Fuel Trader Resource Management Inc12/19/16
Act 73-2008Fuentes Concrete Pile Co, Inc.8/3/2015
Act 20-2012Full Moon Ventures, Inc.12/18/12
Act 20-2012Full Spectrum Brands LLC05/27/19
Act 20-2012Full Spectrum Healthcare Services, LLC09/12/14
Act 20-2012Full Time Photographer LLC11/30/16
Act 20-2012Fuller Family Ventures LLC10/07/19
Act 73-2008Fundación De Investigación De Diego, Inc.2/16/2011
Act 73-2008Fundal, Corp.12/26/2019
Act 20-2012Fundamental Consultants09/28/19
Act 22-2012Furkat Kasimov03/21/18
Act 20-2012Fusionworks, Inc.04/24/13
Act 73-2008Fusionworks, Inc.6/14/2018
Act 20-2012Futuro Corporation11/06/18
Act 20-2012Fxfy LLC02/16/18
Act 20-2012G. Batista & Associates of Puerto Rico, LLC12/24/19
Act 20-2012G.A.I.N. Consulting LLC05/31/18
Act 135-1998G.F. Enterprises Group, Inc.4/15/2005
Act 83-2010G& H Properties Se3/26/2015
Act 135-1998G&G Windows & Doors Mfg. Inc.12/22/2005
Act 135-1998G&J Enetrprises, Inc.8/29/2002
Act 20-2012G&L Management LLC11/19/19
Act 135-1998G&O Metal Fabricators4/8/2003
Act 20-2012G&R Holdings, LLC09/21/18
Act 20-2012G&W LLC11/03/15
Act 135-1998Ga Design & Sourcing Corp3/20/2017
Act 135-1998Ga Design & Sourcing Corp. (Gatsby)1/24/2006
Act 135-1998Gabinetes Rodriguez, Inc.2/28/2008
Act 14-2017Gabriel A. Martínez Rodríguez02/28/18
Act 14-2017Gabriel Acosta02/18/19
Act 14-2017Gabriel Altieri08/18/19
Act 14-2017Gabriel Arias Berrios11/04/19
Act 14-2017Gabriel Benítez Bajandas12/28/17
Act 14-2017Gabriel De La Torre02/03/19
Act 14-2017Gabriel Echegaray09/29/19
Act 14-2017Gabriel Fuentes12/15/19
Act 14-2017Gabriel Fuentes Arroyo12/20/17
Act 14-2017Gabriel Hernández02/18/19
Act 14-2017Gabriel Hernandez Martin08/04/19
Act 14-2017Gabriel Irizarry Villafañe04/13/19
Act 14-2017Gabriel J. Rivera Velázquez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Gabriel O. Monagas Pagán04/19/18
Act 14-2017Gabriel Pérez López07/22/19
Act 14-2017Gabriel Pujol08/30/19
Act 14-2017Gabriel Ramos González04/13/19
Act 22-2012Gabriel Revai06/12/17
Act 14-2017Gabriel Torres-Acevedo04/04/19
Act 14-2017Gabriel Torres-Acevedo08/07/19
Act 14-2017Gabriela De La Vega Muns02/22/18
Act 14-2017Gabriela Rivera11/04/19
Act 14-2017Gabriela Trabal Yulfo10/04/19
Act 14-2017Gabriella Rivera Ortiz07/03/19
Act 22-2012Gabrielle E. Briggs08/22/17
Act 135-1998Gaby Donas, Inc,11/25/2008
Act 20-2012Gaby Music, Inc.01/27/19
Act 20-2012Gac Consulting Group, Inc.02/11/14
Act 14-2017Gadiel E Merced Alvarez06/05/18
Act 22-2012Gaetano T. Butera10/28/14
Act 20-2012Gafc Services LLC08/10/18
Act 135-1998Galephar Pharmaceutical Research, Inc.7/28/2000
Act 73-2008Galephar Pharmaceutical Research, Inc.11/30/2015
Act 20-2012Gallo Digital, LLC06/19/19
Act 20-2012Gallo LLC05/19/18
Act 14-2017Gamalier Bermúdez Ruíz04/05/18
Act 135-1998Gamaxport, Inc.4/15/1999
Act 20-2012Gamma Telecardiovascular Services LLC01/27/19
Act 73-2008Ganaderos Borges, Inc.5/24/2013
Act 22-2012Ganesh Rajappan03/28/16
Act 135-1998Garcinox Corporation11/7/2006
Act 14-2017Gardine Colon Guerra06/05/18
Act 73-2008Garments & Embroideries Puerto Rico, Inc.5/31/2011
Act 22-2012Garrett Fuller09/22/15
Act 22-2012Garrett Kruskie10/19/18
Act 22-2012Garrett See04/15/19
Act 14-2017Gary Deresh Dzvonyik12/28/17
Act 22-2012Gary Dykstra11/18/19
Act 22-2012Gary Fears12/01/15
Act 22-2012Gary Foss11/26/14
Act 22-2012Gary Goodman04/08/14
Act 22-2012Gary Holzinger09/26/14
Act 22-2012Gary J. Palmer07/30/13
Act 22-2012Gary Karakashian05/09/18
Act 22-2012Gary Le12/11/18
Act 22-2012Gary Lerner03/21/18
Act 22-2012Gary M Safady01/27/19
Act 22-2012Gary O. Land10/07/13
Act 22-2012Gary Uhliar11/16/16
Act 22-2012Gary Woods05/23/18
Act 135-1998Gas Connection Corp12/12/2003
Act 73-2008Gas Natural Puerto Rico, Inc.5/30/2012
Act 73-2008Gasco Industrial, Corp1/28/2015
Act 83-2010Gasna 18P, LLC5/24/2013
Act 14-2017Gaspar R. García Guerra02/09/18
Act 135-1998Gaspard and Sons Mayagüez, Inc.5/23/2005
Act 22-2012Gavin Greer05/23/18
Act 135-1998Gaviota Manufacturera, Inc.8/16/2006
Act 22-2012Gaylord D. Wetherill10/07/13
Act 73-2008Gbg Recycling Solutions LLC2/26/2018
Act 20-2012Gc Group Capital LLC09/26/14
Act 73-2008Gcm Medical Group P.S.C.9/13/2019
Act 20-2012Gcm Synapse Research, LLC12/06/18
Act 73-2008Gdi Puerto Rico, Inc.7/10/2012
Act 73-2008Gdl, Inc.10/19/2011
Act 135-1998Ge Industrial Of Pr LLC11/5/2009
Act 22-2012Gebre-Egziabher Gebre01/14/14
Act 73-2008Gegloma Realty Corporation3/18/2011
Act 73-2008Gegloma Realty Corporations12/23/2010
Act 22-2012Geisty B Majique06/01/19
Act 73-2008Gema Recycling Services, Inc.11/1/2012
Act 20-2012Gen Serv Inc.04/16/19
Act 20-2012Genco General Contractors of Puerto Rico, Corp.10/23/19
Act 135-1998General Air Services1/31/2001
Act 135-1998General Coatings Products2/15/2002
Act 73-2008General Coatings Products Corp7/16/2017
Act 73-2008General Decor Manufacturing, Corp.10/31/2019
Act 135-1998General Décor Mnufacturing1/9/2002
Act 135-1998General Fashions10/18/2001
Act 20-2012General Investment Fund LLC09/25/18
Act 73-2008General Investment, LLC12/30/2016
Act 73-2008General office Industries Inc.3/30/2017
Act 135-1998General Office Industries, Inc.7/31/2003
Act 83-2010Generate Pr Pv I LLC8/29/2018
Act 20-2012Generous Limestone, LLC11/07/14
Act 83-2010Genesis Green Systems Corp6/13/2016
Act 20-2012Genesis Group LLC06/27/19
Act 20-2012Geoconsult Inc.05/06/16
Act 20-2012Geodesic Energy LLC05/17/18
Act 22-2012Georganna Drayton Hildebrand04/28/16
Act 22-2012George A. Azar04/28/16
Act 22-2012George Arau08/10/15
Act 14-2017George Arzeno10/03/19
Act 22-2012George Burguillos10/29/13
Act 22-2012George E. Engstrom01/25/18
Act 22-2012George Fotiu12/20/19
Act 22-2012George Gorton06/14/16
Act 22-2012George L. Cruz12/18/18
Act 22-2012George Lambeth09/11/18
Act 22-2012George M. Lind Jr.05/09/18
Act 22-2012George Mark Kaltner05/31/18
Act 22-2012George Mendez09/11/18
Act 22-2012George P. Jackson10/29/13
Act 22-2012George Saber10/19/18
Act 22-2012George Sadowski10/19/18
Act 14-2017George Venero03/29/19
Act 22-2012Georgi Dimitrov08/29/18
Act 22-2012Gerald Duane Peterson08/21/17
Act 22-2012Gerald Hoffman11/10/14
Act 14-2017Gerald Marin03/29/19
Act 22-2012Gerald Smith11/13/14
Act 14-2017Geraldine Batista07/22/19
Act 14-2017Gerardo E. Latoni Benedetti03/12/18
Act 14-2017Gerardo E. Pérez Román04/02/18
Act 14-2017Gerardo J. Medina Cabán02/28/18
Act 14-2017Gerardo L. Alayón Anta01/24/18
Act 14-2017Gerardo L. Ortiz Lozano03/12/18
Act 14-2017Gerardo Miranda Comas09/29/19
Act 14-2017Gerardo Quevedo Bonilla02/22/18
Act 14-2017Gerardo Tosca07/22/19
Act 135-1998Gerber Products Company Of Puerto Rico11/7/2001
Act 73-2008Gerencia Y Administracion De Proyectos Exentos Cic Una División De Cic Construction Group LLC10/28/2014
Act 14-2017Gerhardt Rivera Gregorio06/05/18
Act 22-2012Germaine Rodriguez11/07/13
Act 14-2017Germaine Rodriguez Ferrer01/24/18
Act 14-2017Germán Chaves Muñoz12/28/17
Act 14-2017German Gonzalez Yanes04/19/18
Act 20-2012Germinate LLC04/29/15
Act 14-2017Gerryanne Ramos Suárez02/09/18
Act 14-2017Gerson E Alvarez Díaz03/12/18
Act 20-2012Geru LLC04/08/13
Act 20-2012Geru LLC10/28/14
Act 20-2012Gfr Media, LLC06/30/16
Act 135-1998GFR Media, LLC (El Dia, Inc.)9/10/2008
Act 20-2012Gfr Services, Inc.06/28/18
Act 20-2012Ghc Executive Consulting LLC12/24/19
Act 27-2011Ghost office, LLC - The Babymoon06/30/15
Act 20-2012Ghost Tree Capital Pr, LLC06/04/18
Act 14-2017Giancarlo Luigi09/29/19
Act 14-2017Giannina Coppola Fasick06/06/19
Act 22-2012Gianpaolo Ciancimino06/01/19
Act 14-2017Gil Nieves02/18/19
Act 135-1998Gil Pharmaceutical Corp2/11/2003
Act 14-2017Gilberto A Franceschini Barreto04/19/18
Act 14-2017Gilberto A Solivan Acosta05/14/18
Act 14-2017Gilberto Baez Rios12/24/18
Act 14-2017Gilberto J Mendoza Villahermosa05/03/18
Act 14-2017Gilberto Oliveras Soto03/27/18
Act 14-2017Gilberto Rivera Gautier03/23/18
Act 14-2017Gilberto Rodriguez Morales05/03/18
Act 14-2017Gilberto Ruiz Deya12/28/17
Act 14-2017Gilberto Vazquez12/16/19
Act 14-2017Gilberto Vilá-Arroyo07/22/19
Act 22-2012Gillian Morris11/19/19
Act 135-1998Gina Exports, Inc.8/19/2004
Act 27-2011Gina Y, LLC - Gina Y06/30/20
Act 14-2017Ginés A. Martínez Mangual02/28/18
Act 22-2012Gino Paolo Rossi Obregon11/13/17
Act 20-2012Gintegra Group Tgg International LLC01/16/19
Act 22-2012Giorgio A Santerini01/27/19
Act 14-2017Giovanni Casillas Murphy03/12/18
Act 22-2012Giovanni Miguel Suarez-Morales08/18/17
Act 22-2012Giovanni Puma11/16/16
Act 14-2017Giovanni Ramirez10/03/19
Act 14-2017Giovanni Veloz Irizarry06/30/19
Act 135-1998Girard Manufacturing, Inc.7/16/2009
Act 14-2017Gisela Maldonado Morales03/23/18
Act 14-2017Gisela Murray Ortiz12/28/17
Act 14-2017Gisela Negrín García04/19/18
Act 14-2017Gisela Puig Carrion05/07/19
Act 14-2017Giselle Gonzalez Martinez04/19/18
Act 22-2012Giselle M. Bonet Alfonzo08/04/15
Act 14-2017Giselle Marrero Clemente03/27/18
Act 14-2017Giselle Suárez Irizarry02/28/18
Act 14-2017Gishlaine Del Carmen Alfonso Méndez03/23/18
Act 73-2008Gk Pharmaceuticals Contract Manufacturing Operations "Gk-Cmo" LLC6/19/2019
Act 27-2011Gladius, LLC - Animated Tales of Phoebe & Luna06/30/17
Act 27-2011Gladius, LLC - Bulldogs & Treats06/30/16
Act 27-2011Gladius, LLC - Fantonville06/30/19
Act 27-2011Gladius, LLC - Hotel Paraiso06/30/19
Act 27-2011Gladius, LLC - Hotel Paraíso06/30/17
Act 14-2017Gladys A. Ramos Maldonado12/28/17
Act 14-2017Gladys M. Irizarry12/20/17
Act 14-2017Gladys Perez Kraft02/03/19
Act 20-2012Glass Earth Holdings, LLC06/01/19
Act 135-1998Glass Solutions, Corp.4/7/2006
Act 135-1998Glasstra Aluminum, Inc.12/27/2007
Act 135-1998Glasstra Manufacturing7/29/2008
Act 73-2008Glasstra Manufacturing Inc10/8/2019
Act 135-1998Glasstra Manufacturing, Inc12/9/2002
Act 22-2012Glen Adams07/10/17
Act 14-2017Glenda Gonzalez Claudio04/13/19
Act 14-2017Glenda M Miranda Tirado06/05/18
Act 14-2017Glenda Martinez Santiago05/23/19
Act 14-2017Glenn Garayalde05/19/19
Act 22-2012Glenn Houser06/12/17
Act 20-2012Global Aviation Solutions LLC10/23/19
Act 135-1998Global Bakery Corp10/16/2008
Act 20-2012Global Business Association Corp.06/15/15
Act 20-2012Global Capital Consulting LLC06/27/19
Act 20-2012Global Car Trading, Inc.02/09/17
Act 20-2012Global Compass LLC12/24/19
Act 83-2010Global Energy Services (GES) Puerto Rico, Inc.1/18/2012
Act 20-2012Global Entropy LLC05/09/17
Act 20-2012Global Flavors LLC12/27/16
Act 20-2012Global Funds Management Corp.08/01/17
Act 20-2012Global Intermodal Equipment Services Corp09/28/18
Act 20-2012Global Investor Academy LLC06/30/19
Act 20-2012Global Litigation Consulting Services06/01/19
Act 20-2012Global Lounge Network Holding LLC10/03/16
Act 20-2012Global Management LLC12/21/15
Act 20-2012Global Management Services P.R., LLC06/21/16
Act 73-2008Global Manufacturing, LLC9/30/2013
Act 20-2012Global Marketing Organization, LLC04/05/16
Act 20-2012Global Mobility LLC08/10/18
Act 20-2012Global Outsourcing Services, LLC12/22/14
Act 20-2012Global Patent Group, LLC02/23/18
Act 73-2008Global Precision Systems, LLC7/3/2012
Act 20-2012Global Prime Media, LLC11/07/13
Act 135-1998Global Rainmakers, Inc.9/24/2009
Act 73-2008Global Rainmakers, Inc.3/19/2012
Act 20-2012Global Technologies, LLC05/09/18
Act 73-2008Global Tek Manufacturing5/13/2016
Act 20-2012Global Trade & Energy Limited Liability Company01/25/18
Act 20-2012Global Trade Services LLC12/11/18
Act 20-2012Global Training Solutions, LLC03/07/19
Act 73-2008Global Turn Key Services,Inc.6/2/2010
Act 20-2012Global-Tek-Manufacturing LLC05/13/16
Act 20-2012Globalnep, LLC02/23/18
Act 135-1998Globalstar Caribbean Ltd2/15/2018
Act 135-1998Globalstar Caribbean Ltd.8/20/1999
Act 14-2017Gloria E Colon Gonzalez02/09/18
Act 8-1987Gloria Guarch Fonda8/19/2010
Act 14-2017Gloria Leavitt Caraballo01/24/18
Act 14-2017Gloria M. Rodríguez Vega02/09/18
Act 14-2017Gloria M. Suau Sanchidrian01/24/18
Act 14-2017Gloria R. Jové Gotay03/12/18
Act 14-2017Gloria Ramos06/21/19
Act 14-2017Gloria Soto01/13/19
Act 14-2017Glorilee Delgado11/02/19
Act 14-2017Glorimar Matta Rodriguez05/03/18
Act 14-2017Glorimar Santos10/03/19
Act 14-2017Glorydela Valle Marin05/17/18
Act 14-2017Glorymar Ortiz-Cordero10/03/19
Act 14-2017Glyced Flores De Jesús12/28/17
Act 73-2008Gm Security Technologies, Inc.2/27/2015
Act 20-2012Gn Trading LLC09/28/18
Act 20-2012Gnp-Pr LLC01/27/19
Act 20-2012Goat LLC10/27/19
Act 20-2012Gold Coast Consulting LLC12/15/14
Act 20-2012Goldbrook Advisory Pr LLC04/12/19
Act 20-2012Golden Egg Publishing LLC05/17/18
Act 135-1998Gomas Importadores América, LLC9/27/2010
Act 22-2012Goncal Bonmatí Blasi01/09/19
Act 73-2008Google Puerto Rico, LLC4/24/2017
Act 73-2008Gopanza, LLC11/13/2019
Act 22-2012Gordon Holmes02/06/14
Act 14-2017Gory Ballester Ortiz01/24/18
Act 20-2012Gourmet Innovations North America LLC12/15/19
Act 27-2011Goya, Corp - Quality Control Mesas Goya06/30/18
Act 73-2008Gp Metal, LLC8/13/2010
Act 135-1998Gpi General Procurement Of Puerto Rico, Inc.11/17/2006
Act 20-2012Gpi Global, Inc07/19/18
Act 20-2012Gpi Puerto Rico, LLC10/10/14
Act 20-2012Gpk Group, LLC12/04/17
Act 20-2012Gpml, LLC10/22/19
Act 83-2010Gptech Puerto Rico LLC6/26/2015
Act 14-2017Grace Cardona04/19/18
Act 14-2017Grace J Pagan Collazo06/05/18
Act 22-2012Grace Lay02/06/15
Act 14-2017Graciany Miranda08/07/19
Act 14-2017Graciela Latalladi Ortega12/28/17
Act 14-2017Graciela Rivera Castro05/23/19
Act 22-2012Graham Byers03/21/19
Act 135-1998Granossa Corporation9/7/2005
Act 22-2012Grant Eriksen12/19/16
Act 22-2012Granville Hays04/11/17
Act 135-1998Graphic Arts Printing, Inc.2/6/2006
Act 135-1998Graphic Print & Design6/5/2001
Act 73-2008Graphic Print & Design Corp.6/28/2018
Act 135-1998Graphic Print & Design, Corp.4/23/2010
Act 135-1998Grawil Precast Manufacturers, Inc.1/23/2004
Act 20-2012Gray Point LLC12/15/19
Act 20-2012Grayarrow LLC10/05/18
Act 73-2008Great Bay Energy, Inc.5/6/2011
Act 20-2012Great Bay Global, LLC04/10/18
Act 20-2012Great Bay Horizon, LLC04/10/18
Act 135-1998Great Look Puerto Rico3/13/2002
Act 14-2017Greduvel Durán Guzmán12/28/17
Act 20-2012Green Coast Consulting LLC05/17/18
Act 73-2008Green Corr Packaging Solutions, LLC12/23/2013
Act 20-2012Green Diesel & Electric LLC07/01/16
Act 83-2010Green Energy and Fuels, Inc.1/28/2015
Act 83-2010Green Energy For All LLC10/26/2017
Act 135-1998Green Hill Pharmacal5/16/2001
Act 20-2012Green Holdings, LLC09/29/19
Act 73-2008Green International Corp5/25/2018
Act 20-2012Green Mill Supercritical LLC01/08/18
Act 135-1998Green Pack Of Puerto Rico, Inc.3/9/2004
Act 73-2008Green Recycling Solutions, LLC2/13/2017
Act 73-2008Green Road Studio LLC7/12/2018
Act 83-2010Green Solar (Maximo Solar Industries)9/30/2013
Act 73-2008Green Tire Recycle, Inc.11/13/2017
Act 73-2008Green Windows Corp7/8/2013
Act 20-2012Greenleaf LLC12/04/17
Act 20-2012Greenlee Management Group LLC01/18/19
Act 20-2012Greenwich Global Capital Management LLC12/15/19
Act 135-1998Greetings Plus Inc2/9/2006
Act 20-2012Greg Jones Law LLC04/27/16
Act 22-2012Gregg Rosenthal11/10/14
Act 22-2012Gregory Boyd12/14/15
Act 22-2012Gregory Callender04/27/16
Act 22-2012Gregory Corson Powel06/21/16
Act 22-2012Gregory D. Nakagawa08/15/16
Act 22-2012Gregory Dumanian02/27/17
Act 22-2012Gregory E. Davidson01/30/15
Act 22-2012Gregory H. Schub10/28/14
Act 22-2012Gregory H. Wolf10/07/13
Act 22-2012Gregory Jones11/05/15
Act 20-2012Gregory L Coelho LLC01/10/19
Act 22-2012Gregory Lee Pabich06/12/17
Act 22-2012Gregory Moress01/26/18
Act 22-2012Gregory Quinn Carrady07/30/13
Act 22-2012Gregory Vandegrift01/31/18
Act 20-2012Greiner Group LLC01/10/19
Act 22-2012Gretchen Huijskens09/21/18
Act 14-2017Gretchen Otero02/18/19
Act 14-2017Gretchen Quiñones Barbosa03/23/18
Act 14-2017Gretchen Rivera Monserrate05/14/18
Act 14-2017Grimanessa Cruz Cabañas03/23/18
Act 20-2012Grimm Reaper Information Technology Pr LLC04/17/18
Act 14-2017Grisel M. Pedraza Rosa01/26/18
Act 14-2017Griselle Pastrana11/17/19
Act 14-2017Grisselle Perez Santiago03/03/19
Act 73-2008Grocery Exporters, Inc.3/19/2012
Act 20-2012Grover Capital Management LLC06/04/18
Act 20-2012Grs Pr Holdings LLC08/04/16
Act 20-2012Grupo Geoestructural Puerto Rico LLC04/03/18
Act 73-2008Grupo Manufacturero Vazquez Inc.6/1/2010
Act 73-2008Grupo Novus, Inc. ? Bakers Dr, LLC6/11/2012
Act 20-2012Grupo Oricteropo Tropical LLC08/31/17
Act 20-2012Grupo Silva, Inc.05/09/18
Act 83-2010Gs Fajardo Solar LLC12/12/2017
Act 20-2012Gslp - Pr, LLC11/06/18
Act 20-2012Gsm Pr Inc11/15/19
Act 135-1998Gt Corp4/23/2003
Act 8-1987Gt Corporation6/6/2002
Act 20-2012Gt Trading Pr LLC06/26/19
Act 14-2017Guadalupe Santiago Santiago06/05/18
Act 22-2012Gualberto Diaz Jr.07/10/17
Act 83-2010Guayama Solar Energy, LLC1/18/2012
Act 83-2010Guayama Solar Farm Corporation6/26/2013
Act 20-2012Guaynaa Records LLC10/07/19
Act 135-1998Guaynabo Recycling Corporation4/27/2004
Act 135-1998Guex Tooling, Inc.12/11/2008
Act 135-1998Guf Treating Inc3/26/2009
Act 73-2008Guidant Puerto Rico Bv12/28/2012
Act 135-1998Guidant Puerto Rico, Inc.10/7/2003
Act 14-2017Guillermo Armaiz Aponte02/09/18
Act 14-2017Guillermo Bolaños Avila03/23/18
Act 14-2017Guillermo F Campos Silva06/13/18
Act 14-2017Guillermo H. Jordan Díaz03/12/18
Act 14-2017Guillermo J Aguilo Ramos07/17/18
Act 22-2012Guillermo J Bravo05/02/19
Act 22-2012Guillermo López Suarez02/27/17
Act 14-2017Guillermo Ponce05/23/19
Act 14-2017Guillermo Rivera Colón03/12/18
Act 22-2012Guillermo Rodriguez07/14/16
Act 14-2017Guillermo Villarmarzo07/17/18
Act 22-2012Guiseppe (Joseph) Stella04/02/14
Act 135-1998Gulbrandsen Puerto Rico1/21/2003
Act 73-2008Gulbrandsen Puerto Rico, Inc.3/11/2013
Act 135-1998Gulf Treating Inc.3/4/2019
Act 135-1998Gulf Treating, Inc.7/12/2012
Act 135-1998Gurabo Aluminum Sales Corp.8/12/2003
Act 14-2017Gustavo A. Hernández Maldonado02/22/18
Act 14-2017Gustavo Cedeno08/27/19
Act 14-2017Gustavo Cruzado Ramos12/28/17
Act 14-2017Gustavo E Bello Rojas06/05/18
Act 14-2017Gustavo Fadhel12/13/18
Act 14-2017Gustavo Fors Rodriguez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Gustavo Gonzalez11/02/19
Act 22-2012Gustavo H. Castellano12/13/18
Act 22-2012Gustavo I. Parapar06/01/19
Act 14-2017Gustavo J. Almodovar Mercado12/20/17
Act 14-2017Gustavo Melero Gigante12/16/19
Act 83-2010Gustavo Toledo Y Elia De Jesús10/25/2016
Act 22-2012Guy Gentile Nigro06/12/17
Act 20-2012Gvl Holdings, LLC12/30/16
Act 135-1998Gvt Realty, LLC3/28/2008
Act 20-2012Gw Capital Management, LLC03/04/15
Act 20-2012Gym Launch Pr LLC04/17/18
Act 73-2008H & Y Network LLC10/27/2010
Act 135-1998H.N. Aluminum1/28/2002
Act 20-2012Haga Group Corp12/29/16
Act 73-2008Halcon Baker, Inc.7/13/2010
Act 20-2012Hallman Industries LLC11/18/18
Act 135-1998Hambleton Group Co.1/31/2002
Act 135-1998Hambleton Group Companies, Inc.8/25/2011
Act 22-2012Hamed R. Wardak06/10/15
Act 14-2017Hamed Santaella Bonano06/05/18
Act 20-2012Hamilton Consulting LLC03/10/19
Act 135-1998Hamilton Sundstrand De Puerto Rico, Inc.9/28/2000
Act 73-2008Hamilton Sundstrand De Puerto Rico, Inc.6/10/2014
Act 20-2012Hamilton Sundstrand De Puerto Rico, Inc.06/12/17
Act 22-2012Hamin Abdullah04/02/14
Act 20-2012Hammertime, LLC09/23/19
Act 135-1998Hammond Electronics2/19/2002
Act 20-2012Hampton Social International LLC04/10/18
Act 135-1998Hanes Menswear Puerto Rico, Inc. / Hanes Menswear, LLC / (Previous: Hanes Menswear, Inc.)8/21/2000
Act 22-2012Hanie C. Allen09/26/16
Act 22-2012Hanif Roshan10/28/14
Act 22-2012Hanna Toro07/30/13
Act 22-2012Hannah Yarbrough05/02/19
Act 14-2017Hanney M Cordero Gonzalez06/05/18
Act 14-2017Hans Mangual Gutierrez03/12/18
Act 20-2012Hansen Advisory, LLC06/22/19
Act 22-2012Hao Sun11/10/14
Act 73-2008Happy Products, Inc.5/30/2012
Act 22-2012Happy Walters05/23/18
Act 135-1998Harbor Bunkering Corporation6/7/2005
Act 20-2012Hard Asset Management Inc.08/28/17
Act 20-2012Hardware Plus Export LLC09/10/18
Act 20-2012Hardwood Authentics LLC09/09/14
Act 22-2012Hari R Surapaneni12/16/18
Act 22-2012Hari S. Agarwal06/27/13
Act 20-2012Harleigh Global Strategies LLC05/17/18
Act 14-2017Harley Arraut Ramírez03/23/18
Act 20-2012Harmoney Services LLC05/27/19
Act 22-2012Harold Bendell04/05/16
Act 22-2012Harold E. Cohn01/30/15
Act 22-2012Harold Hildebrand04/28/16
Act 14-2017Harold Stoddard04/03/19
Act 73-2008Harris Paints Corp12/31/2012
Act 135-1998Harris Paints Corp.1/25/2007
Act 22-2012Harrison Murphy11/18/18
Act 22-2012Harry Dent07/10/17
Act 22-2012Harry E. Russell09/13/17
Act 22-2012Harry Hatzis08/16/16
Act 22-2012Harry Kuo02/26/18
Act 22-2012Harry M Markopolos05/02/19
Act 14-2017Harry R. Alverio Rodriguez12/20/17
Act 14-2017Harry Rodríguez Mcdougall12/28/17
Act 22-2012Harsh Patel04/07/19
Act 14-2017Harynoll De La Paz López04/02/18
Act 135-1998Hastings Shoes Company, Inc.6/16/2005
Act 135-1998Hatillo Paper Board Corp5/2/2002
Act 73-2008Hato Rey Plastics, Inc.3/28/2016
Act 20-2012Haven Services Inc.04/07/19
Act 20-2012Havencrest Capital, Inc.09/06/16
Act 20-2012Hayim Group, LLC09/22/15
Act 20-2012Hayim Holding LLC12/24/19
Act 20-2012Haze Creative LLC10/04/19
Act 14-2017Hazel Merced12/04/19
Act 20-2012Hb Automotive Consulting07/11/16
Act 20-2012Hb Management & Consulting Group Inc05/31/18
Act 83-2010Hd Hatillo Solar One, LLC2/23/2016
Act 20-2012Health & Wellness Network of The Americas, D/B/A Pr Usa Health10/23/15
Act 73-2008Health Computer Systems, Inc.3/24/2011
Act 20-2012Health Secret LLC09/28/18
Act 20-2012Healthx offers LLC05/09/18
Act 20-2012Hear This Music LLC11/18/18
Act 22-2012Heather Davidson08/10/18
Act 22-2012Heather L Erskine05/04/19
Act 22-2012Heather Lynn Goeddel-Willis04/28/16
Act 22-2012Heather O'Brien09/02/14
Act 22-2012Heather Simon11/18/18
Act 22-2012Heather Williams Avior12/17/15
Act 14-2017Héctor A. García Marrero01/26/18
Act 14-2017Hector A. Vargas Soto02/09/18
Act 14-2017Hector Banchs07/17/19
Act 14-2017Hector Banchs10/03/19
Act 14-2017Hector Berrios10/03/19
Act 14-2017Hector Caban Vega05/02/19
Act 14-2017Hector Cardona Doble10/03/19
Act 135-1998Hector Caro Wooden Pallets, Inc.10/11/2001
Act 14-2017Hector Claudio11/04/19
Act 14-2017Hector Cott05/02/19
Act 14-2017Héctor D. Pagán Marrero03/27/18
Act 14-2017Hector De Jesus09/29/19
Act 14-2017Héctor Delucca Jimenez12/20/17
Act 14-2017Héctor Díaz Pinto03/23/18
Act 14-2017Hector F Lopez Perez05/03/18
Act 135-1998Héctor Figueroa Sports10/16/2001
Act 14-2017Héctor I. Rodríguez David04/19/18
Act 14-2017Hector Ibanez06/27/19
Act 14-2017Héctor Ibañez Pabón02/28/18
Act 14-2017Hector Irizarry11/17/19
Act 14-2017Hector J Colombany Lorenzo06/05/18
Act 14-2017Hector J Rodriguez Millayes04/19/18
Act 14-2017Héctor J. Martínez González04/19/18
Act 14-2017Héctor J. Villarubia Ramírez03/23/18
Act 14-2017Hector Juarbe Malave05/14/18
Act 14-2017Hector L Flores Almodo06/13/18
Act 14-2017Héctor L. López Huertas01/24/18
Act 14-2017Héctor L. Lozano Ruiz04/19/18
Act 14-2017Hector Luis Rivera Rivera07/10/18
Act 14-2017Hector Luis Sanchez Rivera04/19/18
Act 14-2017Hector M Santini Olivieri04/05/18
Act 135-1998Héctor M Vega Morera8/11/2003
Act 14-2017Héctor M. Cordero Jiménez03/12/18
Act 14-2017Hector M. Cortes Santos01/26/18
Act 14-2017Héctor M. García Hernández12/28/17
Act 14-2017Héctor M. Mayol Del Valle12/28/17
Act 14-2017Héctor M. Ortíz Valladares03/23/18
Act 14-2017Hector Melendez07/03/19
Act 14-2017Hector Méndez Rivera07/14/19
Act 14-2017Héctor Miguel Alonso Serra08/20/18
Act 14-2017Hector Moreno Fuentes06/22/19
Act 14-2017Héctor Nater Prieto03/23/18
Act 14-2017Hector Ortiz Martinez03/04/19
Act 14-2017Héctor Pagán Torres12/28/17
Act 14-2017Hector Perez Arroyo06/13/18
Act 14-2017Hector R Maymi Muñoz06/05/18
Act 14-2017Héctor R. León Figueroa02/22/18
Act 14-2017Héctor R. Silva Rivera02/22/18
Act 14-2017Hector Ramos Fuentes12/20/17
Act 14-2017Héctor Rivera Maldonado01/24/18
Act 14-2017Hector Rodríguez10/03/19
Act 14-2017Héctor Rodríguez Blázquez02/09/18
Act 14-2017Hector Rosado Toledo06/13/18
Act 14-2017Hector Rosario Reyes04/13/19
Act 14-2017Héctor S. Miranda Delgado02/28/18
Act 14-2017Hector Santiago09/29/19
Act 14-2017Hector Santiago Gonzalez11/16/19
Act 14-2017Hector Toro02/03/19
Act 14-2017Hector Torres Perez12/20/17
Act 14-2017Hector Velez Cortez09/09/19
Act 22-2012Hedva Goldberg07/30/13
Act 14-2017Heidi Ayala Cardona02/28/18
Act 22-2012Heidi Shroff11/24/18
Act 14-2017Heidy M. Rodríguez Hernández12/28/17
Act 135-1998Heineken Caribbean, Inc.5/11/2005
Act 14-2017Helder O. Hernández Rivera03/27/18
Act 14-2017Helga Rodriguez08/11/19
Act 22-2012Helio Souza Liberman05/23/18
Act 22-2012Heliodor Ioan Jalba05/09/18
Act 14-2017Helios A. Zeno Hernández02/22/18
Act 20-2012Helix Technology Solutions, LLC04/29/15
Act 20-2012Helix, LLC11/30/18
Act 20-2012Hello Roi Services LLC12/21/18
Act 135-1998Helvetia Del Caribe, Inc10/23/2002
Act 73-2008Helvetia Del Caribe, Inc.7/8/2013
Act 22-2012Hemant Shah11/17/19
Act 14-2017Hendrick Pagan Torres04/13/19
Act 135-1998Henframar Corp8/11/2008
Act 135-1998Henframar Corporation2/11/2003
Act 73-2008Henkel Puerto Rico, Inc.12/1/2014
Act 135-1998Henkel Puerto Rico, Inc. (Loctite Puerto Rico)7/3/2001
Act 22-2012Henok Z. Tekle05/09/18
Act 14-2017Henry Antonio Zerpa Sánchez02/28/18
Act 14-2017Henry Catala Zayas12/28/17
Act 14-2017Henry De Jesus De La Cruz01/27/19
Act 14-2017Henry Díaz Díaz03/27/18
Act 14-2017Henry Gonzalez Rivera12/20/17
Act 22-2012Henry Rodríguez03/31/15
Act 14-2017Henry Rodriguez Ginorio12/24/18
Act 22-2012Henry Y Hsu06/01/19
Act 135-1998Hera Printing Corp1/16/2003
Act 73-2008Hera Printing Corp.8/8/2013
Act 135-1998Heraeus Noblelighth De Puerto Rico, Inc. (I.S. Technology De Puerto Rico, Inc.)3/31/1999
Act 73-2008Heraus Medical Components, Inc.10/27/2010
Act 135-1998Herba De Puerto Rico LLC3/1/2007
Act 135-1998Herbal Manufacturing Group8/8/2003
Act 14-2017Herbert A. Rivera Rivera03/12/18
Act 20-2012Hercules LLC01/10/19
Act 14-2017Heriberto A. Acosta Vélez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Heriberto A. Sánchez Guzmán03/12/18
Act 14-2017Heriberto Barreto11/17/19
Act 14-2017Heriberto Casanova Rodríguez02/09/18
Act 14-2017Heriberto Martínez Lebrón03/25/19
Act 14-2017Heriberto Pagan Saez12/17/18
Act 73-2008Heritage Environmental Services Pr LLC8/26/2009
Act 14-2017Herminio J Olivero Lopez07/17/18
Act 14-2017Herminio Velez Rodriguez06/20/18
Act 135-1998Hernan Baez Lugo12/7/2007
Act 135-1998Hernan Baez Lugo2/19/2008
Act 14-2017Hernan Cruz Sanchez06/13/18
Act 14-2017Hernan Gonzalez Monroig09/09/19
Act 20-2012Hernandez-Bauza, Psc, Architects01/16/19
Act 135-1998Hershey Puerto Rico3/18/2003
Act 135-1998Hershey Puerto Rico, Inc.7/18/2006
Act 20-2012Hewitt Associates Caribe, Inc.12/13/16
Act 135-1998Hewlett Packard Caribbean Mfg Bv LLC/Hewlett Packard Caribe Bv LLC/ Hewlett Packard Technology Center, Inc.11/2/2007
Act 135-1998Hewlett Packard Caribe Bv, LLC 5/22/2006
Act 135-1998Hewlett Packard Puerto Rico, B.V.2/20/2007
Act 135-1998Hewlett Packard West Indies Limited3/16/2004
Act 135-1998Hewlett-Packard Caribe B.V., LLC (Puerto Rico Branch)11/2/2007
Act 73-2008Hi Tec Prosthetic Inc5/4/2011
Act 135-1998Hi-Tec Brake Manufacturing9/12/2008
Act 135-1998Hi-Tec Brake Manufacturing Co4/29/2019
Act 135-1998Hi-Tec Brake Manufacturing Co., Inc.12/31/2004
Act 73-2008Hi-Tec Brakes Manufacturing Co, Inc.1/30/2015
Act 73-2008Hibuscus Properties, Inc10/19/2015
Act 20-2012Hidden Technologies Inc.01/25/18
Act 20-2012Highbrow Tek, LLC01/30/15
Act 20-2012Highland Energy Puerto Rico, LLC05/30/12
Act 14-2017Hilda N. Lopez Flores12/20/17
Act 22-2012Hilda Rosales06/17/15
Act 14-2017Hildamarie Justiniano García12/28/17
Act 14-2017Hildamary Díaz Rozett02/22/18
Act 22-2012Hillary Dawn Kulick07/19/18
Act 135-1998Hilton Engineering1/28/2002
Act 14-2017Hilton Franqui Rivera12/20/17
Act 20-2012Hima Health, LLC04/11/19
Act 14-2017Hiram D. Ortega Cruz02/09/18
Act 14-2017Hiram Luigi09/29/19
Act 14-2017Hiram Malaret Gonzalez06/05/18
Act 14-2017Hiram Quinones Ferrer02/22/18
Act 14-2017Hiram Rivera Luna02/09/18
Act 14-2017Hiram Rodriguez Torres11/04/19
Act 14-2017Hiram Ruiz Santiago02/09/18
Act 14-2017Hiram Soler Bernardini02/28/18
Act 14-2017Hiram Vega Ayoroa03/12/18
Act 20-2012Hit Intelligence, LLC12/21/16
Act 20-2012Hlca, LLC05/09/18
Act 20-2012Hmg Management Corp12/09/18
Act 20-2012Hnt Marketing,LLC06/14/18
Act 135-1998Hojalatería Hipólito Rosa Inc.9/10/2015
Act 135-1998Hojalateria Hipolito Rosa, Inc.2/16/2006
Act 20-2012Holder Partners, LLC03/26/14
Act 22-2012Holli Arberman07/30/13
Act 135-1998Hollow Core Slabs Of Pr Corp.9/26/2007
Act 135-1998Holsum De Puerto Rico, Inc.4/12/2007
Act 73-2008Holsum De Puerto Rico, Inc.11/26/2014
Act 27-2011Hombres de Cuello Blanco,LLC - Hombres de Cuello Blanco06/30/20
Act 135-1998Homeca Recycling Center Co.2/9/2006
Act 22-2012Homero F Meruelo07/13/16
Act 135-1998Hon-Made Furniture Mfg12/1/2003
Act 20-2012Honey Badger LLC05/17/18
Act 20-2012Honeybadgerpr LLC02/23/18
Act 135-1998Honeywell Aerospace De Puerto Rico, Inc.5/10/2007
Act 73-2008Honeywell Aerospace De Puerto Rico, Inmc.6/16/2016
Act 73-2008Honeywell International, Inc.10/27/2010
Act 22-2012Hope Bank12/23/15
Act 14-2017Horacio F. Daubon Del Valle04/05/18
Act 14-2017Horacio M. Tous De Jesús03/23/18
Act 14-2017Horacio R. Colón Esteva12/28/17
Act 83-2010Horizon Energy, LLC4/11/2012
Act 135-1998Horizon Management Corp.10/14/2004
Act 20-2012Horizon Management Corporation08/08/16
Act 20-2012Horizon Trade Solutions, Inc.05/09/18
Act 135-1998Horizons International Manufacturing8/23/2001
Act 27-2011Hormiga Cinema, LLC - Angélica06/30/14
Act 20-2012Hoshen Capital LLC04/06/18
Act 135-1998Hossana Corporation4/26/2002
Act 73-2008Hossana Corporation11/20/2018
Act 14-2017Hostos Fernandez Caamaño02/03/19
Act 73-2008House of Hairle, Inc.1/10/2012
Act 20-2012Housekens Business Services LLC03/10/19
Act 20-2012Hoyos Labs Corp.02/06/13
Act 135-1998Hoyos, Inc.7/1/2004
Act 27-2011HPR Productions, LLC - Homeland06/30/13
Act 20-2012Hpx LLC12/17/18
Act 135-1998Hrm Global Investment Group8/1/2001
Act 83-2010Hsea Isla Solar I, LLC2/6/2014
Act 83-2010Hsea Isla Solar Iii, LLC7/27/2015
Act 20-2012Hub and Spoke LLC02/23/18
Act 73-2008Hubbell Caribe Limited5/6/2014
Act 135-1998Hubbell Caribe Limited(Harvey Hubbel)/Dual Lite Manufacturing, Inc.11/3/2000
Act 14-2017Hugo Martinez Rodriguez07/22/19
Act 73-2008Hugo Neu Americas Sa, LLC5/30/2012
Act 20-2012Huhy LLC10/28/19
Act 20-2012Humana Management Services of Puerto Rico, Inc.11/14/17
Act 14-2017Humberto Guiot Martínez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Humberto Guzman Perez05/07/19
Act 14-2017Humberto J. Muñoz Rodríguez03/07/18
Act 14-2017Humberto Lugo Vicente01/24/18
Act 14-2017Humberto M. Guzman Perez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Humberto Olivencia Rabell11/17/19
Act 14-2017Humberto Simonetti Jimenez12/20/17
Act 135-1998Humberto Ugobono Ale10/25/2010
Act 14-2017Humberto Vázquez Rivera12/28/17
Act 22-2012Hunter Shkolnik11/18/18
Act 20-2012Hurley Executive Management LLC07/16/19
Act 20-2012Hvac Consulting Solutions, LLC10/14/19
Act 20-2012Hypertext Data LLC03/28/16
Act 14-2017Hyrza M. Vázquez Rivera04/19/18
Act 20-2012Hytorc Caribbean LLC08/01/17
Act 73-2008I Care Medical, Inc.7/9/2012
Act 135-1998I.A.M. Of Puerto Rico, Inc.8/7/2008
Act 135-1998I.G. Recycling, Inc.4/26/2004
Act 20-2012I/O Automation of P.R. Inc.05/03/19
Act 14-2017Ian C. Marrero Amadeo12/20/17
Act 14-2017Ian K. Piovanetti Pérez01/26/18
Act 22-2012Ian M Robertson11/24/18
Act 14-2017Ian Padial01/06/19
Act 14-2017Ian R. Soto López03/23/18
Act 14-2017Ibsen Pérez Santini01/26/18
Act 135-1998Icb Manufacturing Co Inc.4/7/2017
Act 135-1998Icb Manufacturing, Co., Inc.7/31/2006
Act 73-2008Icc Manufacturing, Inc.9/8/2009
Act 73-2008Ici Paints (Puerto Rico), Inc.2/2/2010
Act 20-2012Icode Graphix LLC02/05/19
Act 20-2012Icon Capital LLC01/26/18
Act 20-2012Icq24 Inc08/15/17
Act 20-2012Ide International LLC11/18/18
Act 20-2012Ideal Practices LLC02/12/18
Act 20-2012Ideanovations Worldwide11/18/19
Act 14-2017Idelisa Lleras Santana05/03/19
Act 14-2017Idelvais Piñero11/16/19
Act 73-2008Identech, Inc.7/18/2013
Act 135-1998Idi Caribe, Inc.7/20/2006
Act 135-1998Idt Netherlands, Bv Y Spd Dutch Holdings10/22/2001
Act 73-2008Ifco Recycling Inc5/28/2019
Act 135-1998Ifco Recycling, Inc.3/16/2000
Act 20-2012Iffdc, LLC12/27/17
Act 20-2012Ifs Group Inc.12/16/14
Act 14-2017Ignacio Acevedo Sierra12/16/19
Act 14-2017Ignacio Enrique Gaztambide04/19/18
Act 14-2017Ignacio J. Jaca Montijo02/22/18
Act 14-2017Ignacio L. Pita Garcia12/20/17
Act 8-1987Ignacio Muñoz Guerra8/12/1997
Act 73-2008Ignacio Muñoz Guerra5/1/2014
Act 22-2012Igor Poluyko01/04/19
Act 73-2008Igpr, Inc.11/9/2009
Act 20-2012Igx Solutions Corp05/17/18
Act 22-2012Ilan Cohen10/07/13
Act 14-2017Ilean Lamboy-Hernández08/18/19
Act 14-2017Ilean Padua07/21/19
Act 14-2017Ileana Barrientos Sepulveda06/28/19
Act 14-2017Ileana Ocasio Melendez12/27/17
Act 14-2017Ileana Rivera03/06/19
Act 14-2017Ileana Sepulveda Villa04/19/18
Act 14-2017Ileana Vazquez12/09/19
Act 14-2017Iliana Alvarez Ramirez03/03/19
Act 14-2017Ilka Del Carmen Rios06/05/18
Act 135-1998Illumination Products5/18/2001
Act 135-1998Illumination Products, Inc.9/1/2011
Act 20-2012Ilp Distributors LLC08/27/18
Act 14-2017Ilsa J Nazario Rodriguez05/14/18
Act 20-2012Ilsa, LLC05/23/18
Act 20-2012Image Metrics LLC08/29/18
Act 20-2012Imaginations Soft, LLC09/09/14
Act 20-2012Imb Wealth Technology LLC03/26/18
Act 135-1998Imcs Holdings9/10/2003
Act 20-2012Immudyne Inc12/30/16
Act 20-2012Impacting Millions, LLC05/27/19
Act 73-2008Imprenta Cartagena11/15/2012
Act 73-2008Imprenta Llorens, Inc.2/26/2015
Act 135-1998Impresos Aponte, Inc.2/19/2004
Act 73-2008Impresos Aponte, Inc.9/12/2014
Act 135-1998Impresos Caribe8/18/2003
Act 135-1998Impresos Emmanuelli1/24/2003
Act 135-1998Impresos Emmanuelli, Inc.7/2/2014
Act 135-1998Impresos Quintana3/16/2004
Act 135-1998Impress Quality Business Forms, Inc.1/30/2003
Act 135-1998Impression Associates8/4/2003
Act 73-2008Impression Associates, Inc.8/12/2013
Act 73-2008Imprint, LLC8/18/2017
Act 27-2011Imprisoned, LLC - Imprisoned06/30/17
Act 20-2012Ims Integrated Management Solutions LLC04/11/17
Act 135-1998Imsa Caribbean4/8/2003
Act 20-2012Inbn Investments LLC12/15/19
Act 135-1998Inco Business Furniture Corp.3/19/2007
Act 20-2012Incruises International LLC12/09/18
Act 135-1998Indexa, Inc.2/6/2007
Act 135-1998Industrial Chemicals Corporation Y Puerto Rico Allum Corporation7/12/2005
Act 135-1998Industrial Manufacturing Sheet Metal, Corp8/13/2003
Act 73-2008Industrial Metal & Control, Inc.9/11/2009
Act 73-2008Industrial Nde Inspection Services, Corp12/11/2015
Act 135-1998Industrial Rubber & Mechanics, Inc12/22/1999
Act 73-2008Industrial Rubber & Mechanics, Inc.6/1/2011
Act 135-1998Industrias Decorativas De Pr2/12/2003
Act 135-1998Industrias Metalicas Marva, Inc.4/3/2006
Act 135-1998Industrias Vasallo9/15/2003
Act 20-2012Ineo Capital LLC12/24/19
Act 14-2017Inés Elena Garcia Garcia03/27/18
Act 14-2017Ines O. Esquilin Rivera02/09/18
Act 73-2008Infomedika, Inc.7/3/2012
Act 73-2008Infopaginas, Inc1/25/2018
Act 20-2012Infosys Bpo Limited04/20/15
Act 135-1998Infotech Aerospace Services, Inc.9/5/2003
Act 135-1998Ing. Erwing U. Rodríguez & Asociados7/10/2001
Act 22-2012Inge Skjelford02/12/19
Act 73-2008Ingeniador, LLC8/15/2017
Act 20-2012Ingenium International LLC10/11/18
Act 14-2017Ingrid J. Rámirez Díaz03/12/18
Act 14-2017Ingrid M. Ancalle 03/12/18
Act 14-2017Ingrid M. Negrón Valentín02/28/18
Act 14-2017Ingrid Mendez Zamora05/17/18
Act 135-1998Inland Paper Company4/19/2002
Act 135-1998Inmobiliaria M.G., Inc.2/1/2001
Act 135-1998Innova Trading, Corp.8/20/2007
Act 20-2012Innovation Ip, LLC02/26/18
Act 73-2008Innovative Business Process Solutions, LLC10/25/2019
Act 20-2012Innovative Ideas To Products Group, LLC (I22P)09/26/14
Act 73-2008Innovative Solutions, Inc.8/26/2009
Act 135-1998Inomax,Inc.8/29/2005
Act 135-1998Inpack Plastics3/14/2002
Act 20-2012Inpulse Media12/24/19
Act 20-2012Inr Solutions LLC01/27/19
Act 20-2012Inrico Corporation12/04/17
Act 20-2012Insight Managing Solutions Corp06/17/14
Act 20-2012Inspira Mental Health Management, Inc11/13/19
Act 135-1998Insular Wire Products Corp.8/26/2003
Act 135-1998Insular Wire Products Corporation12/8/2004
Act 135-1998Insulation Specialties Mfg. Inc9/24/2002
Act 20-2012Insultec LLC12/29/18
Act 73-2008Integra Ci, Inc.12/15/2016
Act 20-2012Integra Design Group Architects - Engineers Psc05/30/12
Act 135-1998Integra Neurosciences Pr4/24/2002
Act 20-2012Integral Business Processes LLC02/26/18
Act 20-2012Integrated Business Services LLC03/23/18
Act 20-2012Integrated Healthcare Services Organization, LLC12/30/16
Act 83-2010Integrated Solar Operations, LLC9/4/2013
Act 135-1998Integrated Solutions & Outsourcing Group, Inc.12/31/2008
Act 73-2008Integrated Solutions & Outsourcing Group, Inc.6/11/2012
Act 20-2012Integrated Solutions, LLC04/20/15
Act 20-2012Integrated Technology Edge Pr LLC02/26/18
Act 135-1998Integrated Waste Management4/10/2002
Act 20-2012Integration Business Alliance, LLC10/08/14
Act 135-1998Integration Technologies, Corp6/4/2010
Act 20-2012Intelcal Solutions Corp06/28/18
Act 20-2012Intelligent Data Services Inc03/16/17
Act 20-2012Intelligent System Support, LLC02/18/19
Act 135-1998Intelligroup9/6/2001
Act 73-2008Intelutions, Inc.4/11/2012
Act 20-2012Intent Logic LLC06/27/19
Act 27-2011Inter Americas Adv. Corp. - Goya Real Life Chefs06/30/16
Act 27-2011Inter Americas Adv. Corp. - Goya Seasoning Tour06/30/14
Act 27-2011Inter Americas Adv. Corp. - Sabores Tropicales06/30/15
Act 20-2012Inter-Strap Packaging LLC09/16/16
Act 135-1998Inter.-Island Ferry System Corp.12/31/2004
Act 20-2012Interamerican Sourcing P.R., LLC05/09/16
Act 273-2012Interbank International Corporation04/05/16
Act 135-1998Intercall Telecommunications & Integrated Services, Inc.11/12/2002
Act 20-2012Interconnecta.Com Inc.12/11/17
Act 20-2012Interlink Management Services, LLC11/05/19
Act 20-2012Interlynx Systems LLC01/21/16
Act 73-2008International Aireko Construction Management Inc.9/1/2010
Act 20-2012International Alternatives Pr LLC12/01/14
Act 135-1998International Business Computers, Inc.11/17/2006
Act 135-1998International Construction Solutions10/11/2001
Act 20-2012International Diagnostic Imaging Services LLC02/23/18
Act 20-2012International Edge Pr LLC02/13/18
Act 20-2012International Entertainment Group LLC05/25/18
Act 73-2008International Equipment Logistics, Inc.4/30/2010
Act 135-1998International Equipment Logistics, Inc. D/B/A Dana Leasing Systems5/21/2001
Act 20-2012International Global Services, LLC06/21/16
Act 135-1998International Innerspring Mfg Of Puerto Rico7/23/2002
Act 20-2012International Insurer'S Consulting Group Inc.05/03/19
Act 20-2012International Marketing and Sales LLC04/11/17
Act 20-2012International Mission Support, Inc.12/12/17
Act 135-1998International Plastic Process Corp4/14/2008
Act 20-2012International Power Brokers and Consultants LLC08/18/17
Act 27-2011International Production Services, LLC - Celia06/30/15
Act 27-2011International Production Services, LLC - Dennys06/30/14
Act 27-2011International Production Services, LLC - Dennys Countdown06/30/15
Act 27-2011International Production Services, LLC - Dennys Q1 201506/30/15
Act 27-2011International Production Services, LLC - Dennys UHS Q2 201406/30/14
Act 73-2008International Scientific A, Inc.7/9/2010
Act 135-1998International Specialty Products3/21/2003
Act 73-2008International Surveillance Services, Corp2/24/2012
Act 20-2012International Technical Services Inc.10/05/18
Act 73-2008International Technologies Marketing, Inc.12/26/2012
Act 20-2012Internationale Corporation06/01/16
Act 20-2012Internet Marketing Services02/13/18
Act 73-2008Internet Vision Development (INVID)8/16/2011
Act 20-2012Internet Vision Development (INVID) LLC08/29/18
Act 20-2012Interstaff LLC12/11/18
Act 20-2012Intervoice America LLC06/22/19
Act 20-2012Intrepid Entertainment Group LLC12/11/18
Act 20-2012Intricare, LLC12/23/13
Act 73-2008Inversiones Casa Grande, Inc6/26/2013
Act 135-1998Inversiones Colomar, Inc.7/31/2006
Act 135-1998Inversiones Del Caribe, Inc. D/B/A Epack6/6/2007
Act 20-2012Investco International Inc.12/16/15
Act 73-2008Invision Engineering Corp5/12/2015
Act 20-2012Invision Software, Inc.02/27/15
Act 14-2017Iona K. Malinow Maceo02/28/18
Act 73-2008Ipa Caribbean LLC7/8/2011
Act 135-1998Ipabe, Inc.1/13/2006
Act 135-1998Ipr Pharmaceuticals Inc12/29/2006
Act 73-2008Ipr Pharmaceuticals, Inc.4/13/2015
Act 135-1998Ir International Foods Enterprises2/11/2002
Act 20-2012Ira Lawyer Pr LLC12/24/19
Act 14-2017Iraida Del Río Rodríguez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Irelsy Rivera Velazquez10/03/19
Act 14-2017Irene Banuchi García02/28/18
Act 22-2012Irene Gallagher09/26/14
Act 14-2017Irene Villamil Sanchez10/03/19
Act 14-2017Iris A Acevedo Marty07/17/18
Act 14-2017Iris Delia Velázquez Gómez02/28/18
Act 14-2017Iris E. Rodríguez-Delgado01/26/18
Act 14-2017Iris R Cardona Gerena06/13/18
Act 22-2012Iris Suyapa Eldridge11/10/14
Act 14-2017Irivette Ojeda Padilla12/13/18
Act 14-2017Irma Alvarado Torres06/13/18
Act 14-2017Irma Dopazo12/13/18
Act 14-2017Irma Lorenzi Monatañez11/20/19
Act 14-2017Irma M. Vargas Ramos03/12/18
Act 14-2017Irma Molina05/07/19
Act 14-2017Irma Nydia Colón12/20/17
Act 14-2017Irma Rivera Diez06/05/18
Act 14-2017Irma Santos Sanchez12/15/19
Act 73-2008Iroko Pharmaceuticals Puerto Rico Corporation4/22/2016
Act 20-2012Ironhead Consulting LLC08/08/16
Act 83-2010Irradia Morovis, LLC11/3/2015
Act 14-2017Irvin Collado Rosas12/27/17
Act 20-2012Irw Concierge Services, LLC03/13/18
Act 22-2012Iryna Berkovich11/09/15
Act 22-2012Iryna Ivanova08/29/18
Act 22-2012Isaac A. Landaeta Vivas12/19/14
Act 22-2012Isaac A. Manke11/24/18
Act 22-2012Isaac Christian11/19/19
Act 73-2008Isaac Nieves Rios2/25/2015
Act 14-2017Isaac Ruiz Mercado03/04/19
Act 14-2017Isabel E. Cabrera Urrutia02/09/18
Act 22-2012Isabel López Sánchez06/30/14
Act 14-2017Isabel Matos Llovet06/05/18
Act 14-2017Isabel Ramírez De Arellano02/28/18
Act 14-2017Isabel Rodriguez12/23/18
Act 14-2017Isabel Rodriguez Candelario07/22/19
Act 14-2017Isabel Rutzen Lopez07/21/19
Act 22-2012Isaiah Martinez11/13/14
Act 22-2012Isak Fuzaylov08/18/17
Act 14-2017Isamuel Santos Roales05/24/19
Act 14-2017Isela Ortega08/04/19
Act 14-2017Isidoro Pintado Garcia06/05/18
Act 135-1998Isla Bonita Metals1/17/2003
Act 135-1998Isla Del Río, Inc.9/26/2002
Act 73-2008Isla Lab Caribbean, LLC8/17/2009
Act 73-2008Isla Pharmaceuticals, Inc.5/16/2019
Act 135-1998Isla Verde Brewing Company1/23/2003
Act 20-2012Isla Verde Marketing Group, LLC12/15/19
Act 20-2012Island Associates, LLC01/27/19
Act 135-1998Island Can Caribbean, Inc.7/12/2004
Act 73-2008Island Can Caribbean, Inc.7/9/2012
Act 135-1998Island Coil Corporation7/12/2004
Act 73-2008Island Coil Corporation7/9/2012
Act 20-2012Island Doctors Pr, LLC09/28/18
Act 20-2012Island Finance, LLC11/20/18
Act 20-2012Island Life LLC01/17/19
Act 135-1998Island Litho Corporation7/14/2004
Act 73-2008Island Litho Corporation7/9/2012
Act 20-2012Island LLC11/16/19
Act 20-2012Island Marketing Consultants LLC04/10/18
Act 20-2012Island Portfolio Services, LLC02/23/18
Act 20-2012Island Software, LLC06/16/14
Act 20-2012Island Technologies LLC05/31/18
Act 20-2012Island Vibez Management, LLC08/13/19
Act 20-2012Ism, LLC02/28/19
Act 14-2017Ismael Gonzalez Delgado04/19/18
Act 22-2012Ismael Melendez05/11/16
Act 14-2017Ismael Nicolás Colón Fernández05/17/18
Act 14-2017Ismael Ortiz03/29/19
Act 22-2012Ismael Pineiro01/26/18
Act 14-2017Ismael Toro Grajales04/05/18
Act 14-2017Ismael Valle11/02/19
Act 20-2012Isp Consulting Pr LLC07/03/18
Act 14-2017Israel Aviles03/26/19
Act 14-2017Israel Ayala Oliveras12/24/18
Act 22-2012Israel M Abramowitz01/27/19
Act 14-2017Israel Matias10/03/19
Act 22-2012Israel Navarro03/02/19
Act 22-2012Issam Faza12/16/19
Act 73-2008It Group Technology Consultants, Inc.12/31/2012
Act 273-2012Ita International Financial Services Corp05/31/18
Act 135-1998Italian Furniture6/14/2001
Act 135-1998Its Corporation (International Technical Services Corp)2/7/2007
Act 20-2012Iv Management Services, LLC08/27/18
Act 22-2012Ivan Barreto12/15/14
Act 14-2017Ivan Cerezo Faure12/27/17
Act 14-2017Ivan D Garcia Ramirez06/05/18
Act 14-2017Iván D. Antúnez González12/28/17
Act 14-2017Iván Enrique Laboy Ortiz04/19/18
Act 14-2017Ivan F Gonzalez Cancel06/05/18
Act 14-2017Ivan J Sosa Gonzalez06/05/18
Act 14-2017Iván López Valdés04/19/18
Act 14-2017Ivan Malaret Pol06/13/18
Act 14-2017Ivan N Suarez Irizarry03/12/18
Act 14-2017Ivan Perez Rivera07/03/19
Act 14-2017Ivan Ramirez05/07/19
Act 14-2017Ivan Ramirez11/04/19
Act 14-2017Ivan Ramos01/06/19
Act 14-2017Iván René Cardona Campos03/23/18
Act 14-2017Ivan Teron11/16/19
Act 14-2017Ivan Velez06/28/19
Act 22-2012Ivelisse Sanders05/09/18
Act 14-2017Ivelisse Y Sambolin Jessurun06/13/18
Act 14-2017Ivette Cruz Rivera12/28/17
Act 14-2017Ivette Franceschi01/31/19
Act 14-2017Ivette Resto02/09/19
Act 14-2017Ivette Sierra Espada05/26/19
Act 20-2012Ivireum Global LLC01/10/19
Act 22-2012Ivo Saric10/26/17
Act 14-2017Ivonne Arroyo03/06/19
Act 14-2017Ivonne Figueroa02/18/19
Act 14-2017Ivonne Fragoso Vazquez02/03/19
Act 14-2017Ivonne L. Ojeda Boscana10/19/19
Act 14-2017Ivonne Marquez04/04/19
Act 14-2017Ivonne Padilla Aquino06/05/18
Act 14-2017Ivonne Z. Jiménez Velázquez03/23/18
Act 22-2012Ivy E West10/05/19
Act 20-2012Iwolf Management LLC06/28/16
Act 14-2017Ixaira Colon Morales01/27/19
Act 20-2012J Lagos LLC01/31/19
Act 135-1998J Torres Wooden Pallets Recycling11/24/2003
Act 20-2012J U Puerto Rico Company10/26/15
Act 73-2008J. Torres Wooden Pallets Recycling, Inc.5/9/2018
Act 135-1998J.A. Maldonado & Associates, Inc.6/2/2005
Act 20-2012J.A. Walker - Associates LLC03/21/14
Act 135-1998J.A.C. Mfg, Inc.5/15/2003
Act 135-1998J.C.G. Foods, Inc.8/8/2005
Act 135-1998J.D. Industries, Inc.5/17/1999
Act 135-1998J.D. Industries, Inc.6/13/2007
Act 135-1998J.J. Trading Export, Corp.9/2/2004
Act 135-1998J.Leizán, Inc.4/27/2004
Act 135-1998J.R.M., Inc.12/20/2006
Act 20-2012J.W. Financial, LLC12/16/18
Act 20-2012J(Pg) Exports, LLC06/22/19
Act 73-2008J&G Management Corp12/23/2013
Act 20-2012J&K Media LLC08/18/19
Act 20-2012J&M Consultants LLC05/25/18
Act 20-2012J&R Decor Wholesale, Inc.11/15/16
Act 135-1998Jaac Holdings Corporation4/15/2005
Act 27-2011Jaaz Productions, LLC - Todo Por Amor06/30/20
Act 20-2012Jaba Engineers International, LLC02/23/18
Act 73-2008Jaca Y Sierra Testing Laboratories, Inc.5/30/2012
Act 73-2008Jacarandas Investment Corp10/31/2019
Act 20-2012Jace LLC06/22/19
Act 20-2012Jaci Pr LLC01/31/19
Act 22-2012Jack J Wolbert03/10/19
Act 22-2012Jack L. Lane10/29/13
Act 135-1998Jack Packaging9/13/2001
Act 22-2012Jack Tian05/31/18
Act 73-2008Jackdaws Corp3/11/2013
Act 135-1998Jackson Hudson, Corp7/4/2009
Act 20-2012Jackson Investment Management, LLC02/13/14
Act 14-2017Jaclismar Berrios Rivera02/03/19
Act 22-2012Jacob A Kalb03/29/19
Act 22-2012Jacob J. Brown11/03/18
Act 22-2012Jacob Katzen07/19/18
Act 14-2017Jacobo Loyola07/04/19
Act 22-2012Jacquelyn Mattson06/04/18
Act 20-2012Jadawin, LLC09/21/18
Act 20-2012Jade Investment Holding, LLC04/12/19
Act 20-2012Jae Legal Services LLC08/25/16
Act 14-2017Jaffet M. Seda Rodríguez09/10/18
Act 14-2017Jahaira L. Serrano Domínguez03/27/18
Act 14-2017Jahzel Michelle González Pagán04/19/18
Act 14-2017Jaime A Rosado Rivera06/05/18
Act 14-2017Jaime A. Rivera Cartagena02/28/18
Act 14-2017Jaime Aponte Lopez01/31/19
Act 14-2017Jaime Aponte Rodriguez06/11/18
Act 14-2017Jaime Atiles01/27/19
Act 14-2017Jaime Busquets Villega08/20/18
Act 14-2017Jaime Claudio10/03/19
Act 14-2017Jaime E. Colón Casasnovas09/10/18
Act 14-2017Jaime E. Tome Vilá12/28/17
Act 14-2017Jaime F. Fumero Pérez02/09/18
Act 14-2017Jaime I. Díaz Borges02/28/18
Act 14-2017Jaime Inserni Milam01/24/18
Act 14-2017Jaime J Dasilva Arocho05/14/18
Act 14-2017Jaime J. Bravo Castro03/23/18
Act 14-2017Jaime J. Jacksin Díaz01/26/18
Act 22-2012Jaime Long07/19/18
Act 14-2017Jaime Marchena01/31/19
Act 14-2017Jaime Marqués02/18/19
Act 14-2017Jaime Rivera Babilonia06/30/19
Act 14-2017Jaime Rodriguez05/07/19
Act 14-2017Jaime Rodríguez Arias02/09/18
Act 14-2017Jaime Rodriguez Miranda06/13/18
Act 14-2017Jaime Rosa Piñeiro03/23/18
Act 14-2017Jaime Roura-Monllor07/21/19
Act 14-2017Jaime Ruiz09/29/19
Act 14-2017Jaime T. Castro Gutierrez02/09/18
Act 14-2017Jaime Villa Colon04/19/18
Act 22-2012Jaimin R. Patel04/14/15
Act 14-2017Jairo Colón05/02/19
Act 22-2012Jamar Johnson08/10/18
Act 22-2012James A Kimball04/15/19
Act 22-2012James A. Mcroberts11/10/14
Act 22-2012James A. Walker01/14/14
Act 22-2012James Aaron Mcroberts08/10/18
Act 22-2012James andrews08/10/18
Act 22-2012James Anthony Slazas08/10/18
Act 22-2012James B. Shepherd08/04/16
Act 22-2012James Besser04/28/16
Act 22-2012James Blackwook Davis Beauchamp03/01/16
Act 22-2012James C. Paine11/13/17
Act 22-2012James Cashiola04/28/16
Act 22-2012James Dowd10/29/13
Act 22-2012James E. Crowell02/18/19
Act 22-2012James E. Park02/26/18
Act 22-2012James F Freundlich04/22/19
Act 14-2017James F. Vilaró Nelms02/09/18
Act 22-2012James Gao03/21/18
Act 22-2012James Gervasi04/08/14
Act 22-2012James Greaves08/10/18
Act 22-2012James H Eiband06/01/19
Act 22-2012James Haecker02/13/15
Act 22-2012James Hill05/25/18
Act 22-2012James J Hickman12/23/18
Act 22-2012James J. Coomes02/24/15
Act 22-2012James J. Santos11/24/18
Act 22-2012James L Mccarley11/28/12
Act 22-2012James L Yarbrough03/23/19
Act 22-2012James Lee Jr.03/10/19
Act 20-2012James Lee Law Firm LLC05/28/19
Act 22-2012James Lowry04/11/17
Act 22-2012James M Kennedy03/22/19
Act 22-2012James M. Carlson08/17/15
Act 22-2012James N Westfall11/24/18
Act 22-2012James Nelson02/06/14
Act 22-2012James Nicholas01/30/15
Act 22-2012James O'Drobinak09/12/16
Act 135-1998James Olsen1/11/2006
Act 22-2012James Owen03/29/19
Act 22-2012James P. Hamer Ii03/17/15
Act 22-2012James P. Yuille Jr.06/30/14
Act 22-2012James Park10/13/15
Act 22-2012James Poe03/16/17
Act 22-2012James R Greenlee11/24/18
Act 22-2012James R. Collins12/04/17
Act 22-2012James Roy Plante06/14/18
Act 22-2012James Sagan05/11/16
Act 73-2008James Settlement Services International, LLC5/30/2012
Act 22-2012James Shaw03/23/19
Act 22-2012James Shoen12/20/16
Act 22-2012James Sweeney05/25/18
Act 22-2012James T Butler03/23/19
Act 22-2012James Towe02/27/17
Act 22-2012James Trainor02/25/19
Act 22-2012James Williamson08/29/18
Act 22-2012James Wolf06/12/17
Act 22-2012Jami Claypoole12/11/17
Act 22-2012Jamie J. Zissis07/10/17
Act 22-2012Jamie L Shiller11/18/18
Act 14-2017Jamil Abouelhossen07/22/19
Act 14-2017Jamith Torres Ramos12/28/17
Act 14-2017Jan Carlos Roman Ithier06/05/18
Act 14-2017Jan J. Kramer Rivera12/28/17
Act 14-2017Jan Ortiz Rosario02/18/19
Act 14-2017Jan Rodriguez08/18/19
Act 14-2017Jan Ulloa Padilla05/27/19
Act 14-2017Jancarlo Lugo07/22/19
Act 14-2017Janessa Vazquez07/22/19
Act 22-2012Janet C. Nolan12/18/18
Act 22-2012Janet Catanese08/14/15
Act 14-2017Janet Colon10/03/19
Act 22-2012Janet Davis01/27/19
Act 22-2012Janet E. Davis07/30/13
Act 14-2017Janet Perez01/31/19
Act 14-2017Janice Crespo Salgado05/03/18
Act 14-2017Janice Justiniano García03/23/18
Act 14-2017Janice Rodriguez Hernandez10/03/19
Act 22-2012Janina Sue Guthrie03/17/15
Act 20-2012Janix Marketing LLC05/27/19
Act 14-2017Jannelly Restituyo Rosario07/17/18
Act 14-2017Jansen Colberg Lugo04/19/18
Act 135-1998Janssen Ortho LLC3/31/2008
Act 135-1998Janssen Ortho LLC2/15/2018
Act 135-1998Janssen Ortho, LLC8/20/2007
Act 22-2012Jared Grabow10/25/16
Act 22-2012Jared Polites07/19/18
Act 22-2012Jared Prince09/02/19
Act 22-2012Jared Whipps06/12/17
Act 14-2017Jarold Mendez10/25/19
Act 22-2012Jasmin Figueroa11/17/19
Act 22-2012Jasmin S. Burton08/01/17
Act 22-2012Jason Abernathy04/05/16
Act 22-2012Jason Bergner05/07/13
Act 22-2012Jason Borseth01/30/15
Act 22-2012Jason Burns11/07/13
Act 22-2012Jason C Dorsett12/17/18
Act 22-2012Jason C. Pickett07/11/14
Act 22-2012Jason Davidson08/10/18
Act 22-2012Jason Diponio07/29/15
Act 22-2012Jason Hendren12/11/17
Act 22-2012Jason Hilbert06/12/17
Act 22-2012Jason L. Bennick12/20/16
Act 22-2012Jason Michael Rotman06/12/17
Act 22-2012Jason Modawal05/27/19
Act 22-2012Jason Owens05/09/18
Act 22-2012Jason P. Wagner11/24/18
Act 22-2012Jason Santos03/31/19
Act 22-2012Jason Scheurer08/27/18
Act 22-2012Jason W. Moore06/16/14
Act 20-2012Jasper Media LLC10/22/19
Act 14-2017Javier A. Castillo Ortiz01/24/18
Act 14-2017Javier A. Méndez Ruiz03/12/18
Act 14-2017Javier A. Nazario Larrieu12/28/17
Act 135-1998Javier Benítez Carrasquillo8/11/2003
Act 14-2017Javier Calero11/02/19
Act 14-2017Javier Cerra02/03/19
Act 14-2017Javier Chapa Davila12/28/17
Act 14-2017Javier D. Gonzalez Castro12/28/17
Act 14-2017Javier Delgado Candelario02/09/18
Act 14-2017Javier E. Colón Irizarry02/22/18
Act 22-2012Javier F. Doval Agramonte08/01/17
Act 14-2017Javier F. Ríos Montoya04/05/18
Act 14-2017Javier G Serrano Serrano06/05/18
Act 14-2017Javier I Arroyo Camunas01/26/18
Act 14-2017Javier J. Pérez andreu04/05/18
Act 14-2017Javier J. Torres Acevedo04/19/18
Act 14-2017Javier Jesús Rodríguez Becerra04/19/18
Act 14-2017Javier López Araujo02/22/18
Act 14-2017Javier Lorenzo Tirado Manzano12/20/17
Act 14-2017Javier Lugo De Jesus05/17/18
Act 14-2017Javier Mirabal01/31/19
Act 14-2017Javier Morales-Ramirez05/19/19
Act 14-2017Javier Muskus Rosario07/22/19
Act 14-2017Javier Navarro06/18/19
Act 14-2017Javier O Perez Cordero04/19/18
Act 22-2012Javier O Ruiz05/02/19
Act 14-2017Javier R. Burgos Cotto12/20/17
Act 14-2017Javier R. Marquez Graciani12/20/17
Act 14-2017Javier Ramos11/04/19
Act 14-2017Javier Rivera Zayas12/28/17
Act 14-2017Javier Sanchez09/29/19
Act 73-2008Javier Serdio González8/12/2010
Act 14-2017Javier Velez04/04/19
Act 135-1998Javiera Shades Designs, Inc.2/27/2007
Act 22-2012Jay D. Wise04/08/14
Act 22-2012Jay Pravda12/16/18
Act 22-2012Jayme Amos07/10/17
Act 22-2012Jaysen Gutierrez04/28/16
Act 22-2012Jazmine Alvarez04/28/16
Act 20-2012Jb Business Solutions - Pr LLC09/28/19
Act 73-2008Jc Automation, Corp1/10/2012
Act 20-2012Jc Consulting LLC12/03/18
Act 135-1998Jc Manufacturing1/16/2002
Act 73-2008Jcc International Enterprises Inc.4/11/2012
Act 20-2012Jcd Engineering, LLC02/27/15
Act 20-2012Jcp'S LLC06/13/16
Act 20-2012Jcpe Energy Group Inc.08/07/19
Act 135-1998Jcs Worldwide Processing Systems, Inc.12/31/2004
Act 20-2012Jct Global LLC12/15/17
Act 14-2017Jeakyna De Sanriago Pagán12/28/17
Act 14-2017Jeamarie Pascual Marrero10/03/19
Act 14-2017Jean Miranda09/09/19
Act 14-2017Jean P Carrasquillo Quiñones06/20/18
Act 14-2017Jean Paul Frame González02/22/18
Act 14-2017Jean Pujals Kury07/22/19
Act 22-2012Jean Stephen Rovani03/28/16
Act 22-2012Jean-Louis Lelogeais01/27/19
Act 22-2012Jeanette Jonsson07/30/13
Act 14-2017Jeanette Lube Capo02/09/18
Act 22-2012Jeanine Nardone02/27/17
Act 14-2017Jeanne G Guevara Mastrangelo04/19/18
Act 14-2017Jeannette Acevedo03/29/19
Act 14-2017Jeannette Maldonado Carrero02/28/18
Act 14-2017Jeannette Marrero Canino04/19/18
Act 14-2017Jeannine M Badillo Rivera04/19/18
Act 14-2017Jeditza Arroyo07/21/19
Act 22-2012Jeff C. Lee04/08/14
Act 22-2012Jeff Nicholson05/31/18
Act 22-2012Jefferson Kim04/27/16
Act 22-2012Jeffery Moffitt11/18/18
Act 22-2012Jeffrey D Meyer 04/15/19
Act 22-2012Jeffrey D. Carmichael11/09/16
Act 22-2012Jeffrey Downey04/28/16
Act 22-2012Jeffrey Franco09/26/14
Act 14-2017Jeffrey Hernandez Rodriguez05/17/18
Act 22-2012Jeffrey Kutas08/10/18
Act 20-2012Jeffrey L Raizner Pr LLC12/24/19
Act 22-2012Jeffrey L. Goldberg07/30/13
Act 22-2012Jeffrey O'Neill05/27/19
Act 22-2012Jeffrey Oetting06/12/17
Act 22-2012Jeffrey Ordoñez Triana08/10/18
Act 22-2012Jeffrey R Parke11/18/19
Act 22-2012Jeffrey S. Brown12/26/18
Act 22-2012Jeffrey Stolz04/11/17
Act 22-2012Jeffrey Thompson09/26/16
Act 22-2012Jeffrey Williams02/04/15
Act 22-2012Jeffrey Yong Tang12/20/16
Act 22-2012Jeffrey Zashut08/12/17
Act 22-2012Jeffry W Szafransky03/23/19
Act 135-1998Jeh Properties10/9/2001
Act 14-2017Jenaro Scarano11/02/19
Act 22-2012Jenna Schuck04/28/16
Act 22-2012Jennie Choy02/27/15
Act 22-2012Jennifer Aarhus Sederholm08/18/17
Act 22-2012Jennifer Aileen Brockman03/30/17
Act 22-2012Jennifer Brooke Sanders04/29/16
Act 14-2017Jennifer Claudio-Malave04/07/19
Act 22-2012Jennifer Hopp05/09/18
Act 14-2017Jennifer Lithgow Campos11/02/19
Act 22-2012Jennifer M. Defrancesco06/01/19
Act 22-2012Jennifer Morrow04/05/16
Act 14-2017Jennifer Rodriguez Ferrer02/22/18
Act 14-2017Jennifer Ruiz08/11/19
Act 22-2012Jennifer Valentine04/11/17
Act 22-2012Jennifer Wereszynski09/21/18
Act 14-2017Jennifr M Delgado Lopez06/05/18
Act 22-2012Jenny Besser04/27/16
Act 22-2012Jenny Poon11/18/19
Act 14-2017Jens Suero Lora06/20/18
Act 22-2012Jenson Turner10/31/16
Act 22-2012Jeremy H. Griffiths11/07/13
Act 22-2012Jeremy I. Lambert03/03/16
Act 22-2012Jeremy Levine12/19/16
Act 22-2012Jeremy N Heidl11/24/18
Act 22-2012Jeremy T. Johnston01/08/19
Act 22-2012Jerome Breslin04/27/16
Act 22-2012Jerrold Parker01/08/18
Act 14-2017Jerry Echevarria Mendez11/04/19
Act 14-2017Jerry L Leon Rodriguez06/13/18
Act 22-2012Jerry Waldrup02/09/18
Act 14-2017Jesenia De Jesus06/30/19
Act 14-2017Jesse Alemán03/03/19
Act 22-2012Jesse Crikelair04/02/14
Act 22-2012Jesse D Uman05/27/19
Act 14-2017Jesse Diaz Correa11/17/19
Act 22-2012Jesse Farmer11/10/14
Act 22-2012Jesse Gee12/11/17
Act 22-2012Jesse J. Bateman03/10/19
Act 22-2012Jesse R. Dwyer12/18/18
Act 22-2012Jesse Tsai09/25/18
Act 22-2012Jesse Villanueva06/26/19
Act 14-2017Jessenia Marrero Negron06/05/18
Act 14-2017Jessica Cedeño Richiez03/12/18
Act 14-2017Jessica González Montes03/23/18
Act 14-2017Jessica I. Rosa Rodríguez03/23/18
Act 14-2017Jessica Laguna Rodriguez06/30/19
Act 14-2017Jessica M Carrasquillo Miranda04/19/18
Act 14-2017Jessica Rios Del Pozo03/12/18
Act 14-2017Jessica Sánchez-Gómez04/26/18
Act 14-2017Jessie Giron Morel02/09/18
Act 14-2017Jesús A. Romero Pérez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Jesús Álvarez Ruíz02/28/18
Act 14-2017Jesus Buonomo Davila10/03/19
Act 14-2017Jesus Cruz Correa06/13/18
Act 14-2017Jesus D. Velez Velez12/20/17
Act 14-2017Jesus J. Santa Rodriguez02/09/18
Act 14-2017Jesús M. Monasterio Hernández08/09/18
Act 14-2017Jesús M. Salgueiro Bravo12/28/17
Act 14-2017Jesus M. Santos Elosegui02/09/18
Act 14-2017Jesús M. Vidal Palau03/23/18
Act 14-2017Jesus Marin Aviles03/23/19
Act 14-2017Jesus Marin De Gracia03/04/19
Act 14-2017Jesús Muñiz González02/22/18
Act 14-2017Jesús R. Casal Hidalgo02/28/18
Act 14-2017Jesus Ramos Garcia04/19/18
Act 14-2017Jesus Rivero Guevara04/19/18
Act 14-2017Jesús Rodríguez Arroyo03/23/18
Act 22-2012Jesus Roldan Diaz08/18/17
Act 14-2017Jesús Román Vélez02/22/18
Act 14-2017Jesus Vega Colon06/30/19
Act 14-2017Jesus Velez Feliciano06/13/18
Act 14-2017Jesus Zayas03/03/19
Act 135-1998Jeszor Prints, Corp.8/15/2008
Act 14-2017Jetsen Rodriguez03/06/19
Act 20-2012Jf Entertainment Corp.12/24/19
Act 20-2012Jfc Capital Risk LLC05/04/19
Act 20-2012Jfd Group LLC05/09/18
Act 20-2012Jfs Investments Pr LLC06/18/14
Act 20-2012Jg Financial, LLC01/10/19
Act 135-1998Jg Industries Inc8/8/2000
Act 20-2012Jgp Management & Consulting LLC05/03/19
Act 73-2008Jif Trading LLC3/26/2009
Act 20-2012Jiffer Quantitative Investments LLC12/21/16
Act 22-2012Jillian Lee Carmichael06/16/14
Act 22-2012Jillian Schmidli04/08/14
Act 135-1998Jiménez Dávila & Associates10/22/2001
Act 14-2017Jimmarie Ramos Fernández11/16/19
Act 22-2012Jimmy G. Lafontaine Rivera05/27/19
Act 14-2017Jimmy Julia Martinez02/09/18
Act 14-2017Jinetsy Rivera06/02/19
Act 14-2017Jinette Santos07/14/19
Act 22-2012Jingyuan Wu09/28/16
Act 20-2012Jirau Capital Management LLC08/10/18
Act 273-2012Jj Best Bank & Co. International LLC05/03/19
Act 135-1998Jj Cake & Pastry1/23/2004
Act 20-2012Jk Asset Management LLC11/13/19
Act 20-2012Jkim Group of Puerto Rico, Inc06/28/16
Act 27-2011JN Entertainment - No Te Duermas-Una Noche Mas06/30/20
Act 20-2012Jnb Enterprises Inc.05/15/17
Act 22-2012Jo Anna Lee Daryanani03/16/17
Act 14-2017Joadys Bosques Cordero11/17/19
Act 14-2017Joahnibel Reyes03/31/19
Act 14-2017Joalex Antongiorgi02/03/19
Act 14-2017Joan M. Albors Sánchez03/23/18
Act 14-2017Joan Pijem04/13/19
Act 14-2017Joana Mercado Alvarado12/20/17
Act 14-2017Joanna Busquets Ferriol03/03/19
Act 14-2017Joanne Diaz05/10/19
Act 14-2017Joanne Marin Favale01/26/18
Act 22-2012Joanne Randolph12/17/14
Act 135-1998Joaquín Aviño, Inc.11/15/2004
Act 73-2008Joaquín Aviño, Inc.9/9/2014
Act 14-2017Joaquin J Davila Quiñones04/19/18
Act 14-2017Joaquin Ortiz-Cruz12/04/19
Act 14-2017Joaquin Ruiz Lopez06/18/19
Act 14-2017Joaquin Ruiz Oronoz12/20/17
Act 20-2012Joblovin LLC06/04/18
Act 22-2012Jocelyn Javernick04/28/16
Act 14-2017Jocelyn Montalvo Ortiz05/14/18
Act 20-2012Joco Enterprises LLC08/22/17
Act 22-2012Joel Arberman07/30/13
Act 22-2012Joel Burroughs10/26/17
Act 14-2017Joel De Jesús Caraballo04/19/18
Act 14-2017Joel Lopez08/07/19
Act 14-2017Joel Matos02/03/19
Act 14-2017Joel Munoz03/31/19
Act 14-2017Joel Nieves Scharon01/31/19
Act 14-2017Joel Ojeda11/02/19
Act 14-2017Joel Ramos Ayala04/26/18
Act 14-2017Joel Rivera08/13/19
Act 14-2017Joel Santiago06/21/19
Act 14-2017Joel Toro Pagán04/19/18
Act 20-2012Joey Rocket LLC08/10/18
Act 135-1998Joglar Aggregates Corp.7/2/2002
Act 14-2017Joham Senior Marino04/19/18
Act 14-2017Johana Betances03/29/19
Act 22-2012Johann D. Beishline12/15/14
Act 22-2012Johann Gathmann02/27/17
Act 14-2017Johanna Bigio Cruz05/14/18
Act 135-1998Johanna Lingerie Corp1/31/2001
Act 14-2017Johanna Rivera07/22/19
Act 14-2017Johanna Velez04/04/19
Act 14-2017John A Guerra Moreno06/05/18
Act 22-2012John A Krupey02/25/19
Act 14-2017John A. Arruza Elias12/20/17
Act 22-2012John Alfred Bonin05/23/18
Act 22-2012John anderson03/28/16
Act 22-2012John andrew Wunder03/28/15
Act 22-2012John Bu12/24/14
Act 22-2012John C. Kagan10/03/16
Act 22-2012John Davenport06/14/18
Act 22-2012John E Bell11/24/18
Act 14-2017John E. Buhler Laboy02/28/18
Act 22-2012John E. Creighton Iv05/31/18
Act 22-2012John Emil Nardone02/06/17
Act 22-2012John F. Rochon05/07/13
Act 22-2012John Gu08/29/18
Act 22-2012John H Driscoll10/05/19
Act 22-2012John H Fitzpatrick11/24/18
Act 73-2008John H. Harland Company of Puerto Rico, Inc.9/28/2018
Act 22-2012John Hadden10/31/16
Act 135-1998John Harland Company Of Puerto Rico1/28/2004
Act 22-2012John Haskell06/14/18
Act 22-2012John Helmers07/30/13
Act 22-2012John Hnaratty09/11/18
Act 22-2012John Holt02/03/16
Act 22-2012John J Meldon05/02/19
Act 22-2012John J. Bennett12/30/16
Act 22-2012John Jiang07/10/17
Act 22-2012John K Rost06/30/19
Act 22-2012John L. Petit02/06/14
Act 22-2012John Lee Dumas06/02/16
Act 20-2012John Limansky Md LLC09/30/19
Act 22-2012John M Addison12/17/18
Act 22-2012John M Grzan10/05/19
Act 22-2012John M Reese08/21/14
Act 14-2017John M. Danet Molina02/28/18
Act 14-2017John M. Pagán Padilla04/05/18
Act 22-2012John Mix06/16/14
Act 22-2012John Mulvehill09/26/16
Act 22-2012John Norris07/11/14
Act 22-2012John Otto04/27/16
Act 14-2017John P. Sepúlveda Nichols02/22/18
Act 22-2012John Patrick Bryan02/18/19
Act 22-2012John Polito05/04/17
Act 22-2012John Pratt02/26/18
Act 22-2012John Reeves07/19/18
Act 22-2012John S. Gorton02/06/14
Act 22-2012John S. Hebert06/12/17
Act 22-2012John Sandoval10/03/16
Act 22-2012John Shipman08/18/17
Act 22-2012John Snyder07/19/18
Act 22-2012John T. Benson09/26/14
Act 22-2012John T. Lyons04/14/15
Act 22-2012John Ventura08/27/18
Act 22-2012John W. Kapon12/21/16
Act 22-2012John Wadsworth09/14/15
Act 22-2012John Wong12/16/18
Act 22-2012John Zuniga04/28/16
Act 22-2012Johnny Fernándes Goncalves05/09/14
Act 135-1998Johnson & Johnson Hemisférica, S.A.9/23/2004
Act 73-2008Johnson Controls of Puerto Rico, Inc.5/30/2012
Act 22-2012Jolyeane Kimble02/12/15
Act 83-2010Joma Design Group Corp9/25/2012
Act 22-2012Jon Jacks08/27/18
Act 22-2012Jon L. Cox10/14/15
Act 83-2010Jonas Solar Energy, LLC9/5/2012
Act 14-2017Jonathan A Melendez05/17/18
Act 22-2012Jonathan Allen Rogers08/27/18
Act 22-2012Jonathan Brown03/01/16
Act 22-2012Jonathan C. Espy10/07/13
Act 14-2017Jonathan Cordero Jiménez11/04/19
Act 22-2012Jonathan D Miller05/04/19
Act 22-2012Jonathan Fentzke08/27/18
Act 14-2017Jonathan Figueroa Jimenez10/03/19
Act 22-2012Jonathan Kotthoff03/03/16
Act 22-2012Jonathan L Zabrocki11/24/18
Act 22-2012Jonathan Lassers10/28/14
Act 22-2012Jonathan Lebow02/06/19
Act 22-2012Jonathan Lehrer12/20/19
Act 22-2012Jonathan Lennon06/12/17
Act 22-2012Jonathan M Krautmann11/18/19
Act 22-2012Jonathan Mcfaul05/09/18
Act 22-2012Jonathan Otto08/29/18
Act 22-2012Jonathan P. Miller03/04/19
Act 22-2012Jonathan P. Smith08/10/18
Act 22-2012Jonathan Palan12/12/14
Act 14-2017Jonathan Ramirez Vazquez03/31/19
Act 14-2017Jonathan Romero04/04/19
Act 22-2012Jonathan S Wasserman12/18/18
Act 22-2012Jonathan Schiffer05/09/18
Act 22-2012Jonathan T Feldman09/02/19
Act 22-2012Jonathan Taylor04/11/17
Act 14-2017Jonathan Torres Crespo03/23/18
Act 22-2012Jonathan Vidar12/26/18
Act 22-2012Jonathan Wu10/29/13
Act 22-2012Jonna Z Bianco02/18/19
Act 22-2012Jordan D. Marcus02/23/18
Act 22-2012Jordan Hansen08/18/17
Act 22-2012Jordan Rothstein07/19/18
Act 14-2017Jorge A Toro Burguete06/05/18
Act 14-2017Jorge A. Acevedo Orengo03/23/18
Act 22-2012Jorge A. Cinca12/07/12
Act 14-2017Jorge A. Noya Mónagas09/10/18
Act 14-2017Jorge Aldrich08/04/19
Act 14-2017Jorge Anibal Vélez Pérez12/20/17
Act 14-2017Jorge Arzola Colón03/12/18
Act 14-2017Jorge Bertran Pasarell01/26/18
Act 14-2017Jorge Billoch01/06/19
Act 14-2017Jorge C. Martínez Aja12/28/17
Act 14-2017Jorge Crespo Carrillo05/19/19
Act 14-2017Jorge D. Latoni Maldonado02/09/18
Act 14-2017Jorge De Jesus11/02/19
Act 14-2017Jorge De Jesus Santos04/19/18
Act 14-2017Jorge Diaz Valdes02/09/19
Act 14-2017Jorge E. Griscalla Palou12/28/17
Act 14-2017Jorge E. Silva Santos03/23/18
Act 14-2017Jorge E. Vázquez Marcano12/28/17
Act 20-2012Jorge Enrique Alvarez Burguillos LLC05/17/18
Act 135-1998Jorge Estarellas Estarellas9/2/2003
Act 22-2012Jorge Ferrer06/12/17
Act 14-2017Jorge Gago06/02/19
Act 14-2017Jorge Garcia Ferreras02/09/18
Act 14-2017Jorge González Santos03/23/18
Act 14-2017Jorge H. Gutierrez Dorrington04/19/18
Act 14-2017Jorge Hernandez Ruiz02/09/18
Act 14-2017Jorge I Pelet Mejias01/24/18
Act 14-2017Jorge Jiménez Maldonado12/28/17
Act 14-2017Jorge Juan Zequeira Diaz12/28/17
Act 14-2017Jorge L Carlo Font06/05/18
Act 14-2017Jorge L Martinez Trabal04/19/18
Act 14-2017Jorge L Rivera Velez05/18/18
Act 14-2017Jorge L. Báez Torres02/28/18
Act 14-2017Jorge L. Cordero Soto02/28/18
Act 14-2017Jorge L. Cortés Ruiz12/28/17
Act 14-2017Jorge L. Fernández Bahamonde01/26/18
Act 14-2017Jorge L. Gutiérrez Irizarry03/23/18
Act 14-2017Jorge L. Leavitt Caraballo02/28/18
Act 14-2017Jorge L. Robles Romero02/22/18
Act 14-2017Jorge L. Románn Deynes02/09/18
Act 14-2017Jorge L. Sánchez Colón03/23/18
Act 14-2017Jorge Lastra12/13/18
Act 14-2017Jorge Lebrón Mulero05/17/18
Act 14-2017Jorge Lluveras Perez02/03/19
Act 14-2017Jorge Luis Falcon Chevere12/20/17
Act 14-2017Jorge Luis Lopez Rocafort04/26/18
Act 135-1998Jorge Luis Medina Ramírez12/6/2004
Act 14-2017Jorge Luis Torres Nazario03/23/18
Act 14-2017Jorge M Machicote Gonzalez02/09/18
Act 14-2017Jorge Martinez03/25/19
Act 14-2017Jorge Martínez Llorens12/28/17
Act 14-2017Jorge Matta Gonzalez10/03/19
Act 14-2017Jorge Meaux12/16/18
Act 14-2017Jorge Melendez Hernandez06/24/19
Act 14-2017Jorge Mundo05/19/19
Act 14-2017Jorge Munoz09/09/19
Act 135-1998Jorge Nazario Monique Gonzalez6/12/2008
Act 83-2010Jorge O Cebollero Mártir9/19/2014
Act 22-2012Jorge Oneill12/06/16
Act 14-2017Jorge Ostolaza12/24/19
Act 14-2017Jorge Otero10/03/19
Act 14-2017Jorge Padilla Rodriguez02/18/19
Act 22-2012Jorge Paiz08/18/17
Act 14-2017Jorge Ramírez De Arellano - Rodríguez11/17/19
Act 22-2012Jorge Rivera04/28/16
Act 14-2017Jorge Rivera Herrera04/04/19
Act 14-2017Jorge Rivera Jimenez10/03/19
Act 14-2017Jorge Santiago Colón12/28/17
Act 14-2017Jorge Sifre07/22/19
Act 14-2017Jorge Soto09/29/19
Act 14-2017Jorge Toro Ramírez02/22/18
Act 14-2017Jorge Toro Rodriguez12/09/19
Act 14-2017Jorge Vera Quiñones06/05/18
Act 135-1998Jorge W. Cruz Lopez, Inc. H/N/C Wally Corporation12/13/2000
Act 14-2017Jorge X. Rodríguez Martínez07/17/18
Act 14-2017Jose A Alonso Alonso06/05/18
Act 14-2017Jose A Carreras Berrios06/05/18
Act 14-2017Jose A Collazo Bonilla04/05/18
Act 14-2017Jose A Marquez Bibilon05/03/18
Act 14-2017Jose A Medina Menendez06/13/18
Act 14-2017Jose A Montes Mercado06/05/18
Act 14-2017Jose A Rivera Mercado06/13/18
Act 14-2017Jose A Rodriguez Alfaro06/20/18
Act 14-2017Jose A Torres Varela05/03/18
Act 14-2017Jose A Valles Quiñones02/09/18
Act 14-2017José A. Alcázar Sabathié02/22/18
Act 14-2017José A. Allende Vázquez 04/19/18
Act 83-2010José A. Aulet4/16/2014
Act 14-2017José A. Ayala Berrios12/20/17
Act 14-2017José A. Báez Córdova03/12/18
Act 14-2017José A. Bermúdez Segarra04/13/18
Act 14-2017José A. Cancio Berrios02/22/18
Act 14-2017José A. Cangiano Lespier01/24/18
Act 14-2017José A. Carro Soto12/28/17
Act 14-2017José A. Cebollero Marcucci02/22/18
Act 14-2017José A. Colón Grau04/05/18
Act 14-2017José A. Colón Márquez02/28/18
Act 14-2017José A. Kareh Cordero12/28/17
Act 14-2017José A. Lara Del Río01/24/18
Act 14-2017José A. Maldonado Vargas02/09/18
Act 14-2017José A. Maymi Rivera03/27/18
Act 14-2017José A. Nassar Rizek02/22/18
Act 14-2017Jose A. Padilla Ortiz02/09/18
Act 14-2017José A. Rivera Rivera07/17/18
Act 14-2017José A. Rivera Valles03/12/18
Act 14-2017José A. Rodríguez Escudero12/20/17
Act 14-2017José A. Rodríguez Oliveras01/24/18
Act 14-2017José A. Rodríguez Ríos04/05/18
Act 14-2017José A. Santiago Font03/27/18
Act 14-2017José A. Simons García03/23/18
Act 22-2012José A. Torres01/27/19
Act 14-2017José A. Vázquez Díaz01/24/18
Act 14-2017José Alberto Acevedo04/05/18
Act 14-2017Jose Alvarado Rolon11/17/19
Act 14-2017Jose Arias Berrios06/06/19
Act 14-2017Jose Avila05/07/19
Act 14-2017José Avilés Muñoz03/23/18
Act 14-2017José Ayala09/29/19
Act 14-2017Jose B Hernandez Gil De Lamadrid04/19/18
Act 14-2017Jose Barcelo Frontera10/03/19
Act 14-2017José Batista Reyes07/22/19
Act 14-2017José Betancourt Dorta02/09/18
Act 14-2017Jose Bird Trilla09/27/19
Act 14-2017José Busquets Ferriol12/20/17
Act 14-2017Jose C Martin Rodriguez06/05/18
Act 14-2017Jose C Navarro Rodriguez06/13/18
Act 14-2017Jose C Reyes Peña06/13/18
Act 14-2017Jose Caballero11/02/19
Act 14-2017Jose Caldera-Nieves11/16/19
Act 14-2017Jose Carlos Rodriguez Portela02/09/18
Act 14-2017José Carro Rivera04/13/19
Act 14-2017José Cordero Casillas04/19/18
Act 14-2017Jose Cruz09/29/19
Act 14-2017Jose Cumba Bermudez11/04/19
Act 14-2017Jose D Ortiz Rosario05/03/18
Act 14-2017José D. Pagan González02/09/18
Act 14-2017Jose De Leon Jimenez02/09/18
Act 27-2011José Dueño Entertainment, Group, Inc. - Fania All Star06/30/14
Act 27-2011José Dueño Entertainment, Group, Inc. - Qué Ojones06/30/14
Act 27-2011José Dueño Entertainment, Group, Inc. - Tito el Bambino06/30/15
Act 27-2011José Dueño Entertainment, Group, Inc. - Zion y Lennox06/30/15
Act 14-2017Jose E Arias Benabe06/05/18
Act 14-2017Jose E Melendez Maldonado05/03/18
Act 14-2017Jose E Nanjal Zambrana04/19/18
Act 14-2017Jose E Suarez Castro04/19/18
Act 135-1998José E. Acevedo10/26/2001
Act 14-2017Jose E. Hernandez Bonilla12/27/17
Act 14-2017José E. Marín López03/07/18
Act 14-2017José E. Pereyó Díaz05/07/18
Act 14-2017José E. Rivera Acosta01/26/18
Act 14-2017José E. Silva Ayala03/23/18
Act 14-2017Jose Echenique09/29/19
Act 14-2017José Enrique Rivera Irizarry03/23/18
Act 14-2017Jose Escabi07/22/19
Act 14-2017José Esteban Torres Palacios02/09/18
Act 14-2017Jose F De Leon Collazo04/19/18
Act 14-2017Jose F Ortiz Acevedo06/13/18
Act 14-2017Jose F. Camunas Cordova02/09/18
Act 14-2017Jose Fernandez01/31/19
Act 14-2017Jose Fournier Rebollo12/20/17
Act 14-2017Jose Fuentes05/04/19
Act 22-2012Jose Fuertes06/12/17
Act 14-2017Jose G Amy Sanchez06/05/18
Act 14-2017Jose G Matos Malave07/17/18
Act 14-2017José G. Gándara Perea03/12/18
Act 14-2017José G. O'Neill Rivera03/12/18
Act 14-2017Jose Garcia05/23/19
Act 14-2017Jose Garcia Llorens06/30/19
Act 14-2017Jose Garcia Rivera09/29/19
Act 14-2017Jose Gómez Geo02/09/19
Act 14-2017José Gómez Rivera02/22/18
Act 14-2017Jose Gonzalez Olmo12/13/18
Act 22-2012Jose Gutierrez Marrero05/09/18
Act 14-2017José I. Almodovar Laborde12/28/17
Act 14-2017Jose Iguina-Oharriz01/31/19
Act 14-2017Jose J Castro Diaz05/17/18
Act 14-2017Jose J Jimenez Garcia05/07/18
Act 14-2017Jose J Muñiz Quiñonez06/05/18
Act 14-2017Jose J Nuñez Orta05/14/18
Act 14-2017Jose J. Arias Morales12/28/17
Act 14-2017Jose J. Diaz Abarcal12/20/17
Act 14-2017José J. Fuentes Inguanzo03/23/18
Act 14-2017José Javier Lugo Morales02/28/18
Act 14-2017José Javier Santiago Veray04/19/18
Act 14-2017José Juan Ferrari Lugo04/13/18
Act 14-2017Jose Juan Rivera Colon05/03/18
Act 14-2017Jose Juan Sanchez Pagan06/05/18
Act 14-2017Jose L Alvarez Romagos06/05/18
Act 14-2017Jose L Colon Dueño06/05/18
Act 14-2017Jose L Jimenez Barrera06/13/18
Act 14-2017Jose L. Arsuaga05/14/18
Act 14-2017José L. Benítez Aponte12/28/17
Act 14-2017José L. López Agudo02/28/18
Act 14-2017José L. Nieves Rivera01/24/18
Act 14-2017José L. Ortiz Colón12/28/17
Act 14-2017Jose L. Perez Maldonado02/09/18
Act 14-2017José L. Quilichini García03/12/18
Act 14-2017José L. Torres Silva04/19/18
Act 14-2017José L. Valderrabano Marina02/22/18
Act 14-2017José L. Vera Miró12/28/17
Act 22-2012José L. Zardoya10/05/19
Act 14-2017Jose Lopez Lopez01/27/19
Act 14-2017Jose Lozada02/18/19
Act 14-2017José Lucas Pimentel Fernández02/22/18
Act 14-2017José Luis Colón Colón12/28/17
Act 14-2017Jose Luis Lizardi Ortiz12/20/17
Act 14-2017José Luis Ortega Sánchez01/26/18
Act 14-2017Jose M Encarnacion Cruz06/13/18
Act 14-2017Jose M Marcial Suarez07/17/18
Act 14-2017Jose M Palau Abasolo05/17/18
Act 14-2017Jose M Rodriguez Castro06/13/18
Act 14-2017José M. Aponte Hernández03/12/18
Act 14-2017José M. Ayala Santos02/22/18
Act 14-2017José M. García García01/26/18
Act 14-2017José M. Garcia Mateo04/19/18
Act 14-2017José M. Morales Castro03/23/18
Act 14-2017José M. Santiago Figueroa02/09/18
Act 14-2017Jose M. Torrado Gonzalez02/09/18
Act 14-2017José Manuel Pérez Garcia02/22/18
Act 14-2017José María Sobrino Catoni02/28/18
Act 14-2017Jose Martinez05/25/19
Act 14-2017Jose Melendez03/04/19
Act 14-2017Jose Melendez Martinez12/24/19
Act 14-2017Jose Mercado03/06/19
Act 14-2017Jose Montañez Huertas11/02/19
Act 14-2017Jose Morales11/24/18
Act 14-2017Jose Morales12/17/18
Act 14-2017Jose Morales Padró03/03/19
Act 14-2017Jose Mues-Sanchez09/29/19
Act 14-2017Jose Mulero08/04/19
Act 14-2017Jose Muñoz Acaba06/05/18
Act 135-1998José Napoleón Vélez D/B/A Matadero Regional De Mayaguez5/15/2003
Act 14-2017Jose Negron Berrios07/21/19
Act 14-2017Jose Nieves07/22/19
Act 22-2012Jose Nunes02/18/19
Act 14-2017Jose O Rivera Rivera05/14/18
Act 14-2017Jose O. Fumero Aguilo02/09/18
Act 14-2017José O. García Burgos03/12/18
Act 14-2017Jose O. Morales Gonzalez02/09/18
Act 14-2017José O. Santiago Alvarado04/26/18
Act 22-2012Jose Olalde06/06/16
Act 14-2017Jose Otero Garcia01/06/19
Act 14-2017Jose Panelli-Ramery06/22/19
Act 14-2017Jose Perez04/04/19
Act 14-2017Jose Perez11/04/19
Act 14-2017Jose Perez Yordan03/06/19
Act 14-2017Jose Piovanetti03/31/19
Act 14-2017Jose Puig Rivea12/28/17
Act 14-2017Jose Quintero06/06/19
Act 14-2017Jose Quintero09/29/19
Act 14-2017Jose R Colon Leon06/13/18
Act 14-2017Jose R Figueroa Robles04/19/18
Act 14-2017Jose R Landron Guardio06/13/18
Act 14-2017Jose R Marrero Russe06/13/18
Act 14-2017José R. Adorno Fontánez02/22/18
Act 14-2017José R. Arroyo Matos02/28/18
Act 14-2017José R. Barreras Rincón02/22/18
Act 14-2017José R. Carlo Izquierdo02/22/18
Act 14-2017José R. Cruz Díaz12/28/17
Act 14-2017José R. Cumba Quiles01/26/18
Act 14-2017José R. Dávila Torres12/28/17
Act 14-2017Jose R. Flores Caban12/28/17
Act 14-2017José R. Fumero Pérez04/19/18
Act 14-2017José R. González Chávez08/20/18
Act 14-2017José R. Guzmán Virella12/28/17
Act 14-2017José R. Meléndez Quiñones02/28/18
Act 14-2017Jose R. Montes Pagan12/20/17
Act 14-2017José R. Nassar02/22/18
Act 14-2017José R. Oller López03/23/18
Act 14-2017José R. Paz Fustes03/23/18
Act 14-2017José R. Rivera Del Rio02/22/18
Act 14-2017Jose R. Sanchez Mendiola12/27/17
Act 14-2017Jose R. Santana Rabell12/27/17
Act 14-2017José R. Vázquez Maldonado04/19/18
Act 14-2017José R. Vázquez Selles04/19/18
Act 14-2017José R. Zaragoza Buxo12/28/17
Act 14-2017Jose Raimundi10/03/19
Act 14-2017José Ramón Miranda Rivera03/12/18
Act 14-2017José Ramón Rodríguez Vega03/23/18
Act 14-2017Jose Ramos Mercado02/03/19
Act 14-2017Jose Rios Collazo05/14/18
Act 14-2017Jose Rivera12/13/18
Act 14-2017Jose Rivera08/18/19
Act 14-2017Jose Rivera Rodriguez07/22/19
Act 14-2017Jose Rivera Velazquez03/29/19
Act 14-2017Jose Rodriguez02/09/18
Act 14-2017Jose Rodriguez04/13/19
Act 14-2017Jose Rodriguez09/29/19
Act 14-2017Jose Rodriguez11/16/19
Act 14-2017Jose Rodriguez11/16/19
Act 14-2017Jose Rodriguez Diaz07/22/19
Act 14-2017Jose Rodriguez Medina09/29/19
Act 14-2017José Rodríguez Santana12/28/17
Act 14-2017Jose Rodriguez Santiago05/04/19
Act 14-2017Jose Rodríguez Vázquez07/22/19
Act 14-2017Jose Rolando Colon Perez12/27/17
Act 14-2017Jose Roman Ramos12/13/18
Act 14-2017Jose Rosa Padilla09/29/19
Act 14-2017José S. Reyes Torres12/28/17
Act 14-2017Jose Saavedra09/27/19
Act 14-2017Jose Sanchez Perez05/23/19
Act 14-2017José Santiago Santiago12/28/17
Act 14-2017Jose Sorrentino05/19/19
Act 14-2017Jose Tolosa04/19/18
Act 14-2017José Torres Acevedo09/10/18
Act 14-2017Jose V Carrillo Monllor06/05/18
Act 14-2017Jose V Rodriguez Escanellas06/05/18
Act 14-2017Jose Vega Martinez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Jose Velez Morell11/16/19
Act 14-2017Jose Velez Velez03/23/19
Act 22-2012José Venero01/14/14
Act 14-2017Jose Vicens01/31/19
Act 14-2017Jose Vicens12/04/19
Act 22-2012Jose Vidal11/13/17
Act 14-2017Jose Villamil03/04/19
Act 14-2017Jose Vivaldi03/25/19
Act 14-2017Jose Zamora08/18/19
Act 14-2017Jose Zayas12/04/19
Act 14-2017Josean Martínez Camacho02/09/18
Act 14-2017Josefina Romaguera Agrait02/28/18
Act 22-2012Joselyn Chico07/30/13
Act 135-1998Josenía, Inc4/20/2001
Act 22-2012Joseph A Panebianco04/05/19
Act 14-2017Joseph Campbell12/04/19
Act 14-2017Joseph Capre Febus10/04/19
Act 22-2012Joseph E Zubrzycki11/18/19
Act 14-2017Joseph Fernandez10/03/19
Act 22-2012Joseph Gulledge10/25/16
Act 22-2012Joseph Kretzers08/19/15
Act 22-2012Joseph M Patridge04/07/19
Act 14-2017Joseph M. Maldonado Del Valle03/27/18
Act 22-2012Joseph M. Piacentile07/19/18
Act 22-2012Joseph M. Robert02/13/15
Act 22-2012Joseph Mittiga04/05/16
Act 22-2012Joseph N. Cooke07/19/18
Act 22-2012Joseph Nelson02/27/17
Act 22-2012Joseph P Di Pasquale04/15/19
Act 22-2012Joseph R Shull12/20/18
Act 22-2012Joseph Reale06/12/17
Act 14-2017Joseph Rodriguez Rochez04/19/18
Act 22-2012Joseph Ross05/31/18
Act 14-2017Joseph S. Campos Salgado06/26/18
Act 22-2012Joseph Sederholm06/02/16
Act 22-2012Joseph Spiteri10/29/13
Act 14-2017Joseph Suárez Domínguez03/12/18
Act 22-2012Joseph Tufano03/10/19
Act 22-2012Joseph Zambuto12/12/14
Act 22-2012Josephine A. Bitler08/16/16
Act 22-2012Josette Bullon05/09/14
Act 20-2012Josh Corp07/03/18
Act 22-2012Joshua B. Lowy03/17/15
Act 22-2012Joshua Barahona07/19/18
Act 22-2012Joshua Bell06/14/18
Act 22-2012Joshua Clark Rossi10/03/16
Act 22-2012Joshua D. Peterson12/06/13
Act 22-2012Joshua Danial03/21/18
Act 22-2012Joshua Erskine05/02/19
Act 22-2012Joshua F. Carlucci06/12/17
Act 22-2012Joshua F. Valdez-Elizetxe10/28/14
Act 22-2012Joshua Ginsberg11/18/19
Act 22-2012Joshua Grover06/12/17
Act 22-2012Joshua J Royal11/24/18
Act 22-2012Joshua Levy04/28/16
Act 22-2012Joshua Lewis04/28/16
Act 22-2012Joshua Lohrman09/28/16
Act 22-2012Joshua Mcneely04/30/15
Act 14-2017Joshua Mercado02/09/19
Act 22-2012Joshua P Vehovic03/22/19
Act 22-2012Joshua P. Rio03/04/19
Act 14-2017Joshua Rodriguez Lopez07/14/19
Act 22-2012Joshua Smith05/09/18
Act 22-2012Joshua Steinberg03/17/15
Act 22-2012Joshua T. Killmaier02/13/19
Act 22-2012Joshua Tieman05/09/18
Act 22-2012Joshua Tully02/13/15
Act 22-2012Joshua W. Bagley12/18/18
Act 22-2012Joshua Wray02/27/17
Act 14-2017Josiel Medina Zayas12/20/17
Act 14-2017Josselyn Molina12/09/19
Act 14-2017Jossette Axtmayer07/21/19
Act 135-1998Jostra Bentley2/27/2001
Act 14-2017Josue Ramón Mercado Crespo03/27/18
Act 14-2017Josue Vazquez Delgado02/09/18
Act 22-2012Joszef andras Revai06/12/17
Act 20-2012Jota Arkitekts09/26/16
Act 20-2012Jova Enterprises Corporation (DBA Puerto Rico Sothesbys International Realty)02/06/14
Act 135-1998Joviri, Inc.3/31/2008
Act 135-1998Joviri, Inc./ American Agencies, Inc.6/19/2000
Act 135-1998Joy S.A., Inc.5/23/2005
Act 22-2012Joyce Kim09/13/17
Act 14-2017Joyce M. Castro González03/27/18
Act 20-2012Joyous Miraculous LLC01/27/19
Act 20-2012Jr Energy, Inc.09/06/13
Act 135-1998Jr Fast Digital Printing10/22/2001
Act 135-1998Jr Graficom, Inc8/13/2002
Act 135-1998Jr Manufacturing2/23/2001
Act 135-1998Jr Quality Metal Corp10/24/2002
Act 135-1998Jr Sheet Metal Mfg8/15/2002
Act 20-2012Jrkpr, LLC06/03/19
Act 20-2012Jsek LLC02/23/18
Act 73-2008Jss Investment LLC7/11/2012
Act 135-1998Jt International Mfg America, Rj Reynolds Int'L Rj Reynolds Tobacco5/18/2001
Act 135-1998Jt Star Cam, Inc.11/23/2005
Act 73-2008Jt Star-Cam, Inc.8/23/2019
Act 14-2017Juamana Abuomar Abuomar01/24/18
Act 14-2017Juan A Alicea Rolon05/07/18
Act 14-2017Juan A Arizmendi Pineiro04/19/18
Act 14-2017Juan A Ruiz Ramos06/13/18
Act 14-2017Juan A Santiago Cornie06/13/18
Act 22-2012Juan A. Amador04/11/17
Act 14-2017Juan A. Delgado Rodríguez04/05/18
Act 14-2017Juan A. Flores González03/12/18
Act 14-2017Juan A. González Sánchez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Juan A. Moreira Vidal02/09/18
Act 14-2017Juan A. Nevarez Marrero 02/22/18
Act 14-2017Juan A. Ocasio Rodriguez12/20/17
Act 14-2017Juan A. Rios Fuentes12/28/17
Act 14-2017Juan A. Rivera González01/24/18
Act 14-2017Juan A. Rodríguez González04/19/18
Act 14-2017Juan A. Rosado Matos03/23/18
Act 14-2017Juan Alberto Vigo Prieto02/09/18
Act 14-2017Juan Angel Nazario Fernandez06/13/18
Act 14-2017Juan Apiz01/27/19
Act 22-2012Juan Arocha04/28/16
Act 14-2017Juan Barrientos Gayoso12/24/19
Act 14-2017Juan C Garcia Garcia10/19/19
Act 14-2017Juan C Martinez Rodriguez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Juan C Ortiz Santiago05/03/18
Act 14-2017Juan C Santa Rosario03/12/18
Act 14-2017Juan C. Arraut González02/28/18
Act 14-2017Juan C. López De Victoria Rivera03/12/18
Act 14-2017Juan C. Maldonado Meléndez02/22/18
Act 14-2017Juan C. Portela Araiza12/20/17
Act 14-2017Juan C. Vilá González01/26/18
Act 14-2017Juan Candelario Lanza06/05/18
Act 14-2017Juan Carballo Santiago02/03/19
Act 14-2017Juan Carlos Almodóvar Mercado02/28/18
Act 14-2017Juan Carlos Jiménez Pérez02/28/18
Act 14-2017Juan Carlos Malpica Santiago04/19/18
Act 14-2017Juan Carlos Sotomonte Ariza12/20/17
Act 22-2012Juan Carlos Stolberg12/22/15
Act 14-2017Juan Caros Peraza Delgado02/22/18
Act 14-2017Juan Carrillo08/30/19
Act 14-2017Juan Castaner Barcelo09/27/19
Act 14-2017Juan Cintrón-Garcia09/29/19
Act 14-2017Juan Cintrón-López11/16/19
Act 22-2012Juan D. Cobo Machado08/10/15
Act 14-2017Juan D. Osorio Miranda05/14/18
Act 14-2017Juan Del Rio Martin02/28/18
Act 14-2017Juan E. Pérez Torres02/28/18
Act 14-2017Juan Enrique Perez Monte05/14/18
Act 14-2017Juan F. Amador Lopez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Juan F. Bonano Benítez03/23/18
Act 14-2017Juan F. Cancio Acevedo04/19/18
Act 14-2017Juan Feliciano Figueroa07/21/19
Act 22-2012Juan Felipe Duque Urrea12/27/17
Act 14-2017Juan Felipe Pérez Rosado03/12/18
Act 14-2017Juan Fontanez Nieves06/13/18
Act 14-2017Juan Fuentes05/03/19
Act 14-2017Juan Fumero Perez04/04/19
Act 14-2017Juan G. Santiago Rodríguez02/28/18
Act 14-2017Juan Galloza01/27/19
Act 14-2017Juan Gonzalez Cruz04/19/18
Act 14-2017Juan Hernandez06/30/19
Act 14-2017Juan I Medina Tirado04/19/18
Act 14-2017Juan I. Pérez Emmanuelli02/28/18
Act 14-2017Juan J Sanchez Montaño06/05/18
Act 14-2017Juan J. Medina Tirado01/24/18
Act 22-2012Juan J. Suarez11/19/19
Act 14-2017Juan Jiménez Rodríguez02/28/18
Act 14-2017Juan Jose Bibiloni Rodriguez12/20/17
Act 14-2017Juan José Díaz Hernández12/28/17
Act 14-2017Juan José Lojo Vázquez12/20/17
Act 14-2017Juan Juan Ramírez09/29/19
Act 14-2017Juan L Salgado Morales06/05/18
Act 14-2017Juan L Villaro Chardon05/03/18
Act 14-2017Juan L. Jirau Adames12/20/17
Act 14-2017Juan L. Ortiz Matos, Md02/09/18
Act 14-2017Juan L. Pérez Berenguer04/19/18
Act 135-1998Juan López Rosado3/11/2002
Act 14-2017Juan M Colon Rivera06/05/18
Act 14-2017Juan M Ramos Gonzalez06/05/18
Act 14-2017Juan M. Bertrán Pasarell03/23/18
Act 14-2017Juan M. Igartua Pontón03/12/18
Act 14-2017Juan M. Ramos Acevedo12/28/17
Act 73-2008Juan M. Rodríguez Del Rey12/8/2017
Act 14-2017Juan M. Vázquez Medina04/19/18
Act 14-2017Juan Maldonado Rabelo12/28/17
Act 22-2012Juan Manuel Bellosta12/07/16
Act 14-2017Juan Manuel Marrero-Quintana04/05/18
Act 14-2017Juan Marques10/03/19
Act 135-1998Juan Marroig D/B/A Jm Packing5/12/2003
Act 14-2017Juan Nieves01/31/19
Act 14-2017Juan Ortiz10/03/19
Act 22-2012Juan P. Muci12/16/18
Act 22-2012Juan R Diaz12/09/18
Act 14-2017Juan R Diaz Troche06/13/18
Act 14-2017Juan R Jimenez Gonzalez02/09/18
Act 14-2017Juan R Nuñez Nieves06/05/18
Act 14-2017Juan R. Pillot12/20/17
Act 14-2017Juan R. Rivera Cordero03/23/18
Act 20-2012Juan R. Rivera Font LLC07/22/19
Act 14-2017Juan R. Silva Coll02/28/18
Act 14-2017Juan R. Silva Moreno04/19/18
Act 14-2017Juan R. Vilaro Nelms03/23/18
Act 14-2017Juan Ramírez Sánchez04/05/18
Act 14-2017Juan Renta12/16/18
Act 14-2017Juan Rivera11/02/19
Act 14-2017Juan Rivera Arce06/30/19
Act 22-2012Juan Rodriguez05/19/14
Act 14-2017Juan Rodriguez09/29/19
Act 14-2017Juan Rodriguez Acosta02/09/18
Act 14-2017Juan Rodriguez Ramos06/13/18
Act 14-2017Juan Romero Basso12/20/17
Act 14-2017Juan Ruiz Oronoz11/16/19
Act 14-2017Juan Sanchez07/22/19
Act 14-2017Juan Serrano Olmo03/12/18
Act 14-2017Juan Valentín Carrero01/31/19
Act 14-2017Juan Vazquez Garcia06/27/19
Act 14-2017Juana I. Rivera Viñas12/28/17
Act 14-2017Juanita Negron Pagan02/09/18
Act 135-1998Jucama Distributors8/8/2003
Act 14-2017Judianys Santiago Delgado06/20/18
Act 22-2012Judith Elias06/10/14
Act 22-2012Jukka S Jumppanen06/01/19
Act 22-2012Julia Berezovskaya12/16/18
Act 14-2017Julia H. Maldonado Alejandro02/09/18
Act 22-2012Julia Hathaway11/02/15
Act 22-2012Julia K Whippo07/14/19
Act 14-2017Julia Malavet03/06/19
Act 14-2017Julia S. Vázquez Martirena04/19/18
Act 14-2017Julian Barrera12/04/19
Act 14-2017Julian Girod Bustelo07/19/19
Act 22-2012Julian Sula11/09/15
Act 22-2012Julie C. Papadakis02/18/19
Act 22-2012Julie G. Briggs08/22/17
Act 22-2012Julie Johnston09/03/14
Act 22-2012Julie Marie Sharpe02/27/17
Act 22-2012Julie Moore08/29/18
Act 14-2017Juliet Porch09/27/19
Act 22-2012Juliette Y. Sussman03/17/15
Act 14-2017Julieva Rios Mercado04/19/18
Act 22-2012Julio A. Aviles Jr.06/26/19
Act 14-2017Julio A. Marrero De Guadalupe02/28/18
Act 14-2017Julio A. Rodríguez Padilla01/26/18
Act 14-2017Julio A. Valentin Gonzalez01/26/18
Act 14-2017Julio Armando Sepulveda Franco04/19/18
Act 14-2017Julio Calcaño Perez12/09/19
Act 135-1998Julio Castaño Aparicio6/7/2002
Act 14-2017Julio César Rodríguez Colón 03/23/18
Act 14-2017Julio E Jimenez Soto04/19/18
Act 14-2017Julio E. Guzmán Freire12/28/17
Act 14-2017Julio E. Sánchez Pont03/23/18
Act 14-2017Julio Enrique Mélendez Hernández04/19/18
Act 14-2017Julio Fernandez Rodriguez09/29/19
Act 14-2017Julio González Rodríguez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Julio J. Díaz Padilla12/28/17
Act 14-2017Julio Mantero03/23/19
Act 22-2012Julio N. Lamboy-Ruiz04/11/17
Act 14-2017Julio Narváez Oms03/23/18
Act 14-2017Julio Nelson Sepúlveda Acosta03/12/18
Act 14-2017Julio Ocasio Tascon02/22/18
Act 14-2017Julio R Hernandez Claudio05/18/18
Act 14-2017Julio Segura11/02/19
Act 135-1998Julio Serrano Santini H/N/C Impresos Taino10/17/2014
Act 135-1998Julio Serrano Santini H/N/C Impresos Taíno8/18/2004
Act 14-2017Julio Simons12/09/19
Act 14-2017Julio Soler01/13/19
Act 14-2017Julio Valentin Nieves02/18/19
Act 14-2017Julisa Paredes Olivera04/19/18
Act 27-2011Jump 21 Investments, Inc. - 22 Jump Street06/30/14
Act 22-2012Jun Wang06/12/17
Act 135-1998Junco Tubing Corp2/9/2004
Act 14-2017June Yan Huang09/29/19
Act 14-2017Juster Torres10/03/19
Act 22-2012Justin Abernathy04/05/16
Act 22-2012Justin Broughton07/29/16
Act 22-2012Justin Byers09/18/18
Act 22-2012Justin Callan12/15/19
Act 22-2012Justin Christensen11/24/18
Act 22-2012Justin Cole12/27/16
Act 22-2012Justin Ederle03/28/16
Act 22-2012Justin Keener08/29/18
Act 22-2012Justin L. Schreiber09/18/15
Act 22-2012Justin M. Sullivan01/14/14
Act 22-2012Justin Pacholka02/23/18
Act 22-2012Justin Verrengia05/09/18
Act 14-2017Justiniano Castro Montalvo04/19/18
Act 14-2017Justino Betancourt Collado06/13/18
Act 20-2012Justj'S, LLC02/23/18
Act 22-2012Justo Lorenzotti07/30/13
Act 22-2012Justo Montero Viera02/02/15
Act 14-2017Justo Rodriguez03/03/19
Act 20-2012Jvs Group LLC05/09/18
Act 20-2012Jw Accounting & Consulting LLC03/29/19
Act 20-2012K and R Negotation Associates, LLC04/30/15
Act 20-2012K-P Less Solutions, LLC09/25/12
Act 20-2012Kagan Legal Group, LLC04/11/17
Act 22-2012Kailing Sung Wu11/09/16
Act 20-2012Kaizen Consulting, LLC04/12/19
Act 20-2012Kaj Law Group LLC02/16/19
Act 135-1998Kalico, Corp.4/27/2004
Act 22-2012Kalpesh Patel11/15/16
Act 135-1998Kandor Manufacturing, Inc1/24/2000
Act 73-2008Kandor Manufacturing, Inc.11/5/2015
Act 22-2012Kane Kalas05/23/18
Act 20-2012Kar Publishing, Inc.05/28/15
Act 14-2017Karen Cruz Rodríguez02/28/18
Act 14-2017Karen G. Martínez González04/19/18
Act 14-2017Karen J. Santiago Rios03/12/18
Act 22-2012Karen L. Nield09/02/14
Act 14-2017Karen Lynn Soto Medina03/23/18
Act 14-2017Karen Marti09/27/19
Act 22-2012Karen Reale06/12/17
Act 22-2012Karen Robards12/15/14
Act 14-2017Karen Rodriguez02/09/18
Act 14-2017Karen Silva Almeyda05/03/18
Act 22-2012Karen Stout12/18/14
Act 14-2017Karen Torres Gonzalez10/03/19
Act 14-2017Karim Benitez11/02/19
Act 14-2017Karim Saleh Vega05/04/19
Act 14-2017Karina Arocho-Gonzalez08/30/19
Act 73-2008Karina Bakery, Inc.11/15/2012
Act 22-2012Karina Hendren12/11/17
Act 14-2017Karina Rodriguez09/29/19
Act 14-2017Karina Vilá Rivera02/28/18
Act 14-2017Karinee Candelario10/03/19
Act 14-2017Karla A. Berríos Sierra02/28/18
Act 14-2017Karla Alacan Rios09/29/19
Act 14-2017Karla Amaral Mojica04/19/18
Act 14-2017Karla C Alejandro Serrano04/19/18
Act 14-2017Karla Echeverria Rosario07/14/19
Act 14-2017Karla Figueroa Loubriel12/20/17
Act 73-2008Karla Furniture Mfg. Inc.3/1/2010
Act 14-2017Karla M. Torres Tiorres12/28/17
Act 14-2017Karla Rodríguez Barragán07/19/19
Act 14-2017Karla Rodriguez Tirado06/30/19
Act 14-2017Karla Rosario04/04/19
Act 14-2017Karla Ruiz04/13/19
Act 14-2017Karla T. Medina Resto02/09/18
Act 14-2017Kary M Bouet Rivera03/12/18
Act 14-2017Kassandra Sierra Martinez05/03/18
Act 20-2012Kastech Latam LLC10/27/19
Act 22-2012Katharine Merrill12/16/19
Act 22-2012Katherine Ann Senko04/30/15
Act 22-2012Katherine Blinka12/16/14
Act 14-2017Katherine Davila Moral06/05/18
Act 14-2017Katherine M. Padilla Rodríguez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Katherine Mercado03/31/19
Act 22-2012Katherine Obenstein01/30/15
Act 14-2017Katherine Ramos Antonmattei03/27/18
Act 14-2017Kathia E. Rosado Orozco03/23/18
Act 14-2017Kathia V Alejandro Serrano04/19/18
Act 14-2017Kathleen Guerrero Figuereo04/13/19
Act 22-2012Kathleen P.A. Hamilton12/15/14
Act 22-2012Kathryn S Martorano12/29/18
Act 22-2012Kathryn Susan Fitzgerald02/06/17
Act 14-2017Kathy Caraballo02/06/19
Act 14-2017Kathy Mendieta Munoz09/29/19
Act 22-2012Kathy Zhang03/16/18
Act 14-2017Kathya Ramos Vargas03/23/19
Act 22-2012Kathyann Gruss04/11/17
Act 14-2017Katia Garcia Ramos07/17/18
Act 14-2017Katia Liberatore Gallardo02/22/18
Act 14-2017Katia Mercado05/02/19
Act 22-2012Katie Lee Freedman10/25/16
Act 14-2017Katiuska Baez11/04/19
Act 22-2012Katrina Arden05/09/18
Act 22-2012Katrine Clip08/10/18
Act 22-2012Kay K. Whisenhunt11/02/15
Act 20-2012Kc Partners LLC05/09/18
Act 135-1998Kcpr, Inc.2/6/2007
Act 20-2012Kd&D Pr, LLC08/29/18
Act 20-2012Kdt Prita Inc12/24/19
Act 27-2011Kee Film, LLC - El Guardia06/30/15
Act 20-2012Keen Radiology Pr LLC02/27/17
Act 22-2012Keenan Skelly11/15/16
Act 135-1998Keep Dry Corporation1/30/2007
Act 14-2017Keila Diaz Morales07/14/19
Act 14-2017Keila Rivera Roman06/30/19
Act 14-2017Keimari Méndez-Martínez01/26/18
Act 22-2012Keith Brodie09/11/18
Act 22-2012Keith Holding11/18/19
Act 22-2012Keith Jensen12/08/17
Act 22-2012Keith Jovais09/18/15
Act 22-2012Keith St. Clair09/24/15
Act 22-2012Keith W Furlong02/18/19
Act 135-1998Keller Crescent Corp. / Pharmagraphics Puerto Rico- Before -Pharmagraphics (Caribbean) LLC7/8/1999
Act 22-2012Kelly Bangert06/12/17
Act 22-2012Kelly D Tyler04/22/19
Act 22-2012Kelly Locke10/31/16
Act 22-2012Kelly R. Feaster02/18/19
Act 20-2012Kelton Rose Pr, LLC03/07/18
Act 14-2017Kelvin Rivera12/15/19
Act 22-2012Kendra Kim01/31/18
Act 14-2017Kenel Fernández Barbosa04/19/18
Act 14-2017Kenneth Badillo Cecilia12/28/17
Act 22-2012Kenneth Blaine04/05/16
Act 22-2012Kenneth Bruce Hunt05/31/18
Act 22-2012Kenneth Dealy11/26/14
Act 22-2012Kenneth Kay11/13/14
Act 22-2012Kenneth Kotch10/26/17
Act 22-2012Kenneth Lewis Hartog03/01/16
Act 14-2017Kenneth O Cintron Velazquez06/05/18
Act 22-2012Kenneth Quattrocchi03/26/18
Act 14-2017Kenneth Rivera Ayala01/31/19
Act 22-2012Kenneth Rosen04/28/16
Act 22-2012Kenneth Schmidt10/31/16
Act 20-2012Kensington Analytics, LLC08/10/15
Act 22-2012Kent Kost11/18/19
Act 14-2017Keren Mendez09/29/19
Act 14-2017Kermell Ocasio11/13/19
Act 14-2017Kermit Richiez12/18/18
Act 14-2017Kermith Ayala07/21/19
Act 22-2012Kerry A. Mcdonald10/07/13
Act 135-1998Kerry Flavor Systems Puerto Rico, Inc./Cargill Flavors Systems Puerto Rico, Inc. / (Previous: Degussa Flavors & Fruit Systems Puerto Rico, Inc.)1/16/2003
Act 14-2017Kervin Arroyo Torres12/28/17
Act 22-2012Kevin A. Williams02/06/14
Act 22-2012Kevin Allan08/29/18
Act 22-2012Kevin Brosamle08/10/18
Act 22-2012Kevin Cole12/15/19
Act 22-2012Kevin Curtis04/28/16
Act 22-2012Kevin D. Cunningham04/28/16
Act 22-2012Kevin D. Futch02/18/19
Act 22-2012Kevin Daniel Smits12/14/15
Act 22-2012Kevin J. Flynn06/10/14
Act 22-2012Kevin R. Rands05/09/18
Act 22-2012Kevin Thobias11/06/18
Act 22-2012Kevin Wine11/10/14
Act 73-2008Key Integrated Solutions, Inc.5/30/2012
Act 14-2017Keydi Betancourt02/09/19
Act 14-2017Keysha Lopez Vega10/03/19
Act 14-2017Keysha Pietri02/28/19
Act 20-2012Kfg Global LLC11/15/19
Act 22-2012Khaled A Taha03/21/18
Act 14-2017Khris Lampon02/18/19
Act 73-2008Kiaras LLC7/8/2013
Act 22-2012Kim A. Symington03/17/15
Act 22-2012Kim E Wermuth04/16/15
Act 135-1998Kimberly Clark Intternational4/9/2002
Act 135-1998Kimberly Clark Puerto Rico8/6/2001
Act 22-2012Kimberly Harrison12/17/18
Act 14-2017Kimberly Padilla12/15/19
Act 22-2012Kimberly Schuessler02/27/17
Act 22-2012Kimberly Sciacca06/03/15
Act 73-2008Kimberly-Clark Puerto Rico, Inc.11/1/2012
Act 20-2012Kimbop, LLC05/09/18
Act 20-2012Kinder Partners, LLC 08/05/13
Act 273-2012Kinetic International LLC05/15/19
Act 20-2012King Enterprises, LLC07/19/18
Act 20-2012King X Publishing LLC01/27/19
Act 20-2012King'S Leap Capital LLC02/12/18
Act 135-1998Kingdom Packing Company, Inc.1/29/2003
Act 135-1998Kings Sports Wear & Pro-Shop, Inc.6/22/2006
Act 22-2012Kinnon Doc Sandlin11/13/17
Act 22-2012Kira D. Golden06/30/14
Act 22-2012Kirill Volgensky12/09/18
Act 22-2012Kirstin Proud06/16/14
Act 135-1998Kitchens & More, Inc.3/9/2004
Act 135-1998Kitchens & More, Inc.11/1/2013
Act 20-2012Kizoto LLC01/17/19
Act 20-2012Knapp LLC08/10/18
Act 73-2008Knowlity International Corp.11/13/2009
Act 20-2012Konet Corp.04/08/14
Act 20-2012Konnektive LLC03/13/18
Act 73-2008Koolee Sales Company, Corp7/8/2013
Act 20-2012Koqi Advertising LLC12/27/16
Act 20-2012Kos Partners LLC07/19/18
Act 20-2012Kosnoff Fasy, LLC12/24/14
Act 73-2008Kp Alta Vista Inc.12/23/2015
Act 73-2008Kpg Knowledge Power Group, Inc.2/24/2012
Act 73-2008Kpm Realty Advisors, Inc.9/1/2010
Act 20-2012Kratos Pharmaceuticals, LLC06/04/18
Act 20-2012Krause Consulting LLC02/28/19
Act 22-2012Krista Burns07/10/17
Act 22-2012Kristen Melanie Eiler01/30/15
Act 22-2012Kristen Yerger03/28/16
Act 22-2012Kristian Jhamb01/16/14
Act 22-2012Kristin R White12/23/18
Act 22-2012Kristine Tanner08/01/17
Act 22-2012Kristy K Smith09/18/15
Act 14-2017Krystahl andujar05/26/19
Act 14-2017Krystal Ortiz Diaz06/24/19
Act 20-2012Ks Art LLC10/25/16
Act 135-1998Ksm Electronics Of Puerto Rico8/8/2003
Act 22-2012Kurt A Pfluger03/29/19
Act 22-2012Kurt Fruchtman08/10/18
Act 22-2012Kurt G. Stenhouse08/28/17
Act 22-2012Kurt Hausy10/28/14
Act 22-2012Kurt Schuler07/19/18
Act 22-2012Kurt William Terhar06/30/14
Act 73-2008Kury Manufacturing,Inc.7/14/2009
Act 135-1998Kvar Puerto Rico, Inc.1/24/2003
Act 20-2012Kwn, LLC06/26/19
Act 22-2012Kyle Couillard05/09/18
Act 22-2012Kyle Robins07/19/18
Act 22-2012Kyle Troyer03/30/17
Act 14-2017Kyrmarie Davila08/04/19
Act 135-1998L.G.A., Inc.8/3/2006
Act 8-1987L.S. Quilting, Inc.5/11/1999
Act 73-2008L.S. Quilting, Inc.9/5/2012
Act 20-2012L'Abri Property Management LLC06/22/19
Act 20-2012La Casa Del Sombrero LLC09/28/19
Act 20-2012La Clinica Medical Management, LLC08/22/17
Act 20-2012La Condesa, LLC01/10/14
Act 135-1998La Fábrica, Inc.11/13/2003
Act 83-2010La Mina Solar, LLC4/16/2014
Act 73-2008La Paleteria L L C10/26/2017
Act 135-1998La Scala Bedding and Furniture4/24/2001
Act 135-1998La Toja Realty LLC8/14/2014
Act 135-1998La Toja Realty, Inc. / Arturo Barreiro Gonzalez10/4/2004
Act 73-2008Lab Info LLC1/24/2020
Act 135-1998Label Specialist, Inc.7/9/2002
Act 14-2017Laia Allende09/29/19
Act 20-2012Lakeshore Funding LLC06/21/16
Act 20-2012Lakeshore Lighting, LLC12/15/19
Act 27-2011LaKtorce Productions, LLC - Una Boda en Castañer06/30/15
Act 135-1998Lambda Operations Corp8/31/2001
Act 20-2012Lana Shlafer Pr LLC09/29/19
Act 22-2012Lance Kulick07/19/18
Act 14-2017Lance L. Needham Lubler12/20/17
Act 22-2012Lance Talkington11/28/12
Act 22-2012Lancelot Patrice Michel De Montsegur08/10/18
Act 73-2008Lanco Global Systems Caribbean7/10/2012
Act 73-2008Lanco Manufacturing Corp12/31/2012
Act 135-1998Lanco Manufacturing, Corp.4/15/2005
Act 73-2008Land Colors Investment Corp.6/6/2018
Act 20-2012Landscape Consulting Services LLC12/21/16
Act 20-2012Langley Management Group LLC06/22/19
Act 73-2008Lantheus Mi Radiopharmaceuticals Inc.6/1/2011
Act 135-1998Lantheus Mi Radiopharmaceuticals, Inc.9/3/2010
Act 22-2012Larry D. Smith12/19/14
Act 135-1998Larsen'S Products8/26/2008
Act 20-2012Las Enterprises Inc01/26/18
Act 20-2012Lasalle Group International, LLC11/30/16
Act 135-1998Laser Imaging Manufacturing12/10/2001
Act 135-1998Laser Products, Inc.12/28/2007
Act 20-2012Latam Age Management, LLC02/27/15
Act 20-2012Latifundium Management, LLC06/01/19
Act 27-2011Latitude Films, Inc. - Balcony Coors06/30/15
Act 27-2011Latitude Films, Inc. - Cristina Bazán06/30/16
Act 27-2011Latitude Films, Inc. - Jack Daniels06/30/16
Act 27-2011Latitude Films, Inc. - NBA Ball is Life06/30/17
Act 27-2011Latitude Films, Inc. - Nestlé06/30/15
Act 27-2011Latitude Films, Inc. - Tajín06/30/17
Act 27-2011Latitude Films, Inc. - Walgreens 201406/30/14
Act 27-2011Latitude Films, Inc. - Wendys06/30/13
Act 20-2012Latona'S LLC04/11/17
Act 20-2012Latrobe Management Services LLC07/05/17
Act 22-2012Laura Arias10/05/19
Act 14-2017Laura Atienza11/16/19
Act 14-2017Laura Bolorin Vargas06/30/19
Act 22-2012Laura Boyko02/02/15
Act 14-2017Laura Elena Rodríguez Rivera04/05/18
Act 14-2017Laura Figueroa02/03/19
Act 22-2012Laura J. Pandich06/01/19
Act 22-2012Laura Lee Petrie09/13/17
Act 22-2012Laura Malischke12/15/14
Act 14-2017Laura Mata10/03/19
Act 22-2012Laura Medina Quiñones12/15/19
Act 22-2012Laura Mitchell02/06/17
Act 14-2017Laura Morales Santiago11/13/19
Act 14-2017Laura Padilla Carasquillo12/04/19
Act 14-2017Laura Rivera10/03/19
Act 14-2017Laura Surillo01/06/19
Act 22-2012Laura Swan12/06/13
Act 22-2012Laura T. Rozas12/20/16
Act 14-2017Lauramar Sotomayor11/04/19
Act 14-2017Laureano A. Giraldez Rodríguez01/26/18
Act 14-2017Laureano Giraldez09/29/19
Act 14-2017Lauren Acevedo09/27/19
Act 22-2012Lauren E Zeltzer11/18/19
Act 22-2012Lauren E. Goodson12/22/16
Act 14-2017Lauren Lynch González02/28/18
Act 22-2012Lauren Powel08/23/16
Act 14-2017Laurianne El Musa09/29/19
Act 135-1998Lausell2/9/2001
Act 135-1998Lausell, Inc.9/29/2006
Act 20-2012Law office of Christopher K. Johnston LLC05/09/17
Act 20-2012Law office Services LLC04/10/18
Act 22-2012Lawrence Aponte03/23/18
Act 22-2012Lawrence Hill02/27/17
Act 14-2017Lawrence J. Sheplan Olsen01/26/18
Act 22-2012Lawrence Obenshain Jr.03/31/15
Act 73-2008Lawrence Screw Products, Inc.12/23/2013
Act 22-2012Lawrence White08/01/17
Act 20-2012Lbim, LLC05/09/18
Act 20-2012Lc Holdings Pr LLC12/15/15
Act 73-2008Lc Holdings PR LLC12/15/2015
Act 27-2011LD2, LLC - Los Domirriqueños 206/30/17
Act 27-2011LD3,LLC - Los Domirriquenos 306/30/20
Act 135-1998Le Natural, Inc.11/8/2004
Act 20-2012Lead Network LLC01/25/18
Act 20-2012Leadgogo LLC10/04/16
Act 20-2012Leading Women LLC09/06/16
Act 20-2012Leads Advertising LLC12/27/16
Act 14-2017Leah Cobb04/05/18
Act 73-2008Lecar Radiators Industrial Cooling Solutions Inc,2/23/2018
Act 22-2012Lee Bailey09/18/18
Act 14-2017Lee Ming Shum07/22/19
Act 20-2012Leeward Bound Hq LLC05/27/19
Act 20-2012Legacy Export Services Inc.03/20/19
Act 20-2012Legacy Holdings LLC04/30/15
Act 135-1998Legacy Pharmaceuticals Puerto Rico, LLC (Icn Puerto Rico, Inc.)7/18/2000
Act 20-2012Legalsimpli Software LLC03/23/18
Act 135-1998Lehigh Press Pharmaceutical Products, Inc.8/12/2005
Act 14-2017Leilani Joy Perez09/29/19
Act 14-2017Lelis L. Nazario Rodríguez01/24/18
Act 14-2017Lemuel Martínez Bonilla12/28/17
Act 20-2012Lendspace LLC09/29/19
Act 22-2012Lene Hashemi08/01/17
Act 20-2012Lenihan Education LLC07/21/16
Act 14-2017Lenna Aviles Porrata-Doria04/13/19
Act 14-2017Lenny Pagan Rodriguez09/06/19
Act 73-2008Lenscrafters International, Inc.1/18/2019
Act 135-1998Lenscrafters International, Inc. (Pearle Vision Center)3/1/2010
Act 22-2012Leo Gontmakher11/02/16
Act 22-2012Leo Schwartz05/09/18
Act 22-2012Leon J Ferguson01/27/19
Act 14-2017Leonardo Hormaza Laracuente02/09/18
Act 14-2017Leonardo Molina03/03/19
Act 14-2017Leonardo Ortíz Rivera02/22/18
Act 14-2017Leonardo Pirillo Favot02/22/18
Act 14-2017Leonardo Torres Rodríguez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Leonardo Valentin05/10/19
Act 14-2017Leonardo Valentin Perez11/24/18
Act 14-2017Leonel Guerrero Rodríguez03/23/18
Act 14-2017Leonell Freytes09/09/19
Act 22-2012Leonid Beylin08/04/17
Act 22-2012Lesby Green02/26/18
Act 14-2017Lesliane Castro12/13/18
Act 14-2017Leslie Soto07/22/19
Act 22-2012Leslie Torres Collazo07/30/13
Act 22-2012Leslie Wade03/17/15
Act 22-2012Lester Morales12/20/16
Act 22-2012Leszek T. James03/02/19
Act 14-2017Leticia Gely05/02/19
Act 20-2012Level Up Global Corp11/20/18
Act 20-2012Levidge LLC06/30/19
Act 22-2012Lewis Hutchins08/18/17
Act 20-2012Lexington Surgical Consultant04/25/18
Act 14-2017Leyda M Diaz Correa03/12/18
Act 14-2017Leyda Roman Nieves12/23/18
Act 14-2017Leyda Sanchez08/30/19
Act 14-2017Leyre Falto05/03/19
Act 135-1998Lfm Manufacturing, Inc.12/22/2004
Act 20-2012Liaison Labs LLC10/28/19
Act 22-2012Liam R. Walter12/27/16
Act 22-2012Liana O'Drobinak09/12/16
Act 14-2017Liana R Medina Pizarro04/19/18
Act 135-1998Lianca Folding Box2/19/2004
Act 73-2008Lianca Folding Box, Inc.7/8/2013
Act 14-2017Lianela Negron07/22/19
Act 27-2011Liberado Films, LLC - Efecto Morivivi06/30/20
Act 73-2008Liberty Data, Inc.12/3/2008
Act 20-2012Liberty Hospitality Management Pr LLC10/26/17
Act 20-2012Liberty Wealth Strategies LLC11/18/19
Act 20-2012Libra Fund Pr, LLC10/31/16
Act 22-2012Liby M Carrasquillo09/23/19
Act 14-2017Lidia M. Guerrero Rodríguez12/28/17
Act 20-2012Lifeforce Ventures LLC03/16/17
Act 135-1998Lifestyle Footwear, Inc.8/8/2003
Act 20-2012Lifestyle Workweek, LLC03/10/19
Act 20-2012Lift, LLC11/13/19
Act 8-1987Light Gas Corporation5/16/1994
Act 20-2012Lighthouse Insurance Group, Inc.07/15/15
Act 20-2012Lighthouse Integrated Services Corp.06/27/19
Act 135-1998Lih Group10/11/2001
Act 14-2017Lilba Piña01/06/19
Act 14-2017Lilia Sanchez07/22/19
Act 14-2017Liliana Lojo Sojo11/02/19
Act 14-2017Liliana M. Guzmán Bicchi09/10/18
Act 14-2017Liliana Rivera06/22/19
Act 14-2017Lilliam Borrego01/06/19
Act 14-2017Lilliam Díaz Vélez02/28/18
Act 14-2017Lillian Bezares12/15/19
Act 14-2017Lillian Monserrate Padilla Costoso01/26/18
Act 22-2012Lillian V. Watkins10/07/15
Act 14-2017Lillian Y. Segarra Roig01/24/18
Act 14-2017Lilliana Morales Vazquez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Lilliana Vera Ortiz06/05/18
Act 135-1998Lilly Del Caribe8/13/2002
Act 73-2008Lilly Del Caribe, Inc.4/19/2013
Act 14-2017Lily Guzman06/18/19
Act 14-2017Limary Rios Camacho07/22/19
Act 135-1998Limber Tito, Corp.9/27/2007
Act 20-2012Limitless Life, LLC01/16/19
Act 22-2012Lina M. Golvala11/10/14
Act 22-2012Linda J. Jovais09/18/15
Act 22-2012Linda K. Holak03/17/15
Act 22-2012Linda Motyka08/21/14
Act 135-1998Linde Gas Puerto Rico, Inc.12/17/2004
Act 73-2008Linde Gas Puerto Rico, Inc.1/26/2018
Act 20-2012Linder & Associates LLC05/11/16
Act 22-2012Lindsay E. Gordon03/31/15
Act 14-2017Linette Bosques09/29/19
Act 20-2012Linkactiv Automotive LLC05/08/17
Act 20-2012Linse Capital LLC11/25/19
Act 14-2017Lionel Fernandez03/25/19
Act 14-2017Lionel Lugo06/18/19
Act 14-2017Lionel Velez Montijo07/22/19
Act 20-2012Liongrove Management LLC01/10/19
Act 135-1998Liqui Fert Corp3/13/2007
Act 20-2012Liquidators Ware House, LLC02/13/14
Act 14-2017Lis Arocho03/04/19
Act 14-2017Lisa A Principe Snyder06/20/18
Act 22-2012Lisa A. Dale02/27/17
Act 22-2012Lisa B. Amos08/10/17
Act 22-2012Lisa Hall12/27/16
Act 22-2012Lisa M Kladivo05/04/19
Act 22-2012Lisa M. Fouquet12/18/18
Act 22-2012Lisa Secco05/02/19
Act 14-2017Lisa Winchester Camacho04/26/18
Act 14-2017Lisandra Colon Rolon06/05/18
Act 14-2017Lisandra Cordero Nieves02/28/18
Act 14-2017Lisandra Pérez Colón03/12/18
Act 14-2017Lisandro Montalvo Burke01/26/18
Act 14-2017Lisandro Montalvo Sanchez11/16/19
Act 22-2012Lisanne Phillips02/13/19
Act 14-2017Lisette Pérez Díaz06/13/18
Act 14-2017Lisselle Villarubia Ocasio07/22/19
Act 14-2017Lissette Salgueiro Canetti02/09/18
Act 20-2012Liv Health, LLC02/25/19
Act 20-2012Live Transfers and Donor Creation LLC07/19/18
Act 14-2017Livia Devarie03/06/19
Act 14-2017Livia M Bermudez Rivera06/13/18
Act 14-2017Livia Santos02/28/19
Act 73-2008Livindi Inc5/9/2018
Act 14-2017Liza M. Hernández González08/09/18
Act 14-2017Liza M. Paulo Malavé03/12/18
Act 14-2017Liza Sanchez05/10/19
Act 14-2017Liza Vazquez09/29/19
Act 14-2017Lizanell Irizarry Suárez12/09/19
Act 14-2017Lizbeth Colon Deglans02/18/19
Act 14-2017Lizette Chabrier Beauchamp02/09/18
Act 14-2017Lizmary Jimenez12/20/17
Act 22-2012Lizzette Santiago09/13/17
Act 14-2017Llianette Ruiz04/19/18
Act 22-2012Lloyd W. Douglas12/20/16
Act 22-2012Lobo Tiggre02/06/14
Act 20-2012Local Marketing Masters LLC03/07/19
Act 135-1998Lockheed Martin Global, Inc.9/14/2007
Act 20-2012Lodestone LLC06/15/16
Act 22-2012Logan J Mercer06/30/19
Act 20-2012Logopogo, Inc.02/04/15
Act 135-1998Logrob Scaffold Equipment Rental, Inc.4/27/2004
Act 14-2017Loida Alejandra González Rodríguez04/19/18
Act 22-2012Loida Bouchard02/27/17
Act 14-2017Loida Viera04/13/19
Act 22-2012Lola Louzan09/02/19
Act 20-2012Loml Pr LLC12/28/16
Act 20-2012London Export Services Puerto Rico LLC12/04/17
Act 20-2012Long Focus Capital Management, LLC05/29/15
Act 20-2012Long Prairie LLC11/13/19
Act 73-2008Longo En-Tech Puerto Rico, LLC2/22/2016
Act 20-2012Longwood Capital Partners Pr, LLC04/13/15
Act 22-2012Lonnie Davis07/30/13
Act 22-2012Lonnie J Fuller06/01/19
Act 27-2011Lopito, Ileana & Howie, Inc. - El Abuvión06/30/16
Act 22-2012Lora D. Nield09/26/14
Act 22-2012Lora Napier12/15/19
Act 135-1998Loreal Caribe, Inc.9/7/2006
Act 20-2012Loren D Stark LLC03/10/19
Act 14-2017Lorena Di Pasquale05/26/19
Act 14-2017Lorena Montalvo11/04/19
Act 14-2017Lorena Morales Concepcion04/13/19
Act 14-2017Lorenzo Gonzalez Feliciano02/22/18
Act 22-2012Lori Otto08/29/18
Act 22-2012Lori T. Krell12/24/18
Act 22-2012Lori-Ann Weichselbaum10/14/15
Act 22-2012Lorianne Scaramella11/06/18
Act 14-2017Lorimar Ortiz Ortiz03/03/19
Act 14-2017Lorna A. Vargas Ramos01/24/18
Act 22-2012Lorna Abernathy04/05/16
Act 14-2017Lorna Malpica03/03/19
Act 14-2017Lorraine Vázquez Vives02/22/18
Act 20-2012Los Cangris, Inc.05/03/19
Act 27-2011Los Magnífikos, Inc. - Nicky Jam06/30/16
Act 27-2011Los Magnifikos, Inc. - Plan B06/30/15
Act 73-2008Los Muchachos Bakery, Inc.9/1/2010
Act 14-2017Loscar Santiago09/27/19
Act 27-2011Losdetommy,LLC - Sonido Bestial06/30/20
Act 22-2012Louie G. Perkins08/14/14
Act 22-2012Louis Dalrymple08/18/17
Act 20-2012Louis James LLC05/17/18
Act 14-2017Louis Ruiz06/06/19
Act 22-2012Louis Stocking05/23/18
Act 22-2012Louis Tapia06/12/17
Act 27-2011Louisiana Premier Productions, LLC - Our Brand is Crisis06/30/15
Act 14-2017Lourdes García Alonso03/07/18
Act 14-2017Lourdes García Fragoso03/12/18
Act 14-2017Lourdes Garriga Blanco06/13/18
Act 14-2017Lourdes Guerrios11/02/19
Act 14-2017Lourdes J Feliciano Lopez05/17/18
Act 14-2017Lourdes Kutbi Rivera04/05/18
Act 14-2017Lourdes Milagros Medina Fiol12/21/17
Act 14-2017Lourdes Nieves04/04/19
Act 14-2017Lourdes Socorro Pena De La Vega01/26/18
Act 14-2017Loyda Torres Berrios04/19/18
Act 20-2012Lp Administrative Services, LLC02/26/18
Act 73-2008Lp Universal Printing, Inc.3/30/2017
Act 135-1998Lppr9/13/2001
Act 135-1998Lpq Millenium Group1/18/2002
Act 20-2012Ls Innovative Education Center, Inc.01/25/18
Act 20-2012Lt Music LLC09/29/19
Act 14-2017Luarde I. Montano Soto04/19/18
Act 22-2012Luca Giussani11/10/14
Act 22-2012Lucas Cajiao03/04/19
Act 14-2017Lucas De Virgilio02/06/19
Act 22-2012Lucas Duplan03/16/18
Act 22-2012Lucas Hoppel11/09/15
Act 14-2017Lucas Ramirez Marquez06/13/18
Act 135-1998Lucent Technologies Caribbean and Latin America Sales4/17/2002
Act 14-2017Lucia Rivera Matos09/29/19
Act 14-2017Lucia San Miguel04/04/19
Act 22-2012Lucile El-Hage11/16/16
Act 14-2017Lucrecia Ortega07/22/19
Act 14-2017Ludemar Roman08/18/19
Act 22-2012Ludmila Usherenko01/30/15
Act 73-2008Luftansa Technik Puerto Rico, LLC4/7/2014
Act 22-2012Luigi Ceneri07/15/19
Act 14-2017Luis A Bonilla Gonzalez05/03/18
Act 14-2017Luis A Castro Velez06/13/18
Act 14-2017Luis A Garcia Barreto05/03/18
Act 14-2017Luis A Gonzalez Camacho04/19/18
Act 14-2017Luis A Jimenez Reyes04/19/18
Act 14-2017Luis A Medina Aviles05/14/18
Act 14-2017Luis A Renta Rosa05/14/18
Act 14-2017Luis A Rivera Rodriguez02/09/18
Act 14-2017Luis A Rodriguez Ruiz04/19/18
Act 14-2017Luis A San Miguel De Jesus06/05/18
Act 14-2017Luis A Torres Vera06/05/18
Act 14-2017Luis A. Acosta Montijo03/23/18
Act 14-2017Luis A. Aponte López01/24/18
Act 135-1998Luis A. Ayala Colon Sucres, Inc.5/16/2014
Act 14-2017Luis A. Bonilla González03/23/18
Act 14-2017Luis A. Flores Torres02/22/18
Act 14-2017Luis A. Irizarry Reyes02/09/18
Act 14-2017Luis A. Mateo Jiménez03/23/18
Act 14-2017Luis A. Miranda Jovos12/20/17
Act 14-2017Luis A. Ortiz Heredia02/28/18
Act 14-2017Luis A. Pérez Pérez03/27/18
Act 14-2017Luis A. Santiago Cabán12/28/17
Act 14-2017Luis A. Tarrats Ortolaza04/19/18
Act 14-2017Luis Acaba Sifontes09/08/19
Act 14-2017Luis Alberto Paz Reyes01/26/18
Act 14-2017Luis Alvarado12/15/19
Act 14-2017Luis Alvarado Espada12/28/17
Act 14-2017Luis Alvarez Lugo06/13/18
Act 22-2012Luis Alvarez Vila11/07/13
Act 14-2017Luis Ambert01/31/19
Act 135-1998Luis Angel Perez Matos5/17/2000
Act 14-2017Luis Antonio López Galarza03/23/18
Act 14-2017Luis Arraut09/29/19
Act 135-1998Luis Ayala Colón Sucesores, Inc.5/18/2004
Act 14-2017Luis Baerga Varela02/22/18
Act 14-2017Luis Baez05/02/19
Act 14-2017Luis Baez Diaz06/05/18
Act 14-2017Luis Baez Vallecillo03/04/19
Act 14-2017Luis Baez-Cabrera05/26/19
Act 14-2017Luis Bisbal05/07/19
Act 14-2017Luis Blay Torres01/06/19
Act 14-2017Luis Borrego03/04/19
Act 14-2017Luis Burgos12/13/18
Act 14-2017Luis C Rojas Ruiz06/13/18
Act 14-2017Luis C. Fernández Vázquez05/17/18
Act 14-2017Luis C. Torruellas Ruiz12/20/17
Act 14-2017Luis Cabrera06/30/19
Act 14-2017Luis Canetti Mirabal03/23/18
Act 14-2017Luis Carcorze Soto12/20/17
Act 14-2017Luis Carrazana Suarez03/31/19
Act 14-2017Luis Cintron11/17/19
Act 14-2017Luis Clavell07/22/19
Act 14-2017Luis Correa09/28/19
Act 14-2017Luis Cotto Santana05/02/19
Act 14-2017Luis D. Correa Luna12/28/17
Act 14-2017Luis D. Flores Cabán02/28/18
Act 22-2012Luis De Carvalho De La Mora07/30/13
Act 14-2017Luis E. Caldero Martínez02/28/18
Act 14-2017Luis E. Cummings Carrero02/28/18
Act 14-2017Luis E. Ferrer Torres01/24/18
Act 14-2017Luis E. González Martínez03/12/18
Act 14-2017Luis E. Ortiz Gonzalez12/20/17
Act 14-2017Luis E. Ramos Rodríguez02/22/18
Act 14-2017Luis E. Valledor12/20/17
Act 14-2017Luis Ernesto Guasp Soto02/22/18
Act 14-2017Luis F Molinaris Castello06/05/18
Act 14-2017Luis F. Béaz Rivera02/22/18
Act 14-2017Luis F. Cordero12/20/17
Act 14-2017Luis F. Ferrer Nuin12/28/17
Act 14-2017Luis F. García12/20/17
Act 14-2017Luis F. Nieves Garrastegui03/23/18
Act 14-2017Luis F. Rosa Díaz04/05/18
Act 14-2017Luis F. Vélez Quiñones03/23/18
Act 14-2017Luis Figueroa03/03/19
Act 14-2017Luis Font Aponte12/20/17
Act 14-2017Luis Fontan Lasanta01/26/18
Act 14-2017Luis Forastieri03/31/19
Act 14-2017Luis Francisco Rodríguez Terry04/19/18
Act 14-2017Luis G Alcaraz Micheli04/19/18
Act 135-1998Luis G. Abraham7/20/2006
Act 14-2017Luis G. Marrero Pérez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Luis Garcia05/02/19
Act 14-2017Luis Garcia Irizarry04/19/18
Act 20-2012Luis Garratón Trading L.L.C.11/13/18
Act 14-2017Luis Gerena12/16/19
Act 14-2017Luis Gonzalez Hernandez05/07/19
Act 14-2017Luis H. Meléndez Morales03/12/18
Act 14-2017Luis Hernandez Rios04/19/18
Act 14-2017Luis I Morel Abella06/05/18
Act 135-1998Luis I. García12/8/2003
Act 14-2017Luis I. Lebrón Manzón04/05/18
Act 14-2017Luis Iturrino11/16/19
Act 14-2017Luis J Acevedo Marty07/17/18
Act 14-2017Luis J Lugo Velez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Luis J Rivera Ramos04/19/18
Act 14-2017Luis J. Almodovar Fábregas04/19/18
Act 14-2017Luis J. Díaz Cabrero12/28/17
Act 14-2017Luis J. Goveo Ortiz12/27/17
Act 14-2017Luis J. Ortiz Espinosa03/12/18
Act 14-2017Luis J. Torruella Bartolomei03/23/18
Act 14-2017Luis J. Tous Lopez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Luis Jimenez Berroa10/04/19
Act 14-2017Luis Lojo Sojo12/20/17
Act 8-1987Luis M Duran Y Ramona Berrios10/6/1993
Act 14-2017Luis M. Gely Latalladi12/28/17
Act 14-2017Luis M. Muñiz Colón12/28/17
Act 14-2017Luis M. Rodríguez Maldonado03/12/18
Act 14-2017Luis Marchany Alfonso11/02/19
Act 14-2017Luis Molinary Fernández01/24/18
Act 14-2017Luis Montalvo Bonilla12/20/17
Act 14-2017Luis N Olmedo Olmedo06/13/18
Act 14-2017Luis Natali09/29/19
Act 14-2017Luis Navarro02/09/19
Act 14-2017Luis Novoa07/22/19
Act 14-2017Luis O. Negrón García03/27/18
Act 14-2017Luis Oms02/18/19
Act 14-2017Luis Pagan07/22/19
Act 14-2017Luis Perez Perez10/03/19
Act 14-2017Luis Pio Sánchez Caso01/26/18
Act 14-2017Luis R Barreto Sola05/14/18
Act 22-2012Luis R Gonzalez Bunster10/05/19
Act 14-2017Luis R Rosado Toledo06/13/18
Act 14-2017Luis R Santiago Pagan02/09/18
Act 14-2017Luis R. De Corral Rondinelli01/26/18
Act 14-2017Luis R. Lozada Muñoz03/23/18
Act 14-2017Luis R. Miranda Iglesias03/23/18
Act 14-2017Luis R. Polo Segarra04/19/18
Act 14-2017Luis Rafael Hernández Cott02/28/18
Act 14-2017Luis Ramos07/14/19
Act 14-2017Luis Ramos Santiago10/03/19
Act 14-2017Luis Rivera01/06/19
Act 14-2017Luis Rivera Santos05/14/18
Act 22-2012Luis Roa07/19/18
Act 14-2017Luis Rodríguez Escola01/24/18
Act 14-2017Luis Rodriguez-Ospina09/30/19
Act 22-2012Luis Romero08/29/18
Act 14-2017Luis Rosario Vargas03/23/18
Act 14-2017Luis Ruisánchez González12/04/19
Act 14-2017Luis S Galarza Escobar06/05/18
Act 14-2017Luis Santiago12/28/17
Act 14-2017Luis Santos Pérez Toro02/28/18
Act 14-2017Luis Santos Reyes12/28/17
Act 22-2012Luis Serfaty06/12/17
Act 14-2017Luis Sotomayor07/22/19
Act 14-2017Luis Suarez12/16/18
Act 14-2017Luis T Gandia Mantaras06/05/18
Act 14-2017Luis Tavarez Alarcon07/22/19
Act 14-2017Luis Tavarez Gonzalez05/18/18
Act 14-2017Luis Tomas Boothby Berrocal06/13/18
Act 14-2017Luis Torres09/29/19
Act 14-2017Luis Vargas Bird02/22/18
Act 14-2017Luis Vazquez Moyet03/03/19
Act 14-2017Luis Vazquez Zubillaga09/28/19
Act 14-2017Luis Viera12/15/18
Act 14-2017Luis Vila Perez01/27/19
Act 14-2017Luisa Hernandez09/29/19
Act 14-2017Luisa V. Marcial Vega01/26/18
Act 22-2012Luiza Vickers11/07/13
Act 22-2012Lukas William Becker08/10/18
Act 22-2012Luke David Jones10/28/16
Act 22-2012Luke E Stokes11/18/18
Act 22-2012Luke N. Allen10/12/16
Act 22-2012Luke S. Allen02/06/14
Act 22-2012Luke Weinstein05/17/18
Act 14-2017Luma Al-Attar Al-Saraf12/28/17
Act 14-2017Lumarie Rivera López02/28/18
Act 14-2017Lumen Vera Colón02/28/18
Act 20-2012Lumin LLC09/09/14
Act 20-2012Lumos Management LLC06/01/19
Act 20-2012Lunasol LLC10/23/19
Act 20-2012Lunisa LLC12/15/19
Act 20-2012Lupa.Solutions LLC07/11/16
Act 14-2017Lurmag Orta González03/23/18
Act 135-1998Luthi Machinery Company Inc6/2/2008
Act 73-2008Lutron S.M. Inc10/18/2017
Act 135-1998Lutron Sm6/1/2004
Act 20-2012Luvit, Inc.09/07/16
Act 14-2017Luz M Cuebas Ramos06/13/18
Act 14-2017Luz N Colon Mateo05/03/18
Act 14-2017Luz N. Marrero Maldonado03/23/18
Act 135-1998Luzag Corp9/13/2001
Act 14-2017Luzmarie Buonomo Nevárez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Luzmarie Saavedra10/03/19
Act 20-2012Lvs Music Publshing LLC12/20/18
Act 20-2012Lw Associates Pr, LLC05/09/18
Act 20-2012Lwss, LLC08/27/19
Act 73-2008Lwvh Friends Mfg. Corp.5/4/2011
Act 14-2017Lyann Puig Quiñones02/09/18
Act 14-2017Lydia Arill Vizcarrando02/09/18
Act 14-2017Lydia Irizarry Gonzalez03/29/19
Act 14-2017Lydia M. López Del Valle09/10/18
Act 20-2012Lylahb, LLC08/27/18
Act 14-2017Lymari Vagas Rivera01/26/18
Act 14-2017Lymarie Aguila González04/19/18
Act 20-2012Lyna Perez Pr LLC10/14/19
Act 22-2012Lyndsey Kiesecker07/14/19
Act 14-2017Lynette Baez - Torres02/09/18
Act 22-2012Lynn Shutze07/13/16
Act 20-2012Lynnwood Partners, LLC04/30/15
Act 14-2017Lzzie Alonzo09/28/19
Act 8-1987M & R Plastic and Metal Industry Corp9/22/2011
Act 83-2010M Solar Generating, LLC2/4/2014
Act 135-1998M. Cuebas, Inc.1/11/2008
Act 20-2012M.I.S. Commodities LLC04/05/16
Act 135-1998M.R.P. Sales and Mfg., Inc.12/22/2004
Act 135-1998M&S De Puerto Rico, Inc.10/11/2002
Act 20-2012Maa, LLC02/06/14
Act 14-2017Mabel Monserrate Bonilla Rodríguez03/23/18
Act 73-2008Macro Orthopedic Corp6/19/2009
Act 20-2012Made In Puerto Rico LLC06/04/18
Act 20-2012Madeira Global Analytics10/12/16
Act 14-2017Madelaine Berrios Nuñez02/28/18
Act 14-2017Madeleine Garcia Soberal06/05/18
Act 14-2017Madeleine Gutierrez Acevedo02/09/18
Act 14-2017Madeline Fernandez Gonzalez11/24/18
Act 14-2017Madeline Santiago Arce03/23/18
Act 135-1998Madelux International, Inc.9/19/2000
Act 73-2008Maderas 3C Inc.9/21/2010
Act 73-2008Maderas 3C, Inc.2/24/2012
Act 20-2012Madison Associates LLC04/03/18
Act 73-2008Madison Ortho, Inc.3/7/2012
Act 14-2017Maga Martinez02/03/19
Act 14-2017Magaly Lebron09/29/19
Act 14-2017Magaly Medina Colon12/28/17
Act 14-2017Magda De Pool Figueroa04/19/18
Act 14-2017Magda Diaz Escalera02/03/19
Act 14-2017Magdalena Velazquez05/03/19
Act 14-2017Magdiel Mayol Urdas12/20/17
Act 135-1998Magic Consulting Group, Inc2/21/2008
Act 20-2012Magic Internet, Inc.11/15/18
Act 135-1998Magic Warehousing & Distribution , Inc.7/7/2008
Act 20-2012Maha Consulting, LLC03/30/17
Act 22-2012Mahendra S Chhikara03/29/19
Act 20-2012Mahiz Capital LLC10/28/19
Act 135-1998Main Guaynabo Corporation3/20/2002
Act 135-1998Main Guaynabo Corporation10/6/2011
Act 135-1998Main Place Development1/29/2002
Act 73-2008Main Ponce Cororation7/13/2010
Act 14-2017Mairym Delgado11/02/19
Act 14-2017Maite A Urquia Aran06/05/18
Act 14-2017Maiza D Saavedra Pozo07/17/18
Act 73-2008Majestic Windows & Doors,Inc.6/1/2010
Act 20-2012Major Holdings LLC08/07/17
Act 22-2012Maksym Holovchenko08/01/17
Act 22-2012Malcolm Fairbairn03/21/16
Act 135-1998Malecon Warehouse, Inc.6/24/2008
Act 135-1998Malgor & Co10/3/2008
Act 73-2008Malgor & Co., Inc.8/27/2009
Act 22-2012Mali Subbiah12/16/18
Act 22-2012Mallory Vaughan Patton02/25/19
Act 20-2012Mam Enterprises Inc.07/03/12
Act 22-2012Mamta Shah11/17/19
Act 20-2012Management Revenue Group Pr, LLC08/06/15
Act 20-2012Manchester LLC11/09/16
Act 20-2012Mandalay Brands Pr Corporation02/08/16
Act 73-2008Mandiola Holding Puerto Rico LLC9/3/2010
Act 20-2012Mangum & Associates Pc03/02/19
Act 22-2012Manoj Ghayalod11/10/14
Act 20-2012Manta Pandium, LLC01/31/19
Act 14-2017Manuel A Cruz Soto02/09/18
Act 14-2017Manuel A Fernos Suarez05/14/18
Act 14-2017Manuel A Mas Ramirez06/05/18
Act 14-2017Manuel A Matos Medina03/27/18
Act 14-2017Manuel A. Colón García De La Noceda02/22/18
Act 14-2017Manuel A. Figueroa González01/24/18
Act 14-2017Manuel A. González Rodríguez03/12/18
Act 14-2017Manuel A. Medina Hernández04/19/18
Act 14-2017Manuel A. Quiles Lugo03/23/18
Act 14-2017Manuel A. Vélez Pérez03/23/18
Act 14-2017Manuel Alegre04/13/19
Act 14-2017Manuel Anguita04/13/19
Act 14-2017Manuel Badillo Collazo03/27/18
Act 14-2017Manuel Benítez Corujo02/09/18
Act 14-2017Manuel Betancourt10/03/19
Act 14-2017Manuel Brignoni09/09/19
Act 14-2017Manuel Calzada Salgado03/23/18
Act 14-2017Manuel Díaz Vargas01/26/18
Act 14-2017Manuel E Mateo Lopez06/05/18
Act 14-2017Manuel F. González Meléndez03/12/18
Act 14-2017Manuel Francisco Del Toro Betancourt03/27/18
Act 14-2017Manuel G Diaz Lugo04/19/18
Act 14-2017Manuel Gonzalez Rodriguez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Manuel Gracia Ramis02/28/18
Act 14-2017Manuel Guzman Serrano05/03/18
Act 14-2017Manuel I. Imbert Garratón02/28/18
Act 14-2017Manuel Iglesias García04/19/18
Act 22-2012Manuel J Aya Smitmans05/07/13
Act 14-2017Manuel J. Areces Pernas02/22/18
Act 14-2017Manuel J. Rodríguez Iglesias02/22/18
Act 14-2017Manuel Mas03/23/19
Act 14-2017Manuel Medina Montañez02/22/18
Act 14-2017Manuel Naredo Villar04/19/18
Act 14-2017Manuel Perez Prieto02/09/18
Act 14-2017Manuel Prats Vega05/02/19
Act 14-2017Manuel R Perez Gonzalez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Manuel R Polanco Martinez06/05/18
Act 14-2017Manuel R. Espinosa Mccloskey02/09/18
Act 14-2017Manuel R. Garratón Martin12/28/17
Act 14-2017Manuel Rodriguez Perez06/06/19
Act 14-2017Manuel Santiago Cummings12/27/17
Act 14-2017Manuel Santini Santiago05/19/19
Act 14-2017Manuel Soares Rivera07/17/18
Act 14-2017Manuel Soto Ruiz12/28/17
Act 135-1998Map Corporate Communications, Inc.9/8/2004
Act 135-1998Mapei Caribe, Inc.10/4/1999
Act 73-2008Mapei Caribe, Inc.12/21/2011
Act 135-1998Mar-Co Industries2/6/2003
Act 14-2017Maralexis Rivera12/24/19
Act 27-2011Maramara Films, Corp. - Walgreens Brandtailing06/30/14
Act 22-2012Marbellis M Emery12/17/18
Act 135-1998Marbro12/6/2001
Act 73-2008Marbro, Inc.5/30/2012
Act 22-2012Marc Bejarano12/22/15
Act 22-2012Marc Brands12/27/17
Act 22-2012Marc D. Grossman09/10/15
Act 22-2012Marc E. Packles03/30/16
Act 22-2012Marc Loven06/21/16
Act 22-2012Marc Primo Pulisci06/28/16
Act 22-2012Marc S Ayers12/16/18
Act 14-2017Marcel Mesa Pabón12/28/17
Act 14-2017Marcel Tollinche Rivera07/22/19
Act 22-2012Marcelino Bellosta Varady03/20/17
Act 14-2017Marcelo Gutierrez12/15/19
Act 14-2017Marcia Cruz Correa03/23/18
Act 22-2012Marcia Jean Froh01/31/18
Act 14-2017Marcia Zoé Alayón Rosario02/28/18
Act 14-2017Marcial A Walker Ballester05/14/18
Act 22-2012Marco A Colon12/20/18
Act 14-2017Marco R. Pérez-Toro03/27/18
Act 14-2017Marco Torrado02/03/19
Act 14-2017Marco Velazquez Gonzalez02/09/18
Act 14-2017Marcos A Mercado De Gorgolas06/13/18
Act 14-2017Marcos A. Justiniano De La Cruz03/23/18
Act 14-2017Marcos Devarie08/04/19
Act 14-2017Marcos Devarie Diaz02/01/19
Act 14-2017Marcos Godoy Lopez08/27/19
Act 14-2017Marcos Perez Brayfield12/28/17
Act 14-2017Marcos Salgado01/27/19
Act 14-2017Marcos Vecchini04/07/19
Act 22-2012Marcus A. Katz11/07/14
Act 22-2012Marcus Hancock02/11/14
Act 135-1998Marey Heater2/10/2017
Act 135-1998Marey Heater, Corp.10/27/2006
Act 20-2012Marey LLC11/02/15
Act 14-2017Marga Cardona Durán03/23/18
Act 22-2012Margaret Chhikara03/23/19
Act 22-2012Margaret Peggy Steffens01/26/18
Act 22-2012Margaret Pena Juvelier01/14/14
Act 135-1998Margarita Fashions1/31/2002
Act 14-2017Margarita López Rivera11/02/19
Act 22-2012Margarita Poluyko-Desir12/20/18
Act 14-2017Margarita Ramírez Vick03/12/18
Act 14-2017Margarita Rivera Barbosa02/22/18
Act 14-2017Margarita Torres Miranda09/27/19
Act 135-1998Margaro Rivera Ortiz2/25/2000
Act 27-2011Marhsall Street Productions, LLC - The Triangle06/30/15
Act 14-2017Mari K. Pena Díaz01/26/18
Act 14-2017Mari T. Garcia Rondon12/20/17
Act 14-2017Maria A Maymi Soto04/19/18
Act 14-2017María A. Lecumberry Cruz03/12/18
Act 14-2017María A. Molinaru Such03/23/18
Act 14-2017María A. Muns Garcia02/22/18
Act 14-2017Maria Agudo06/18/19
Act 14-2017María B. Villar Prados01/24/18
Act 14-2017Maria Berrrios Hernandez03/03/19
Act 14-2017Maria C Ruiz Montilla05/03/18
Act 14-2017María C. Betancourt Quiles03/23/18
Act 14-2017Maria C. Conte Miller12/20/17
Act 22-2012María C. Meruelo06/30/16
Act 14-2017Maria Carrascal07/03/19
Act 14-2017Maria Chiques09/25/19
Act 14-2017Maria Colon08/18/19
Act 14-2017Maria Comas Matos07/17/18
Act 14-2017María Cristina Armas02/22/18
Act 14-2017María Cristina Jiménez Almodóvar02/09/18
Act 22-2012Maria Cristina Robinson Brown08/29/18
Act 14-2017Maria Cruz Lartigaut06/13/18
Act 14-2017María D. Aranda Vicente04/19/18
Act 14-2017María D. Martínez Taboas03/12/18
Act 14-2017María D. Torres Pérez12/28/17
Act 14-2017María De La Soledad Zamora Echevarría12/28/17
Act 14-2017Maria De Leon07/04/19
Act 14-2017María De Los A. Ruiz Fontánez12/28/17
Act 14-2017María De Lourdes Banchs Plaza04/19/18
Act 14-2017María De Lourdes Ortiz02/22/18
Act 14-2017Maria De Lourdes Tosca06/05/18
Act 14-2017Maria Del Carmen Padilla Rodriguez06/20/18
Act 14-2017María Del Pilar Bravo Alonso02/28/18
Act 14-2017Maria Del Pilar Marti04/26/18
Act 14-2017María Del Pilar Ramírez05/17/18
Act 14-2017Maria Diaz12/17/18
Act 14-2017Maria Dumois Gonzalez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Maria E Acevedo Beltran05/17/18
Act 14-2017Maria E Bonin Suris05/03/18
Act 14-2017Maria E Davila Carlos06/05/18
Act 14-2017Maria E Tunon Perez06/05/18
Act 14-2017María E. Echevarria-Escudero01/26/18
Act 14-2017María E. Justiniano Gracia02/28/18
Act 14-2017Maria E. Rios Enriquez02/09/18
Act 22-2012Maria E. Trotter07/03/14
Act 14-2017Maria Fernandez11/16/19
Act 14-2017Maria Fernandez Ruiz04/07/19
Act 14-2017Maria Garcia02/03/19
Act 14-2017Maria Gonzalez05/07/19
Act 14-2017Maria H. Berrocal Fernandez12/28/17
Act 14-2017María I. Palou Avilés04/19/18
Act 14-2017Maria L Miranda Cruz06/13/18
Act 14-2017María L. Román Orta03/27/18
Act 14-2017Maria M Martinez Ortiz06/05/18
Act 14-2017María M. Vázquez Aponte03/23/18
Act 14-2017María M. Vázquez Díaz02/09/18
Act 14-2017María Marcos Martínez02/28/18
Act 14-2017Maria Marrero01/31/19
Act 14-2017Maria Mulero Morales11/16/19
Act 14-2017Maria Nieves02/03/19
Act 14-2017María P. Casado García02/28/18
Act 22-2012María Paula Moreno Realphe09/18/18
Act 14-2017Maria Perez03/04/19
Act 14-2017Maria Pujols07/22/19
Act 22-2012Maria R. Beckett12/30/16
Act 22-2012Maria R. Nacim11/24/18
Act 14-2017María R. Ramos Fernández01/24/18
Act 14-2017Maria Ramos Cruz06/24/19
Act 14-2017Maria Reyes Rabanillo10/03/19
Act 14-2017Maria Rios04/04/19
Act 22-2012Maria Rowena Almira Bennett01/26/18
Act 14-2017María S. Correa Rivas03/12/18
Act 14-2017Maria Sanchez05/14/18
Act 14-2017Maria Sanchez11/04/19
Act 14-2017María Santé Pérez02/09/18
Act 22-2012Maria Swanson04/28/16
Act 14-2017Maria T Melendez Torres05/14/18
Act 14-2017María Torres12/28/17
Act 14-2017María Uzcategui Santos03/27/18
Act 14-2017Maria V Garcia Pallas05/03/18
Act 14-2017María V. Castellvi Armas02/28/18
Act 14-2017Maria Vega Martinez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Maria Velazquez08/18/19
Act 22-2012Maria Young05/25/18
Act 14-2017Maria Z Gonzalez Suarez07/17/18
Act 22-2012Mariah Vitoria07/19/18
Act 14-2017Marialix Alexandrino De Jesús02/09/18
Act 14-2017Marian Baez Rodriguez01/24/18
Act 14-2017Marian Couto Ginnas12/20/17
Act 14-2017Mariana Cruz11/04/19
Act 14-2017Mariana López Vázquez02/28/18
Act 14-2017Mariana Ortiz Martinez04/13/19
Act 14-2017Mariana Rodriguez Galliano07/21/19
Act 14-2017Mariana Silva12/28/17
Act 14-2017Mariana Tavarez09/25/19
Act 22-2012Mariandrea Tyson07/28/15
Act 14-2017Mariangeli Arroyo Avila05/04/19
Act 14-2017Marianne Hernandez12/04/19
Act 14-2017Mariano Gonzalez Diez12/20/17
Act 14-2017Mariano Olmo02/03/19
Act 14-2017Maribel Campos Rivera02/09/18
Act 14-2017Maribel Colon11/02/19
Act 14-2017Maribel Cotto Santiago05/14/18
Act 14-2017Maribel Delgado09/29/19
Act 14-2017Maribel Frias-Morales12/24/19
Act 14-2017Maribel Garcia Colón02/28/18
Act 14-2017Maribel Gonzalez Badillo06/05/18
Act 14-2017Maribel Tirado Gómez03/23/18
Act 14-2017Maribel Torres06/30/19
Act 14-2017Maricarmen Burgos09/29/19
Act 14-2017Maricarmen Cruz12/16/19
Act 14-2017Mariclara Torrellas Ruiz04/19/18
Act 14-2017Marie C Lugo Cruz03/12/18
Act 14-2017Marie D. González Colón04/19/18
Act 14-2017Marie Hidalgo09/29/19
Act 22-2012Marie K Napoli11/18/18
Act 14-2017Marie Muntaner04/13/19
Act 22-2012Marie Singh11/02/16
Act 22-2012Mariela Arroyo09/25/18
Act 14-2017Mariela Diaz09/13/19
Act 14-2017Mariela Marquez Pantoja04/13/19
Act 14-2017Mariela Martinez09/28/19
Act 14-2017Mariela Nieves Rodriguez02/09/18
Act 14-2017Mariela Ramos Rodríguez03/27/18
Act 14-2017Mariela Rodríguez Suárez11/04/19
Act 14-2017Mariela Romero Diaz05/27/19
Act 14-2017Mariela Stacholy Ramos02/28/18
Act 14-2017Marielba Agosto Mujica06/05/18
Act 14-2017Marieliz Alvarado01/06/19
Act 14-2017Marielsa Rabelo03/31/19
Act 14-2017Mariely Agosto12/13/18
Act 14-2017Marielys Girona09/29/19
Act 14-2017Marier Medina02/03/19
Act 14-2017Marilisa Mas10/03/19
Act 14-2017Marilyn Toledo García03/23/18
Act 14-2017Marina Amelia Torres Nunci03/12/18
Act 27-2011Marina Film, Inc. - El Mundo Secreto de Marina06/30/19
Act 14-2017Marina Martinez05/25/19
Act 14-2017Marina Torres Torres11/17/19
Act 22-2012Marina Wall07/29/16
Act 126-1966Marine Express, Inc.3/31/1995
Act 135-1998Marine Express, Inc.9/25/2003
Act 135-1998Marine Express, Inc.12/11/2013
Act 20-2012Marine Gold International LLC03/16/17
Act 14-2017Marinelly Martinez Garri02/06/19
Act 27-2011Marinero Films, LLC - Venus06/30/17
Act 14-2017Marines Vazquez Rodriguez06/13/18
Act 126-1966Marinex Cargo Line, Inc.12/2/2014
Act 14-2017Marino Blasini Torres12/28/17
Act 14-2017Mario A Ramos Esclavon12/28/17
Act 22-2012Mario Brown08/29/18
Act 14-2017Mario Corona09/29/19
Act 14-2017Mario E. González Carbonell08/09/18
Act 14-2017Mario E. Paulino Payano03/12/18
Act 14-2017Mario E. Quintero Aguiló03/23/18
Act 14-2017Mario J. Figueroa Diez02/28/18
Act 14-2017Mario Javier Vázquez Cruz02/09/18
Act 14-2017Mario Polo Asenjo10/03/19
Act 14-2017Mario R Davila Fernandez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Mario R. Gonzalez05/03/18
Act 14-2017Mario Sanchez12/15/19
Act 14-2017Mario Sánchez Parés02/09/18
Act 14-2017Mariola Fernandez02/19/19
Act 14-2017Mariola Llinás Messeguer08/04/19
Act 14-2017Mariola Mónagas Pagán03/12/18
Act 22-2012Marion Bond04/28/16
Act 22-2012Marisara Melendez Torres07/19/18
Act 14-2017Marisara Morales09/29/19
Act 14-2017Marisel Bosques Rosado03/23/18
Act 14-2017Marisol Malave Rodriguez06/05/18
Act 14-2017Marisol Maldonado05/04/19
Act 22-2012Marisol Morales04/28/16
Act 14-2017Marisol Mubarak05/19/19
Act 14-2017Marisol Pabón Fernández12/09/19
Act 14-2017Marisol Rivera Misla02/09/18
Act 14-2017Marisol Santiago Arce03/23/18
Act 14-2017Marisol Santiago Irizarry09/29/19
Act 14-2017Marisol Urrutia Alsina12/17/18
Act 22-2012Marissa Ann Awtry08/10/18
Act 135-1998Maristella, Inc.4/26/2004
Act 14-2017Maristely Rodriguez11/17/19
Act 14-2017Maritere Olascoaga04/13/19
Act 14-2017Maritza Cabezas Mijuste01/24/18
Act 14-2017Maritza H. Loinaz Rivera03/23/18
Act 14-2017Maritza Ortiz Acosta05/14/18
Act 14-2017Maritza Santiago07/17/19
Act 14-2017Maritzel A. Moreno Rivero12/20/17
Act 22-2012Mariya Pinskaya11/13/17
Act 14-2017Marjorie Perales Figueroa04/19/18
Act 22-2012Mark A Eymard11/19/19
Act 14-2017Mark A. Vergara Gómez02/28/18
Act 22-2012Mark Alonso03/10/19
Act 22-2012Mark anderson08/04/17
Act 22-2012Mark Anthony Jacobs05/09/18
Act 22-2012Mark Batenchuk12/09/18
Act 22-2012Mark Bedell07/10/17
Act 22-2012Mark Benjamin Cowan06/14/18
Act 22-2012Mark Blackburn03/30/17
Act 22-2012Mark Charest06/12/17
Act 22-2012Mark Curry05/07/13
Act 22-2012Mark D. Lurie12/18/18
Act 22-2012Mark D. Shriver05/06/14
Act 22-2012Mark Dillard10/05/15
Act 14-2017Mark E. Trautmann Peters03/12/18
Act 22-2012Mark Erickson11/06/18
Act 22-2012Mark Giraud04/27/16
Act 22-2012Mark Gold08/30/16
Act 22-2012Mark Graham02/27/17
Act 22-2012Mark J Cetola08/18/19
Act 22-2012Mark J Kladivo05/02/19
Act 22-2012Mark Lee07/10/17
Act 22-2012Mark Linder05/11/16
Act 22-2012Mark Mcmurry11/28/12
Act 22-2012Mark Oleary10/19/18
Act 22-2012Mark Price05/31/18
Act 22-2012Mark S. Overley09/18/15
Act 22-2012Mark Sawyer12/17/15
Act 22-2012Mark Schwartz11/03/15
Act 22-2012Mark Smith05/13/16
Act 22-2012Mark Taylor11/18/18
Act 135-1998Mark Trece De Puerto Rico, Inc. / Know: (Mark Trece De P.R., Inc.)11/15/2000
Act 22-2012Mark W Rieger11/24/18
Act 22-2012Mark W. Stoddard02/05/19
Act 22-2012Mark Wade08/21/17
Act 20-2012Market Tech Consulting LLC12/27/16
Act 20-2012Marketfleet Services Puerto Rico01/27/19
Act 20-2012Marketing Advisory Services, LLC03/26/15
Act 27-2011Marketing and Design Group, Inc. - Zoé06/30/15
Act 14-2017Marla Jordan González04/19/18
Act 14-2017Marla Molinary Ruiz07/22/19
Act 14-2017Marlen N. Díaz Pou03/27/18
Act 22-2012Marlene Ashi-Kristoff02/27/17
Act 14-2017Marlene Pierantoni02/19/19
Act 20-2012Marlin Engineering, LLC12/15/17
Act 14-2017Marlyan Rivera Hernandez09/29/19
Act 22-2012Marni Mutrux Meistrell05/12/15
Act 14-2017Marta C. Plaza Canales02/28/18
Act 14-2017Marta Medina Menendez02/06/19
Act 14-2017Marta Rodriguez Garcia06/30/19
Act 14-2017Marta Suárez Rivera12/28/17
Act 20-2012Martel Incorporated10/10/14
Act 14-2017Martha Kyriacou Gomez06/28/19
Act 135-1998Marti Flores Prieto & Wachtel Hispanic, Inc. (Mfp&W Hispanic)4/3/2006
Act 22-2012Martie Gee12/11/17
Act 14-2017Martin Gorrochategui03/03/19
Act 14-2017Martin Gorrochategui Vigoreaux02/09/18
Act 14-2017Martin Ortiz Camacho06/13/18
Act 135-1998Martin Printing Inc.6/19/2018
Act 135-1998Martin Printing, Inc.12/29/2006
Act 135-1998Martin Rodríguez Carrasquillo7/30/2008
Act 22-2012Martin Scholl12/08/16
Act 22-2012Martin Smith02/06/14
Act 22-2012Martin Vacek08/10/18
Act 135-1998Martínez Bedding Corporation11/29/2004
Act 22-2012Martyna Hanusz06/27/16
Act 14-2017Maruja Santiago Velez05/18/18
Act 73-2008Marvel International, Inc.9/21/2010
Act 14-2017Marvin Alameda Ramirez06/30/19
Act 135-1998Marxuach & Longo12/6/2001
Act 135-1998Marxuach Precast Solutions Corp6/18/2007
Act 73-2008Marxuach Precast Solutions Corp7/6/2017
Act 14-2017Mary Ann Sanchez03/04/19
Act 22-2012Mary Elizabeth Rose Pacholka02/23/18
Act 22-2012Mary Omenski-Smith02/18/19
Act 14-2017Mary Rose Perez Hernandez12/27/17
Act 22-2012Mary Shoen12/08/16
Act 22-2012Mary Sorenson06/12/17
Act 14-2017Maryangely Moreno12/20/18
Act 22-2012Maryjane Kresic02/22/16
Act 14-2017Marylia Manzano Rivera03/23/18
Act 14-2017Maryliz D Gonzalez Santos05/03/18
Act 20-2012Mas Global Ventures LLC12/16/19
Act 22-2012Masayo Bassi05/25/18
Act 135-1998Mass Productions, Inc.10/19/2005
Act 83-2010Mastec Renewables Puerto Rico, LLC4/8/2013
Act 135-1998Master Aggregates Toa Baja12/17/2003
Act 135-1998Master Aggregates Toa Baja Corporation12/21/2007
Act 135-1998Master Aggregates Toa Baja, Corp9/4/2009
Act 73-2008Master Block and Paver LLC4/20/2018
Act 73-2008Master Concrete and Aggregates LLC7/12/2019
Act 135-1998Master Décor Corporation8/16/2010
Act 20-2012Master Group International LLC04/06/16
Act 27-2011Master Key Caribe, LLC - Rag Tag Ep 209-21006/30/15
Act 135-1998Master Paints & Chemicals Corp.9/26/2007
Act 73-2008Master Paints & Chemicals, Corp.1/31/2018
Act 135-1998Master Paints and Chemicals Corp7/10/2001
Act 135-1998Master Products Corp1/9/2001
Act 135-1998Master Products Corporation7/19/2007
Act 73-2008Master Products Corporation1/25/2018
Act 135-1998Masterlite Products, Inc8/28/2002
Act 20-2012Masters Media LLC09/10/18
Act 135-1998Matcor, Inc.8/4/2003
Act 135-1998Matcor, Inc.5/31/2007
Act 135-1998Mateco, Inc.4/7/2006
Act 22-2012Mateo A. Levy12/23/15
Act 135-1998Materials Management, Inc.1/13/2005
Act 135-1998Materials Management, Inc.6/16/2005
Act 22-2012Mathew C. Holton09/02/14
Act 22-2012Mathew J. Mcclellan07/09/14
Act 73-2008Mati Application Solutions LLC5/15/2017
Act 20-2012Matos Enterprises Pr, LLC02/27/17
Act 135-1998Matosantos Commercial, Corp.7/18/2007
Act 20-2012Matrix Analytics05/09/18
Act 135-1998Matsushita Electric Of Puerto Rico4/9/2003
Act 22-2012Matt Wiggins09/16/16
Act 22-2012Matthew Bernard08/27/18
Act 22-2012Matthew Brennan08/18/19
Act 22-2012Matthew C Holton11/19/19
Act 22-2012Matthew C Phillips12/29/18
Act 22-2012Matthew Cheung11/17/19
Act 22-2012Matthew D Widdows11/24/18
Act 22-2012Matthew Davis07/19/18
Act 22-2012Matthew Homa10/06/15
Act 22-2012Matthew L. Reinhart02/12/15
Act 22-2012Matthew Linton10/31/16
Act 22-2012Matthew Livingston06/14/18
Act 22-2012Matthew Martorano11/13/17
Act 22-2012Matthew Martorello07/30/13
Act 22-2012Matthew Mccurley08/23/16
Act 22-2012Matthew Moncada04/11/17
Act 22-2012Matthew Newman03/16/17
Act 22-2012Matthew Patton10/19/18
Act 22-2012Matthew Rankin03/21/18
Act 22-2012Matthew Razore07/14/16
Act 22-2012Matthew S Melton07/15/19
Act 22-2012Matthew Telesca05/02/19
Act 22-2012Matthew Todd Monson09/02/14
Act 22-2012Matthew W Wenger08/18/19
Act 22-2012Matthew Ward05/02/19
Act 22-2012Matthew Zanotti03/21/18
Act 20-2012Mauldin Management Pr LLC10/04/19
Act 20-2012Mauldin Securities LLC12/24/19
Act 14-2017Mauro Iranzo González12/28/17
Act 14-2017Mauro M. Fernández González03/12/18
Act 135-1998Max Chemical, Inc.10/7/2004
Act 73-2008Max Chemical, Inc.12/31/2012
Act 22-2012Max R Rogovy03/29/19
Act 22-2012Maxim Naglis02/04/15
Act 20-2012Maxim Partners LLC 08/05/13
Act 14-2017Maximino R. Ortega Torres03/12/18
Act 14-2017Máximo C. Blondet Passalacqua03/07/18
Act 20-2012Maximo Solar Group Corp02/23/18
Act 22-2012Maxine Hopkinson02/26/18
Act 20-2012Maxwell Technologies LLC07/01/16
Act 73-2008Mayaguez Optical Manufacturing Inc1/7/2014
Act 14-2017Mayela Diaz04/13/19
Act 14-2017Maylyn Tossas05/07/18
Act 135-1998Mayne Pharma (P.R.), Inc.4/21/2005
Act 14-2017Mayra Bonnet11/02/19
Act 14-2017Mayra I Bonet Quiles03/27/18
Act 14-2017Mayra I. Rivera Figueroa05/17/18
Act 14-2017Mayra I. Rodríguez Martínez05/17/18
Act 22-2012Mayra K. Ayala Rubio02/27/17
Act 14-2017Mayra Maldonado Durán02/28/18
Act 14-2017Mayra Rivera11/04/19
Act 14-2017Mayra Vélez Rivera01/26/18
Act 14-2017Mayra Vera-Ramírez03/12/18
Act 14-2017Mayra Villamil Rodriguez07/22/19
Act 135-1998Mayra Y Rivera González H/N/C Decoramics1/24/2002
Act 14-2017Mayrim Rios11/04/19
Act 135-1998Mays Chemical Company Of Pr, Inc.12/4/2000
Act 73-2008Mays Chemical of Puerto Rico, Inc.5/6/2014
Act 20-2012Mb Enterprises LLC12/30/16
Act 73-2008Mbq Pharma Inc.7/12/2019
Act 73-2008Mbr Pr, LLC8/11/2017
Act 20-2012Mbs Consulting Solutions LLC12/24/19
Act 20-2012Mbs of Pr Inc.01/31/18
Act 20-2012Mc-21 Healthcare, LLC12/30/16
Act 20-2012Mccloskey Agricultural Consulting and Management10/26/16
Act 20-2012Mcd Consulting Services, Inc08/07/19
Act 20-2012Mci LLC02/13/19
Act 20-2012Mcmanus Corporation08/31/16
Act 20-2012Md Engineering Group, Csp03/17/15
Act 20-2012Mdr Group, LLC05/17/18
Act 135-1998Meadwestvaco Healthcare Packaging Puerto Rico, LLC5/11/2005
Act 135-1998Mecazteca Srl De Cv (Mecca Srl)(Adams Mecca Holdings B.V.)7/20/2006
Act 20-2012Mech Tech Management, LLC02/04/15
Act 73-2008Med Properties LLC3/17/2014
Act 135-1998Medbal, Inc.2/15/2000
Act 20-2012Medholdings, Inc.02/20/14
Act 20-2012Media Masterminds, LLC04/16/19
Act 20-2012Medialoop LLC02/12/18
Act 135-1998Medical & Vaccine Products D/B/A De Victoria Medical5/2/2002
Act 20-2012Medicor Healthcare, Inc.03/23/18
Act 20-2012Medido Consulting LLC11/24/18
Act 135-1998Medika Imaging Inc.2/25/2019
Act 135-1998Medika Imaging, Inc.4/30/2008
Act 20-2012Medina Usa, LLC.01/18/19
Act 135-1998Medisearch Pr, Inc.3/1/2001
Act 20-2012Medpharm Services LLC12/19/16
Act 20-2012Medtronic Puerto Rico Operations Co10/20/14
Act 135-1998Medtronic Puerto Rico Operations Co.8/28/2007
Act 73-2008Medtronic Puerto Rico Operations Company4/25/2019
Act 135-1998Medtronic Puerto Rico Operations, Co.11/27/2006
Act 20-2012Medtropics, L.L.C.08/29/18
Act 22-2012Medwyn D. Blazer12/27/18
Act 135-1998Mega Tran, Inc.11/30/2001
Act 22-2012Megan J Woolworth06/01/19
Act 22-2012Megan Lynn Gupta04/28/16
Act 22-2012Megan Spradlin11/18/15
Act 135-1998Megas De Puerto Rico9/6/2001
Act 22-2012Meghan Mchugh12/27/16
Act 14-2017Meileen R. Ortega Cruz02/28/18
Act 14-2017Meilyn Reyes Pérez04/19/18
Act 22-2012Meir Chapler05/09/18
Act 22-2012Meir Hurwitz06/17/14
Act 22-2012Mel Clemens03/21/18
Act 14-2017Melanie Acevedo09/29/19
Act 14-2017Melanie Rodriguez Nieves06/13/18
Act 14-2017Melanie Tapia Hernandez02/03/19
Act 14-2017Melba Esquilín Cruz03/12/18
Act 14-2017Melba Feliciano Emmanuelli03/12/18
Act 14-2017Melba I Colon Quintana06/13/18
Act 22-2012Melih S Basar11/18/18
Act 22-2012Melinda Schwartz07/19/18
Act 14-2017Melisa Rivera11/04/19
Act 22-2012Melissa A. Neugebauer11/05/14
Act 22-2012Melissa Ann Kerr08/10/18
Act 22-2012Melissa Friedland12/30/16
Act 22-2012Melissa L Powel06/01/19
Act 14-2017Melissa Morales09/29/19
Act 14-2017Melissa Ortiz Hernández02/09/18
Act 14-2017Melissa Perfetto Perales03/23/18
Act 14-2017Melissa Ruiz01/31/19
Act 14-2017Melissa Sepúlveda Ramos03/23/18
Act 22-2012Melissa Susan Mckee09/11/18
Act 14-2017Melissa V. Almeida Cruz01/26/18
Act 14-2017Melissa Vicente-Crescioni12/17/18
Act 14-2017Melitsa Aguilar Marrero04/05/18
Act 14-2017Meliza Martinez Rodriguez12/28/17
Act 20-2012Melody Capital Management LLC09/16/16
Act 14-2017Melvin A. Bonilla Félix02/22/18
Act 14-2017Melvin H. Maldonado Belardo03/12/18
Act 22-2012Melvin Lee Reeves08/10/18
Act 14-2017Melvin M Acosta Febo06/05/18
Act 14-2017Melvin Mathews Bermúdez03/27/18
Act 14-2017Melvin Melendez Negron06/05/18
Act 14-2017Melvin Velazquez Muñoz06/21/19
Act 27-2011Méndez & Co., Inc. - Heineken Jazz Fest06/30/15
Act 22-2012Mendy Hoppel11/09/15
Act 135-1998Mentor Technical Group Corp3/30/2007
Act 73-2008Mentor Technical Group, Inc10/17/2016
Act 20-2012Meofive LLC05/09/18
Act 73-2008Mer Group Puerto Rico LLC7/6/2017
Act 14-2017Merbil R Gonzalez Diaz06/05/18
Act 14-2017Mercedes De Choudens Vicente02/22/18
Act 20-2012Merchant Services LLC06/28/18
Act 20-2012Merchantx LLC12/29/18
Act 20-2012Mercia Advisors, LLC01/30/15
Act 73-2008Merck Sharp & Dohme De Puerto Rico, Inc.2/24/2011
Act 135-1998Merck Sharp & Dohme Puerto Rico11/21/2008
Act 135-1998Merck Sharp & Dohme Quimica De Puerto Rico, Inc. / Stellar'X Inc. / Merck Sharp & Dohme (Puerto Rico) Ltd / Msd Puerto Rico Holding, Inc. / Merck Sharp & Dohme De Pr, Inc. / Merck Sharp & Dohme Quimica De Puerto Rico, Ltd.11/7/2005
Act 135-1998Merck Sharp & Dohme Química De Puerto Rico, Inc. Stellarx, Inc. and Merck Sharp & Dohme (Puerto Rico), Ltd.5/15/2003
Act 20-2012Mercy Enterprises LLC04/06/16
Act 14-2017Meredid Maldonado Santiago09/29/19
Act 22-2012Meredith Adams04/11/17
Act 14-2017Meredith Portalatin Perez06/20/18
Act 73-2008Merial Barceloneta, LLC10/8/2015
Act 14-2017Merida Colon10/03/19
Act 14-2017Mervin Figueroa Pinto12/28/17
Act 73-2008Mesh Suture Inc.6/12/2017
Act 20-2012Mesh Suture Inc.03/07/18
Act 27-2011Mesquite Productions, Inc. - Cleaners06/30/14
Act 27-2011Mesquite Productions, Inc. - Mad Dogs Pilot06/30/15
Act 27-2011Mesquite Productions, Inc. - Mad Dogs S106/30/15
Act 27-2011Mesquite Productions, Inc. - Start Up S106/30/16
Act 27-2011Mesquite Productions, Inc. - Start Up S206/30/18
Act 27-2011Mesquite Productions, Inc. - Start Up S306/30/18
Act 27-2011Mesquite Productions, Inc. - The Oath06/30/18
Act 27-2011Mesquite Productions, Inc. - The Oath- Season 206/30/19
Act 135-1998Met Pro, Inc.12/8/2016
Act 135-1998Met-Pro, Inc.10/4/2001
Act 135-1998Metal Equipment Of Puerto Rico, Inc.7/20/2006
Act 135-1998Metal Machining Co5/16/2001
Act 135-1998Metal Machining Co., Inc.9/22/2011
Act 83-2010Metka Egn Usa LLC10/17/2016
Act 20-2012Metro Export LLC08/27/19
Act 20-2012Metro Merchandising Solutions LLC11/18/19
Act 135-1998Metropolitan Marble Corp.7/11/2019
Act 135-1998Metropolitan Marble, Corp12/18/2008
Act 73-2008Metzgermeister & Research Corp10/24/2011
Act 73-2008Metzgermeister & Research Corp.3/23/2018
Act 135-1998Mezza Luna Recording Studios, Inc.10/29/2003
Act 135-1998Mfg Tech Group Puerto Rico2/23/2001
Act 20-2012Mfs Consulting LLC09/11/18
Act 20-2012Mg Solutions LLC09/29/19
Act 135-1998Mgm Optical Laboratory, Inc.4/5/2005
Act 20-2012Mh Caribbean Management; LLC05/23/16
Act 73-2008Mhl Custom, Inc.2/17/2016
Act 20-2012Mi Cosecha Foods, LLC12/08/16
Act 20-2012Mi Dia Perfecto LLC02/27/15
Act 135-1998Mi Pan Asociados, Inc.11/15/2007
Act 73-2008Mi Pan Asociados, Inc.1/18/2012
Act 20-2012Miami Medical Services Organization, LLC12/23/15
Act 22-2012Micah J. Wakefield12/17/14
Act 22-2012Micahel R. Krol10/28/14
Act 22-2012Michael A. Roberts07/11/14
Act 22-2012Michael Arbach07/19/18
Act 22-2012Michael Ayesh08/23/16
Act 22-2012Michael Basile06/16/14
Act 14-2017Michael Chibaka Awasum Fogam12/20/17
Act 22-2012Michael Conaghan02/27/17
Act 14-2017Michael Cruz Caliz01/31/19
Act 22-2012Michael D. Jelinek09/10/19
Act 22-2012Michael Davis12/12/14
Act 22-2012Michael Duke Thomson08/28/17
Act 22-2012Michael E Jones05/02/19
Act 22-2012Michael E. Bitler08/16/16
Act 22-2012Michael E. Tennenbaum10/22/15
Act 22-2012Michael E. Zaletel04/08/14
Act 22-2012Michael Evans Hubbard04/28/16
Act 22-2012Michael F Pandich06/01/19
Act 14-2017Michael Forte Malavé03/27/18
Act 14-2017Michael Fusile Nelson04/19/18
Act 22-2012Michael G. O'Hara09/26/12
Act 22-2012Michael Gluck06/18/18
Act 14-2017Michael Hernández De La Fuente12/28/17
Act 22-2012Michael Hutchison11/24/18
Act 22-2012Michael J Miller05/02/19
Act 14-2017Michael J. Arruza Elias03/23/18
Act 22-2012Michael J. Mccloskey11/30/15
Act 22-2012Michael Jasman11/24/18
Act 22-2012Michael K. Bell02/12/15
Act 22-2012Michael Klassen04/27/16
Act 22-2012Michael Leow09/11/18
Act 22-2012Michael Leung02/06/17
Act 22-2012Michael Markette04/11/17
Act 22-2012Michael Mathias09/11/18
Act 22-2012Michael Nguyen04/15/19
Act 22-2012Michael P. Socarras12/23/18
Act 22-2012Michael Peter Weinmann06/18/18
Act 22-2012Michael R Pierce03/10/19
Act 22-2012Michael R. Carper06/16/14
Act 22-2012Michael R. Tobias12/11/17
Act 22-2012Michael Rauseo06/12/17
Act 22-2012Michael Rosenberg07/30/13
Act 22-2012Michael S Lopez01/13/19
Act 22-2012Michael S. Weiss09/13/17
Act 22-2012Michael Schoenfeld01/25/18
Act 22-2012Michael Schreiber11/18/18
Act 22-2012Michael Shutze06/16/16
Act 22-2012Michael Sobeck04/28/16
Act 22-2012Michael Spencer06/26/19
Act 22-2012Michael Stewart10/19/18
Act 22-2012Michael T. Mcclure11/05/15
Act 22-2012Michael T. Suchorsky04/02/14
Act 22-2012Michael Terpin07/10/17
Act 22-2012Michael Theis06/01/19
Act 22-2012Michael W Linse05/02/19
Act 22-2012Michael W. Bannett03/17/15
Act 22-2012Michael Wade Lang11/10/14
Act 22-2012Michael Weisbrod09/11/18
Act 22-2012Michael Williams12/27/16
Act 22-2012Michael Young05/25/18
Act 22-2012Michaela G Weakley03/29/19
Act 22-2012Michail Shadkin01/30/15
Act 14-2017Michel Woodbury Fariña05/10/19
Act 14-2017Michelangelo Santiago Sánchez 03/12/18
Act 22-2012Michele Catherina Vasarely11/25/13
Act 22-2012Michele Hinnrichs08/05/16
Act 22-2012Michele Stolz08/18/17
Act 14-2017Michelle Castellanos Martin02/09/18
Act 14-2017Michelle Collazo Castro04/19/18
Act 14-2017Michelle Gomez04/13/19
Act 14-2017Michelle Gonzalez Ramos12/28/17
Act 22-2012Michelle Irene Puczynski03/21/18
Act 22-2012Michelle Lari07/10/17
Act 22-2012Michelle Lonergan09/07/16
Act 14-2017Michelle M. Mangual García03/23/18
Act 14-2017Michelle Rivera Resto12/28/17
Act 14-2017Michelle Vizcarrondo Pine02/06/19
Act 14-2017Micol Hernandez Rivera01/24/18
Act 135-1998Microbiological Media Mfg., Co.11/2/2007
Act 135-1998Microjuris.Com3/14/2002
Act 135-1998Micron Technology Puerto Rico9/19/2003
Act 135-1998Micros Fidelio Caribbean, Inc.8/3/2006
Act 20-2012Microsoft Operations Puerto Rico, LLC12/09/18
Act 73-2008Microsoft Operations Puerto Rico, LLC5/30/2019
Act 135-1998Microsoft Puerto Rico12/13/2002
Act 20-2012Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy, LLC09/25/12
Act 20-2012Midas Media LLC02/26/18
Act 20-2012Midas Touch LLC08/29/18
Act 20-2012Midland Credit Management Puerto Rico, LLC.07/11/17
Act 14-2017Migdalia Cruz Esparra01/07/19
Act 14-2017Miguel A Echevarria Rodriguez07/17/18
Act 14-2017Miguel A Medina Rodriguez05/03/18
Act 14-2017Miguel A Noy Malave04/19/18
Act 14-2017Miguel A Pastrana Laborde06/13/18
Act 14-2017Miguel A Urena Cruz07/17/18
Act 14-2017Miguel A. Báez Stella03/23/18
Act 14-2017Miguel A. Campos Esteve12/28/17
Act 14-2017Miguel A. Colón Pérez03/23/18
Act 14-2017Miguel A. De Jesús Ramos03/23/18
Act 14-2017Miguel A. Eliza García 02/22/18
Act 14-2017Miguel A. García Llorens12/28/17
Act 14-2017Miguel A. Lasalle López02/28/18
Act 14-2017Miguel A. Marrero12/20/17
Act 20-2012Miguel A. Maza - Associates Psc12/12/14
Act 14-2017Miguel A. Román Pagán04/05/18
Act 135-1998Miguel A. Rosa Crespo / Eva Nydia Nieves Quiñones6/15/2004
Act 14-2017Miguel A. Serpa Pérez02/22/18
Act 14-2017Miguel A. Torres Bernier02/09/18
Act 22-2012Miguel Alfredo Mendoza Cabrera08/31/16
Act 14-2017Miguel Angel Cabrer Pico04/19/18
Act 135-1998Miguel Angel Cedeño Rodríguez Y Edelicia Ríos Figueroa10/3/2001
Act 14-2017Miguel Cabrera Martin08/18/19
Act 14-2017Miguel Cardona Cancio12/28/17
Act 14-2017Miguel Creales Cese03/04/19
Act 14-2017Miguel Devarona Negron02/09/18
Act 14-2017Miguel E Arroyo Ramos04/19/18
Act 14-2017Miguel E. Santos Bello02/09/18
Act 14-2017Miguel Echenique05/02/19
Act 14-2017Miguel Echevarria09/27/19
Act 14-2017Miguel Echevarria09/29/19
Act 22-2012Miguel Esparza09/11/18
Act 14-2017Miguel Esteban Abreu García03/23/18
Act 22-2012Miguel Estien07/19/18
Act 14-2017Miguel Lastra02/09/19
Act 14-2017Miguel Martin Jimenez07/19/19
Act 14-2017Miguel Mayol Del Valle09/29/19
Act 135-1998Miguel Ortiz Draperies, Inc.2/19/2004
Act 14-2017Miguel Ortiz Ponce07/22/19
Act 14-2017Miguel Ramírez Ripoll01/26/18
Act 14-2017Miguel Reyes Martínez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Miguel Rivera Torres04/19/18
Act 14-2017Miguel Rodriguez Garrido07/17/18
Act 14-2017Miguel Roman Colon12/27/17
Act 14-2017Miguel Sosa Portillo04/19/18
Act 14-2017Miguel Suarez Villamil06/06/19
Act 14-2017Miguel Vazquez11/16/19
Act 14-2017Miguel Velazquez Valle01/24/18
Act 14-2017Miguel Velazquez Villa06/26/18
Act 22-2012Mika De Man05/14/14
Act 22-2012Mika Douglas05/23/18
Act 22-2012Mike Maloney03/30/17
Act 20-2012Mikedavinci LLC12/17/18
Act 22-2012Mikhail Poluyko02/11/19
Act 14-2017Milagro Cortes Mercado06/13/18
Act 22-2012Milagros Elassad09/18/15
Act 14-2017Milagros Fernández12/28/17
Act 14-2017Milagros Florian German10/04/19
Act 14-2017Milagros Gonzalez Diaz05/03/18
Act 14-2017Milagros Salva Marin07/22/19
Act 14-2017Milagros T Reyes Mora06/05/18
Act 14-2017Milciades Mercedes Maldonado04/07/19
Act 20-2012Milestone Media LLC10/23/15
Act 20-2012Military Cruise Deals, LLC10/31/16
Act 14-2017Milka Vega PÉrez05/07/18
Act 14-2017Millán García Cuevas03/27/18
Act 20-2012Miller Brands LLC02/27/17
Act 20-2012Miller Search Partners Inc.02/23/18
Act 14-2017Milliette Alvarado Santiago12/27/17
Act 135-1998Millipore Cidra, Inc.1/15/2003
Act 14-2017Milton G. Garland Cansolore12/20/17
Act 14-2017Milton Garcia Guzman07/14/19
Act 14-2017Milton Irizarry02/09/18
Act 14-2017Milton Matos12/24/18
Act 14-2017Milton Morales05/07/19
Act 14-2017Milton Pérez Ruiz12/28/17
Act 22-2012Min Zhang06/12/17
Act 20-2012Mind Fuel Management LLC05/09/18
Act 73-2008Mindful Medical Research Corp11/6/2018
Act 14-2017Minela Colon Santos06/05/18
Act 135-1998Minimax Appliances, Inc.6/16/2008
Act 73-2008Minimax Appliances, Inc.12/31/2012
Act 14-2017Miosotis Garcia Maldonado06/05/18
Act 20-2012Mip Global, Inc.01/02/13
Act 73-2008Miramar Services, LLC11/21/2019
Act 135-1998Miranda L.S., Inc.12/8/2005
Act 14-2017Mireily Rivera01/06/19
Act 14-2017Mirelis Acosta Rivera04/19/18
Act 14-2017Mirelis Colon11/02/19
Act 14-2017Mirelis Fabian Argueta01/26/18
Act 14-2017Mireya M. Bolo Díaz02/28/18
Act 14-2017Miriam Martinez Torres02/09/18
Act 14-2017Miriam Mirabal Cordero04/04/19
Act 14-2017Miriam Rios02/18/19
Act 14-2017Mirta Vazquez Salcido06/26/18
Act 73-2008Mirus Consulting Group, Corp9/1/2009
Act 20-2012Missionpreneur LLC08/10/18
Act 135-1998Mistolin Caribe, Inc.11/30/2004
Act 73-2008Mistolin Caribe, Inc.1/7/2014
Act 22-2012Mitchell Bank12/23/15
Act 22-2012Mitchell R. Miller05/19/14
Act 73-2008Mitel Distributing, Corp8/19/2010
Act 135-1998Mitsubishi Motor Sales Of Caribbean, Inc.8/7/2006
Act 14-2017Mitzi M Gonzalez Sanchez06/05/18
Act 27-2011Mizoguchi, LLC - Sol de Medianoche06/30/15
Act 135-1998Mj Prisma, Inc.3/31/2008
Act 20-2012Mja31-Pr LLC12/11/18
Act 20-2012Mjm Cpa Group, P.S.C.05/27/19
Act 20-2012Mjr Procurement Services, LLC05/09/18
Act 20-2012Mjs Puerto Rico, Inc.07/29/16
Act 20-2012Ml Services LLC05/27/19
Act 22-2012Mladen D. Kresic09/18/15
Act 73-2008Mm Manufacturing, LLC5/31/2011
Act 20-2012Mmd Marketing LLC05/13/16
Act 20-2012Mmm Holdings LLC06/01/19
Act 27-2011MN2, LLC - Menudo06/30/19
Act 20-2012Mnb Capital Group LLC11/18/19
Act 20-2012Mnd Group LLC02/05/19
Act 73-2008Mo Cc1 Cayey LLC7/3/2019
Act 135-1998Mo-Ka Shoe Corporation2/7/2002
Act 135-1998Mobile Paint Caribbean, Inc.12/31/2004
Act 135-1998Moca Concretes Poles, Inc.8/3/2010
Act 83-2010Moca Solar, LLC3/11/2013
Act 20-2012Moda Latam06/22/19
Act 135-1998Modas Josephine11/7/2001
Act 135-1998Model Offset Printing Corp9/7/2007
Act 135-1998Modern Plastic, Inc.9/4/2002
Act 135-1998Modern Plastics, Inc.5/1/2013
Act 14-2017Modesto F. Gonzalez05/14/18
Act 135-1998Modular Furniture Concepts8/6/2001
Act 22-2012Mohammad A Jassim02/18/19
Act 22-2012Mohammad Salemi03/28/18
Act 14-2017Mohammad Suleiman07/22/19
Act 14-2017Moises Ortiz Villalobos01/24/18
Act 135-1998Mojito Criollo Margo, Inc.3/13/2007
Act 20-2012Mojo Data Solutions, Inc.02/27/15
Act 20-2012Mojo Dialing Solutions, LLC12/30/16
Act 73-2008Mol Exchange, Inc,9/1/2010
Act 73-2008Mol Research and Devlopment, Inc.10/27/2010
Act 73-2008Molinos De Puerto Rico12/1/2016
Act 73-2008Molinos Premium Rice LLC8/16/2011
Act 20-2012Molusco LLC05/09/18
Act 20-2012Momentum Capital, LLC04/15/19
Act 73-2008Momentum Creative Labs2/22/2019
Act 20-2012Mona Operations and Consulting LLC10/14/19
Act 135-1998Monaco Biomedical & Environmental12/18/2008
Act 20-2012Mondial Consulting LLC12/16/19
Act 20-2012Moneta Capital Inc01/25/18
Act 22-2012Monica Decker11/26/18
Act 14-2017Monica Egozcue04/04/19
Act 14-2017Monica Gonzalez Collazo05/19/19
Act 14-2017Mónica M. Martínez Rivera12/28/17
Act 14-2017Mónica Méndez Ayala04/19/18
Act 14-2017Monica Rivera01/06/19
Act 14-2017Monica Santiago01/24/18
Act 14-2017Mónica Santiago Casiano03/23/18
Act 14-2017Monica Sidhu06/27/19
Act 14-2017Monica Vega07/22/19
Act 22-2012Monika E Lenczyk11/19/19
Act 14-2017Monique Adorno Monet01/31/19
Act 20-2012Monkeysimple, LLC02/27/15
Act 20-2012Monllor Capital Partners LLC11/19/19
Act 20-2012Monster Social, Inc.08/17/16
Act 20-2012Monsterads LLC09/29/19
Act 20-2012Mood Ventures LLC11/19/19
Act 135-1998Morales Distributors, Inc.10/28/2003
Act 20-2012More Customers LLC09/28/18
Act 73-2008Moretta Diaz, Corp.12/4/2017
Act 22-2012Morgan Cristina-Musina Rogers08/27/18
Act 22-2012Morgan Frank04/28/16
Act 22-2012Morgan Schuessler05/04/17
Act 73-2008Moriah Engineering Solutions, Inc.3/13/2017
Act 20-2012Morris Law L.L.C.02/23/18
Act 135-1998Mortgage Insurance Services, Inc.6/30/2005
Act 20-2012Mosaic Enterprises, Inc.12/02/12
Act 20-2012Mosaic Investment Partners, Inc.12/07/12
Act 27-2011Motivarte - Tres Dias06/30/19
Act 27-2011Motivarte, LLC - Arte y Vida06/30/16
Act 27-2011Motivarte, LLC - El Valor06/30/17
Act 27-2011Motivarte,Inc - Tres Dias06/30/18
Act 20-2012Motor Sport Caribe LLC05/17/18
Act 20-2012Motown Capital Pr LLC10/05/19
Act 20-2012Mountaintop Advisors LLC10/04/19
Act 135-1998Mova Pharmaceutical12/17/2002
Act 135-1998Mova Pharmaceutical Corporation and Ceph International Corporation2/27/2007
Act 135-1998Mova Real Estate10/19/2001
Act 20-2012Mozart Advertising, LLC01/17/19
Act 27-2011Mozart Advertising, LLC - Glucerna06/30/17
Act 20-2012Mp Consulting LLC02/26/18
Act 73-2008Mp Engineers of PR Psc5/31/2011
Act 135-1998Mp Export and Import, Inc.11/16/2007
Act 22-2012Mr. Christopher Daniels05/07/13
Act 20-2012Mr. D Math LLC11/19/19
Act 20-2012Mrpr Management Inc03/23/18
Act 20-2012Mshift Blockchain LLC02/13/19
Act 20-2012Msi Electronic Payments, LLC10/28/14
Act 135-1998Msl De Puerto Rico1/30/2002
Act 20-2012Msn Services LLC11/14/18
Act 20-2012Mso of Puerto Rico, LLC06/01/19
Act 20-2012Mt Business Strategy Advisors L.L.C.08/27/18
Act 20-2012Mtg Consulting LLC11/19/19
Act 14-2017Muay Hernandez11/04/19
Act 27-2011Mullen Communications, Inc. - Pep Boys06/30/15
Act 73-2008Multi Axis Manufacturing LLC1/24/2020
Act 73-2008Multi Recycling & Manufacturing, Corp10/28/2014
Act 135-1998Multi Steel Pipe & Supplies, Inc.11/21/2000
Act 135-1998Multi Ventas Y Servicios7/11/2001
Act 135-1998Multi Ventas Y Servicios11/8/2001
Act 135-1998Multi-Ventas Y Servicio De P.R., Inc.10/16/2012
Act 73-2008Multicultural Capital, LLC3/7/2011
Act 135-1998Multipisos Caribbean6/15/2001
Act 73-2008Multiplastic, Inc.7/18/2013
Act 73-2008Multisystems, Inc.9/21/2009
Act 22-2012Murad L Muradyan11/18/18
Act 22-2012Mushegh Tovmasyan08/27/18
Act 20-2012Music Entertainment, LLC10/19/18
Act 22-2012Mustafa Kirdar04/30/15
Act 135-1998Mutchler Of Puerto Rico, Inc.2/19/2002
Act 73-2008Mutchler of Puerto Rico, Inc.10/11/2011
Act 27-2011MVCA 3, Corp. - Mi Verano con Amanda 306/30/13
Act 20-2012My Alchemy, LLC05/17/18
Act 20-2012My It Education LLC12/27/16
Act 135-1998Mylan Inc./ Mylan Caribe, Inc.5/9/2008
Act 73-2008Mylan LLC12/11/2018
Act 20-2012Mylogiq LLC12/23/15
Act 14-2017Myriam Crespo07/17/19
Act 14-2017Myriam Villafaña Suárez03/12/18
Act 14-2017Myriam Z. Allende Vigo04/19/18
Act 14-2017Myrna andino03/04/19
Act 14-2017Myrna I Morales Franqui06/26/18
Act 14-2017Myrna L. Díaz Collazo02/28/18
Act 14-2017Myrna Lopez07/11/19
Act 14-2017Myrna Muñiz04/19/18
Act 14-2017Myrna S. Figueroa Roure02/28/18
Act 14-2017Myrta Quintana01/13/19
Act 22-2012Myung-Kyu David Kang02/27/17
Act 14-2017Nabal J Bracero Serrano04/19/18
Act 22-2012Nabil El-Hage11/16/16
Act 22-2012Nadim Ashi12/22/16
Act 14-2017Nadyan Vargas11/04/19
Act 22-2012Naeem Mahmood11/19/19
Act 14-2017Naggai Gonzalez10/03/19
Act 73-2008Nagnoi, Inc.10/2/2009
Act 14-2017Nainette Lugo Amador12/28/17
Act 20-2012Naing International Enterprises LLC02/25/19
Act 22-2012Naiqiu Zhang09/14/17
Act 14-2017Nalix Garcia10/03/19
Act 14-2017Nalyssa Rivera Cora07/22/19
Act 22-2012Nan Franco02/04/15
Act 14-2017Nanette M De Leon Tellado04/05/18
Act 14-2017Nannette Berrios Ocasio06/05/18
Act 14-2017Nannette Calcaño09/29/19
Act 14-2017Nannette Pares Iturrino05/14/18
Act 14-2017Nanyaly Santiago06/24/19
Act 14-2017Naomi Collazo01/31/19
Act 73-2008Napa Realty Corp Y Fam Services11/14/2019
Act 20-2012Narf Industries Pr, LLC10/14/19
Act 14-2017Nargies Licha02/09/19
Act 14-2017Natalia Almodovar Arbelo11/04/19
Act 14-2017Natalia Barea05/07/19
Act 14-2017Natalia Betances10/03/19
Act 14-2017Natalia Cintron11/04/19
Act 14-2017Natalia Guevara01/31/19
Act 14-2017Natalia Luisa Martinez Godas12/27/17
Act 14-2017Natalia Miranda Cantellops09/29/19
Act 22-2012Natalia Punj10/26/17
Act 14-2017Natalia Rodriguez Vazquez11/04/19
Act 14-2017Natalia Velez11/04/19
Act 14-2017Natalio Debs02/09/18
Act 14-2017Natalio Izquierdo Encarnación04/05/18
Act 22-2012Natanael I Prudhomme08/18/19
Act 20-2012Natanael Prudhomme Consulting LLC11/19/19
Act 14-2017Nathalie Rivera-Morales06/22/19
Act 22-2012Nathan Brumby02/27/17
Act 22-2012Nathan De Hass Hukill07/19/18
Act 22-2012Nathan Martinez10/26/15
Act 22-2012Nathan Simon05/09/18
Act 22-2012Nathan Surprise12/15/19
Act 22-2012Nathaniel Alvarez04/28/16
Act 135-1998National Ceramics Corp4/8/2003
Act 20-2012National Energy Management LLC02/27/17
Act 20-2012National Healthcare Management of Pr, LLC01/25/18
Act 20-2012National Information Assurance Corporation04/10/18
Act 135-1998National Label Company Puerto Rico4/8/2008
Act 135-1998Native Chemical, Corp.11/29/2004
Act 135-1998Natural Improvement, Inc.11/9/2004
Act 20-2012Natural Lather LLC08/22/16
Act 20-2012Natural Nautica LLC05/09/18
Act 20-2012Navarro & Company LLC04/12/19
Act 20-2012Navco Management LLC05/03/19
Act 20-2012Navigant Network Alliance, LLC03/07/18
Act 20-2012Naviksan Health LLC10/14/19
Act 22-2012Navin Barot01/31/18
Act 20-2012Navtek LLC06/01/19
Act 14-2017Nayda E Vega Perez06/05/18
Act 135-1998Nazareno Entreprises Services, Inc.7/28/2000
Act 20-2012Nbt International, LLC12/21/16
Act 20-2012Nealon Trading LLC01/27/19
Act 22-2012Ned Mcdaniel01/27/19
Act 135-1998Neftali Feliciano11/16/2001
Act 14-2017Neftali Rodriguez Amadeo12/28/17
Act 14-2017Neftali Rodriguez Santiago06/05/18
Act 22-2012Neha Chinai12/27/16
Act 14-2017Neichma S. Fargas Berrios03/23/18
Act 22-2012Neil A. Rosenquist12/27/16
Act 22-2012Neil Anthony Billock03/13/17
Act 22-2012Neil J. Clarke09/26/12
Act 14-2017Neisa Torres Reyes04/05/18
Act 73-2008Nelipak Puerto Rico, Inc.2/9/2018
Act 22-2012Nella C. Fernández11/13/14
Act 14-2017Nelly Catala Flores05/27/19
Act 14-2017Nelson A. Matos Fernández12/28/17
Act 14-2017Nelson Almodovar Rodriguez06/05/18
Act 14-2017Nelson Arizmendi11/17/19
Act 14-2017Nelson Colon03/04/19
Act 14-2017Nelson De Jesus05/07/19
Act 14-2017Nelson Espinell Gonzalez01/13/19
Act 14-2017Nelson Espinell Gonzalez05/02/19
Act 14-2017Nelson Guilbe Gaston04/04/19
Act 135-1998Nelson Gutierrez, Inc.4/30/2008
Act 14-2017Nelson Medina Moreno01/07/19
Act 14-2017Nelson Rivera Rivera12/20/17
Act 14-2017Nelson Robles03/29/19
Act 14-2017Nelson Rodríguez Martínez03/27/18
Act 14-2017Nelson Ruiz Febo06/30/19
Act 14-2017Nelson Y. Narváez Oms04/05/18
Act 73-2008Neodeck Holdings, Corp.8/16/2011
Act 73-2008Neolpharma, Inc.7/8/2013
Act 135-1998Nephesh Company, Inc.8/29/2006
Act 20-2012Neptuno Export - Management Corporation04/01/14
Act 135-1998Neptunomedia, Inc.5/12/2003
Act 14-2017Nereida Feliciano Astacio03/12/18
Act 135-1998Nestlé Puerto Rico6/21/2001
Act 135-1998Nestle Puerto Rico, Inc.12/28/2007
Act 14-2017Nestor Aponte02/03/19
Act 14-2017Néstor E. Amador12/28/17
Act 14-2017Néstor L. Carmona Torres05/17/18
Act 14-2017Néstor L. Vázquez Aponte02/22/18
Act 14-2017Néstor P. Sánchez Colón02/28/18
Act 135-1998Net Claim Solutions, Inc.8/15/2008
Act 20-2012Net Commerce Solutions LLC02/11/19
Act 20-2012Netvita LLC01/17/19
Act 73-2008Netwave Equipment Corp.12/19/2016
Act 135-1998Netxar Technologies, Inc.7/24/2009
Act 20-2012Neurosurical Oncology Group, Psc12/23/15
Act 135-1998Neva Plastics Manufacturing Corp6/18/2002
Act 22-2012Neville Golvala11/10/14
Act 20-2012Nevis Group LLC02/12/19
Act 20-2012New Advantage, LLC11/10/16
Act 20-2012New Ashford Holdings LLC08/28/18
Act 20-2012New Bond Street Investment Group, LLC04/11/16
Act 135-1998New Comm 2000, Corp.8/3/2006
Act 83-2010New Energy Consultants & Contractors8/1/2014
Act 20-2012New Markets Advisors Pr LLC10/26/16
Act 135-1998New Million Corp.2/15/2000
Act 135-1998New Million Corp.6/3/2014
Act 135-1998New Steel9/6/2001
Act 135-1998New Steel, Inc.2/21/2008
Act 27-2011New Territory Pictures, LLC - The Vessel06/30/14
Act 135-1998New York Wiping & Industrial Co., Inc.10/31/2007
Act 20-2012New York'S Finest Medical Billing Pr LLC05/09/18
Act 73-2008Nexeon Medsystems Puerto Rico Operatios Company Corporation12/27/2017
Act 73-2008Next Day Signs, Inc,3/1/2010
Act 20-2012Next Generation Management Consultants, LLC08/01/17
Act 20-2012Next Step Construction Services LLC08/10/18
Act 83-2010Nextility Puerto Rico Leasing LLC1/25/2018
Act 83-2010Nextility Puerto Rico LLC3/21/2018
Act 73-2008Nfenergía, LLC1/18/2019
Act 20-2012Nicholas and Robison LLC05/12/15
Act 22-2012Nicholas C Vafiades06/01/19
Act 22-2012Nicholas J Paidas06/17/14
Act 22-2012Nicholas K Vita03/29/19
Act 22-2012Nicholas Lee Davis08/10/18
Act 22-2012Nicholas Owen Gunden04/11/17
Act 22-2012Nicholas P. Upchurch12/15/14
Act 22-2012Nicholas Prouty10/29/13
Act 22-2012Nicholas S Parks11/24/18
Act 22-2012Nicholas T Reyes11/18/18
Act 22-2012Nicolas A. Kogan11/01/12
Act 14-2017Nicolás Betancourt Gómez04/19/18
Act 22-2012Nicolas Billeaud01/27/19
Act 14-2017Nicolas Cruz12/04/19
Act 14-2017Nicolas Hernandez09/29/19
Act 14-2017Nicolás López Acevedo12/28/17
Act 22-2012Nicolay Stepanov10/07/13
Act 14-2017Nicole Carvajal Díaz12/28/17
Act 22-2012Nicole E. Vilalte11/09/16
Act 14-2017Nicole I.Rivera Pérez02/09/18
Act 14-2017Nicole M. Calendario González02/09/18
Act 14-2017Nicole M. Rodríguez Guilloty02/22/18
Act 22-2012Nicole Noel Billock03/13/17
Act 14-2017Nicole Rassi Stella12/28/17
Act 14-2017Nicole Rebollo Rodriguez05/23/19
Act 14-2017Nicole Simonetti Santiago02/28/18
Act 14-2017Nicole Torres04/04/19
Act 14-2017Nicolle Canales Ramos10/03/19
Act 14-2017Nicolle Davila07/22/19
Act 14-2017Nicolle De León11/02/19
Act 14-2017Nicolle Medina Cintrón06/30/19
Act 8-1987Nidco Aggregates Corp6/14/2000
Act 27-2011Nightfall Productions, LLC - The Curse of the Fuentes Women06/30/15
Act 14-2017Nikita Rabelo12/16/19
Act 22-2012Nikkos Savas08/10/18
Act 22-2012Nikolai S. Lyustiger10/07/13
Act 14-2017Nilda Pérez Flores02/22/18
Act 14-2017Nilda Torres Navarro12/20/17
Act 14-2017Nilka Alvarez02/09/19
Act 14-2017Nilka De Jesús González02/28/18
Act 14-2017Nilmar Rodríguez Batíz02/28/18
Act 135-1998Nils H. Ljungman & Associates, Inc.4/16/2004
Act 14-2017Nilsa Cruz Ortiz11/13/19
Act 22-2012Nima Movahed Dilmaghani08/10/18
Act 14-2017Nina Vega Vazquez03/04/19
Act 22-2012Ninfa Cabello-Solis03/04/19
Act 135-1998Ninguna Ciencia, Inc.6/4/2004
Act 22-2012Niniane Wang09/11/18
Act 22-2012Nirav Ambalal Patel12/19/16
Act 22-2012Nirmal K Gupta12/18/18
Act 22-2012Nital Patel07/10/17
Act 14-2017Nitza M. Serrano Medina03/23/18
Act 14-2017Nitza N. Vadi Rodríguez03/23/18
Act 14-2017Nixaliz Rodriguez Rivera04/19/18
Act 27-2011NJC, LLC - Nicky Jam La Serie06/30/19
Act 20-2012Nma LLC09/29/19
Act 27-2011No Limit Entertainment Group, Corp. - Wisin06/30/15
Act 22-2012Noah R Judson11/18/18
Act 22-2012Noah Trujillo01/10/19
Act 14-2017Noel J. Aymat Santana03/23/18
Act 14-2017Noel Javier Arnau Rodríguez03/27/18
Act 14-2017Noel Ortiz Rodriguez05/14/18
Act 14-2017Noel Pérez De Soto12/28/17
Act 14-2017Noel Rosado Adames04/07/19
Act 14-2017Noel S. De León Roig01/26/18
Act 14-2017Noel Santos Montes02/22/18
Act 14-2017Noel Totti Iii Veray05/14/18
Act 14-2017Noel Vargas11/04/19
Act 14-2017Noemi C Varela Rosario06/05/18
Act 22-2012Noha Elshareif-Taha03/21/18
Act 73-2008Noliar, Inc.10/2/2009
Act 22-2012Nora S. Brau09/02/19
Act 135-1998Norat Environmental Safety Products9/24/2001
Act 14-2017Norbert Correa Sardina12/28/17
Act 14-2017Norberto Arbona Ferrer01/24/18
Act 14-2017Norberto Báez Ríos04/13/18
Act 14-2017Norberto Ortiz Castro04/19/18
Act 14-2017Norberto Pellot Moran03/31/19
Act 14-2017Noridza Rivera Rodríguez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Norma A. Claudio Figueroa01/24/18
Act 14-2017Norma Agosto Maury03/23/18
Act 14-2017Norma Alonso Cedo06/13/18
Act 14-2017Norma Devarie05/04/19
Act 14-2017Norma I Rivera Serrano06/05/18
Act 14-2017Norma J. Arciniegas-Medina03/12/18
Act 14-2017Norma R. Salgado Vila02/09/18
Act 14-2017Norma Raquel Guerra05/03/18
Act 14-2017Norma V. Delgado Buther03/07/18
Act 14-2017Norman Colon Casanova12/28/17
Act 14-2017Norman De La Rosa01/24/18
Act 14-2017Norman F Ramirez Llunch04/19/18
Act 14-2017Normando G. Duran - Guzman02/09/18
Act 73-2008North America Packaging of Puerto Rico, Inc.12/23/2013
Act 8-1987North Caribe Import Of Puerto Rico, Inc.9/10/1997
Act 73-2008North Caribe Import Puerto Rico, Inc.11/7/2014
Act 20-2012North Coast Marketing LLC01/13/19
Act 83-2010North Coast Solar, LLC4/19/2013
Act 20-2012North Point International Institute, Corp07/18/13
Act 135-1998North Steel & Iron Works, Corp.10/8/2007
Act 27-2011Northen Entertainment Productions, LLC - Crossbones06/30/14
Act 27-2011Northen Entertainment Productions, LLC - Royal Pains S606/30/14
Act 27-2011Northen Entertainment Productions, LLC - Royal Pains S706/30/15
Act 27-2011Northern Entertainment Productions, LLC - The Baker and the Beauty06/30/19
Act 135-1998Northrop Grumman Electronicos, Inc.10/31/2006
Act 135-1998Nostrom Moving Images Group3/26/2009
Act 27-2011Nostrom Moving Images, Corp. - Coors Beach Bar06/30/17
Act 27-2011Nostrom Moving Images, Corp. - Coors Mountain06/30/17
Act 27-2011Nostrom Moving Images, Corp. - Walgreens Brandtailing and Beauty06/30/16
Act 83-2010Notre Dame Pv LLC2/23/2018
Act 20-2012Notz Capital Corp.05/09/18
Act 20-2012Nourishing Biologicals of Puerto Rico, LLC12/12/18
Act 135-1998Nova Atlas Manufactura, Inc / Orinoco Tooling & Stamping, LLC10/8/2008
Act 135-1998Nova Terra, Inc.10/8/1998
Act 135-1998Novacomm, Inc.4/11/2007
Act 20-2012Novalián Solutions L.L.C.09/06/16
Act 73-2008Novel Advertising Interactive Solutions Corp4/29/2009
Act 135-1998Nrc / Jaro Puerto Rico2/19/2002
Act 83-2010Nrg Solar Juncos, LLC9/30/2013
Act 20-2012Nrpr Consulting LLC12/24/19
Act 135-1998Ns Export Management Services, Inc.4/4/2008
Act 20-2012Ns Pr Law Services LLC12/28/18
Act 135-1998Nsc Puerto Rico, Inc.5/23/2008
Act 135-1998Nu-Vue Industries Of Puerto Rico10/11/2001
Act 73-2008Nu-Vue Industries of Puerto Rico, Inc.12/6/2013
Act 20-2012Nube Group LLC06/01/16
Act 22-2012Nubia Estella Fisher02/08/16
Act 135-1998Numeat Packing10/11/2001
Act 135-1998Numeat Packing, Inc.5/31/2006
Act 73-2008Numeat Packing, Inc.11/2/2015
Act 135-1998Nutec Builder & Manufacture Co. Inc.12/15/2003
Act 20-2012Nutragroup Holdings, LLC05/17/18
Act 135-1998Nutri-Caribe, Inc.4/12/2006
Act 27-2011Nuyorican Basquet, LLC - Nuyorican Basquet06/30/15
Act 20-2012Nvip LLC10/27/19
Act 20-2012Nvs International LLC06/28/19
Act 20-2012Nwc Capital Group Corp03/21/19
Act 14-2017Nydia Burgos Ortega01/06/19
Act 14-2017Nydia De Soto05/03/19
Act 14-2017Nydia E Santiago Colon05/17/18
Act 14-2017Nydia Lopez Garcia07/04/19
Act 14-2017Nydia M Velez Estades04/19/18
Act 14-2017Nydia Perez12/24/18
Act 14-2017Nydia R Camacho Padilla04/19/18
Act 14-2017Nylmaris Munoz Negron07/14/19
Act 135-1998Nypro Puerto Rico, Inc.1/17/2003
Act 73-2008Nypro Puerto Rico, Inc.5/14/2019
Act 20-2012O Discount Store Corp11/16/15
Act 20-2012Ob Holdings LLC04/03/18
Act 20-2012Oba LLC08/18/17
Act 27-2011OBC, LLC - Otra Boda en Castañer06/30/19
Act 20-2012Ocean Park Holdings LLC02/06/19
Act 135-1998Ocean Spray Of Puerto Rico LLC8/6/2007
Act 20-2012Oceana Unlimited LLC11/13/17
Act 20-2012Oceanview Management Services LLC06/26/18
Act 20-2012Ocinaldi Consulting LLC09/30/19
Act 14-2017Octavio Jordan López03/12/18
Act 14-2017Odalys Mendoza Villahermosa05/14/18
Act 14-2017Odrick Rosas05/03/19
Act 20-2012off-Island Legal, LLC05/09/18
Act 20-2012office Network International, LLC06/29/15
Act 135-1998Ofimobilia Del Caribe10/11/2001
Act 135-1998Ofw Mobel Fabrik6/5/2001
Act 135-1998Ofw Trading3/9/2001
Act 14-2017Ohel Soto Raices06/05/18
Act 20-2012Ohorizons Global, Inc.01/10/14
Act 135-1998Oil Energy System, Inc4/24/2000
Act 20-2012Oir Global Services, LLC11/01/12
Act 27-2011Ojos que no ven, LLC - Ojos Que no ven06/30/20
Act 20-2012Okeanos Solutions02/05/19
Act 22-2012Oladipo O. Kalejaiye11/13/17
Act 135-1998Olay, LLC / Procter & Gamble Commercial, LLC9/10/2001
Act 73-2008Old Harbor Brewery, Inc.7/16/2011
Act 20-2012Oldach Export Services, Inc.01/02/13
Act 22-2012Oleg Orlovskii12/21/16
Act 135-1998Olein Recovery Corporation1/20/2005
Act 73-2008Olein Recovery Corporation3/21/2014
Act 135-1998Oles De Puerto Rico, Inc5/23/2001
Act 135-1998Oles Envelopes and Forms, Inc.11/21/2011
Act 14-2017Olga C Torres Mendez06/13/18
Act 22-2012Olga Dálesio01/30/15
Act 14-2017Olga M. Billoch Picó02/22/18
Act 14-2017Olga M. Pereira Díaz04/19/18
Act 14-2017Olga P Lagrandier Gomez06/05/18
Act 14-2017Olga Pacheco07/22/19
Act 22-2012Olga Voloshin02/08/16
Act 14-2017Olga W. Bermudez Ramirez02/22/18
Act 22-2012Olie Gray08/27/18
Act 135-1998Olimac Manufacturing Corp8/12/2002
Act 135-1998Olimac Manufacturing, Corp12/20/2012
Act 14-2017Oliver M. Guerrero Dujarric02/28/18
Act 22-2012Olivia A Funk05/02/19
Act 22-2012Olivier Gillier07/09/14
Act 135-1998Olympic Playground Mfg2/12/2003
Act 27-2011Olympusat,Inc. - Historias del Rey06/30/20
Act 14-2017Omar A. González Yanes01/26/18
Act 14-2017Omar Cardona02/06/19
Act 22-2012Omar Cruz03/04/16
Act 14-2017Omar Esponda Ramos12/24/19
Act 22-2012Omar Halabi01/13/16
Act 22-2012Omar Jaffrey10/31/16
Act 14-2017Omar Mendez09/29/19
Act 14-2017Omar Morales Abella07/17/18
Act 14-2017Omar Morales Pujals04/19/18
Act 14-2017Omar N. Piovanetti Pérez01/26/18
Act 14-2017Omar Nieves Ortiz04/19/18
Act 14-2017Omar Ortiz09/28/19
Act 14-2017Omar Perez Jimenez03/31/19
Act 14-2017Omar Picart12/16/18
Act 14-2017Omar R Curz Medina04/19/18
Act 14-2017Omar R. Gómez Medina12/28/17
Act 14-2017Omar Rodriguez05/23/19
Act 22-2012Omar Shakill03/17/15
Act 14-2017Omar Soto11/16/19
Act 14-2017Omar Torres07/22/19
Act 14-2017Omar Torres09/29/19
Act 14-2017Omayra L Gonzalez Rodriguez06/13/18
Act 14-2017Omayra Reyes Santiago02/19/19
Act 135-1998Omega2/13/2003
Act 135-1998Omega & Delta Co, Inc.12/8/2016
Act 135-1998Omega & Delta Co., Inc.8/11/2006
Act 73-2008Omega & Delta Co., Inc.5/3/2019
Act 135-1998Omega Market Research Corp.6/7/2005
Act 73-2008Omega Market Research, Corp.3/28/2018
Act 20-2012Omega Revenue LLC11/18/19
Act 20-2012Omeros Asesores, Crl05/09/18
Act 22-2012Omid Lari06/12/17
Act 135-1998Omj Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Affiliates / Johnson and Johnson Professional Co (Pr) Inc. / Ethicon LLC / Janssen Ortho LLC / Ortho Biologics LLC / Life Scan LLC / Mcneil Healthcare, LLC / Janssen-Cilag Manufacturing, LLC11/21/2000
Act 20-2012Omnia Economic Solutions, LLC06/03/16
Act 20-2012Omnipayments LLC12/19/16
Act 20-2012On Chain LLC08/29/18
Act 20-2012On The Line Consultants04/10/18
Act 20-2012On-Site Environmental, Inc02/11/16
Act 20-2012One Consulting Group LLC06/22/19
Act 20-2012One Equity Research, LLC12/30/16
Act 27-2011One Film Corp. - Fragmentos de Amor06/30/15
Act 73-2008One Planet Caribbean, LLC10/21/2009
Act 20-2012Oneighty Agency LLC01/17/19
Act 20-2012Onetrust International, LLC11/19/19
Act 14-2017Onix Cantares Fonseca03/12/18
Act 14-2017Onix Reyes Martinez12/28/17
Act 20-2012Online Business Consultants LLC11/15/19
Act 20-2012Online Educational Training Services03/04/15
Act 20-2012Online Event Traders LLC05/13/16
Act 20-2012Online Services LLC08/10/18
Act 20-2012Onpoint Consulting and Investment, LLC08/10/18
Act 20-2012Openlink Puerto Rico, Inc.11/18/14
Act 135-1998Operating Partners Co, Inc.10/13/2009
Act 73-2008Operating Partners Co. LLC12/18/2012
Act 20-2012Operational Services and Infrastructure, LLC04/03/18
Act 20-2012Oppx Pr LLC06/30/14
Act 73-2008Opti Manufacturing Corporation4/11/2017
Act 135-1998Opti Manufacturing, Inc.8/12/2002
Act 20-2012Optic Power LLC08/27/18
Act 20-2012Optima Medical Group, LLC05/17/18
Act 20-2012Optimized Media LLC03/26/18
Act 73-2008Optivon < Inc.2/18/2016
Act 20-2012Optum Services (Puerto Rico) LLC01/24/19
Act 135-1998Or-Pro Medical Industrial Laboratory, Inc.3/1/2007
Act 135-1998Oracle Caribbean6/18/2002
Act 73-2008Oracle Caribbean, Inc.11/1/2012
Act 20-2012Orbis Talent Partners LLC07/12/18
Act 20-2012Orchard Wealth & Legacy Management LLC08/29/18
Act 14-2017Orelbe Mederos Broche03/27/18
Act 14-2017Orestes Castellanos Rodríguez02/28/18
Act 73-2008Organic Fuel, LLC7/22/2016
Act 73-2008Organic Power, LLC2/27/2017
Act 83-2010Organic Power, LLC8/18/2017
Act 73-2008Organics Management of Puerto Rico, LLC10/28/2014
Act 83-2010Organics Management of Puerto Rico, LLC10/28/2014
Act 83-2010Oriana Energy LLC4/11/2012
Act 22-2012Oriana Rueda Krauss12/16/18
Act 20-2012Oriental Business Group12/15/17
Act 135-1998Oriental Sand & Gravel9/24/2001
Act 73-2008Original Footwear LLC7/19/2018
Act 20-2012Original Footwear LLC11/30/18
Act 73-2008Orime Ventures Corporration12/21/2017
Act 20-2012Orion Engineering, LLC06/28/16
Act 22-2012Orlando A. Bustos10/07/13
Act 14-2017Orlando Aponte Rivera01/26/18
Act 14-2017Orlando Camacho Geck03/12/18
Act 22-2012Orlando Canizares12/20/16
Act 14-2017Orlando Cañizares Rosario12/28/17
Act 14-2017Orlando De Jesús Garcés04/19/18
Act 14-2017Orlando Gonzalez Vazquez12/20/17
Act 14-2017Orlando J Carrasquillo04/19/18
Act 14-2017Orlando Latorre Torres03/23/18
Act 14-2017Orlando Lopez De Victoria12/20/17
Act 14-2017Orlando Luciano Ortiz02/09/18
Act 14-2017Orlando Manuel Sánchez Santiago12/20/17
Act 14-2017Orlando Marchena01/31/19
Act 14-2017Orlando Marini Roman03/04/19
Act 14-2017Orlando Quincoces Hernandez06/13/18
Act 14-2017Orlando Rodriguez Matos02/09/18
Act 14-2017Orlando Sanchez07/14/19
Act 14-2017Orlando Torres09/29/19
Act 73-2008Ornamentación Quintana, Inc.6/18/2014
Act 20-2012Oro Management LLC08/08/17
Act 135-1998Ortho-Tain, Inc.11/12/2004
Act 135-1998Ortiz Kitchen Manufacturing, Inc.2/10/2017
Act 135-1998Ortiz Kitchen Mfg9/13/2001
Act 135-1998Orvis V Corporation1/31/2008
Act 14-2017Oscar A. Hernández López12/28/17
Act 14-2017Oscar Baez06/30/19
Act 22-2012Oscar Cadiz Valentin01/09/19
Act 14-2017Oscar Duyos10/19/18
Act 14-2017Oscar Lugo09/29/19
Act 14-2017Oscar Muniz Echevarria05/14/18
Act 14-2017Oscar Nevarez Pomales12/18/18
Act 14-2017Oscar R. Quintero Serrano12/28/17
Act 14-2017Oscar Ramos Roman09/29/19
Act 14-2017Oscar Rivera11/13/19
Act 14-2017Oscar Ruiz Bermudez05/18/18
Act 14-2017Oscar Vargas González03/23/18
Act 14-2017Oscar Vazquez Ortiz07/21/19
Act 73-2008Osmi Enterprises, Inc.6/11/2012
Act 20-2012Osprey Enterprises LLC01/26/18
Act 135-1998Osram Sylvania Puerto Rico, Corp./ Osram Holding Bv5/23/2008
Act 20-2012Ostrich Enterprises LLC06/22/19
Act 14-2017Osvaldo Castro05/17/18
Act 14-2017Osvaldo Figueroa Cordero03/12/18
Act 14-2017Osward Carrasquillo07/21/19
Act 20-2012Outcome Project, LLC.10/23/19
Act 20-2012Outsource Partners LLC11/15/16
Act 135-1998Outsourcing Solutions6/18/2001
Act 73-2008Outsourcing Solutions, Inc.3/26/2015
Act 20-2012Outsourcing Solutions, Inc.04/20/15
Act 20-2012Overactive Inc12/16/19
Act 20-2012Overseas Ventures, LLC02/06/14
Act 22-2012Owen T Callahan05/07/13
Act 20-2012Owned Outcomes, LLC10/18/16
Act 135-1998P & L Corporation8/18/2003
Act 135-1998P & L Corporation1/31/2014
Act 135-1998P. R. Retreating, Co. (Inc.Retreading)11/15/2007
Act 135-1998P.J. Gaffers and Films, Inc.10/11/2001
Act 135-1998P.R. Blanco Realty Group, Inc.7/7/2006
Act 135-1998P.R. Blanco Realty Group, Inc.7/7/2006
Act 73-2008P.R. Textile Recycling, LLC3/18/2016
Act 135-1998P.T. Computers Distributors11/30/2001
Act 20-2012Pa Barcelo, LLC08/01/17
Act 14-2017Pablo Cardona Doble05/19/19
Act 14-2017Pablo Cruzado Santiago05/17/18
Act 14-2017Pablo Del Valle Beltran12/20/17
Act 14-2017Pablo Iván Altieri Nieto12/28/17
Act 14-2017Pablo J Costas Caceres05/03/18
Act 14-2017Pablo L. Mojica Mañosa04/19/18
Act 14-2017Pablo Lopez09/29/19
Act 14-2017Pablo Marrero Barrera02/03/19
Act 22-2012Pablo Penaloza07/10/17
Act 14-2017Pablo R Bisnono Rodriguez04/19/18
Act 22-2012Pablo Rivas05/09/18
Act 14-2017Pablo Rodríguez Ortiza12/28/17
Act 14-2017Pablo V. Marrero Ortiz03/23/18
Act 135-1998Pac-Tech2/27/2001
Act 135-1998Pac-Tech International, Inc.5/28/2003
Act 73-2008Pac-Tech International, Inc.9/17/2014
Act 135-1998Pace Analytical, Inc.4/26/2004
Act 73-2008Pachiche, Inc.4/30/2010
Act 20-2012Pacific Capital Corp.06/16/15
Act 73-2008Pacific Global Packaging, Inc.5/30/2012
Act 73-2008Paciv, Inc.8/26/2010
Act 135-1998Packaging Unlimited4/11/2001
Act 14-2017Paco M. Díaz Parés02/28/18
Act 20-2012Paddington Square LLC05/09/18
Act 20-2012Padre Media, LLC10/27/19
Act 73-2008Pag Trading Corp3/7/2012
Act 22-2012Paige Renee Tyler12/15/14
Act 22-2012Pakorn Panajchariya08/29/18
Act 27-2011PAL, LLC - Picando Alante06/30/19
Act 73-2008Paletados LLC5/9/2019
Act 135-1998Paleteras Unidas, Inc.4/24/2007
Act 73-2008Paleteras Unidas, Inc.4/11/2017
Act 73-2008Pall Netherlands Bv and Pall Life Sciences PR LLC3/11/2013
Act 135-1998Pall Puerto Rico, Inc. / Pall Biomedical, Inc. / Pall Netherlands B.V. / Pall Life Sciences Puerto Rico LLC10/31/2000
Act 22-2012Pallavi M. Ghayalod06/10/16
Act 20-2012Palmas Capital Partners LLC12/23/15
Act 14-2017Palmira R Martinez Romero04/26/18
Act 73-2008Pamek, Corp.9/11/2009
Act 14-2017Pamela Fernández Carbia02/22/18
Act 22-2012Pamela J. Magee-Walker10/07/13
Act 22-2012Pamela S Brian03/10/19
Act 14-2017Pamela Silen03/31/19
Act 14-2017Pamela Torres Hernandez02/09/18
Act 27-2011Pamotrán Films, Corp. - Los Domirriqueños06/30/15
Act 73-2008Pan American Grain Company, Inc.1/8/2018
Act 135-1998Pan American Grain Manufacturing Co11/3/2008
Act 73-2008Pan American Grain Manufacturing Co., Inc.5/17/2018
Act 135-1998Pan American Grain Mfg4/14/2003
Act 135-1998Pan American Properties Corp11/24/2003
Act 73-2008Pan American Properties, Corp.6/2/2017
Act 20-2012Pan De Vida Services LLC12/24/19
Act 135-1998Pan Pepín11/13/2001
Act 73-2008Pan Pepín Baking Company, Inc.9/15/2010
Act 73-2008Pan Pepin, Inc.8/3/2015
Act 73-2008Pan Pepín, Inc.8/13/2010
Act 20-2012Pancho Moreno Y La Flaca LLC04/20/18
Act 20-2012Pantek Partners Holdings LLC10/05/19
Act 20-2012Pantek Partners LLC05/17/18
Act 14-2017Paola Marisol Mansilla Letelier04/19/18
Act 14-2017Paola Mercado07/22/19
Act 14-2017Paola Mojica09/29/19
Act 135-1998Papelera Puertorriqueña10/11/2001
Act 135-1998Parada Pallets & Molding, Inc.12/11/2013
Act 135-1998Parada Pallets & Mouldings, Inc.10/13/2004
Act 20-2012Paradigm Alternative Investment LLC11/15/19
Act 20-2012Paradise Applications LLC05/09/18
Act 135-1998Paradiso Films8/12/2002
Act 20-2012Pariter Securities LLC03/23/18
Act 135-1998Parmenio12/6/2001
Act 22-2012Parminder Sigh02/12/15
Act 20-2012Partner Studio LLC09/25/18
Act 27-2011Parto, LLC - En Agua06/30/20
Act 20-2012Parvec, LLC03/23/18
Act 27-2011Pasadena Films, Inc. - Hugo Paco y Luis06/30/13
Act 22-2012Pascal F. Forest08/01/13
Act 22-2012Pascal Forest11/18/19
Act 14-2017Pascual Muñiz Camacho02/28/18
Act 20-2012Paskewitz Asset Management LLC06/17/15
Act 135-1998Pasteleria Cidrines, Inc.1/23/2008
Act 135-1998Patent Solutions Group, Inc.7/8/2008
Act 135-1998Patheon P.R. Inc. / Ceph International Corp.4/10/2007
Act 22-2012Patricia Ann Crepeault01/08/18
Act 22-2012Patricia C. Ellison12/15/14
Act 14-2017Patricia De Jesús Umpiere03/12/18
Act 14-2017Patricia Del Pilar Alvarado05/14/18
Act 14-2017Patricia Delgado12/04/19
Act 22-2012Patricia E. Giese12/16/14
Act 22-2012Patricia Elena Miketich12/23/15
Act 14-2017Patricia Maymi11/04/19
Act 14-2017Patricia Rodriguez09/30/19
Act 14-2017Patricio Sumaza08/04/19
Act 22-2012Patrick C. Taggart02/18/19
Act 22-2012Patrick Carleton09/18/18
Act 22-2012Patrick De Man07/30/13
Act 22-2012Patrick Fitzsimonds12/22/16
Act 22-2012Patrick Fives01/27/19
Act 22-2012Patrick Guimaraes03/21/18
Act 22-2012Patrick Kavanagh12/17/18
Act 22-2012Patrick Rien02/06/14
Act 22-2012Patrick T. Mitchell05/07/13
Act 22-2012Patrick Wilson08/10/18
Act 73-2008Pattern Puerto Rico Wind Development LLC1/24/2011
Act 83-2010Pattern Santa Isabel LLC/9/16/2011
Act 22-2012Paul A Capestany06/19/19
Act 14-2017Paul A. Guzman Valido09/10/18
Act 22-2012Paul Briegel11/13/17
Act 22-2012Paul Chiarappa10/07/15
Act 22-2012Paul Clip08/10/18
Act 22-2012Paul Craig09/18/15
Act 22-2012Paul D. Tartak11/24/18
Act 22-2012Paul Elder06/26/19
Act 22-2012Paul Giannamore05/04/19
Act 22-2012Paul I. Carey11/16/15
Act 22-2012Paul J Napoli11/18/18
Act 14-2017Paul J Nieves Santiago05/14/18
Act 22-2012Paul Scott andrews03/30/17
Act 22-2012Paul Shannon08/21/14
Act 22-2012Paul Willerton08/27/18
Act 22-2012Paula Chandler08/10/18
Act 14-2017Paula Jeff07/14/19
Act 14-2017Paulette C. Pacheco López04/19/18
Act 20-2012Pauling Firm Inc01/16/19
Act 22-2012Pavan Agarwal06/27/13
Act 22-2012Pavel Pogodin08/29/18
Act 73-2008Payco Foods4/30/2010
Act 20-2012Payment & Logistic Services, Inc.09/12/17
Act 20-2012Paytech Corp12/30/16
Act 135-1998Pcb Horizon Technology2/12/2003
Act 135-1998Pcg International Corporation3/2/2007
Act 273-2012Pcp Capital International LLC10/29/13
Act 273-2012Pcrv International LLC11/07/14
Act 20-2012Pddk20 LLC05/27/19
Act 20-2012Pdl Management Limited Liability Company12/23/15
Act 20-2012Pdl Management LLC06/22/19
Act 73-2008Pdmtech, Inc.2/9/2018
Act 27-2011PDP Prouctions, LLC - Defrauded06/30/14
Act 20-2012Pearl Aircraft Corporation01/26/18
Act 22-2012Pearl Baker Katz11/07/14
Act 20-2012Pearl Bridge Partners, LLC05/09/18
Act 135-1998Pearle Vision Center Of Puerto Rico, Inc.12/8/2000
Act 20-2012Pediatric Dental Consultants LLC05/09/17
Act 14-2017Pedro A Torrellas12/20/17
Act 14-2017Pedro Acevedo06/22/19
Act 14-2017Pedro Adrover Lopez01/06/19
Act 14-2017Pedro Ángel Díaz Bretaña02/28/18
Act 73-2008Pedro Arvesú Gasset Y Teresa López Arias11/22/2010
Act 14-2017Pedro Beauchamp Feliciano02/28/18
Act 14-2017Pedro Bustillo Carvajal12/28/17
Act 14-2017Pedro C. Pagán Torres12/28/17
Act 14-2017Pedro C. Román Eyxarch03/12/18
Act 14-2017Pedro Cabrera Bonet05/07/19
Act 14-2017Pedro Cardé Capella02/06/19
Act 14-2017Pedro Castaing Lespier12/26/18
Act 14-2017Pedro Claudio01/31/19
Act 14-2017Pedro Colberg09/28/19
Act 14-2017Pedro Collazo Ornes12/20/17
Act 14-2017Pedro Colón Hernández03/12/18
Act 14-2017Pedro Davila Colon06/30/19
Act 14-2017Pedro E Colton Verge07/17/18
Act 14-2017Pedro E. Díaz Ortiz12/28/17
Act 14-2017Pedro F. Escobar Rodríguez01/24/18
Act 14-2017Pedro Ferdinand Panelli Ramery03/27/18
Act 14-2017Pedro G. Goyco Vélez03/12/18
Act 14-2017Pedro Gil De Rubio11/04/19
Act 14-2017Pedro Hernández Rivera12/28/17
Act 14-2017Pedro J Seda Agrait05/17/18
Act 14-2017Pedro J. Reyez Martínez02/22/18
Act 14-2017Pedro J. Rullán Marín02/09/18
Act 14-2017Pedro J. Tort Saade01/26/18
Act 14-2017Pedro Kareh07/22/19
Act 14-2017Pedro L Arroyo Ramirez04/19/18
Act 135-1998Pedro L Rivera Febo H/N/C Master Lum4/26/2002
Act 14-2017Pedro L Rivera Repollet04/19/18
Act 14-2017Pedro Luis Gonzalez Torres04/19/18
Act 14-2017Pedro M Lopez Lopez06/05/18
Act 14-2017Pedro M Whatts Santos02/09/18
Act 14-2017Pedro Martinez11/16/19
Act 14-2017Pedro Monroig05/04/19
Act 14-2017Pedro N. Farinacci12/28/17
Act 14-2017Pedro O. García Gordo12/20/17
Act 14-2017Pedro Piquer Merino12/28/17
Act 14-2017Pedro R. Redondo Díaz03/23/18
Act 14-2017Pedro Reyes Collazo12/20/17
Act 14-2017Pedro Rodriguez09/29/19
Act 22-2012Pedro Santos Jr.06/12/17
Act 14-2017Pedro Serrano Guzman12/28/17
Act 14-2017Pedro Solivan08/18/19
Act 14-2017Pedro Vargas10/03/19
Act 14-2017Pedro Vargas Otero12/27/17
Act 135-1998Peerless Oil & Chemicls, Inc/ Colonial Caribbean Inc5/18/2008
Act 20-2012Pegasus Capital Group, LLC12/24/19
Act 20-2012Pegasus Consulting Group LLC11/15/19
Act 73-2008Pelegrina International Corp5/30/2012
Act 20-2012Pelican Point, LLC02/23/18
Act 27-2011Pemisu, Inc. - Pedro Capó06/30/15
Act 22-2012Peng Wang04/08/14
Act 20-2012Penguin Natural Foods Pr LLC02/27/15
Act 20-2012Penn Ave LLC09/25/18
Act 135-1998Pentaq Manufacturing, Corp.6/2/2005
Act 135-1998Peñuelas Aggregates Corp10/9/2001
Act 20-2012Penultimate Consulting, LLC12/22/16
Act 27-2011People Guiding Media PR,Inc. - Spanglish Movies06/30/17
Act 27-2011Pepo PS, LLC - Pepo pal' Senado06/30/16
Act 73-2008Pepsi Cola Puerto Rico Distributing LLC1/15/2020
Act 73-2008Pepsi-Cola Manufacturing International, Limited7/6/2017
Act 73-2008Pepsico Caribbean, Inc.2/12/2018
Act 135-1998Pepsico Puerto Rico, Inc. / Pepsi-Cola Manufacturing International Limited/ Pepsico Caribbean, Inc.2/3/2000
Act 20-2012Percipient Advisors LLC12/11/17
Act 20-2012Percival Ventures LLC04/12/19
Act 135-1998Perco Chalkboard2/11/2002
Act 20-2012Peregrine Global, LLC12/07/16
Act 20-2012Perez Guerrero, LLC11/07/13
Act 20-2012Perez International Marketing and Consultant LLC12/27/16
Act 135-1998Perfecseal International De Puerto Rico, Inc.10/15/2007
Act 20-2012Perfect Art LLC12/11/18
Act 20-2012Perfect Circle, LLC06/01/19
Act 135-1998Perfect Sweet, Inc.3/26/2009
Act 135-1998Perfiles De Aluminio, Inc.10/26/2000
Act 73-2008Perfiles De Aluminio, Inc.7/8/2013
Act 135-1998Performance Chemicals Co., Inc.6/24/2008
Act 27-2011Pericoco Films, Inc. - Ilia06/30/16
Act 22-2012Perla D Covarrubias-Isaacs02/18/19
Act 20-2012Perpetual Sales LLC06/19/19
Act 22-2012Perry A. Gruss04/11/17
Act 20-2012Personalis Health Management, LLC11/02/15
Act 73-2008Pet Plastic LLC5/4/2011
Act 135-1998Pet Plastics LLC / Bac Plas, Inc.11/15/2007
Act 22-2012Peter A. Wisniewski10/07/15
Act 22-2012Peter Blaibel06/30/15
Act 22-2012Peter Butera09/02/14
Act 22-2012Peter C Wilson06/30/19
Act 22-2012Peter C. Franklin10/28/14
Act 22-2012Peter C. Miller11/10/14
Act 22-2012Peter Hoch11/10/14
Act 22-2012Peter Klope04/28/16
Act 22-2012Peter L. Harrington08/01/13
Act 22-2012Peter M Badger08/18/19
Act 22-2012Peter M. Joseph06/23/15
Act 73-2008Peter Paul Electric, Inc.2/23/2018
Act 135-1998Peter Paul Electric,Inc.2/23/2005
Act 14-2017Peter Portilla Hernandez12/27/17
Act 22-2012Peter Rebrin04/28/16
Act 22-2012Peter S. Roisman08/01/13
Act 22-2012Peter Schiff04/11/17
Act 22-2012Peter Schultz05/09/18
Act 22-2012Peter Smith04/28/16
Act 20-2012Petro Caribe LLC12/08/16
Act 135-1998Petroleum Emulsion Manufacturing, Corp12/30/2011
Act 135-1998Petroleum Emulsion Mfg5/23/2001
Act 20-2012Petronechi LLC08/29/18
Act 20-2012Pets Are Kids Too LLC10/05/19
Act 73-2008Pevafersa América, Inc1/24/2011
Act 73-2008Pf Consumer Healthcare B.V. (Puerto Rico) LLC10/15/2019
Act 135-1998Pf Palos Export, Inc.3/4/2002
Act 20-2012Pfb L.L.C.02/23/18
Act 135-1998Pfizer Pharmaceutical, LLC8/29/2005
Act 135-1998Pfizer Pharmaceuticals LLC/ Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Inc/ Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Limited12/29/2000
Act 135-1998Pfizer Pharmaceuticals LLC/ Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Inc/ Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Limited/ Pharmacia & Upjohn Caribe, Inc/ Upjohn Manufacturing Company/ Pharmacia & Upjohn Caribe Investments, Inc/ Searle & Co/ Searle Ltd6/30/2005
Act 135-1998Pfizer Pharmaceuticals LLC/ Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Company/ Wyeth Whitehall Pharmaceuticals LLC/ Wyeth Ayerst Lederle LLC/Wyeth Ayerst Inc/Wyeth Whitehall Pharmaceuticals, LLC and Wyeth-Ayerst Lederle, LLC12/6/2007
Act 20-2012Pfpr International, LLC03/21/18
Act 20-2012Pg Construction Manager, LLC10/26/17
Act 73-2008Pg Energy Solutions Corp8/17/2009
Act 73-2008Pharma Bio Serv, Inc.6/21/2011
Act 135-1998Pharma Bio Serv, Inc. / Pharma Bio Serv Pr, Inc.7/7/2008
Act 73-2008Pharma Software Development, Inc.2/26/2018
Act 20-2012Pharmaceutical Engineering - Consulting Services11/01/12
Act 73-2008Pharmaceutical Processes System Inc12/27/2017
Act 135-1998Pharmacia & Upjohn Caribe, Inc / Upjohn Manufacturing Company / Pharmacia & Upjohn Investment / Searle & Co. / Searle , Ltd.10/25/1999
Act 20-2012Pharmapix International, Inc.09/30/16
Act 20-2012Pharmaregs, Inc.08/09/16
Act 20-2012Pharmlogic International LLC03/23/18
Act 20-2012Pharnat LLC03/23/18
Act 135-1998Phelon Parts, Inc.11/4/2003
Act 22-2012Phil Whisenhunt11/07/13
Act 22-2012Philip Grevis Woodisse03/02/16
Act 22-2012Philip Poon09/18/18
Act 22-2012Phillip E. Steurer-F07/30/13
Act 22-2012Phillip Peikos01/26/18
Act 20-2012Phillips Grossman, LLC03/03/15
Act 135-1998Phoenix Cable Ltd.7/24/2006
Act 20-2012Phoenix Group LLC06/15/16
Act 22-2012Phyllis Mcintire12/19/16
Act 22-2012Phyllis Roshan10/28/14
Act 20-2012Physicians and Partners, LLC12/21/16
Act 20-2012Phyt Management LLC05/27/19
Act 22-2012Pia Rosalinda Rotman06/12/17
Act 27-2011Picrow, Inc. - Mozart in the Jungle06/30/15
Act 20-2012Piedmont Evergreen, LLC06/04/18
Act 20-2012Pierri + Associates Architects Psc07/03/18
Act 27-2011Pies en la Arena - Pies en la Arena06/30/20
Act 20-2012Pietrantoni Méndez & Alvarez, LLC09/09/14
Act 14-2017Pilar E. Silva Meléndez04/19/18
Act 20-2012Piloto 151 LLC09/23/19
Act 27-2011Pimienta, Co. - In the Blood06/30/13
Act 22-2012Pinckney Green Ii03/10/19
Act 20-2012Pinnacle Partners LLC08/01/17
Act 20-2012Pinpoint Strategies LLC05/28/19
Act 73-2008Pirate Trading LLC/ Bbd Services LLC6/11/2012
Act 20-2012Pirate Trading, LLC06/06/19
Act 135-1998Pirette Draperies, Inc. Y Draperies Creation Of Pirette, Inc.11/29/2004
Act 135-1998Pirette Uniforms Inc, Y Drapery Creations Of Pirette, Inc.12/8/2016
Act 73-2008Pirette Uniforms, Inc.3/1/2010
Act 135-1998Pitirre Manufacturing6/18/2001
Act 135-1998Pitirre Manufacturing, Inc.7/12/2010
Act 20-2012Pl Holdings, LLC03/26/14
Act 20-2012Plan LLC03/29/19
Act 20-2012Planamericas, Inc.09/10/18
Act 135-1998Plastex Corp1/28/2004
Act 20-2012Plastic and Tooling Technology Solutions, LLC12/23/15
Act 20-2012Platinum Pools Puerto Rico, LLC05/17/18
Act 20-2012Plavica Export LLC05/23/18
Act 20-2012Plaza Export Services, LLC12/02/13
Act 8-1987Plaza Motors Corporation2/20/1998
Act 20-2012Pleasant Lake Rincon LLC12/12/18
Act 27-2011PM Films, Corp. - Blood Brothers06/30/15
Act 20-2012Pmg & Associates, LLC05/31/18
Act 20-2012Pmj Capital Pr Corp.08/18/15
Act 20-2012Pneum, LLC09/09/14
Act 22-2012Po Yan Siu12/29/16
Act 20-2012Policom, Inc.12/19/14
Act 22-2012Polina Soshkina11/24/18
Act 20-2012Politank, Corp02/23/18
Act 20-2012Poluco, LLC04/29/19
Act 135-1998Ponce Graphics & Custom Sign, Inc5/12/2008
Act 135-1998Ponce Resources1/23/2002
Act 22-2012Ponch E. Bhatia05/23/14
Act 20-2012Pono Creative, LLC02/09/18
Act 20-2012Ponterra Business Advisors06/27/16
Act 73-2008Pop @ Your Needs, Corp.2/9/2017
Act 27-2011Popular Inc - Mas de un Siglo06/30/20
Act 27-2011Popular, Inc. - Cuba y PR Son06/30/16
Act 27-2011Popular, Inc. - Música en los Tiempos de Salsa06/30/14
Act 27-2011Popular, Inc. - Puerto Rico se viste de fiesta06/30/18
Act 27-2011Popular, Inc. - Que Lindo PR06/30/15
Act 20-2012Populicom, Inc.11/26/14
Act 27-2011Por amor en el caserío, LLC - Por Amor en el Caserío06/30/14
Act 14-2017Porfirio E. Díaz Romero02/28/18
Act 14-2017Porfirio Rodríguez González04/05/18
Act 20-2012Port Equipment Maintenance Solutions11/13/19
Act 20-2012Poseidon Solutions, LLC12/29/18
Act 8-1987Positronic Caribe, Inc.1/3/1991
Act 73-2008Positronic Industries Caribe Inc.5/30/2012
Act 20-2012Potomac LLC10/22/19
Act 20-2012Power Engineering Consultants, LLC03/07/19
Act 135-1998Power Parts11/26/2003
Act 135-1998Power Poles, Inc.6/6/2006
Act 73-2008Power Poles, Inc.2/6/2014
Act 20-2012Power Up Solutions LLC12/15/19
Act 135-1998Powerline Electrical Products Corp.12/6/2005
Act 20-2012Powersalesuniversity.Com LLC03/13/17
Act 20-2012Powersiesta LLC08/01/17
Act 14-2017Pp Echegaray Mendez02/18/19
Act 20-2012Pr Academy of Executive Education LLC12/19/16
Act 73-2008PR Blanco Realty Group12/31/2012
Act 73-2008PR Blanco Realty Group12/31/2012
Act 20-2012Pr Business Consulting, LLC09/10/18
Act 73-2008PR Enco Realty Group, Inc.8/18/2014
Act 73-2008PR Exhibits Manufacturng Company, Inc.3/11/2013
Act 20-2012Pr International Consultants, Inc04/16/19
Act 20-2012Pr Management Mastery LLC12/15/19
Act 20-2012Pr Marketing and Trading Inc.05/17/18
Act 20-2012Pr Online LLC05/17/18
Act 20-2012Pr Only First In Time LLC03/16/17
Act 27-2011PR Opportunity Fund, LLC - Cat 5 Sudden Impact06/30/18
Act 83-2010Pr Outlet Pv, LLC11/13/2017
Act 20-2012Pr Pro LLC12/15/19
Act 135-1998Pr Soft3/9/2004
Act 20-2012Pr Sol Trading Corp.03/23/18
Act 22-2012Pradeep Albert11/18/19
Act 20-2012Praetorian Holdings, Inc.08/02/13
Act 20-2012Pramco, Inc.01/31/18
Act 22-2012Pranavan Navanandan06/01/19
Act 135-1998Praqco Industrial Supply, Inc.7/19/2000
Act 22-2012Prashant Pawar10/19/18
Act 20-2012Pratt & Whitney Puerto Rico, Inc.04/12/19
Act 73-2008Praxair Puerto Rico Bv3/1/2010
Act 135-1998Prc Leasing, Inc.8/4/2004
Act 135-1998Pre Construction & Construction Management Services7/8/2003
Act 135-1998Precious Metals, Inc10/5/2001
Act 73-2008Precious Metals, Inc.8/9/2019
Act 20-2012Precision Aerospace Solutions L.L.C.10/14/19
Act 8-1987Precision Bio-Médica, Inc.4/6/2004
Act 73-2008Precision Fabricators, Inc.5/12/2009
Act 135-1998Precision Microblenders12/31/2003
Act 135-1998Precision Prototypes and Components Corp.2/7/2007
Act 20-2012Predator Group, LLC02/28/19
Act 20-2012Predco Accounting, LLC09/10/18
Act 20-2012Predco Consulting LLC09/10/18
Act 20-2012Predco Law, LLC09/10/18
Act 20-2012Predco LLC09/10/18
Act 20-2012Predco Promotions LLC09/10/18
Act 20-2012Predco Real Estate LLC09/10/18
Act 20-2012Predco Trading LLC09/10/18
Act 22-2012Preeti Agarwal06/27/13
Act 20-2012Prelocate, LLC06/28/18
Act 135-1998Prent Puerto Rico, LLC6/30/2005
Act 73-2008Prent Puerto Rico, LLC12/27/2017
Act 20-2012Prescience Investment Group LLC12/04/17
Act 20-2012Pressico LLC10/05/18
Act 20-2012Prestige Fragrances, LLC06/02/17
Act 135-1998Pretensados De Puerto Rico, Inc.1/30/2006
Act 73-2008Pretensados De Puerto Rico, Inc.7/9/2014
Act 20-2012Prft Wrks LLC03/29/19
Act 20-2012Pricewaterhouse Coopers Llp07/06/15
Act 135-1998Pride America Garments, Inc.12/17/2003
Act 27-2011Primal Film Production, LLC - Primal06/30/18
Act 73-2008Prime Air Corp3/7/2012
Act 20-2012Prime Consulting Services LLC12/28/18
Act 135-1998Prime Controls, Inc11/21/2000
Act 135-1998Prime Controls, Inc.10/27/2011
Act 73-2008Prime Printing LLC6/1/2011
Act 20-2012Primus Consulting Pr LLC04/20/18
Act 73-2008Principia, Inc6/13/2016
Act 20-2012Principia, Inc.06/24/15
Act 73-2008Print 1, LLC9/14/2017
Act 135-1998Print Solutions Corp10/19/2005
Act 73-2008Print Solutions Corp6/21/2011
Act 135-1998Printech, Inc.3/1/2007
Act 135-1998Priority Ro-Ro Services, Inc.5/27/2014
Act 126-1966Priority Roro Services, Inc.8/12/2002
Act 14-2017Priscila Hernandez12/17/18
Act 14-2017Priscilla Magno Pagatzaurtundua03/23/18
Act 14-2017Priscilla Medero04/07/19
Act 273-2012Prisla International LLC03/31/15
Act 20-2012Prm Services LLC12/15/17
Act 135-1998Pro Windows & Doors Manufacturing8/4/2003
Act 20-2012Proagent of Puerto Rico, Inc.08/02/13
Act 135-1998Procesadora Campofresco, Inc.11/22/2011
Act 73-2008Procesadora De Metales, Inc.7/9/2010
Act 135-1998Prodespaña, Inc.8/13/2007
Act 27-2011Producciones Cinematográficas Macana, LLC - ¿Quién eres tú?06/30/16
Act 27-2011Producciones Copelar, Inc. - Entre Nosotras06/30/14
Act 27-2011Producciones Damiana, Inc. - Todos íbamos a ser reyes06/30/15
Act 27-2011Producciones Once-Nueve Corp. - Cuentas Pendientes06/30/15
Act 135-1998Producciones Sanco, Inc.7/13/2006
Act 135-1998Production Advisory Services Of Puerto Rico11/10/2006
Act 135-1998Productora De Agregados9/5/2003
Act 135-1998Productos De Cantera, Inc.11/5/2009
Act 135-1998Productos Del Alto10/9/2001
Act 73-2008Productos La Aguadillana, Inc.3/1/2010
Act 73-2008Productos La Finca, Inc.6/6/2015
Act 73-2008Productos La Samaritana, Inc.10/21/2015
Act 135-1998Productos Pacheco, Inc.2/7/2009
Act 73-2008Productos Pacheco, Inc.11/12/2017
Act 73-2008Professional Asphalt LLC12/3/2019
Act 135-1998Professional Graphics, Inc.5/21/2007
Act 73-2008Professional Graphics, Inc.4/10/2018
Act 135-1998Professional Recoveries, Inc.6/7/2005
Act 135-1998Professional Recycling & Manufacturing Corporation1/23/2007
Act 20-2012Profluent Group LLC01/24/19
Act 20-2012Programming Sisters LLC12/27/16
Act 20-2012Progressiver Medical Partners P.R. LLC02/28/19
Act 20-2012Project 37, LLC01/13/19
Act 135-1998Project Pouch, Inc.3/28/2000
Act 27-2011Prolat, Inc - 40 y Contando con Gilberto Santa Rosa06/30/18
Act 27-2011Prolat, Inc. - GSR Amor en los Tiempos de Salsa06/30/14
Act 20-2012Prolifica Technologies, LLC06/26/19
Act 135-1998Promed Molded Products Caribe, Inc.8/16/2005
Act 73-2008Promed Molded Products Caribe, Inc.12/30/2016
Act 135-1998Prometal Mfg., Inc.6/30/2005
Act 20-2012Promex, LLC04/07/19
Act 135-1998Pronatura, Inc.8/30/2001
Act 135-1998Pronto Photocopy, Inc.1/14/2003
Act 20-2012Propeller Re Inc01/25/18
Act 135-1998Propper International12/17/2001
Act 135-1998Propper International, Inc.11/29/2006
Act 73-2008Propper International, Inc.5/2/2013
Act 73-2008Propulsa, LLC2/7/2019
Act 135-1998Prosit Properties, Inc.8/29/2006
Act 135-1998Protecto Manufacturing, Corp.12/14/2007
Act 73-2008Protecto Manufacturing, Corp.6/19/2019
Act 73-2008Protego Footwear, Inc.7/8/2013
Act 27-2011Protesis, LLC - Protesis06/30/17
Act 27-2011Protesis, LLC - Protesis06/30/19
Act 20-2012Proven Source Marketing LLC05/17/18
Act 20-2012Provide LLC03/29/19
Act 135-1998Provimi De Puerto Rico6/24/2002
Act 20-2012Proxima LLC08/07/19
Act 27-2011Proyecto Chiringa, Inc. - Filiberto06/30/17
Act 20-2012Prpr LLC04/03/18
Act 20-2012Prs Consulting LLC08/07/19
Act 20-2012Prs Export Group LLC05/25/18
Act 73-2008Prsoft, Inc.8/12/2013
Act 135-1998Prt Larga Distancia, Inc.10/24/2008
Act 20-2012Prusa Consulting LLC12/24/19
Act 20-2012Psb Management Group LLC10/22/19
Act 135-1998Psc Real Estate Corp.8/17/2004
Act 135-1998Psi Caribbean8/24/2001
Act 73-2008Psi International, LLC12/22/2011
Act 135-1998Psm Corp1/17/2003
Act 20-2012Pss Pathfinders, Inc.04/30/15
Act 20-2012Psychcare Services, Pr, LLC04/30/15
Act 135-1998Publicaciones Puertorriqueñas10/28/2002
Act 20-2012Publife LLC08/22/17
Act 135-1998Publimagen De Asesores8/23/2001
Act 135-1998Publimagen De Asesores, Inc.12/10/2013
Act 73-2008Puertas Y Ventanas Jm, Inc.2/9/2018
Act 135-1998Puerto Del Rey2/7/2003
Act 135-1998Puerto Rico Apparel Manufacturing, Corp2/10/2012
Act 20-2012Puerto Rico Blessings LLC06/04/18
Act 20-2012Puerto Rico Consumer Debt Management Co., Inc.05/27/15
Act 20-2012Puerto Rico Deli Provisions LLC08/22/17
Act 20-2012Puerto Rico Economic Development Comp LLC09/10/18
Act 20-2012Puerto Rico Export Merchandising, LLC10/14/19
Act 20-2012Puerto Rico Food Innovations LLC11/06/18
Act 135-1998Puerto Rico Freight Systems, Inc.9/27/2004
Act 73-2008Puerto Rico Hospital Supply, Inc.8/14/2012
Act 135-1998Puerto Rico Hydraulic Supply, Inc.8/29/2005
Act 73-2008Puerto Rico Industrial Commercial Hodling LLC6/2/2017
Act 73-2008Puerto Rico Jet Aircraft Services Inc.7/11/2016
Act 135-1998Puerto Rico Lubricants7/23/2001
Act 20-2012Puerto Rico Medical Research Inc.10/05/18
Act 20-2012Puerto Rico Merchandising, Inc.06/01/19
Act 135-1998Puerto Rico Pallet Recycling6/9/2000
Act 73-2008Puerto Rico Pharmaceuticals, Inc.12/4/2009
Act 135-1998Puerto Rico Prosthetics2/11/2003
Act 135-1998Puerto Rico Rice LLC2/10/2017
Act 135-1998Puerto Rico Rotation Molding Corp.7/28/2000
Act 135-1998Puerto Rico Steel Products10/22/2001
Act 73-2008Puerto Rico Storage Distribution Inc.9/21/2010
Act 135-1998Puerto Rico Telephone Company8/15/2008
Act 135-1998Puerto Rico Telephone Company7/12/2019
Act 73-2008Puerto Rico Uld Sevices, Corp8/19/2015
Act 73-2008Puerto Rico Warehousing Management, Corp.9/21/2009
Act 73-2008Puerto Rico Wire Hangers, Inc.8/27/2009
Act 73-2008Puerto Rico Wire Products10/26/2011
Act 135-1998Puerto Rico Wood Treating1/18/2002
Act 135-1998Puerto Rico Wood Treating Industries, Inc.4/8/2008
Act 135-1998Puerto Rico Wood Treating Industries, Inc.7/19/2017
Act 27-2011Pulsar Films, Inc. - Extra Terrestres06/30/15
Act 73-2008Puma Energy Caribe, LLC10/19/2012
Act 135-1998Puma Energy Puerto Rico, Inc.3/24/2008
Act 73-2008Puma Energy Refining and Supply, LLC1/21/2014
Act 73-2008Puma Energy Services Latam LLC4/11/2017
Act 22-2012Puneet Wadhwa07/14/16
Act 83-2010Punta Lima Wind Farm, LLC/ Punta Lima Developpment Company, LLC9/14/2011
Act 83-2010Pura Energia, Inc5/9/2017
Act 135-1998Pure Med Corp.7/12/2004
Act 135-1998Pure Med, Corp11/14/2002
Act 20-2012Pure Otc Benefit, Inc.04/08/14
Act 135-1998Pure Power Protection, Inc.7/8/2003
Act 20-2012Purpose Built Investments LLC09/29/15
Act 83-2010Pv Properties, Inc.5/24/2013
Act 135-1998Pve Manufacturing, Corp.8/3/2006
Act 73-2008Pvsr Corp.9/21/2010
Act 20-2012Pw Capital LLC02/12/18
Act 20-2012Pwg Consulting LLC02/23/18
Act 135-1998Q&S Power Systems5/27/2003
Act 20-2012Qbb Advisors, LLC08/29/18
Act 20-2012Qk Holdings Pr LLC06/18/18
Act 20-2012Qlixar Corporation05/09/18
Act 27-2011QMA, LLC - El Quinceanero de mi abuela06/30/19
Act 20-2012Qondado LLC06/28/16
Act 20-2012Qsr Champs, LLC01/25/18
Act 73-2008Quality Consulting Group6/28/2016
Act 135-1998Quality Electroplanting, Corp.8/4/2004
Act 135-1998Quality Electroplating, Corp10/31/2013
Act 135-1998Quality For Business Success, Inc.10/15/2003
Act 20-2012Quality For Business Success, LLC08/02/13
Act 135-1998Quality Meats Corporation3/11/2002
Act 73-2008Quality Meats,Corp3/23/2018
Act 135-1998Quality Nova Food International, Inc.8/28/2002
Act 135-1998Quality Windows & Doors3/18/2003
Act 135-1998Quantum Business Engineering, Inc5/23/2002
Act 135-1998Quantum Controls, Inc.4/26/2005
Act 73-2008Quantum-Aip, LLC12/21/2009
Act 27-2011Quenepa Producciones, LLC - Noli06/30/17
Act 22-2012Quentin Abrahams06/14/18
Act 73-2008Quintana Quintana Corporation7/9/2010
Act 14-2017Quintin Gonzalez Keelan12/20/17
Act 14-2017Quirico M Canario Brea05/17/18
Act 73-2008R & D Systems Group, Inc.2/24/2012
Act 135-1998R & G Universal Aluminum, Inc.2/8/2000
Act 73-2008R & R Electric Motor Corp11/2/2015
Act 135-1998R D Medical Manufacturing Inc3/15/1999
Act 135-1998R.J. Reynolds Tabacco Company/ R.J. Reynolds Tabacco Co. / R.J. Reynolds Tabacco (Ci), Co.3/24/2008
Act 135-1998R.O.F. Draperies, Inc.10/4/2005
Act 135-1998R.V. Aluminum Mfg., Inc.4/16/2004
Act 135-1998R&C Technology, Inc.1/24/2003
Act 73-2008R&D Master Enterprises, Inc.4/11/2017
Act 135-1998R&H Products Of Puerto Rico3/25/2002
Act 20-2012R&R Ventures Inc.11/19/19
Act 135-1998R&V Aluminum Mfg, Inc.12/8/2016
Act 20-2012R2R Inc.11/18/16
Act 22-2012Rabiah Foss11/26/14
Act 135-1998Rac Enterprises, Inc.7/20/2006
Act 73-2008Rac Enterprises, Inc.7/6/2017
Act 135-1998Rac Manufacturing Company, LLC8/5/2010
Act 22-2012Rachadip Sachasin02/18/16
Act 22-2012Rachel S. Chaney11/26/13
Act 14-2017Rachelle Seijo Diaz12/28/17
Act 14-2017Rachelly Abreu11/02/19
Act 14-2017Radames A. Marín Vieira02/09/18
Act 14-2017Radames Gonzalez Olivieri09/29/19
Act 14-2017Radames Rios12/24/19
Act 14-2017Radamés Román Grau03/12/18
Act 14-2017Radames Sierra Zorita06/13/18
Act 20-2012Radar_Apps Inc.03/04/16
Act 20-2012Radiation Protection Associates - Puerto Rico LLC06/03/19
Act 14-2017Rael Bernier Soto02/22/18
Act 14-2017Rafael A Iglesias Marquez06/05/18
Act 14-2017Rafael A Lopez Torres02/09/18
Act 14-2017Rafael A Ruiz Gonzalez07/10/18
Act 14-2017Rafael A Taboas Perez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Rafael A. Cruz Quijano12/28/17
Act 14-2017Rafael A. Ocasio Santa03/23/18
Act 14-2017Rafael A. Vicens Rodríguez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Rafael Alonso01/31/19
Act 14-2017Rafael Antonio Tirado Montijo02/09/18
Act 14-2017Rafael Arias Berrios11/04/19
Act 14-2017Rafael Baez Rivera06/05/18
Act 14-2017Rafael Baquero Alvarez01/24/18
Act 135-1998Rafael Benitez Carrillo, Inc.3/26/2009
Act 135-1998Rafael Benítez Carrillo, Inc.1/25/2009
Act 135-1998Rafael Benitrez Carrillo Inc.3/21/2018
Act 83-2010Rafael Borges Guevara & Marial Gonzalez Bonilla12/5/2013
Act 14-2017Rafael Bouet02/18/19
Act 135-1998Rafael Carballo Y Josefina Santiago7/20/2001
Act 135-1998Rafael Casanova Orama10/19/2001
Act 14-2017Rafael Cedeño Terrades08/09/18
Act 14-2017Rafael Collazo Delgado11/17/19
Act 14-2017Rafael Couto07/19/19
Act 14-2017Rafael D. Betancourt García01/24/18
Act 14-2017Rafael De León07/03/19
Act 14-2017Rafael Delgado Cruz04/19/18
Act 14-2017Rafael E Diaz Gautier05/14/18
Act 14-2017Rafael E Medina Rivera05/07/18
Act 14-2017Rafael E. Martín Jiménez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Rafael E. Sein Siaca03/12/18
Act 14-2017Rafael Eduardo Caldero Rodriguez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Rafael F Grovas Porrata05/07/18
Act 14-2017Rafael F. Cardona Durán03/12/18
Act 14-2017Rafael F. Martin Garcia12/28/17
Act 14-2017Rafael Figueroa Navarro12/20/17
Act 14-2017Rafael Gavilanes01/31/19
Act 22-2012Rafael Gonzalez06/14/18
Act 14-2017Rafael Gonzalez05/19/19
Act 14-2017Rafael Guindin05/04/19
Act 14-2017Rafael H Zaragoza Urdaz03/12/18
Act 135-1998Rafael Hernández Barreras4/13/2004
Act 14-2017Rafael J. Acevedo Román04/26/18
Act 14-2017Rafael J. Pastrana Laborde12/28/17
Act 14-2017Rafael J. Rivera Berrios03/12/18
Act 14-2017Rafael J. Sanz Sein04/05/18
Act 14-2017Rafael Jesus Molina Dapena06/13/18
Act 14-2017Rafael Juan Pérez Casellas03/27/18
Act 14-2017Rafael L. Oms Rivera03/23/18
Act 14-2017Rafael Lastra Hernández03/23/18
Act 14-2017Rafael Lopez02/03/19
Act 22-2012Rafael Manuel Ortiz Colon09/21/16
Act 14-2017Rafael Martir09/29/19
Act 14-2017Rafael Medina Prieto05/26/19
Act 14-2017Rafael Mestres Franco07/22/19
Act 14-2017Rafael Mosquera Fernandez05/14/18
Act 135-1998Rafael Padín Mimosos10/9/2001
Act 14-2017Rafael Perez Bartolom06/20/18
Act 14-2017Rafael Ramirez Diaz12/27/17
Act 14-2017Rafael Rendon04/04/19
Act 22-2012Rafael Resendes08/21/14
Act 14-2017Rafael Rivera07/14/19
Act 14-2017Rafael Rivera Gonzalez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Rafael Rodríguez López10/03/19
Act 14-2017Rafael Rodríguez Mercado12/28/17
Act 14-2017Rafael Rosario08/18/19
Act 14-2017Rafael Ruiz De La Uz11/07/19
Act 14-2017Rafael Señeriz Ortiz02/09/18
Act 14-2017Rafael Solís Mounier01/24/18
Act 14-2017Rafael Soto11/18/18
Act 14-2017Rafael Tirado Siragua02/01/19
Act 14-2017Rafael Torrellas Ruiz04/05/18
Act 14-2017Rafael Torres Fajardo10/03/19
Act 14-2017Rafael Ufret Pérez02/28/18
Act 14-2017Rafael Valle Salinas09/29/19
Act 14-2017Rafael Vega Torres03/23/18
Act 20-2012Rafael Velez, LLC05/19/14
Act 14-2017Rafael Villavicencio06/18/19
Act 22-2012Raheel Naviwala04/07/19
Act 22-2012Rahim Manji08/21/14
Act 8-1987Rainbow Optical Laboratory, Inc.1/7/1998
Act 73-2008Rainbow Optical Labs, Inc.4/8/2014
Act 73-2008Rainepr, LLC12/1/2014
Act 14-2017Rainier Ramirez Ramirez06/05/18
Act 20-2012Raising Success LLC09/10/18
Act 22-2012Rajat Mundkur11/02/15
Act 22-2012Rajendra Shende07/19/18
Act 22-2012Rajiv J. Chaudhri11/19/19
Act 22-2012Rajiv Mehta04/28/16
Act 22-2012Rajiv R. Thareja05/31/18
Act 20-2012Rakki, Inc.10/03/18
Act 20-2012Rally Trading LLC02/23/18
Act 22-2012Ralph Amato10/07/13
Act 22-2012Ralph E Wyer03/22/19
Act 22-2012Ralph Lovson10/04/19
Act 22-2012Ralph Wyer03/23/19
Act 135-1998Rama Logistic, Corporation8/6/2007
Act 135-1998Ramallo Bros. Printing, Inc./ Caribbean Forms Manufacturers, Inc.2/14/2007
Act 20-2012Ramey Trading Corp05/09/18
Act 14-2017Ramiro Román Díaz12/17/18
Act 14-2017Ramis O Valle Ripoll04/19/18
Act 14-2017Ramon A Davila Ortiz06/05/18
Act 14-2017Ramon A Marrero Maldonado04/19/18
Act 14-2017Ramon A Pizarro Fornar05/07/18
Act 14-2017Ramón A. Ortiz Llavona12/28/17
Act 14-2017Ramon A. Ramirez Ronda05/03/18
Act 135-1998Ramón B Rodríguez Rosado5/24/2001
Act 135-1998Ramon Benigno Rodriguez Rosado9/5/2006
Act 14-2017Ramon Berrios Perez06/13/18
Act 14-2017Ramón De Jesús Aponte03/12/18
Act 14-2017Ramón Del Padro Escovar12/28/17
Act 14-2017Ramon E Cao Alvira06/05/18
Act 135-1998Ramon F Levy Y Ricardo Levy8/30/2006
Act 14-2017Ramon F Torrado Frias04/19/18
Act 135-1998Ramón Fernández Vega8/7/2003
Act 135-1998Ramón Fernández Vega10/3/2008
Act 14-2017Ramón G. Ramos Cartagena12/28/17
Act 14-2017Ramón K. Sotomayor Ramírez03/23/18
Act 22-2012Ramon L Carrasquillo08/13/19
Act 14-2017Ramon L Cruz Rivera06/13/18
Act 14-2017Ramon L Rivera Schneider02/09/18
Act 14-2017Ramón L. Collazo Bigles03/23/18
Act 14-2017Ramón L. Rivas Hernández04/19/18
Act 14-2017Ramon M Perea Lopez05/03/18
Act 14-2017Ramón M. Portela Rodríguez02/28/18
Act 14-2017Ramón M. Rullán Cummings03/12/18
Act 14-2017Ramon Medero Roldan11/14/18
Act 14-2017Ramon Ortiz Carrasquillo01/24/18
Act 14-2017Ramon Pastrana Maldonado06/05/18
Act 22-2012Ramon Pla06/04/18
Act 14-2017Ramon Rivera Morales04/26/18
Act 14-2017Ramon Señeriz09/29/19
Act 14-2017Ramón Sepúlveda Abreu03/12/18
Act 14-2017Ramphis Morales11/04/19
Act 14-2017Ramses Normandia11/16/19
Act 22-2012Ranbir Sahni06/02/17
Act 22-2012Rance Macfarland10/19/18
Act 22-2012Randa Dumanian02/27/17
Act 22-2012Randal Hall11/18/19
Act 22-2012Randall Murphy05/23/18
Act 22-2012Randall P. Richards08/27/18
Act 22-2012Randall Pringle10/28/14
Act 22-2012Randall Swan12/23/13
Act 14-2017Randolfo Morales03/29/19
Act 22-2012Randy Jensen11/10/14
Act 135-1998Ranido Realty7/12/2001
Act 135-1998Ransburg Manufacturing3/30/2001
Act 20-2012Rapid Media and Logistics LLC07/19/18
Act 20-2012Rappahannock Management Services LLC02/09/18
Act 14-2017Raquel Bosch02/03/19
Act 22-2012Rasmus Norling04/08/14
Act 135-1998Rattan Fine Furniture8/8/2003
Act 14-2017Raúl A. Ríos Mollineda02/22/18
Act 14-2017Raúl Colón Nieves02/22/18
Act 14-2017Raúl E. López Menéndez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Raúl F. García Rinaldi03/12/18
Act 14-2017Raul F. Rivera De La Vega01/26/18
Act 14-2017Raúl G. Franceschi Conde03/23/18
Act 22-2012Raul Gonzalez Borrego05/10/16
Act 14-2017Raul Guillermo Vila12/27/17
Act 14-2017Raul H Morales Borges06/26/18
Act 14-2017Raul Hernandez09/09/19
Act 14-2017Raul Llinas07/22/19
Act 14-2017Raul Lopez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Raul M Arroyo Rosario04/19/18
Act 14-2017Raul Marquez07/22/19
Act 14-2017Raul Marquez Santiago10/03/19
Act 14-2017Raul Melendez03/04/19
Act 14-2017Raul Perez Torres11/16/19
Act 14-2017Raúl Pérez Torres04/19/18
Act 14-2017Raul Ramos12/15/19
Act 14-2017Raul Rivera12/24/19
Act 14-2017Raul Rodriguez05/07/19
Act 22-2012Raven Sandifer07/19/18
Act 22-2012Ravi V Nandi09/13/17
Act 22-2012Ray Bao11/24/18
Act 22-2012Ray Gallo05/09/18
Act 22-2012Ray Sprecher04/14/19
Act 14-2017Rayda Hernandez Guasch06/13/18
Act 20-2012Raymond Capital Management LLC10/04/19
Act 14-2017Raymond J. Chaloka González04/19/18
Act 22-2012Raymond L. Belden01/30/15
Act 22-2012Raymond Tom06/30/19
Act 20-2012Raza Global Inc01/11/16
Act 73-2008Rc Manufacturing, LLC1/26/2018
Act 20-2012Rca3 Investments, LLC04/03/18
Act 135-1998Rcm Metal Sheet Corp5/23/2002
Act 135-1998Rcm Metal Sheet Corp.12/7/2012
Act 73-2008Rcm Technologies Usa Inc.12/12/2017
Act 20-2012Re Consulting, LLC04/24/14
Act 20-2012Re Education LLC10/14/15
Act 73-2008Re-Synth New Horizons, LLC7/6/2017
Act 20-2012Read Investments LLC08/07/19
Act 73-2008Real Estate Holdings LLC10/23/2018
Act 20-2012Realized LLC12/06/18
Act 73-2008Reardom Corp.7/9/2010
Act 14-2017Rebeca Cuebas Villanueva04/19/18
Act 14-2017Rebeca I Mendez Badia05/14/18
Act 14-2017Rebecca E Velazquez Alvarez05/14/18
Act 22-2012Rebecca Martorello07/30/13
Act 14-2017Rebecca Pauline García Ortiz01/24/18
Act 14-2017Rebecca Ramos Sanchez09/25/19
Act 22-2012Rebecca Sarah Pineiro01/25/18
Act 135-1998Rebexa Group, Inc.1/29/2007
Act 135-1998Recicladora Del Caribe, Inc.5/8/2007
Act 27-2011Reclaim, LLC - Reclaim06/30/14
Act 20-2012Red Box Consultants LLC09/13/17
Act 20-2012Red Consulting Enterprises LLC03/13/18
Act 20-2012Red Fort Capital, Inc.03/18/15
Act 20-2012Redbridge Holding, Inc.03/17/15
Act 83-2010Redi-Cc1 LLC11/5/2019
Act 20-2012Redtail Marketing LLC05/03/19
Act 22-2012Reece R. Ristau02/06/19
Act 135-1998Reflectivos Del Sur, Inc.6/20/2005
Act 22-2012Regan Rancourt10/09/15
Act 20-2012Regenera Global Inc08/01/17
Act 135-1998Regulatory Compliance Services Corp. / Calibration Validation and Research, Inc./ Calibration Validation and Research, Inc7/20/2006
Act 20-2012Regulatory Pathfinders LLC11/19/19
Act 135-1998Reich Color Corp D/B/A Caribe Ink Products3/25/2002
Act 22-2012Reiko Fitzsimonds12/22/16
Act 14-2017Reina Añeses Gonzalez06/22/19
Act 14-2017Reinaldo Gonzalez Martinez04/19/18
Act 14-2017Reinaldo José Fornaris Paravisini02/28/17
Act 14-2017Reinaldo Laguna Figueroa06/26/18
Act 73-2008Reinaldo Navarro Adorno2/4/2015
Act 14-2017Reinaldo Ortiz Nolasco01/24/18
Act 14-2017Reinaldo Ramírez Amill04/19/18
Act 14-2017Reinaldo Reyes Delfaus03/23/18
Act 14-2017Reinaldo Rodríguez Cruz02/28/18
Act 14-2017Reinaldo Rodríguez Lugo03/27/18
Act 14-2017Reinaldo Rosas Gonzalez09/29/19
Act 20-2012Relabe LLC09/18/18
Act 27-2011Relativity Media - Untitled Armored Car Project06/30/15
Act 135-1998Reliable Recycling Company, Inc.7/11/2007
Act 73-2008Relisc Corporation12/23/2015
Act 20-2012Rema, LLC01/17/19
Act 135-1998Remaches De Puerto Rico1/9/2001
Act 135-1998Remaches De Puerto Rico8/24/2001
Act 73-2008Remaches De Puerto Rico, Inc.11/13/2009
Act 20-2012Remedy Ventures Ii LLC09/16/16
Act 73-2008Remington Steel & Signal, Corp.10/25/2019
Act 20-2012Remote Services LLC10/04/19
Act 14-2017Remy J Rodriguez Thomas07/16/18
Act 22-2012Remy M Grandury04/15/19
Act 14-2017Renan Dieppa Álvarez10/19/19
Act 22-2012Renat Khasanshyn04/22/19
Act 14-2017Renato L. Rivera Fernández03/12/18
Act 20-2012Renatus LLC05/03/19
Act 14-2017Rene A Purcell Jordan06/13/18
Act 14-2017René Báez Carattini02/22/18
Act 14-2017René Colón12/28/17
Act 14-2017Rene Dietrich Ormachea07/24/18
Act 14-2017René E. Pérez Ríos04/19/18
Act 14-2017Rene Ramirez Ortiz05/18/18
Act 14-2017René Rocha Rodríguez02/22/18
Act 14-2017René Sánchez Borrero04/19/18
Act 14-2017René Vázquez Botet12/20/17
Act 83-2010Renewable Energy Authority, LLC8/7/2012
Act 83-2010Renewable Energy Systems, Inc.1/18/2012
Act 14-2017Renier J Mendez De Guzman04/19/18
Act 73-2008Renova Solutions, Corp.5/14/2014
Act 83-2010Renovar Juncos, LLC12/19/2016
Act 20-2012Renovatio Pr LLC03/23/18
Act 20-2012Rental Management Services, Inc.06/06/19
Act 273-2012REP Medical LLC03/21/13
Act 20-2012REP Medical LLC09/04/13
Act 27-2011Replicas Holdings, LLC - Replicas06/30/16
Act 20-2012Repmatters, Inc.09/09/14
Act 73-2008Repr Corp7/10/2012
Act 73-2008Require Puerto Rico, Inc.3/12/2014
Act 20-2012Research & Development Advisors, Inc.08/01/17
Act 20-2012Reservation & Consulting, Inc.03/02/16
Act 135-1998Resonancia Pr/Mex, Inc.4/26/2004
Act 135-1998Respi-Care Of Puerto Rico, Inc.1/16/2003
Act 20-2012Response Media Group, LLC02/12/18
Act 20-2012Restaurant and Nightclub Development LLC12/22/16
Act 20-2012Restore Equity Pr LLC02/09/18
Act 20-2012Results Machine LLC10/19/18
Act 83-2010Resun (Barceloneta), LLC2/18/2016
Act 20-2012Return On Rentals LLC12/23/15
Act 22-2012Revital Brook11/13/17
Act 20-2012Revup Media International, LLC05/14/14
Act 22-2012Rex J Rhew07/15/19
Act 135-1998Rexam Specialty Puerto Rico, Inc. / Before -Owens Illinois Specialty Products Puerto Rico, Inc.12/22/1999
Act 14-2017Rexie Navarro González02/28/18
Act 135-1998Rexnord Puerto Rico, Inc.11/8/2004
Act 14-2017Reynaldo De Jesús Rodríguez02/28/18
Act 14-2017Reynaldo Pezzotti08/18/19
Act 14-2017Reynerio E. Pérez Ramírez08/09/18
Act 14-2017Reynold López Enriquez09/10/18
Act 20-2012Rg Build LLC01/26/18
Act 20-2012Rg Engineering, Inc12/21/16
Act 73-2008Rg Recycling Corp5/30/2012
Act 20-2012Rga Advisory, LLC06/22/19
Act 20-2012Rgm Services07/03/18
Act 20-2012Rhew Enterprises LLC12/24/19
Act 22-2012Rhonda C Mcmurry04/05/19
Act 22-2012Rhonda R. Washington12/26/12
Act 135-1998Rhone Poulenc Rorer Puerto Rico, Inc12/20/2001
Act 20-2012Ria R Squared LLC04/11/17
Act 135-1998Riax Contractors Woodworking and Remodeling Corp2/28/2018
Act 135-1998Riax Contractors Woodworking and Remodeling, Corp.6/21/2006
Act 14-2017Ricardi J. Reina Sanabria04/05/18
Act 14-2017Ricardo A Moscoso Moscoso05/14/18
Act 14-2017Ricardo A Riefkohl Cuadra06/13/18
Act 14-2017Ricardo A. López Martinez12/20/17
Act 20-2012Ricardo Alegria, LLC10/17/16
Act 22-2012Ricardo Alexander Gomez02/02/16
Act 14-2017Ricardo Calderón Cruz12/28/17
Act 14-2017Ricardo Castro02/03/19
Act 14-2017Ricardo Cruz Sánchez03/12/18
Act 14-2017Ricardo D. Fontanet Sánchez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Ricardo De Jesús Gómez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Ricardo E Rodriguez Rosa05/03/18
Act 14-2017Ricardo Fernández11/13/19
Act 14-2017Ricardo Fernández González02/28/18
Act 14-2017Ricardo Ferrer Droz04/19/18
Act 14-2017Ricardo Figueroa11/16/19
Act 14-2017Ricardo Fontanet Grana03/12/18
Act 14-2017Ricardo Fraticelli Rosado12/15/19
Act 14-2017Ricardo Fumero03/31/19
Act 14-2017Ricardo G. Colacioppo Saavedra01/24/18
Act 14-2017Ricardo Gago01/27/19
Act 14-2017Ricardo Galan Vazquez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Ricardo H. Brau Ramirez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Ricardo Hernández Castillo03/23/18
Act 14-2017Ricardo J. Cumba Bermudez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Ricardo J. Marrero Cortés12/28/17
Act 14-2017Ricardo J. Saade Yordan12/20/17
Act 14-2017Ricardo Jf. Jaen Prenso12/28/17
Act 14-2017Ricardo Jimenez Bosch12/28/17
Act 14-2017Ricardo Jiménez Lee02/28/18
Act 14-2017Ricardo L Arribas Cruz06/13/18
Act 14-2017Ricardo L Catala Martínez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Ricardo L. García De Jesús12/28/17
Act 14-2017Ricardo L. Santiago Trinidad12/28/17
Act 14-2017Ricardo M Santaella Carlo05/03/18
Act 14-2017Ricardo M. Canals Morales02/28/18
Act 14-2017Ricardo Manuel Olazabal Acevedo03/23/18
Act 14-2017Ricardo Marrero11/07/19
Act 14-2017Ricardo N. Alvarado Meléndez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Ricardo Perez03/23/19
Act 14-2017Ricardo Perez-Feliciano02/28/19
Act 14-2017Ricardo R. Vallejo Rivera02/09/18
Act 22-2012Ricardo Rivera03/13/18
Act 14-2017Ricardo Rivera02/06/19
Act 14-2017Ricardo Rivera Jiménez12/27/17
Act 14-2017Ricardo Rodriguez11/02/19
Act 14-2017Ricardo Rodríguez Aponte02/28/18
Act 14-2017Ricardo Rosario07/22/19
Act 14-2017Ricardo Sánchez Ortiz12/28/17
Act 14-2017Ricardo Santana05/02/19
Act 14-2017Ricardo Santiago Montalvo05/03/19
Act 14-2017Ricardo Sein Najera03/23/18
Act 22-2012Richa Bhalla10/04/16
Act 22-2012Richard andrew Higgs12/08/16
Act 14-2017Richard Baez Tellado08/18/19
Act 22-2012Richard Brinegar07/19/18
Act 22-2012Richard C. Vogel12/20/16
Act 14-2017Richard Cañizares Rosario12/28/17
Act 22-2012Richard Carrington05/02/19
Act 22-2012Richard Clarke03/30/16
Act 22-2012Richard D Crawford11/18/18
Act 22-2012Richard Desich12/20/16
Act 22-2012Richard Donnally01/30/15
Act 22-2012Richard E Geller11/19/19
Act 22-2012Richard E. Latona12/09/16
Act 14-2017Richard Fontanez Nieves08/30/19
Act 22-2012Richard Higgs12/20/19
Act 20-2012Richard Higgs Consulting LLC10/03/16
Act 22-2012Richard J Mithun03/22/19
Act 22-2012Richard James Fowler09/21/15
Act 22-2012Richard L Higgins02/13/19
Act 22-2012Richard L Higgins Jr01/09/19
Act 22-2012Richard Lin02/06/15
Act 22-2012Richard M. Colombik07/30/13
Act 22-2012Richard M. Owens01/30/15
Act 22-2012Richard Meruelo11/30/15
Act 22-2012Richard Mildner12/20/16
Act 22-2012Richard R, Dyroff03/04/19
Act 22-2012Richard S. Shore12/23/15
Act 22-2012Richard Sciacca06/03/15
Act 22-2012Richard Sean Lonergan09/09/16
Act 22-2012Richard Shaner02/06/17
Act 22-2012Richard Shinto12/20/16
Act 14-2017Richard Soler Santiago05/03/18
Act 22-2012Richard Symington03/17/15
Act 14-2017Richard Valentin Blasini06/05/18
Act 22-2012Richard W Naing12/20/18
Act 20-2012Richport Management LLC12/21/16
Act 22-2012Ricki E Hansen11/20/19
Act 14-2017Ricky Gonzalez Lopez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Ricky Jimenez Carlo06/13/18
Act 135-1998Ricky Martin Enterprises, Inc.6/3/2010
Act 22-2012Ricky Patel10/13/16
Act 8-1987Rico Chef Products, Inc.10/27/2010
Act 135-1998Ricomuebles Manufacturing, Inc.2/15/2000
Act 135-1998Ridge Top Partners9/24/2007
Act 22-2012Rie Duran01/31/18
Act 135-1998Rigid Pak Corp6/27/2001
Act 135-1998Rigid-Pak Corporation1/23/2003
Act 22-2012Rigoberto P. Dapena11/13/14
Act 14-2017Rigoberto Ramos Gonzalez02/09/18
Act 135-1998Rigoberto Rosario D/B/A Cantera El Torito9/24/2001
Act 135-1998Rigual Plants Caribbean, Inc.9/5/2003
Act 20-2012Rimas Entertainment LLC05/27/19
Act 135-1998Rimco, Inc.11/12/2002
Act 135-1998Rimco, Inc.7/13/2012
Act 20-2012Rincon Enterprises, LLC11/07/14
Act 20-2012Rincon Settlement Group LLC02/23/18
Act 73-2008Río Abajo Management Construction and Development1/29/2009
Act 22-2012Rishi U Shah10/05/19
Act 20-2012Riskone International LLC01/25/16
Act 22-2012Rita M Patel03/29/19
Act 20-2012Riverbank Strategy LLC03/20/19
Act 73-2008Riwbet Investment, Inc.10/1/2010
Act 27-2011RIZQ, LLC - RIZQ06/30/17
Act 73-2008Rj Manufacturing Corp1/26/2018
Act 135-1998Rjl Moulding Group, Inc5/18/2001
Act 73-2008Rk Power Generator Corp1/28/2015
Act 20-2012Rk Rivera, LLC02/23/18
Act 20-2012Rkp Consulting LLC04/10/19
Act 273-2012Rl Capital International, LLC07/19/18
Act 20-2012Rl Services LLC11/18/19
Act 20-2012Rma Architects, P.S.C.07/12/18
Act 135-1998Rmg Properties Corporation7/20/2006
Act 135-1998Rmg Properties, Corp1/19/2018
Act 20-2012Ro Hous LLC02/26/18
Act 20-2012Road Management, Inc.11/18/18
Act 14-2017Roalba Cotto Rodriguez05/03/18
Act 22-2012Robb A. Rill04/22/13
Act 14-2017Robert A Engel Ramos05/03/18
Act 14-2017Robert A Gonzalez Fernandez06/05/18
Act 22-2012Robert A.R. Khan, Ii12/12/14
Act 22-2012Robert Allen10/25/16
Act 22-2012Robert Arnold03/28/16
Act 14-2017Robert Boada Cornejo03/27/18
Act 22-2012Robert C. Moberger11/17/19
Act 14-2017Robert Cacho Martinicorena02/28/18
Act 14-2017Robert Castro Velazquez06/30/19
Act 22-2012Robert Clemens02/09/18
Act 22-2012Robert Collins05/09/18
Act 22-2012Robert Cooke03/01/16
Act 22-2012Robert D Viglione11/18/19
Act 22-2012Robert D. Engelson07/16/15
Act 22-2012Robert D. Schaeffer12/16/18
Act 20-2012Robert D'Iorio, Esq., LLC04/03/18
Act 22-2012Robert Danial04/20/16
Act 22-2012Robert Duran02/26/18
Act 22-2012Robert E. Coviak05/10/16
Act 22-2012Robert E. Jurgel, Jr.02/03/16
Act 14-2017Robert F. Hunter Mellado04/19/18
Act 22-2012Robert F. Malin04/14/16
Act 22-2012Robert Harrison12/17/18
Act 22-2012Robert Hirsch08/27/18
Act 22-2012Robert J. Nealon12/17/18
Act 22-2012Robert J. Waterston Iv02/06/14
Act 22-2012Robert James Post10/23/15
Act 22-2012Robert Kemner06/14/18
Act 22-2012Robert L Diamond03/29/19
Act 22-2012Robert Larocque07/10/17
Act 22-2012Robert Lavie08/27/18
Act 22-2012Robert Lowry10/03/16
Act 22-2012Robert Miketich10/14/15
Act 14-2017Robert Muns07/17/19
Act 22-2012Robert P Bystrowski03/22/19
Act 22-2012Robert Pfeiffer02/23/18
Act 22-2012Robert R Weakley03/29/19
Act 14-2017Robert Rodriguez09/29/19
Act 22-2012Robert S. Jersey11/10/14
Act 22-2012Robert Sanchez03/07/18
Act 22-2012Robert Scott12/16/18
Act 14-2017Robert Sojo Altieri01/24/18
Act 22-2012Robert Stevens08/27/18
Act 22-2012Robert Stier08/18/17
Act 14-2017Robert Stolberg Acosta02/09/18
Act 22-2012Robert Stubblefield05/31/18
Act 22-2012Robert W O'Connor11/30/12
Act 22-2012Robert W. Grimm09/13/17
Act 22-2012Robert Walter Jones09/02/14
Act 22-2012Robert Young Lee05/25/18
Act 22-2012Robert Zhang02/27/15
Act 14-2017Roberto A Annexy Marquez06/05/18
Act 14-2017Roberto A Sanchez Cordova06/05/18
Act 14-2017Roberto Alfonzo05/27/19
Act 14-2017Roberto Baez03/31/19
Act 14-2017Roberto Bayrón Vélez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Roberto Burgos Rodriguez02/09/18
Act 14-2017Roberto Casanova Guardiola05/07/18
Act 14-2017Roberto Colon-Miranda03/03/19
Act 14-2017Roberto Cummings02/09/18
Act 14-2017Roberto D Alvarez Swihart06/05/18
Act 14-2017Roberto D. Latoni Maldonado02/09/18
Act 14-2017Roberto D. Sabater Wells01/24/18
Act 14-2017Roberto E Oliveras Marquez05/14/18
Act 22-2012Roberto E. Gierbolini10/28/14
Act 14-2017Roberto E. Maiz Acevedo02/09/18
Act 14-2017Roberto E. Mera Lastra12/20/17
Act 14-2017Roberto E. Osorio Manotas02/22/18
Act 14-2017Roberto F Garcia Morales06/13/18
Act 14-2017Roberto F Marchan06/05/18
Act 14-2017Roberto Flores Vazquez07/22/19
Act 14-2017Roberto Fred Santana03/12/18
Act 135-1998Roberto Gas Cylinder Company, Inc.7/12/2004
Act 14-2017Roberto Gonzalez07/14/19
Act 14-2017Roberto González Sala06/13/18
Act 14-2017Roberto Gracia Ramis02/28/18
Act 14-2017Roberto Gutierrez04/03/19
Act 14-2017Roberto Hernández Orsini05/17/18
Act 135-1998Roberto J Gandia2/10/2017
Act 14-2017Roberto J Sein Cruz04/19/18
Act 14-2017Roberto J. Román Nieves03/12/18
Act 135-1998Roberto Jose Gandia Portela Y Luz Marina Martin Gonzalez4/27/2006
Act 14-2017Roberto L. Nevares Font04/19/18
Act 14-2017Roberto Lebron Rivera06/13/18
Act 14-2017Roberto León Pérez02/28/18
Act 14-2017Roberto López Lebrón02/09/18
Act 14-2017Roberto Marrero10/03/19
Act 14-2017Roberto P. Bordewyk Ramos01/24/18
Act 14-2017Roberto Pacheco Vazquez06/05/18
Act 14-2017Roberto Pérez Gutiérrez03/12/18
Act 14-2017Roberto Pérez Nieves03/27/18
Act 14-2017Roberto Rodriguez Ramos04/13/19
Act 14-2017Roberto Rodríguez Vélez02/28/18
Act 135-1998Roberto Roure Sabadell12/4/2002
Act 14-2017Roberto Santiago Méndez01/26/18
Act 22-2012Roberto Tellechea02/24/16
Act 14-2017Roberto Vázquez Ramos04/19/18
Act 14-2017Roberto Vélez01/31/19
Act 14-2017Roberto Vélez Echevarria02/22/18
Act 14-2017Roberto Vendrell-Whitney12/28/17
Act 22-2012Roberto Zayas11/05/15
Act 135-1998Roblex Aviation9/10/2003
Act 135-1998Robric Corporation10/31/2004
Act 73-2008Roche Operations Ltd12/15/2017
Act 135-1998Roche Operations Ltd / Previous: Corange International Limited D/B/A Roche Diagnostics Puerto Rico1/16/2007
Act 14-2017Rocheline Figueroa03/04/19
Act 22-2012Rochelle Neree02/23/18
Act 14-2017Rochelly Medina Soto06/05/18
Act 14-2017Rocio Cardona11/02/19
Act 14-2017Rocio Feliú Domínguez12/24/18
Act 14-2017Rocio Mandry02/28/19
Act 135-1998Rock Solid Technologies, Inc.6/24/2008
Act 135-1998Rock Solid Technologies, Inc.7/29/2008
Act 20-2012Rock Solid Technologies, Inc.02/08/16
Act 73-2008Rock Solid Technologies, Inc.7/6/2017
Act 135-1998Rocket Education Content, Inc.8/3/2006
Act 20-2012Rocketgate Pr, LLC03/28/14
Act 135-1998Rockwell Automation Caribbean Llp10/3/2001
Act 135-1998Rod Ben International Corp.2/8/2000
Act 20-2012Rodeban, LLC12/30/16
Act 135-1998Rodimedi and Associates, Inc.5/12/2003
Act 14-2017Rodolfo Alcedo Guardia05/23/19
Act 14-2017Rodolfo Del Toro Colbert04/19/18
Act 14-2017Rodolfo Estremera03/03/19
Act 14-2017Rodolfo Orozco Galindo06/13/18
Act 14-2017Rodolfo Ramírez Carrero02/28/18
Act 22-2012Rodolfo Rodriguez Jr.05/09/18
Act 14-2017Rodolfo Troche Negrón01/24/18
Act 14-2017Rodrigo Díaz Velasco03/12/18
Act 20-2012Rodriguez Castellano, LLC04/20/15
Act 22-2012Rogelio andres Cardozo Socorro05/07/13
Act 14-2017Rogelio J Muñoz Bibiloni04/19/18
Act 14-2017Rogelio Mercado Seda06/05/18
Act 22-2012Roger Burgess03/04/19
Act 14-2017Roger D. Polish Matos04/19/18
Act 22-2012Roger Morrison04/27/16
Act 22-2012Roger Post04/05/16
Act 22-2012Roger Smith09/18/15
Act 22-2012Rohit Chandra Sharma09/11/18
Act 14-2017Rolando Alvarado Meléndez02/22/18
Act 135-1998Rolando Alvarez González4/3/2003
Act 14-2017Rolando Blanco Cuadra05/03/19
Act 14-2017Rolando Colon Nebot02/09/18
Act 14-2017Rolando Irizarry09/29/19
Act 14-2017Rolando Jimenez Acevedo02/09/18
Act 14-2017Roldán Cabret Ramos12/28/17
Act 83-2010Roma Solar, LLC4/8/2014
Act 22-2012Roman Barayev03/21/18
Act 14-2017Román Vélez Rosario05/17/18
Act 20-2012Romans8 LLC12/16/19
Act 73-2008Romark Laboratories LLC8/3/2015
Act 22-2012Romein Rostami12/24/18
Act 22-2012Romeo Juhasz08/10/18
Act 20-2012Romero Capital Group LLC12/06/18
Act 14-2017Romina Lopez06/18/19
Act 22-2012Romy Maxwell03/28/16
Act 22-2012Ron E. Frank12/24/18
Act 22-2012Ron Schneider03/16/17
Act 20-2012Ronald A. Gelok & Associates LLC03/16/17
Act 22-2012Ronald D. Butt04/30/15
Act 22-2012Ronald D. Froh01/26/18
Act 14-2017Ronald G. Cadillo Chavez01/26/18
Act 14-2017Ronald Malavé01/13/19
Act 14-2017Ronald Rodríguez Ramos02/22/18
Act 22-2012Ronald W. St Clair04/14/15
Act 22-2012Ronald Zanotti03/28/16
Act 14-2017Ronaldo Irizarry11/04/19
Act 73-2008Ronda Pro, Inc.10/28/2014
Act 73-2008Rondo-Pak, Inc.3/18/2018
Act 22-2012Ronnie C. Saliba04/13/15
Act 135-1998Roofing Products Corporation12/27/2000
Act 135-1998Roofing Products Corporation4/23/2010
Act 73-2008Roofing Products Corporation8/21/2012
Act 20-2012Roosevelt Financial, LLC07/01/16
Act 14-2017Roque A Nido Nylund06/13/18
Act 14-2017Roque C. Nido Lanausse03/27/18
Act 135-1998Rortiz Auto Distributors12/15/2003
Act 22-2012Rory D. Crawford02/26/18
Act 14-2017Rosa A. Martinez Vazquez12/20/17
Act 8-1987Rosa Aluminum Mfg. Inc.9/10/1997
Act 14-2017Rosa Bonilla Santana02/22/18
Act 14-2017Rosa De Los A Cortes Rivera04/19/18
Act 14-2017Rosa E. Orsini Chevere12/28/17
Act 14-2017Rosa Elena Santiago02/09/18
Act 14-2017Rosa Lozada Sierra10/04/19
Act 14-2017Rosa Rodriguez Velez07/14/19
Act 14-2017Rosa Roman Carlo06/05/18
Act 14-2017Rosalinda Gonzalez05/14/18
Act 14-2017Rosaliz M. Portela Fernández01/26/18
Act 14-2017Rosalyn Díaz Crescioni03/23/18
Act 14-2017Rosana Hanke Herrero12/24/18
Act 14-2017Rosángela L. Fernández Medero03/12/18
Act 135-1998Rosario Aluminum8/23/2001
Act 14-2017Rosario N Mendez Rivera05/03/18
Act 22-2012Rosario Pabst11/18/19
Act 14-2017Rosbel González Rivera01/24/18
Act 14-2017Roschia M. Vargas Serrano03/23/18
Act 22-2012Rose B Kessler04/14/19
Act 14-2017Rose Roman01/27/19
Act 22-2012Rose Shoen09/26/16
Act 20-2012Rosebud Investments, LLC07/03/14
Act 14-2017Rosella Marmorato Rivera12/28/17
Act 14-2017Roselynn L Martinez Olivieri05/14/18
Act 83-2010Rosendin Construction Puerto Rico LLC5/30/2012
Act 14-2017Rosendo E Martinez Perez03/12/18
Act 22-2012Ross M. Hutton07/29/16
Act 14-2017Rossely Roldan Reyes11/07/19
Act 135-1998Rótulos Y Senales De Tránsito De Puerto Rico, Inc.10/14/2004
Act 20-2012Rough Diamond LLC03/10/19
Act 20-2012Roundtree Consulting Group, Inc.06/04/18
Act 20-2012Rov Engineering Services Psc12/15/14
Act 73-2008Rovira Biscuit Corporation, Ponce Can Company, Inc. / Rovira Foods, Inc.1/25/2010
Act 135-1998Rovira Foods, Inc8/11/2006
Act 14-2017Roxabella D. Torres Báez03/12/18
Act 14-2017Roxana M Amill Cintron06/13/18
Act 22-2012Roxana Rossi06/12/17
Act 73-2008Roxy Lighting Inc.3/1/2010
Act 22-2012Roy Young02/18/19
Act 20-2012Royal Consulting Services Corp11/18/18
Act 20-2012Royal J Consulting LLC10/22/19
Act 20-2012Royal Petroleum Corp06/14/18
Act 20-2012Royal Success Club LLC10/18/16
Act 73-2008Royal Unibrew Caribbean, LLC8/26/2009
Act 22-2012Royi Shemesh02/11/16
Act 20-2012Rpm Pr Risk Managers06/03/16
Act 20-2012Rpr Investments, LLC05/03/19
Act 73-2008Rps Medical Services Corp1/18/2012
Act 135-1998Rr Technologies Group, Inc.7/29/2008
Act 20-2012Rrl Consulting LLC05/09/18
Act 73-2008Rrt Distributors Corp8/18/2017
Act 20-2012Rs Holdings LLC10/18/16
Act 20-2012Rs Radiology Pl, LLC06/17/14
Act 20-2012Rsvp Design Studio LLC01/18/19
Act 27-2011RTP David allen LLC - The Last Story of David Allen06/30/19
Act 135-1998Rubber & Gasket Co Of Pr, Inc.7/14/2014
Act 135-1998Rubber & Gasket Co. Of P.R., Inc.10/19/2005
Act 135-1998Rubber & Plastics Specialties12/23/2008
Act 135-1998Rubber Recycling & Manufacturing10/22/2001
Act 20-2012Rubedo Capital Management LLC12/16/19
Act 14-2017Ruben A. Hernández Santiago01/24/18
Act 22-2012Ruben Abreu12/23/18
Act 14-2017Rubén Brignoni Serrano04/05/18
Act 14-2017Rúben Díaz Rodríguez02/28/18
Act 22-2012Ruben Fernando Salinas Martínez08/10/18
Act 14-2017Ruben L Bravo Valverde04/19/18
Act 14-2017Rubén Lugo Zambrana02/28/18
Act 14-2017Rubén Portalatin Cruz02/09/18
Act 22-2012Ruben S. Solanot02/02/15
Act 14-2017Rubén Tresgallo10/03/19
Act 14-2017Ruben Yared Torres Benitez06/13/18
Act 22-2012Ruchi Gupta12/18/18
Act 14-2017Ruddy A Guerra Cardona05/03/18
Act 14-2017Ruddy H. Oquendo Maldonado04/19/18
Act 14-2017Rufus Etienne Pierre05/14/18
Act 20-2012Rungs, LLC06/01/19
Act 27-2011Runner Productions, Inc. - Runner Runner06/30/13
Act 20-2012Rushmore Loan Management Services, LLC11/03/15
Act 22-2012Ruslan Gaynanov02/05/19
Act 22-2012Russell A York01/27/19
Act 22-2012Russell Patterson06/01/19
Act 22-2012Russell Scaramella11/06/18
Act 14-2017Ruth A Feliciano Bacenet02/09/18
Act 14-2017Ruth A. Santos Rodríguez03/23/18
Act 22-2012Ruth Ann Belden01/30/15
Act 14-2017Ruth E. Padilla García03/23/18
Act 14-2017Ruth M. Fred Jimenez12/28/17
Act 22-2012Ryan Alvarez04/28/16
Act 22-2012Ryan anderson03/16/18
Act 22-2012Ryan B. Siegal04/07/19
Act 22-2012Ryan Breen05/17/18
Act 22-2012Ryan Caro11/24/18
Act 22-2012Ryan D. Lackey03/04/19
Act 22-2012Ryan Edward Fowler09/21/15
Act 22-2012Ryan J. Fralish01/27/18
Act 22-2012Ryan James Carter08/18/17
Act 22-2012Ryan M. Grant06/30/14
Act 22-2012Ryan Parks01/25/18
Act 22-2012Ryan Phillips Page04/05/16
Act 22-2012Ryan Sefkow07/19/18
Act 22-2012Ryan T. Murphy09/26/14
Act 22-2012Ryan Wade03/17/15
Act 22-2012Ryan Wilson10/26/17
Act 20-2012Ryangold, Inc04/20/18
Act 14-2017Rysienid Hernández11/16/19
Act 20-2012S-Rank Consulting LLC01/16/19
Act 135-1998S&L Manufacturing3/14/2002
Act 135-1998S&M Llp9/5/2003
Act 20-2012S&S Marketing, Inc01/17/19
Act 20-2012Sa Publishing LLC05/03/19
Act 22-2012Saagar Kamal Gupta04/28/16
Act 14-2017Sabato Ortiz Laracuente01/24/18
Act 20-2012Sachasinh LLC04/05/16
Act 135-1998Sachs Chemical2/22/2002
Act 73-2008Sachs Chemical, Inc.8/26/2009
Act 22-2012Sael Solis03/04/19
Act 135-1998Safety Kleen Environsystems6/1/2001
Act 135-1998Safety Kleen Envirosystems Company Of Puerto Rico, Inc.6/15/2006
Act 73-2008Safety Tracker Software Corp10/22/2013
Act 20-2012Sagan LLC04/12/19
Act 27-2011Sage Hall Productions, LLC - The Preppie Connection06/30/15
Act 20-2012Sage Management and Investment, LLC02/23/18
Act 20-2012Sage Management Holdings LLC05/09/18
Act 135-1998Sager Corporation2/2/2001
Act 22-2012Salil A. Zaveri01/25/16
Act 20-2012Salil Zaveri09/06/16
Act 27-2011Salt Springs Films, Inc. - A Summer in Florida06/30/16
Act 22-2012Salvador A Brau06/22/19
Act 20-2012Salvador De La Rosa LLC05/09/18
Act 14-2017Salvador Mercado Mercado04/11/18
Act 22-2012Salvador Rullan11/18/18
Act 22-2012Salvatore R Giudice05/02/19
Act 14-2017Samadys Ducoudray-Acevedo01/31/19
Act 14-2017Samayra Miranda06/30/19
Act 14-2017Samuel A Amill Acosta03/12/18
Act 22-2012Samuel A. Niccolls02/18/19
Act 22-2012Samuel Blake02/26/18
Act 14-2017Samuel Estronza-Ojeda10/25/19
Act 14-2017Samuel Fernandez08/04/19
Act 14-2017Samuel Fernandez Lopez06/26/18
Act 22-2012Samuel Hines04/28/16
Act 14-2017Samuel Maduro03/06/19
Act 14-2017Samuel Mendez Figueroa06/05/18
Act 14-2017Samuel O. Padua Pérez12/28/17
Act 22-2012Samuel P. Wolanyk12/19/14
Act 14-2017Samuel Padilla Machuca01/24/18
Act 14-2017Samuel Padilla Rosa04/19/18
Act 14-2017Samuel Rivera De Jesus12/20/17
Act 14-2017Samuel Rivera Natal12/28/17
Act 14-2017Samuel Sánchez Rivera02/28/18
Act 22-2012Samuel Silverman01/25/18
Act 14-2017Samuel Suarez Baez04/19/18
Act 22-2012Samuel Travis12/15/19
Act 14-2017Samuel Valentin07/22/19
Act 14-2017Samuel Vazquez Figueroa03/23/18
Act 14-2017Samuel Velez12/17/18
Act 83-2010San Fermín Solar Farm, LLC7/8/2011
Act 83-2010San Francisco Wind Farm1/31/2018
Act 73-2008San Juan Artisan Distillers, LLC11/5/2015
Act 20-2012San Juan Assets Management Incorporated02/18/16
Act 73-2008San Juan Dry Dock LLC7/10/2012
Act 273-2012San Juan Mercantile Bank06/14/18
Act 135-1998San Juan Towing & Marine Services, Inc.2/27/2006
Act 73-2008San Mar Manufacturing Corp8/3/2015
Act 135-1998San Mar Manufacturing, Corp.10/4/2005
Act 83-2010San Patricio Energy, LLC2/26/2018
Act 22-2012Sandeep Sondhi12/23/18
Act 14-2017Sandra A. Arroyo Ferrer02/09/18
Act 14-2017Sandra Cerda Marulanda03/12/18
Act 14-2017Sandra E. Rosario Lebrón03/23/18
Act 14-2017Sandra Galarza Vargas03/27/18
Act 14-2017Sandra Gracia12/09/19
Act 14-2017Sandra I Aguayo Cedeño06/13/18
Act 14-2017Sandra Jsomohano Arbide06/05/18
Act 22-2012Sandra M. Ayers12/24/18
Act 14-2017Sandra M. Justiniano Garcia09/10/18
Act 14-2017Sandra Maldonado Rivera04/19/18
Act 14-2017Sandra Rivera03/06/19
Act 14-2017Sandra Rivera11/04/19
Act 14-2017Sandra S Rodriguez Cruz05/14/18
Act 22-2012Sandra Taylor11/18/18
Act 14-2017Sandy Gonzalez Colon10/03/19
Act 22-2012Sandy Wunder03/28/16
Act 14-2017Sanet Torres Torres02/28/18
Act 20-2012Sang Lucci Trading LLC09/28/18
Act 73-2008Sangay Trading Co LLC3/1/2010
Act 20-2012Sangster Warner Consulting Group, LLC11/18/19
Act 22-2012Sanjay Rajaratnam03/13/17
Act 22-2012Sanjeev Bhalla10/04/16
Act 73-2008Sans Tubing Corporation3/18/2016
Act 20-2012Santa Cruz Behavioral P.S.C.05/25/18
Act 14-2017Santa M. Merle Ramírez02/28/18
Act 273-2012Santander Consumer International Pr, LLC05/23/16
Act 20-2012Santander Consumer International Puerto Rico, LLC03/20/19
Act 14-2017Santiago Antonio Ulloa04/19/18
Act 14-2017Santiago Baez Torres12/20/17
Act 14-2017Santiago Coste11/02/19
Act 135-1998Santiago Metal Manufacturing8/19/2002
Act 135-1998Santiago Metal Manufacturing5/13/2004
Act 73-2008Santiago Metal Mfg Corp3/26/2015
Act 135-1998Santos J Hernández Avilés D/B/A La Villa Metal12/8/2008
Act 14-2017Santos L Lebron Arroyo06/05/18
Act 135-1998Santurce Metal & Bag Co., Inc.9/27/2007
Act 14-2017Sara Sanz Lebron11/02/19
Act 22-2012Sara Shikhman11/19/19
Act 22-2012Sarah E Wenger11/18/19
Act 22-2012Sarah Greene-Flaherty04/08/14
Act 22-2012Sarah Hallie Janson11/18/18
Act 22-2012Sarah Hurty04/05/16
Act 22-2012Sarah Johnson07/10/17
Act 22-2012Sarah L De Diego10/05/19
Act 14-2017Sarah M Acevedo Roman05/07/18
Act 22-2012Sarah Silin11/18/18
Act 20-2012Sardinia Corporation06/12/17
Act 20-2012Sarif Industries Limited Liability Company08/08/17
Act 135-1998Sartorius Stedim Filters, Inc.7/20/2006
Act 73-2008Sartorius Stedim Filters, Inc.7/3/2012
Act 73-2008Sartorius Stedim Filters, Inc.1/8/2018
Act 135-1998Sartorius Stedim Filters, Inc. / (Previous: Sartorius Puerto Rico, Inc. / Sartorius, Inc9/8/2000
Act 22-2012Sarydee Hernandez03/07/18
Act 20-2012Satari Ventures LLC06/01/19
Act 135-1998Satco Products Of Pr, Inc.7/31/2014
Act 135-1998Satco Products Of Puerto Rico, Inc.10/29/2003
Act 20-2012Sato Industries09/04/13
Act 27-2011Satos, LLC - Satos06/30/19
Act 14-2017Saul Cordero10/03/19
Act 14-2017Saul Hernandez02/03/19
Act 22-2012Saundra Parker01/10/19
Act 20-2012Saver Services + Administration LLC06/27/16
Act 20-2012Savirae, LLC11/18/19
Act 20-2012Savoy Partners LLC06/01/19
Act 20-2012Savvyneer, LLC12/09/18
Act 22-2012Sawyer Winston03/10/19
Act 20-2012Sb Ad Agency LLC05/27/19
Act 20-2012Sb Marketing LLC05/17/18
Act 27-2011SBS, Inc. - Conectaos por la cocina06/30/16
Act 27-2011SBS, Inc. - Conectaos por la cocina06/30/18
Act 27-2011SBS, Inc. - Conectaos por la cocina06/30/19
Act 27-2011SBS, Inc. - Descarao por la noche06/30/15
Act 27-2011SBS, Inc. - Descarao por la noche06/30/18
Act 27-2011SBS, Inc. - Descaraos por la noche06/30/19
Act 27-2011SBS, Inc. - Día Nacional Zalsa 201406/30/14
Act 27-2011SBS, Inc. - El Circo06/30/13
Act 27-2011SBS, Inc. - El Circo06/30/15
Act 27-2011SBS, Inc. - El Circo06/30/18
Act 27-2011SBS, Inc. - El Circo06/30/19
Act 27-2011SBS, Inc. - El Circo06/30/19
Act 27-2011SBS, Inc. - El Circo 206/30/13
Act 27-2011SBS, Inc. - Informe 7906/30/19
Act 27-2011SBS, Inc. - La Comay06/30/19
Act 27-2011SBS, Inc. - La Música including Los Reyes de la Punta06/30/19
Act 27-2011SBS, Inc. - Live Día Int. del Zalsero06/30/15
Act 27-2011SBS, Inc. - Live Día Int. Zalza XXXII06/30/15
Act 27-2011SBS, Inc. - Los Happy People06/30/19
Act 27-2011SBS, Inc. - Paparazzi TV06/30/13
Act 27-2011SBS, Inc. - Paparazzi TV06/30/16
Act 27-2011SBS, Inc. - Paparazzi TV06/30/18
Act 27-2011SBS, Inc. - Paparazzi TV06/30/19
Act 135-1998Sc Johnson De Puerto Rico, Inc.1/14/2010
Act 20-2012Scalene LLC01/10/19
Act 20-2012Scb Brokers LLC11/05/15
Act 135-1998Scene 51, Inc.6/25/2004
Act 135-1998Schering-Plough Products5/21/2001
Act 73-2008Schnitzer Puerto Rico, Inc.1/10/2012
Act 73-2008Schnitzer Puerto Rico, Inc.1/10/2012
Act 20-2012School Publishing Group, LLC11/03/15
Act 20-2012Schweickart, LLC08/27/18
Act 20-2012Sci Underwriting Management LLC03/18/16
Act 73-2008Scoreinc.Com, Inc.3/7/2012
Act 22-2012Scott Benjamin Charles May03/28/16
Act 22-2012Scott David Jefferson01/30/15
Act 22-2012Scott Dyer03/21/18
Act 22-2012Scott Graeber07/12/18
Act 22-2012Scott Kimple11/07/13
Act 20-2012Scott M. Favre Public Adjuster, LLC11/15/18
Act 22-2012Scott M. Nairne08/03/15
Act 22-2012Scott M. Slavin12/18/18
Act 22-2012Scott Mittlestadt07/09/14
Act 22-2012Scott Nelson11/24/18
Act 22-2012Scott Riley04/27/16
Act 22-2012Scott Walker03/23/18
Act 20-2012Scout Ventures LLC04/20/18
Act 20-2012Se Advisors LLC04/29/16
Act 20-2012Se Investments LLC12/26/18
Act 73-2008Sea World, Inc.7/13/2016
Act 135-1998Seaborne Marine Industries, Inc.4/15/2005
Act 73-2008Seaborne Puerto Rico, LLC2/11/2016
Act 20-2012Seaborne Puerto Rico,LLC05/12/15
Act 20-2012Seagrass Media Pr, LLC09/10/18
Act 20-2012Seal Enterprise06/28/18
Act 135-1998Sealy Matress Company Of Pr5/2/2019
Act 135-1998Sealy Mattress Company Of Puerto Rico, Inc1/31/2008
Act 73-2008Seamless Puerto Rico, Inc.3/26/2015
Act 135-1998Seamless Puerto Rico, Inc./ Seamless Textiles, LLC (Hanes)2/6/2001
Act 22-2012Sean A Valentine05/02/19
Act 22-2012Sean B. Wever07/30/13
Act 22-2012Sean C Ahrens11/18/18
Act 22-2012Sean Casey06/14/18
Act 22-2012Sean Cruz11/13/14
Act 22-2012Sean G. King11/13/17
Act 22-2012Sean L. Fitzpatrick11/24/18
Act 22-2012Sean Logan King07/19/18
Act 22-2012Sean Mcdevitt07/19/18
Act 22-2012Sean P. Germon02/06/19
Act 22-2012Sean P. Mccaffrey05/05/14
Act 22-2012Sean Patrick12/29/18
Act 22-2012Sean Walsh07/19/18
Act 135-1998Sears Roebuck De Puerto Rico5/18/2001
Act 20-2012Seaside Consulting Group LLC10/14/15
Act 20-2012Seawind Holding LLC02/28/19
Act 20-2012Seawind Strategic Management, LLC07/28/15
Act 14-2017Sebastian Rodriguez Garcia07/16/19
Act 22-2012Sebastian S Smater12/29/18
Act 135-1998Securitrak Corp.7/28/2004
Act 135-1998Security Plastics Caribe, Inc5/31/2001
Act 135-1998Security Windows & Doors Manufacturing, Corp.12/22/2004
Act 20-2012Seedbury Square LLC06/28/18
Act 73-2008Segarra'S Sausage Mfg, Inc.4/30/2010
Act 14-2017Segundo Rodriguez Quilichini12/20/17
Act 22-2012Selena J. Soo03/04/19
Act 20-2012Sellbytel Group Puerto Rico, LLC02/12/18
Act 14-2017Selma Martinez09/29/19
Act 22-2012Semyon Narosov03/30/16
Act 22-2012Semyon Silin02/27/15
Act 135-1998Sensormatic Electronics Corporation (Pr)6/14/2000
Act 73-2008Sensormatic Electronics Corporation (Puerto Rico)10/27/2010
Act 20-2012Sentio Health Alliance11/19/19
Act 20-2012Senzu LLC11/18/18
Act 20-2012Ser Consulting LLC05/15/17
Act 14-2017Serafin Orengo Vega06/13/18
Act 20-2012Serafina Management Pr, LLC03/31/15
Act 22-2012Serge Ravitch05/25/18
Act 22-2012Sergey Vasnetsov06/23/16
Act 14-2017Sergio L. Chévere Mouriño12/28/17
Act 14-2017Sergio Mourem Rodriguez06/05/18
Act 14-2017Sergio Pérez Acosta02/28/18
Act 22-2012Sergio Y Oppenheimer05/04/19
Act 135-1998Serrallés Environmental Technologies, Inc.4/21/2005
Act 83-2010Serralles Solar 1, LLC2/13/2018
Act 14-2017Servanda Fleitas03/06/19
Act 73-2008Servi Realty LLC6/20/2019
Act 135-1998Servi Realty, Inc.7/3/2007
Act 73-2008Servi Realty, Inc.8/25/2011
Act 20-2012Services 123 LLC10/22/19
Act 135-1998Servimetal, Inc.1/13/2006
Act 73-2008Servimetal, Inc.5/31/2011
Act 73-2008Servimetal, Inc.6/19/2019
Act 22-2012Seth Bailey01/26/18
Act 22-2012Seth Otterstad09/11/18
Act 22-2012Seth Proper04/11/17
Act 22-2012Seth Weinstein08/01/17
Act 20-2012Seva Beauty LLC12/19/16
Act 20-2012Sevayogi Corp.12/15/19
Act 20-2012Severe Weather Information Services, LLC05/17/18
Act 73-2008Sfb, LLC3/1/2017
Act 73-2008Sg Apparel Manufacturing LLC11/7/2018
Act 22-2012Shaanjit S. Johal09/13/17
Act 20-2012Shach, LLC03/21/18
Act 20-2012Shadkin Capital LLC12/15/19
Act 22-2012Shahraab Ahmad11/07/13
Act 22-2012Shanda Jean Alcantara01/30/15
Act 20-2012Shandor LLC11/18/19
Act 22-2012Shane Erksine06/01/19
Act 22-2012Shane Osborn08/03/15
Act 22-2012Shannon Brooks03/02/19
Act 22-2012Shannon L Sweeney02/18/19
Act 22-2012Shannon Robnett02/18/19
Act 22-2012Sharda Agarwal06/27/13
Act 14-2017Sharee A. Umpierre Catinchi12/27/17
Act 22-2012Shari B. Vedovato09/23/19
Act 22-2012Shari Linder05/11/16
Act 22-2012Sharif M. Ragheb09/22/15
Act 14-2017Sharlene Medina Aviles08/18/19
Act 14-2017Sharon Acevedo Santos09/29/19
Act 14-2017Sharon Gonzalez Barbosa11/04/19
Act 22-2012Sharon L Mcelvany01/13/19
Act 14-2017Sharon Velez02/28/19
Act 22-2012Shashank Ray Vohra06/12/17
Act 22-2012Shaun P Gallagher05/02/19
Act 22-2012Shawn Keehn03/21/18
Act 22-2012Shawn Kent06/01/19
Act 14-2017Sheila Ashby Vila05/03/18
Act 14-2017Sheila Marrero08/18/19
Act 14-2017Sheila Mercado01/31/19
Act 14-2017Sheila Perez Canals09/29/19
Act 14-2017Sheila Valentín Nogueras09/10/18
Act 22-2012Shelly Brands12/27/17
Act 73-2008Shelving Caribe, Inc.7/9/2010
Act 22-2012Sheneka Rains06/12/17
Act 22-2012Shereen Adams07/10/17
Act 14-2017Sherry Santiago02/18/19
Act 22-2012Sherry Trujillo Boyer10/31/16
Act 14-2017Sheyla Y. Calderón Bordonada03/23/18
Act 20-2012Shiftport LLC03/10/19
Act 14-2017Shirin Shokooh09/29/19
Act 22-2012Shirley Lewis06/11/15
Act 22-2012Shlomo Zenou12/20/19
Act 135-1998Short Bark Industries, Inc.10/19/2005
Act 135-1998Short Run Stamping Company Of Puerto Rico, Inc.6/2/2005
Act 20-2012Shrbrk Management LLC05/03/19
Act 20-2012Shroff Holdings LLC01/18/19
Act 135-1998Sierra Enterprises – Cpi Puerto Rico, Inc.7/7/2004
Act 83-2010Sierra Solar Farm, LLC8/18/2017
Act 20-2012Sieve Analytics Inc06/27/19
Act 20-2012Sigma Investment Strategies, LLC12/02/13
Act 73-2008Sigma Pharma Ems4/30/2010
Act 135-1998Sign Engineering Corp8/8/2003
Act 73-2008Sign Engineering Corp12/18/2012
Act 73-2008Sign Engineering Corporation3/17/2014
Act 73-2008Sign Source, Corp.4/20/2018
Act 135-1998Signsource Corp.10/29/2004
Act 73-2008Sil Technologies LLC11/21/2019
Act 73-2008Silgan Containers Manufacturing Puerto Rico, LLC7/18/2016
Act 14-2017Silma L. Martínez Reyes12/28/17
Act 20-2012Silo Healthcare Operations, LLC08/29/17
Act 14-2017Silverio Pérez Martínez05/17/18
Act 14-2017Silvino Diaz Mendoza07/22/19
Act 135-1998Simkins Industries Of Puerto Rico, Inc.6/25/2004
Act 14-2017Simón E. Carlo Torres02/28/18
Act 22-2012Simon Vielma08/10/18
Act 22-2012Simon X. Liang10/07/13
Act 20-2012Simplement Pr LLC06/01/19
Act 20-2012Sinclair Financial Group, LLC02/20/14
Act 20-2012Sinnexo LLC09/21/18
Act 20-2012Sir Chips LLC04/10/19
Act 20-2012Sircle Ventures, LLC05/09/18
Act 20-2012Six Sigma Consulting LLC05/04/19
Act 14-2017Sixto M Medina Jaca06/13/18
Act 14-2017Sixto Medina Treviño12/09/19
Act 14-2017Sixto Perez Garcia05/03/18
Act 73-2008Sjg Acquisition Corporation7/3/2019
Act 20-2012Sjpr Management Services LLC12/16/19
Act 20-2012Skm Agency LLC04/11/17
Act 20-2012Skyheart, LLC10/26/17
Act 135-1998Skytec, Inc.6/17/2004
Act 20-2012Skytec, Inc.04/20/15
Act 73-2008Skytec. Inc.11/2/2015
Act 20-2012Sm Marketing Intl, LLC02/13/14
Act 135-1998Smart International Distributors Corp.1/23/2003
Act 135-1998Smart Modular, Technologies (Puerto Rico), Inc. / Dsc Of Puerto Rico, Inc.2/15/2000
Act 135-1998Smart Signs, Inc.11/17/2005
Act 20-2012Smash Media, Inc12/23/15
Act 20-2012Smcp LLC12/23/15
Act 20-2012Smd-Pr LLC12/27/16
Act 20-2012Smdm, LLC09/12/14
Act 20-2012Smg Holdings LLC10/05/19
Act 135-1998Smile Wholesale, Inc.3/16/2004
Act 135-1998Smile Wholesales, Inc.9/17/2003
Act 135-1998Smurfit Fibras Internacionales De Puerto Rico, Inc.6/16/2005
Act 73-2008Smurfit Stone Puerto Rico5/31/2011
Act 20-2012Snarling Wolf LLC10/14/19
Act 135-1998Snc Telecommunication, LLC D/B/A/ Snc Manufacturing4/27/2004
Act 135-1998Snc Telecommunications LLC D/B/A Snc Manufacturing5/15/2009
Act 73-2008Snl Properties LLC2/21/2018
Act 20-2012Social Business Hub, Inc.09/12/17
Act 20-2012Social Game Media, Inc.03/28/14
Act 20-2012Social Media LLC09/12/14
Act 27-2011Social Media, LLC - Calle 13 - Adentro06/30/15
Act 73-2008Social Solutions10/30/2015
Act 14-2017Sofia Cruz09/29/19
Act 14-2017Sofia G. Padilla Bafalluy02/28/18
Act 14-2017Sofia Marcano Bonilla09/13/19
Act 20-2012Sofjuare12/29/18
Act 83-2010Sofos Energy Puerto Rico, LLC8/24/2017
Act 135-1998Sofscape Caribe, Inc.11/4/2005
Act 135-1998Softek Export2/14/2003
Act 135-1998Softek Export, Inc.11/5/2013
Act 8-1987Softex Products Inc.12/11/1996
Act 73-2008Softex Products, Inc PR6/2/2017
Act 73-2008Softex Supply, Inc.11/1/2012
Act 20-2012Software Education Solutions LLC11/18/19
Act 14-2017Sol Carrillo Morales03/04/19
Act 27-2011Sol Cinema, LLC - Chona II06/30/15
Act 20-2012Sol Partners, LLC08/02/13
Act 14-2017Solalba Bueno Orengo07/10/18
Act 83-2010Solaner Puerto Rico One, LLC7/8/2013
Act 83-2010Solar Roots11/30/2015
Act 83-2010Solar Trade Corp.2/12/2018
Act 83-2010Solarblue Bemoga LLC10/30/2015
Act 83-2010Solarcity Corporation and Solar Energy of America I, LLC10/14/2015
Act 83-2010Solaris Energy Solutions, Inc.11/5/2015
Act 20-2012Soleado Y Rayne Enterprises LLC06/04/18
Act 135-1998Solectron Puerto Rico Limited8/16/2006
Act 135-1998Solena Caribe, Inc.12/31/2004
Act 20-2012Soler Law Psc12/01/14
Act 20-2012Solid Engineering, LLC04/20/15
Act 27-2011Solución Estratégica, Corp. - Cosculluela Cosliseo06/30/15
Act 73-2008Solutions By Design, Inc.1/25/2010
Act 20-2012Somnio LLC03/30/17
Act 27-2011Soñadores, LLC - Soñadores Piloto06/30/16
Act 22-2012Sonal Maniatis02/06/17
Act 20-2012Sonclair, Inc.07/16/19
Act 14-2017Sonia Baez-Colon05/03/18
Act 14-2017Sonia Correa-Marra11/13/19
Act 14-2017Sonia Ortiz09/29/19
Act 14-2017Sonia Ramos Santiago02/06/19
Act 83-2010Sonnedix Solar Puerto Rico, LLC3/13/2018
Act 135-1998Sonoco Of Puerto Rico, Inc.6/26/2007
Act 135-1998Sony Puerto Rico3/13/2002
Act 135-1998Sony Puerto Rico, Inc.8/9/2012
Act 22-2012Sophia V. Alvarez11/24/18
Act 14-2017Soraya Torres Osuna03/23/18
Act 20-2012Soria LLC10/04/19
Act 27-2011SOS Island, LLC - SOS Island06/30/14
Act 20-2012Sotavento Sugar LLC02/12/19
Act 20-2012Soul Wealth Coaching, LLC09/10/18
Act 20-2012Source One Group Inc.05/09/18
Act 273-2012South Bank International LLC07/06/17
Act 20-2012South Shore Consulting LLC06/30/19
Act 73-2008South Towing & Boat Service, Inc.3/15/2011
Act 135-1998Southern Wood Treating, Inc.8/25/2003
Act 20-2012Southwind Advisors, LLC03/02/19
Act 20-2012Sova, LLC11/15/16
Act 27-2011Sownet Group, Inc. - Fiel a la Vega06/30/15
Act 135-1998Sp Fabricators12/20/2001
Act 20-2012Sp Radiology, Psc12/27/16
Act 27-2011SP3, LLC - Sanky Panky 306/30/17
Act 20-2012Space Management Solutions, LLC05/09/17
Act 20-2012Space Rhino Games Corp07/09/14
Act 27-2011Space Rhino Games, Corp. - Breach TD06/30/14
Act 27-2011Space Rhino Games, Corp. - Breach TD06/30/16
Act 27-2011Space Rhino Games, Corp. - Nightamare Blitz06/30/16
Act 27-2011Sparkof Entertainment Group, Inc. - Vive Fest06/30/15
Act 135-1998Spc Mouldings, Inc7/19/2002
Act 20-2012Specialty Management LLC03/21/19
Act 135-1998Specialty Paper Bag Corp3/18/2003
Act 27-2011Speed Kills Productions, Inc. - Speed Kills06/30/17
Act 22-2012Spencer Smith03/01/16
Act 27-2011Spicy Production LLC - Spicy06/30/20
Act 20-2012Splash Marketing LLC07/12/16
Act 135-1998Sporthzone, Inc. D/B/A Sportzone Sportwear11/30/2004
Act 135-1998Sportzone, Inc.10/15/2014
Act 73-2008Springs For Bedding Mfg., Corp6/1/2010
Act 20-2012Sps Contracting, LLC11/20/19
Act 135-1998Square Knot Corporation4/18/2007
Act 135-1998Sr. Hipolito Rosa Hernandez Y Sra. Constancia Miranda Aviles Y Constancia Miranda Aviles11/27/2007
Act 73-2008Src Manufacturing, LLC1/14/2014
Act 20-2012Sreinv, LLC12/21/18
Act 27-2011SRG Studios - Planet Jaws06/30/20
Act 135-1998Ssw Realty, Inc.3/13/2003
Act 73-2008Ssw Realty, Inc.5/21/2015
Act 135-1998St. Jude Medical Puerto Rico LLC7/18/2007
Act 73-2008St. Jude Medical Puerto Rico LLC5/4/2017
Act 22-2012Stacey Kathleen Lazzara12/21/16
Act 20-2012Stacx Group, LLC10/28/14
Act 22-2012Stacy D. Curtis04/28/16
Act 135-1998Standard Metals, Inc.8/12/2005
Act 135-1998Standard Metals, Inc.6/16/2014
Act 22-2012Stanislav A. Gershengoren02/06/17
Act 22-2012Stanislav Finelt05/09/18
Act 22-2012Stanley H. Black03/17/15
Act 22-2012Stanley J. Blinka12/15/14
Act 22-2012Stanley Pace04/14/15
Act 135-1998Stanric, Inc.5/15/2003
Act 73-2008Star Impressions LLC6/19/2019
Act 135-1998Star Quarry, Inc.4/11/2007
Act 135-1998Star Wire Products8/9/2001
Act 135-1998Star Wire Products, Inc.10/16/2012
Act 135-1998Starcom Puerto Rico6/5/2001
Act 135-1998Starcraft Medical Corporation5/12/2003
Act 20-2012Startling LLC12/22/16
Act 20-2012Startup Launchpad LLC08/27/18
Act 20-2012Starwalker Pr, LLC07/22/15
Act 73-2008Steel and Pipes Fabricators and Manufacturing Company, Inc.11/1/2012
Act 73-2008Steel and Pipes, Inc.10/25/2019
Act 135-1998Steel Services & Supplies, Inc.9/28/2007
Act 73-2008Steel Services & Supplies, Inc.1/7/2014
Act 20-2012Steepsteel LLC06/22/19
Act 22-2012Stefan Dyroff08/29/18
Act 135-1998Stelko Electrical Products, Inc.3/16/2000
Act 135-1998Stelko Electrical Products, Inc.6/22/2011
Act 14-2017Stella Baez Corujo10/03/19
Act 14-2017Stella M. Casillas Murphy12/28/17
Act 20-2012Stellar Products LLC10/25/19
Act 14-2017Stephanie Aguilar02/19/19
Act 14-2017Stephanie Colon10/03/19
Act 22-2012Stephanie Grossman09/10/15
Act 14-2017Stephanie Maldonado11/17/19
Act 22-2012Stephanie S Osguthorpe03/02/19
Act 14-2017Stephanie Torres02/18/19
Act 14-2017Stephanie Vale03/06/19
Act 22-2012Stephen C Smith 04/14/19
Act 22-2012Stephen E. Lucas02/18/19
Act 14-2017Stephen Frame De Marie02/22/18
Act 22-2012Stephen G. Kleckner02/06/14
Act 14-2017Stephen Higuera Hernández02/28/18
Act 22-2012Stephen Lanus11/19/19
Act 22-2012Stephen M. Schweickart07/19/18
Act 22-2012Stephen R. King08/29/18
Act 22-2012Stephen Scott Schell09/13/17
Act 20-2012Stephen Tovar LLC12/16/19
Act 22-2012Stephen Vogelpohl08/10/18
Act 22-2012Stephen Wiggins06/14/18
Act 22-2012Stephen Wunker07/10/17
Act 135-1998Steri-Tech, Inc.1/30/2006
Act 73-2008Steris Isomedix Puerto Rico, Inc.5/12/2015
Act 135-1998Steris Isomedix Puerto Rico, Inc.(Isomedix Operations, Inc)3/2/2000
Act 20-2012Sterling James LLC05/17/18
Act 135-1998Sterling Marble & Granite, Inc.8/13/2007
Act 20-2012Sterling Technology Pr LLC07/19/18
Act 22-2012Steven Byers08/10/18
Act 14-2017Steven Catinchi Jaime06/13/18
Act 22-2012Steven Daniel Bassi05/25/18
Act 22-2012Steven E. Roy10/26/17
Act 22-2012Steven Freedman04/28/16
Act 22-2012Steven Johnston09/03/14
Act 22-2012Steven Lum09/11/18
Act 22-2012Steven M. Cardon12/19/14
Act 22-2012Steven M. Jonhson03/10/19
Act 22-2012Steven Marshall08/18/17
Act 14-2017Steven Rivas Márquez02/28/18
Act 22-2012Steven Stewart09/26/12
Act 22-2012Steven Szuch11/06/15
Act 22-2012Steven T Arey06/01/19
Act 22-2012Steven T Feaster01/09/19
Act 22-2012Steven T Smith07/16/19
Act 22-2012Steven Zellers10/25/16
Act 22-2012Steven Zissis03/28/16
Act 22-2012Stevens M Sadler11/24/18
Act 20-2012Stirs Marketing LLC12/22/16
Act 20-2012Stokes Enterprises, LLC12/03/18
Act 20-2012Stolberg Law, LLC09/26/14
Act 20-2012Stone LLC12/24/19
Act 73-2008Stoneworks Granite and Marble Caribe, Inc.5/14/2014
Act 135-1998Storage Technology De Puerto Rico, Inc.6/12/1998
Act 73-2008Storeroom Solutions Puerto Rico, Corp.10/27/2010
Act 20-2012Storm Consultants, LLC09/21/18
Act 135-1998Storm King Windows and Doors, Inc.8/15/2008
Act 27-2011Stowaway Productions, LLC - Stowaway06/30/17
Act 27-2011Stranded in Paradise, The Movie, LLC - Stranded in Paradise06/30/14
Act 20-2012Strategic Business Solutions11/08/13
Act 27-2011Strategic Film and TV Consultants, Inc. - OVNI06/30/17
Act 20-2012Strategic Management Solutions, Inc.05/09/18
Act 20-2012Strategic Medical Services LLC11/03/16
Act 20-2012Strategic Minds International, LLC06/30/14
Act 20-2012Strategical Systems Inc.02/09/18
Act 20-2012Straton Consulting LLC05/09/17
Act 20-2012Straven Consulting11/06/18
Act 73-2008Street Legal Products Puerto Rico Inc.12/29/2016
Act 20-2012Streetdeck Software LLC03/29/19
Act 20-2012Strong Care Distributor, Inc.09/14/15
Act 20-2012Strong State U LLC08/07/19
Act 135-1998Structural Solutions3/21/2003
Act 135-1998Structural Steel Manufacturing, Inc.3/3/2008
Act 73-2008Structural Steel Manufacturing, Inc.9/3/2014
Act 135-1998Stryker Corporation7/19/2002
Act 73-2008Stryker Puerto Rico Limited2/26/2018
Act 20-2012Stryker Puerto Rico Limited08/29/18
Act 135-1998Stryker Puerto Rico Limited / Stryker Puerto Rico, Inc.9/17/1999
Act 22-2012Stuart Sagan06/12/17
Act 20-2012Studio 1493, LLC04/20/15
Act 20-2012Studio Innovations LLC04/17/18
Act 20-2012Studio Rodar LLC01/27/19
Act 20-2012Subspeciallty Eye Care, Psc05/12/15
Act 135-1998Subtechnologies Of Puerto Rico8/18/2004
Act 20-2012Success Integrated Solutions, LLC01/17/19
Act 135-1998Sucesión Juan Hernández10/10/2001
Act 20-2012Suffolk Administrative Services LLC12/17/15
Act 135-1998Suiza Fruit Corporation6/18/2002
Act 73-2008Suiza Fruits Y Neva Plastics5/10/2013
Act 14-2017Suleika Galindo-Vicens11/02/19
Act 14-2017Suleyka Olivero09/30/19
Act 14-2017Sulimar Rodriguez-Santiago05/27/19
Act 135-1998Sultana Screens and Aluminum Sales, Inc.8/10/2007
Act 22-2012Summer A. Mckain01/09/19
Act 135-1998Sun Colors Digital Graphics11/26/2002
Act 73-2008Sun Colors Digital Graphics, Inc.5/19/2011
Act 73-2008Sun Colors Digital Graphics, Inc.2/15/2019
Act 73-2008Sun Edison Puerto Rico, Inc.4/30/2010
Act 273-2012Sun West International Financial Services, Inc06/21/16
Act 273-2012Sun West Mortgage Company International, Inc.06/21/16
Act 20-2012Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc.12/16/14
Act 20-2012Sunbeam Capital, LLC09/05/12
Act 83-2010Sunbeam Synergy Project I, LLC2/4/2014
Act 73-2008Sune Ddr PR LLC1/24/2011
Act 83-2010Sune Wmt Pr2, LLC2/6/2014
Act 83-2010Sune Wmtpr3, LLC12/15/2017
Act 22-2012Sung Kang11/23/15
Act 22-2012Sunghee Thomson04/11/17
Act 83-2010Sunnova Asset Portfolio 4 LLC5/17/2018
Act 20-2012Sunshine Capital LLC03/21/19
Act 14-2017Sunsiree Santana06/05/18
Act 73-2008Super Asphalt Pavement Corporation8/8/2014
Act 135-1998Super Discount Drugs, Inc/ Puerto Rico Pharmaceutical, Inc.8/8/2000
Act 135-1998Super Specialties, Inc.9/25/2003
Act 73-2008Superior Angran Export, Inc.12/22/2011
Act 20-2012Supernova Pr LLC05/27/19
Act 20-2012Supertiser LLC03/01/16
Act 20-2012Supmarine, LLC11/06/18
Act 20-2012Support King LLC03/05/18
Act 135-1998Supreme Cabinets, Inc.10/20/2003
Act 20-2012Supreme Optimization LLC07/03/18
Act 20-2012Sureclick Pr, LLC09/16/15
Act 135-1998Surface Igniter, LLC3/1/2007
Act 20-2012Surgical Solutions International, LLC11/17/14
Act 135-1998Surgical Specialties Puerto Rico, Inc.1/1/2008
Act 22-2012Susan B. Fitzpatrick11/24/18
Act 22-2012Susan Colantuono07/16/15
Act 22-2012Susan Lavertu09/14/17
Act 22-2012Susan Mary Fitzpatrick04/14/19
Act 14-2017Susan Schwarz Reitman04/19/18
Act 22-2012Sushma Santapuri11/13/14
Act 22-2012Suyon Yi03/10/19
Act 22-2012Suzanne M. Mccloskey04/28/16
Act 22-2012Suzanne Stockfisch-Tennenbaum10/22/15
Act 14-2017Suzette Candelario Lopez12/20/17
Act 14-2017Suzette Rivera Mac Murray03/07/18
Act 135-1998Suzuki Del Caribe5/7/2002
Act 135-1998Suzuki Del Caribe Inc.1/4/2016
Act 22-2012Svetlana J. Jumppanen09/02/19
Act 22-2012Svetlana Lebedeva09/02/19
Act 22-2012Svyatoslav Lobanov03/30/17
Act 20-2012Swan Wealth Management, LLC04/21/15
Act 20-2012Swansonstudios LLC01/25/18
Act 20-2012Swarm Technologies, Inc.06/04/18
Act 73-2008Sweet Ann Cakes, Inc.5/12/2015
Act 8-1987Sweet Fashions, Inc.2/3/1988
Act 135-1998Sweet Valley, Inc1/10/2002
Act 22-2012Swetha Surapaneni11/24/18
Act 20-2012Swift Consulting, LLC01/30/15
Act 20-2012Syc Consulting, Corp10/14/15
Act 14-2017Sydia Cruz11/17/19
Act 135-1998Sylar Corporation10/7/2003
Act 22-2012Sylvan Kavanaugh03/13/17
Act 14-2017Sylvette Nazario Jiménez03/12/18
Act 14-2017Sylvia C Berrios Reyes06/13/18
Act 14-2017Sylvia Gutierrez Rivera12/17/18
Act 14-2017Sylvia Y. Arce Cardona12/28/17
Act 135-1998Symmetricom Puerto Rico, Ltd10/27/2006
Act 135-1998Symmetricon Puerto Rico2/19/2002
Act 20-2012Synchro Associates LLC02/18/16
Act 20-2012Synergie, LLC08/10/18
Act 83-2010Synerlution Energy LLC4/11/2017
Act 20-2012Synerlution Inc.10/04/16
Act 73-2008Synerlution, Inc.12/23/2015
Act 135-1998Synovis Caribe3/18/2003
Act 135-1998Syntex De Puerto Rico1/20/2004
Act 73-2008System Shred, Inc.5/31/2011
Act 20-2012Systems Developers and Integrators Corp12/07/12
Act 20-2012Syzygy LLC06/02/17
Act 20-2012Sz Services Puerto Rico LLC11/21/16
Act 27-2011SZ, LLC - Ana06/30/16
Act 73-2008T-Shirt Print12/23/2013
Act 135-1998T&T Cargo Services, Inc.5/22/2006
Act 20-2012Ta-Ha, LLC03/29/19
Act 22-2012Tabia M. Brown09/18/18
Act 20-2012Tactical Strategists International LLC12/24/19
Act 22-2012Tae Shin11/18/15
Act 22-2012Taeiyn S. Johnson01/14/14
Act 20-2012Tailwinds LLC11/18/19
Act 22-2012Tal Avior12/17/15
Act 20-2012Talavera Hair Products LLC04/10/18
Act 20-2012Tale Trade Corp.06/03/19
Act 20-2012Talkington - Associates06/19/12
Act 135-1998Taller De Reciclaje De Metales, Inc.5/23/2008
Act 135-1998Tam Industries, Inc.1/2/2007
Act 22-2012Tamara Jean Mcafee09/13/17
Act 22-2012Tamara Pearl05/31/18
Act 14-2017Tamara Riboul Flambert04/19/18
Act 22-2012Tammy Schneider03/16/17
Act 22-2012Tan Tran07/19/18
Act 22-2012Tang-Chieh George Hwang11/06/18
Act 14-2017Tania Liz Ramírez Pérez02/22/18
Act 22-2012Tania Modic11/12/15
Act 20-2012Tao Media LLC05/09/18
Act 135-1998Tapi Puerto Rico Inc. / Ivax Pharmaceuticals Caribe, Inc.1/25/1999
Act 22-2012Tara Norman06/12/17
Act 73-2008Tarik Packing Services, Inc.3/11/2013
Act 22-2012Tarin Azarian08/10/18
Act 22-2012Tatiana D Korolshteyn11/18/18
Act 14-2017Tatiana Ramos03/29/19
Act 22-2012Tatum Mcclinton Martin06/06/16
Act 22-2012Tawnee Smith09/07/16
Act 20-2012Tax Assistance Servicing LLC04/03/18
Act 20-2012Tax Credits International, Inc.11/26/14
Act 27-2011Tax Credits International, LLC - She's Gotta have it "Season 2"06/30/18
Act 27-2011Tax Credits International, LLC - Worldwater Puerto Rico06/30/18
Act 20-2012Tax Lien Law Group, LLC11/06/15
Act 22-2012Taylor A. Carver06/30/14
Act 22-2012Taylor Meierotto02/27/15
Act 20-2012Tb Group LLC01/27/19
Act 135-1998Tbg Specialties Corp Y Bel Air Industries Of Pr, Inc.8/5/2002
Act 73-2008Tbl Companies, LLC4/11/2012
Act 20-2012Tbl Companies, LLC09/25/12
Act 20-2012Tbsk Enterprises LLC07/12/18
Act 20-2012Tc Villas Pr LLC08/25/16
Act 20-2012Tcb, LLC12/24/19
Act 20-2012Tcc, Inc.05/17/18
Act 20-2012Tdg Pr Consulting and Management LLC08/27/19
Act 22-2012Teague M Egan05/27/19
Act 135-1998Tech Aerofoam International, Inc.6/24/2008
Act 20-2012Tech Daddies LLC11/19/19
Act 20-2012Tech Management Group LLC08/15/17
Act 135-1998Technical Industrial Sales11/3/2008
Act 135-1998Techno Com Industries12/13/2001
Act 20-2012Technology Consultants LLC04/10/18
Act 135-1998Technoplastics Industries, Inc.11/17/2006
Act 135-1998Tecnium Products, Corp.1/14/2003
Act 20-2012Tecton Capital Partners LLC04/29/16
Act 22-2012Ted Lai09/13/17
Act 22-2012Teekachand Tiwari03/16/18
Act 73-2008Teksol Integration Group, Inc.12/27/2017
Act 27-2011Telecinco Inc - Prime Time06/30/20
Act 135-1998Telecontacto-Telecontact Export, Inc.12/7/2005
Act 20-2012Telecontacto-Telecontact Export, Inc.04/03/18
Act 135-1998Telefonica Larga Distancia De Puerto Rico, Inc.12/23/2005
Act 135-1998Telemedik Innova Healthsolutions, Inc6/24/2008
Act 20-2012Telemedik International LLC02/12/18
Act 135-1998Telenetworks, Inc.8/20/2003
Act 20-2012Telenetworks, Inc.07/08/13
Act 135-1998Televicentro De Puerto Rico, LLC7/22/2016
Act 135-1998Televicentro Of Puerto Rico, LLC.6/9/2006
Act 20-2012Telex Communications LLC08/18/17
Act 20-2012Telo Usa, Inc.06/28/19
Act 20-2012Temes Consulting, Inc.09/10/18
Act 135-1998Temsco, Inc.10/24/2008
Act 135-1998Tender Mills10/11/2001
Act 135-1998Tenere Puerto Rico, Inc.10/26/2000
Act 20-2012Tennessee Consulting LLC08/27/18
Act 20-2012Tenor Capital Partners, LLC05/27/19
Act 22-2012Teodoro Taveras06/12/17
Act 14-2017Teodosio J Rucabado Bruno06/05/18
Act 135-1998Teofilo Molinelli Freytes10/10/2005
Act 20-2012Teomari Imaging LLC11/30/15
Act 22-2012Terence M Crikelair07/30/13
Act 22-2012Teresa C Rowland04/14/19
Act 14-2017Teresa Irizarry03/26/19
Act 22-2012Teresa Scott06/09/15
Act 20-2012Terra Firma Project Puerto Rico LLC12/15/19
Act 20-2012Terracom Development LLC01/17/19
Act 135-1998Terrasa Aggregates, Inc.12/22/2004
Act 135-1998Terrazos Corozo, Inc.7/23/2002
Act 20-2012Territory Marketing & Consulting LLC06/22/19
Act 73-2008Terumo Puerto Rico L.L.C.1/17/2019
Act 20-2012Tess Pr LLC12/19/16
Act 20-2012Test Company 4 W08/14/18
Act 73-2008Tetra Technology, Inc.7/3/2012
Act 135-1998Texaco Industries, Inc.6/9/2003
Act 8-1987Texel Corporation9/23/2009
Act 20-2012Texel Corporation02/06/19
Act 14-2017Texell Longoria Dubocq03/31/19
Act 135-1998Textiles Fibers Of Puerto Rico, Inc.8/26/2003
Act 135-1998Tg Guir Puerto Rico5/13/2004
Act 20-2012Tgb Services Limited Liability Company09/28/18
Act 27-2011TGC, LLC - Big Break06/30/13
Act 20-2012Tgr Pr, LLC11/30/16
Act 20-2012Th Quality LLC03/29/19
Act 20-2012The Applied Finance Group International, LLC02/02/15
Act 135-1998The Atlantic Star, Inc.12/31/2004
Act 135-1998The Battery Recycling, Inc.12/22/2005
Act 135-1998The Bradbury Company Of Puerto Rico, Inc.9/28/2000
Act 73-2008The Cake Factory and Store, Inc.11/7/2014
Act 20-2012The Central office, LLC06/28/18
Act 135-1998The Clorox Company Of Puerto Rico12/4/2003
Act 20-2012The Collier Group LLC10/27/19
Act 20-2012The Convergence Group, LLC03/20/19
Act 20-2012The Coomes Law Firm of Dorado Beach, LLC04/27/15
Act 20-2012The Driscoll Firm LLC12/24/19
Act 20-2012The Eniac Corporation06/17/15
Act 20-2012The Fifth12/17/18
Act 20-2012The Firm, LLC02/23/18
Act 73-2008The Hertell Group LLC2/4/2010
Act 20-2012The Investment Diversification Group, LLC08/22/17
Act 20-2012The Johnson Law Firm Inc.10/04/19
Act 20-2012The Journey LLC02/23/18
Act 20-2012The Lead Agency LLC06/01/19
Act 20-2012The Linear Agency, LLC07/03/14
Act 20-2012The Marketing Animals Pr LLC02/23/18
Act 20-2012The Marland Group LLC02/26/18
Act 273-2012The Money House International Inc.01/15/16
Act 20-2012The office of Marvel & Marchand Architects, Llp08/15/16
Act 135-1998The Outdoor Footwear Company, Inc.4/21/1999
Act 135-1998The Paving Stone Company, Inc.3/16/2000
Act 20-2012The Phillips Patent Law Firm LLC09/23/19
Act 20-2012The Power of Zero Marketing Program LLC07/03/18
Act 83-2010The Puerto Rico Solar Company, LLC8/7/2012
Act 20-2012The Right Time, Inc.01/30/15
Act 20-2012The Strategic Group P.R., LLC08/12/13
Act 73-2008The Sugar Lab, Inc.11/1/2012
Act 20-2012The Ticket Clinic Management LLC06/28/16
Act 20-2012The Web Rep, LLC07/29/16
Act 14-2017Thea Calderon10/03/19
Act 22-2012Theodore Carcich Iii12/16/19
Act 22-2012Theodore E Pritchett03/04/19
Act 22-2012Theodore Jeanneret05/09/18
Act 22-2012Theresa Joseph06/23/15
Act 135-1998Thermo Electron Puerto Rico12/23/2008
Act 73-2008Thermo Electron Puerto Rico, Inc.5/3/2019
Act 73-2008Thermo King De Puerto Rico, Inc.12/7/2012
Act 135-1998Thermo King Of Puerto Rico, Inc.4/5/2005
Act 20-2012Thi LLC08/01/17
Act 20-2012Think Circle, LLC09/25/12
Act 20-2012Thinkisla LLC02/25/19
Act 135-1998Thomas & Betts Caribe2/27/2001
Act 73-2008Thomas & Betts Caribe, Inc.2/7/2019
Act 22-2012Thomas A. Reggentin11/13/14
Act 22-2012Thomas A. Steinke02/19/14
Act 22-2012Thomas A. Walsh03/17/15
Act 22-2012Thomas Bradley05/09/18
Act 22-2012Thomas C Driscoll12/17/18
Act 22-2012Thomas E Dans12/09/18
Act 22-2012Thomas E. Turlington Iii05/09/18
Act 22-2012Thomas Entress02/29/16
Act 22-2012Thomas G. Lemon12/19/14
Act 22-2012Thomas Harrison02/08/16
Act 22-2012Thomas J Axon05/27/19
Act 22-2012Thomas J Delvecchio03/10/19
Act 14-2017Thomas Jimenez09/30/19
Act 22-2012Thomas Johnson01/31/18
Act 22-2012Thomas Moran07/19/18
Act 22-2012Thomas R. Fenton06/30/14
Act 22-2012Thomas R. Lebus06/12/15
Act 22-2012Thomas R. Mcosker04/08/14
Act 22-2012Thomas Shelton King07/19/18
Act 22-2012Thomas Smith09/07/16
Act 22-2012Thomas W Varney10/05/19
Act 22-2012Thomas W. Britven02/06/14
Act 20-2012Thomas Wright Asset Management, Inc.08/10/18
Act 22-2012Thomas Young06/02/16
Act 135-1998Thrift Drug Services, Inc.11/30/2001
Act 20-2012Tibolli, LLC12/27/16
Act 20-2012Tiburon Enterprises LLC07/19/18
Act 14-2017Timoteo Torres Santiago04/19/18
Act 22-2012Timothy A Hartmann02/18/19
Act 22-2012Timothy Blackwell03/17/15
Act 22-2012Timothy Bryant08/10/18
Act 22-2012Timothy D. Grittani09/26/16
Act 22-2012Timothy David Kosnoff12/12/14
Act 22-2012Timothy Flatt07/09/14
Act 22-2012Timothy Isaacs02/27/17
Act 22-2012Timothy J. Brown12/16/18
Act 14-2017Timothy Joseph Flynn Caro12/28/17
Act 22-2012Timothy Lau06/18/18
Act 22-2012Timothy M. Beckett04/14/15
Act 22-2012Timothy Pearl05/31/18
Act 22-2012Timothy Reynolds04/08/14
Act 22-2012Timothy W Foust02/13/15
Act 22-2012Tipmuny C. Powers06/23/15
Act 135-1998Title Support Services, Inc.2/7/2007
Act 20-2012Tix.By, LLC08/22/16
Act 73-2008Tls Management and Marketing Services LLC / Tax Law Solutions LLC10/3/2011
Act 20-2012Tls Trading and Capital, LLC07/19/13
Act 20-2012Tlw Capital, LLC03/02/19
Act 20-2012Tm Consulting, LLC10/28/19
Act 135-1998Tm Export Corp.1/31/2007
Act 20-2012Tnj Consultants LLC05/09/18
Act 135-1998Tnt Logistics Puerto Rico7/16/2002
Act 135-1998To-Ricos, Inc.6/4/2004
Act 135-1998Toa Alta Aluminum Products, Inc.6/25/2004
Act 22-2012Toby Norman06/12/17
Act 22-2012Toby R. Neugebauer10/17/14
Act 20-2012Todah Consulting LLC07/03/18
Act 22-2012Todd Anthony Schuring11/06/15
Act 22-2012Todd Davis02/09/16
Act 22-2012Todd J Gietl11/24/18
Act 22-2012Todd J Snively06/21/19
Act 20-2012Todd Merer LLC11/13/18
Act 22-2012Todd R. Berman11/13/14
Act 22-2012Todd Swanson04/28/16
Act 22-2012Todd Yasbin10/03/16
Act 135-1998Toldos Del Caribe2/11/2002
Act 135-1998Toledo & Co., Inc.1/30/2003
Act 135-1998Toledo Engineering, Corp.5/5/2004
Act 20-2012Toledo Export LLC07/19/18
Act 14-2017Tomás D. Jiménez Chafey12/28/17
Act 14-2017Tomas F Lugo Chinchill05/03/18
Act 14-2017Tomás Talavera Ferrer03/23/18
Act 22-2012Tomer Brenner03/04/19
Act 22-2012Tommie Dean Eldridge11/10/14
Act 135-1998Tonka Footwear Co Inc9/28/2000
Act 14-2017Tonya Sanchez08/04/19
Act 135-1998Tool Maker2/11/2003
Act 20-2012Top Fitness LLC12/28/18
Act 20-2012Top Management LLC12/08/16
Act 20-2012Top Rank Consulting, LLC08/22/17
Act 20-2012Topaz Medical Ventures LLC08/15/16
Act 135-1998Toperbee Corporation6/9/2006
Act 135-1998Toperbee Corporation12/8/2016
Act 273-2012Toro Ag Financial International LLC06/21/16
Act 20-2012Toroverde Enterprises LLC10/04/19
Act 22-2012Torri L. Wright-Krol10/28/14
Act 73-2008Total Petroleum Puerto Rico Corp9/12/2014
Act 135-1998Touchstone Wireless Latin America, LLC1/2/2007
Act 22-2012Tovah Jasperson06/12/17
Act 135-1998Toyota De Puerto Rico, Corp.9/5/2006
Act 20-2012Tpa Services, LLC10/25/16
Act 20-2012Tpi Cloud Hosting, Inc.01/30/15
Act 73-2008Tpi Cloud Hosting, Inc.6/14/2018
Act 20-2012Tprc LLC05/17/18
Act 22-2012Tracee Harrison02/08/16
Act 22-2012Traci M. Mcfadden10/07/13
Act 20-2012Traderunner Inc.02/26/18
Act 135-1998Tradewind Foods De Puerto Rico, Inc.7/12/2004
Act 135-1998Tradewind Foods De Puerto Rico, Inc.7/12/2004
Act 135-1998Tradewind Foods De Puerto Rico, Inc.7/14/2004
Act 135-1998Tradewind Foods, Inc.7/14/2004
Act 73-2008Tradewind Foods, Inc.7/9/2012
Act 73-2008Tradewind Foods, Inc.7/9/2012
Act 73-2008Tradewind Foods, Inc.7/9/2012
Act 73-2008Tradewind Foods, Inc.7/9/2012
Act 135-1998Tradewind Plastics Corporation7/14/2004
Act 73-2008Tradewind Plastics Corporation7/9/2012
Act 20-2012Tradewinds Property Management, LLC08/01/17
Act 73-2008Trafigura Ag1/21/2014
Act 135-1998Trafon Group, Inc.8/3/2006
Act 20-2012Trampoline Consultants LLC03/20/19
Act 22-2012Trania Looker08/10/18
Act 20-2012Transform Group International, LLC01/10/19
Act 20-2012Transworld Lms LLC08/08/17
Act 27-2011Trauma Film Production, LC - Trauma Center06/30/20
Act 20-2012Travel Impresiones LLC01/27/19
Act 27-2011Travel Ligh Entertainment, Inc. - Are you the one?06/30/14
Act 27-2011Travica, LLC - Vico C06/30/17
Act 22-2012Travis Lynk05/09/18
Act 20-2012Traxium, LLC04/03/18
Act 20-2012Treasury Services Group LLC03/28/16
Act 20-2012Trebol Consulting LLC04/07/19
Act 20-2012Tree House Kids Pr LLC05/24/16
Act 135-1998Trenchers Specialized Equipment Of Puerto Rico, Inc.7/20/2006
Act 20-2012Tres Palmas, LLC04/08/14
Act 22-2012Trevor A. Laak12/15/14
Act 22-2012Trevor M Glenn10/19/18
Act 22-2012Trevor Timothy Altpeter10/19/18
Act 73-2008Triangle Trading & Mfg. Co., Inc.8/9/2019
Act 20-2012Tributary Capital LLC12/24/19
Act 22-2012Tricia E. Markusen08/24/15
Act 135-1998Trigo Corp12/4/2007
Act 73-2008Trigo Corp.7/5/2017
Act 20-2012Tril Acquisitions LLC11/07/16
Act 135-1998Tril Export Corp. Of P.R.2/27/2008
Act 14-2017Trina Stelies07/17/18
Act 20-2012Trinity Group, LLC09/04/13
Act 20-2012Trinity Rehabilitation Services International LLC06/14/18
Act 20-2012Tripdoctor LLC10/14/19
Act 20-2012Triple Net Holdings LLC11/30/16
Act 20-2012Tripod Management Services LLC05/25/18
Act 135-1998Tristani Rubber Industries, Inc.12/9/2002
Act 135-1998Trofima Corporation1/30/2006
Act 135-1998Tropical Aviation, Corp.11/14/2006
Act 135-1998Tropical Shutters8/6/2001
Act 83-2010Tropical Solar Farm, LLC1/10/2012
Act 135-1998Tropicolor Manufacturing Company, Inc.10/13/2006
Act 22-2012Troy L. Wilson, Jr.07/19/18
Act 20-2012Truecomm Partners, LLC05/04/19
Act 20-2012Truenorth Information Technologies Services, Inc04/29/15
Act 135-1998Truenorth Information Technologies Services, Inc.9/7/2007
Act 73-2008Truenorth Information Technologies Services, Inc.11/15/2016
Act 27-2011TS1, LLC - Trap06/30/19
Act 83-2010Tsk Puerto Rico Corporation9/12/2014
Act 20-2012Ttw Innovations, LLC10/03/16
Act 73-2008Tullahoma Industries LLC8/27/2018
Act 135-1998Turabo Industrial Park11/29/2001
Act 135-1998Turabo Industrial Park4/18/2002
Act 135-1998Turabo Industrial Park5/7/2002
Act 135-1998Turabo Industrial Park5/4/2004
Act 73-2008Turabo Industrial Park10/20/2016
Act 135-1998Turabo Industrial Park, Inc.11/22/2000
Act 135-1998Turabo Industrial Park, Inc.10/26/2001
Act 27-2011Turner North Center Productions ,Inc. - The Detour06/30/17
Act 27-2011Turner North Center Productions ,Inc. - Wrecked06/30/15
Act 27-2011Turner North Center Productions ,Inc. - Wrecked S106/30/16
Act 27-2011Turner North Center Productions,LLC - Full Frontal Samantha Bee06/30/18
Act 73-2008Turnos Media LLC5/9/2017
Act 135-1998Tuy Investment Group, Inc.12/5/2006
Act 73-2008Tuy Investment Group, Inc.5/16/2019
Act 135-1998Tv Films Inc.7/24/2006
Act 27-2011TV One, LLC - Girlfriends Getaway 206/30/15
Act 27-2011TV One, LLC - R&B Divas06/30/14
Act 135-1998Twc Acquisition1/29/2003
Act 20-2012Twelve Labors LLC11/15/18
Act 20-2012Two Bicycles Digital Partners LLC12/16/19
Act 135-1998Tycoon Paper, Inc.11/17/2006
Act 22-2012Tyler Martin12/29/18
Act 22-2012Tyler Mattai05/09/18
Act 22-2012Tyler Randolph11/07/13
Act 22-2012Tyler William Snoeyink08/10/18
Act 22-2012Tyson Carter04/11/17
Act 20-2012Tyson Curtis Consulting, LLC06/28/18
Act 22-2012Tze-Chieh Wang06/30/14
Act 135-1998U.S.S.C. Puerto Rico Inc.6/9/2000
Act 73-2008U.S.S.C. Puerto Rico, Inc.7/23/2012
Act 20-2012U5 Art Management LLC01/27/19
Act 20-2012Uav-Iq LLC08/22/16
Act 14-2017Ubaldino Raminez De Arellano03/29/19
Act 14-2017Ubaldo Santiago Buono09/10/18
Act 14-2017Ulises L Nobo04/19/18
Act 14-2017Ulises R. Rodriguez Ramos12/20/17
Act 20-2012Ultima Advisory Pr, LLC03/29/19
Act 20-2012Ultimate Solutions Corp.07/27/15
Act 73-2008Ultimate Solutions, Corp2/24/2012
Act 73-2008Ultra Pure Systems, Inc.11/7/2014
Act 20-2012Ultrapure Systems Inc.11/17/14
Act 135-1998Ultrapure Systems, Inc.6/28/2000
Act 20-2012Umbrella International Group LLC08/15/17
Act 20-2012Unfranchise Business Services LLC08/18/17
Act 135-1998Unicon Holdings, Inc.(Universal Container)2/23/2005
Act 20-2012Unik Sales LLC04/19/19
Act 135-1998Unilever De Pr3/29/2004
Act 20-2012Unimetab LLC05/09/18
Act 73-2008Unipro Architects Engineers and Planners7/3/2012
Act 135-1998Unipro Architects, Engineers and Planners11/12/2002
Act 73-2008United Forms & Graphics, Inc.2/9/2018
Act 20-2012United Medical Education Inc06/01/19
Act 20-2012Uniterra, LLC04/05/16
Act 20-2012Universal Arbitrage LLC07/16/19
Act 135-1998Universal Chemical Products Corp.3/28/2005
Act 135-1998Universal Container Corporation7/15/2003
Act 135-1998Universal Container Corporation4/16/2004
Act 20-2012Universal Health Management LLC05/09/17
Act 20-2012Universal Logistics, LLC07/16/19
Act 135-1998Universal Manufacturing Corp.11/8/2004
Act 73-2008Unlimited Diesel Supply8/31/2017
Act 135-1998Unlimited Services Export, Corp.3/31/2008
Act 20-2012Uno Health International, Inc.04/10/18
Act 73-2008Ups Supply Chain Solutions, Inc.12/21/2011
Act 20-2012Upside Consulting LLC06/01/19
Act 20-2012Uptick Limited Liability Company04/11/17
Act 20-2012Urbania, Inc.11/07/14
Act 20-2012Urbina & Partners, LLC09/26/14
Act 14-2017Uriel Camacho02/09/18
Act 14-2017Uriel Pont07/22/19
Act 20-2012Us Debt Ventures Management Lp08/28/14
Act 20-2012Us Logistics Investment Managers, LLC03/16/17
Act 20-2012Usa Capital Management Inc.06/23/16
Act 22-2012Usha R. Surapaneni12/16/18
Act 20-2012Ushas Capital Management Incorporated12/29/18
Act 135-1998Utility Equipment & Consultant8/20/2003
Act 27-2011Utopia, LLC - Utopia06/30/17
Act 20-2012Utopian Marketing Services LLC02/27/17
Act 8-1987V & Q Management, Inc.9/19/1996
Act 135-1998V.B. Caribe, Inc./ Va Bien International, Inc.2/14/2001
Act 20-2012V.M.R. Consulting LLC11/18/19
Act 73-2008V'Soske1/9/2014
Act 135-1998V&R Corp10/25/2004
Act 20-2012V2A International LLC11/01/12
Act 73-2008Va Bien International, Inc2/7/2019
Act 20-2012Va Claim Pros LLC05/09/18
Act 83-2010Va Estate Corp2/26/2018
Act 20-2012Va+R Consulting, LLC10/30/15
Act 20-2012Vacs LLC06/22/19
Act 20-2012Vader LLC04/05/16
Act 22-2012Vadim Eugene Dolsky04/11/17
Act 14-2017Valentín J. Del Río Santiago12/28/17
Act 14-2017Valerie Cortes11/04/19
Act 14-2017Valerie E. Wojna Muñiz03/23/18
Act 22-2012Valeriy Girshfeld04/02/14
Act 73-2008Valero, Inc4/17/2018
Act 20-2012Valiant Marketing, LLC02/23/18
Act 135-1998Validation & Engineering Group, Inc.9/12/2006
Act 73-2008Validation & Engineering Group, Inc.7/9/2010
Act 20-2012Valivian Pr, LLC01/30/15
Act 73-2008Valmeg LLC11/6/2018
Act 20-2012Value Creation Growth, LLC08/01/14
Act 22-2012Van Tibolli12/08/16
Act 14-2017Vanessa Cruz Villegas03/23/18
Act 14-2017Vanessa Fonseca Ferrer06/30/19
Act 22-2012Vanessa Gillier06/30/14
Act 14-2017Vanessa López Beauchamp01/26/18
Act 14-2017Vanessa Ortiz Medina01/26/18
Act 14-2017Vanessa Rodriguez-Mier02/09/19
Act 14-2017Vanessa Santini11/02/19
Act 14-2017Vanessa Sepulveda05/23/19
Act 14-2017Vanessa Vando07/14/19
Act 20-2012Vanguard Consulting LLC06/14/18
Act 73-2008Vantage Consulting Group Latin Americas, LLC3/12/2014
Act 20-2012Vantageknight, Inc.02/23/18
Act 135-1998Variety Food Services, Inc.4/15/2005
Act 73-2008Vasallo International Group, Inc.7/9/2012
Act 22-2012Vasco Eguía04/27/16
Act 14-2017Vasco Eguía Moreda12/28/17
Act 22-2012Vasileios Sfyris12/24/14
Act 22-2012Vasilios Maniatis02/06/17
Act 135-1998Vassallo Blow Holding Corporation4/13/2005
Act 135-1998Vassallo Research and Development Corporation1/17/2008
Act 20-2012Vav Group, LLC12/02/15
Act 135-1998Vb Caribe2/16/2001
Act 20-2012Vedo Media04/07/19
Act 20-2012Vedo Trade LLC11/13/19
Act 135-1998Vega Aluminum Recycling, Inc.2/15/2008
Act 14-2017Velda Ocasio05/07/19
Act 20-2012Veloverge LLC05/23/18
Act 20-2012Venequip Puerto Rico LLC03/29/19
Act 22-2012Venkata Sesha Praneeth Aketi11/13/14
Act 135-1998Vent-Alarm Corporation11/25/2008
Act 20-2012Ventana Capital Partners, Inc.08/02/13
Act 135-1998Vention Medical Puerto Rico, Inc.2/8/2000
Act 135-1998Venture Steel Inc4/4/2008
Act 135-1998Venture Steel Inc.2/5/2019
Act 73-2008Veolia Es Technical Solutions, LLC7/5/2017
Act 83-2010Vera López & Associates Engineering Services11/13/2017
Act 22-2012Verdi E Ergun12/17/18
Act 20-2012Veritas Ventures LLC08/29/18
Act 135-1998Verizon Information Services Puerto Rico12/6/2001
Act 22-2012Verlin R. Rhoades02/06/14
Act 20-2012Verluz LLC09/06/16
Act 20-2012Vernus Group Corp09/25/12
Act 73-2008Vernus Group, Corp.5/14/2014
Act 22-2012Veronica Alvarez04/27/16
Act 14-2017Veronica Colon09/28/19
Act 14-2017Verónica Meza Venencia04/19/18
Act 14-2017Veronica Sepulveda06/24/19
Act 22-2012Veronne M. Bustos01/14/14
Act 14-2017Veroushka Ballester Vargas09/29/19
Act 135-1998Verpas Products, Inc.5/21/2008
Act 20-2012Vertex LLC11/18/19
Act 20-2012Verticalops LLC03/10/19
Act 135-1998Verticolor Manufacturing Corp.8/15/2008
Act 73-2008Verticolor Manufacturing Corporation5/28/2019
Act 20-2012Vesper International, LLC09/06/16
Act 273-2012Vestin Bank International LLC03/30/16
Act 20-2012Vgf LLC09/29/19
Act 20-2012Vgmarket LLC08/29/18
Act 135-1998Vi Music, Inc.9/16/2003
Act 20-2012Viajes Mar Caribe, Inc.05/15/17
Act 20-2012Viande Foods LLC12/19/16
Act 135-1998Vibranalysis1/10/2002
Act 73-2008Vibranalysis, Inc.7/3/2012
Act 73-2008Vibranalysis, Inc.7/9/2012
Act 14-2017Vicente Alcaraz Micheli06/05/18
Act 135-1998Vicente Sanchez Barbeito2/21/2008
Act 73-2008Vicente Sanchez Barbeito12/6/2019
Act 14-2017Vicente Walsh Soldevila04/19/18
Act 22-2012Vickie L. Mann03/27/14
Act 14-2017Víctor A. López Llavona01/24/18
Act 22-2012Victor A. Nacim12/17/18
Act 14-2017Víctor A. Toraño González04/19/18
Act 14-2017Víctor Anaya Báez01/24/18
Act 22-2012Víctor Assaf02/24/15
Act 14-2017Víctor Carlo Vargas12/28/17
Act 14-2017Victor De Jesus Diaz02/09/18
Act 14-2017Victor Flores02/03/19
Act 135-1998Víctor García Pérez Y Ana M. Arenas Pérez6/7/2005
Act 14-2017Victor Gordo11/24/18
Act 14-2017Víctor J. Cardona Vélez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Victor J. Carlo Chévere03/23/18
Act 14-2017Victor J. Colón Vázquez02/22/18
Act 14-2017Víctor J. Ramos Torres06/06/18
Act 14-2017Victor J. Rivera Cruz04/19/18
Act 14-2017Víctor J. Vázquez Rodríguez02/09/18
Act 14-2017Víctor Jesus Torres Ortiz01/26/18
Act 14-2017Victor L. Carlo Chévere02/22/18
Act 14-2017Victor L. Vergara Abreu03/12/18
Act 14-2017Victor Lamberty10/03/19
Act 14-2017Victor Llado Diaz06/05/18
Act 22-2012Victor M Vedovato07/15/19
Act 135-1998Victor M. Garcia Perez4/30/2008
Act 135-1998Victor M. Garcia Perez5/9/2008
Act 135-1998Victor M. Garcia Perez5/12/2008
Act 14-2017Victor M. Salgado Bravo05/17/18
Act 14-2017Victor M. Villegas Ceide02/28/18
Act 14-2017Victor Malave Rolon12/28/17
Act 14-2017Victor Maldonado Gonzalez06/26/18
Act 135-1998Víctor Manuel García Pérez9/13/2002
Act 14-2017Victor Manuel Polanco07/17/18
Act 14-2017Victor Montañez Ramos05/23/19
Act 14-2017Victor Montes06/21/19
Act 22-2012Victor Nacim11/24/18
Act 14-2017Victor Nazario - Yordan12/24/19
Act 14-2017Víctor Noel Ortíz Justiniano02/22/18
Act 14-2017Victor Pérez González09/29/19
Act 14-2017Víctor Pérez Labiosa12/28/17
Act 14-2017Victor R Hernandez Pilllich06/05/18
Act 14-2017Victor R. Rivero Martino03/12/18
Act 14-2017Victor Rivera11/02/19
Act 14-2017Victor Rivera Jimenez10/03/19
Act 14-2017Victor Rodriguez Rapale05/04/19
Act 14-2017Victor Sánchez07/22/19
Act 22-2012Victor Talavera05/31/18
Act 14-2017Victor Vazquez09/09/19
Act 14-2017Victoria Bartolomei Aguilera09/29/19
Act 22-2012Victoria Smith04/28/16
Act 22-2012Victoria Stewart10/19/18
Act 14-2017Vidal Rosario Leon06/26/18
Act 14-2017Viegen Baez02/09/18
Act 14-2017Vielka M. Cintrón Rivera12/28/17
Act 135-1998Vieques Concrete & Asphalt Corp11/25/2008
Act 20-2012Viewline Technologies, LLC02/04/15
Act 22-2012Vijay Madala02/27/17
Act 20-2012Viking Maritime Solutions LLC05/27/19
Act 135-1998Villa Piano Corporation12/30/1999
Act 135-1998Villalba Canning Company, Inc.12/11/2007
Act 14-2017Vilma E. Pérez Arroyo03/12/18
Act 14-2017Vilma M. Vargas Bird12/27/17
Act 14-2017Vilma Ortega11/13/19
Act 14-2017Vilma Pagan10/03/19
Act 14-2017Vilma T. Mccarthy Nazario02/22/18
Act 22-2012Vimal J Patel05/02/19
Act 20-2012Vimazi Group LLC11/06/18
Act 14-2017Vincent Bonilla03/06/19
Act 22-2012Vincent Gerardis12/20/16
Act 22-2012Vincent L Bianco02/18/19
Act 22-2012Vincent Pierre Pineau11/02/15
Act 14-2017Vincent Rodriguez02/18/19
Act 22-2012Vinicius Matzenbacher Ligocky11/24/18
Act 14-2017Viomari Arce Rodriguez06/05/18
Act 83-2010Vip Energy Consultants Corp7/9/2014
Act 73-2008Vip International Management Properties Inc1/24/2019
Act 20-2012Vip Perfumes , Inc.04/29/16
Act 73-2008Vipal De PR, Inc.7/9/2012
Act 14-2017Virgen Acosta Acosta06/05/18
Act 14-2017Virgen Quinones Fernadini12/23/18
Act 22-2012Virgil Griffith02/18/19
Act 22-2012Virgil Wiest12/16/19
Act 22-2012Virginia Butler04/27/16
Act 22-2012Virginia Johnston02/06/17
Act 14-2017Virginia Osuna Figueroa03/23/18
Act 135-1998Virginia Puerto Rico4/8/2003
Act 14-2017Viriana Del Carmen Diez Gutiérrez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Viriato José Diez Rosales02/09/18
Act 14-2017Viridiana Salinas04/03/19
Act 135-1998Virtual Educational Resources Network, Inc.4/30/2008
Act 135-1998Virtual Inc.8/12/2002
Act 20-2012Visional Technology, LLC12/03/14
Act 20-2012Visions Int'L Business, Planning, Mktg & Mngmt LLC09/29/19
Act 135-1998Vista Caribe5/30/2001
Act 135-1998Vista Color P.R., Inc.9/21/2007
Act 20-2012Vista Strategies LLC05/17/18
Act 135-1998Visteon Caribbean1/16/2002
Act 135-1998Visual Impressions Pr Inc11/21/2000
Act 273-2012Visual Knowledge Caribe, Inc.03/21/13
Act 20-2012Visual Knowledge Caribe, Inc.07/18/13
Act 73-2008Visual Marketing Solutions, LLC12/23/2013
Act 20-2012Vita Group LLC05/09/18
Act 27-2011Vita Ray Productions III PR, LLC - Sputnik06/30/15
Act 20-2012Vitarx LLC11/18/19
Act 20-2012Vivacity Inc.07/12/18
Act 20-2012Vivaria LLC04/05/16
Act 20-2012Vivaris Capital LLC04/11/17
Act 22-2012Vivecca R. Schmerler02/12/15
Act 22-2012Vivek Gupta11/19/19
Act 22-2012Vivian A. Gray05/02/19
Act 14-2017Vivian B. Díaz Melléndez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Vivian I Acevedo Acevedo04/19/18
Act 14-2017Vivian J. Rodríguez Rivera04/19/18
Act 14-2017Vivian Pérez Gómez08/20/18
Act 14-2017Vivian T. Rivera Rivera03/23/18
Act 14-2017Viviana Blanco10/03/19
Act 14-2017Viviana Cabán Garcés12/20/17
Act 14-2017Viviana M Ortiz Santia07/17/18
Act 14-2017Viviana María Sánchez Arniella08/09/18
Act 14-2017Viviana N. Garri Fraternali08/20/18
Act 14-2017Viviana Negron Gonzalez06/05/18
Act 14-2017Viviana Orozco09/28/19
Act 135-1998Vizcaya Foods, Inc.10/31/2000
Act 73-2008Vortex Aviation Maintenance, Inc.1/25/2016
Act 20-2012Vp Publishing Corporation05/03/19
Act 273-2012Vrm International Capital08/01/17
Act 73-2008Vtm Manufacturing Corporation3/28/2016
Act 20-2012Vv Digital Content LLC01/27/19
Act 135-1998Vwr Advanced Instruments, LLC11/10/2006
Act 14-2017Vylma Velazquez Almodovar05/02/19
Act 20-2012W Sports Media and Entertainment LLC03/21/19
Act 135-1998W&W Export Corp3/19/2002
Act 20-2012Wade Law LLC12/16/19
Act 22-2012Wahib J Mashini11/24/18
Act 14-2017Waldo Santiago Montalvo02/28/18
Act 22-2012Walerij Holak03/17/15
Act 14-2017Waleska Arias Besabe07/04/19
Act 14-2017Waleska Donato-Martínez02/22/18
Act 14-2017Waleska Nieves12/24/18
Act 14-2017Walfred Torres Davila02/18/19
Act 135-1998Wallace International De Puerto Rico, Inc., International Silver De Puerto Rico, Inc., Pmw Silver De Puerto Rico, Inc./International Silver De Pr, Inc. / Pmw Silver De Pr, Inc.5/7/2004
Act 73-2008Wallace Silversmiths De Puerto Rico, Ltd1/25/2018
Act 20-2012Wallnut Valley Imaging12/07/16
Act 14-2017Wally Lopez Bonilla12/27/17
Act 20-2012Wallyann LLC12/30/16
Act 22-2012Walter Emig Iii02/11/16
Act 14-2017Walter Fronteras11/04/19
Act 14-2017Walter Janer11/02/19
Act 22-2012Walter Keenan03/03/16
Act 14-2017Walter Nieves Torres02/22/18
Act 22-2012Walter Paul Solala11/18/18
Act 22-2012Walter Teter03/03/17
Act 20-2012Wanabana Exchange L.L.C.10/27/19
Act 22-2012Wanda Amieiro03/28/16
Act 14-2017Wanda Casiano Quiles03/27/18
Act 14-2017Wanda E. Ruíz Morales03/23/18
Act 14-2017Wanda L. Rivera Bou12/28/17
Act 14-2017Wanda Liz Rodriguez05/03/18
Act 20-2012Wanderlust LLC04/05/19
Act 14-2017Wandsy Velez Vazquez01/06/19
Act 73-2008Warner Chilcott Company LLC12/23/2009
Act 135-1998Warner Chilcott Company, Inc. (Wcci) Warner Chilcott Laboratorios Ireland Limited (Wclil)2/23/2005
Act 22-2012Warren Fremeth07/14/19
Act 20-2012Warrington Asset Management LLC02/13/14
Act 135-1998Wartsila Caribbean, Inc.3/26/2008
Act 20-2012Wasatch Partners Puerto Rico, LLC03/07/18
Act 135-1998Waste Equipment De Pr Inc.4/7/2016
Act 135-1998Waste Equipment Of Puerto Rico, Inc.5/10/2007
Act 73-2008Waste Sorters of Puerto Rico, LLC12/22/2014
Act 8-1987Water Treatment Specialists, Inc.7/3/2009
Act 22-2012Wayne L. Williams Jr.11/09/15
Act 22-2012Wayne W. Baird06/23/15
Act 73-2008Wc Caribbean Instruments, Corp7/3/2014
Act 20-2012Wdc International, LLC08/01/17
Act 135-1998Wdc Puerto Rico Inc7/13/2006
Act 83-2010Wdc Puerto Rico, Inc.12/8/2016
Act 135-1998Wear Tech3/9/2004
Act 20-2012Webprez LLC10/31/16
Act 20-2012Website Toolbox LLC09/29/19
Act 22-2012Wei Wei11/19/19
Act 73-2008Weil Group, Inc.5/30/2012
Act 20-2012Weiss Consulting LLC04/11/17
Act 22-2012Weiwei Li06/30/19
Act 22-2012Wendy Driscoll04/07/15
Act 22-2012Wendy Powers06/23/15
Act 22-2012Wendy Yeh11/18/18
Act 20-2012Wes Publishing LLC01/16/19
Act 22-2012Wesley Farrell10/12/16
Act 73-2008West Coast Pallets, Inc.4/30/2010
Act 135-1998West Indian Products, Corp.5/8/2007
Act 135-1998Western Aviation Services, Corp.9/19/2006
Act 8-1987Western Medical Waste and Environmental Services, Inc.4/12/1999
Act 83-2010Western Wind Puerto Rico Corp/Yabucoa12/30/2011
Act 20-2012Westly House Americas, LLC10/26/16
Act 20-2012Westport Consulting LLC04/12/19
Act 20-2012Wfa Group LLC12/07/16
Act 20-2012Whistleblowers Against Fraud, LLC09/10/18
Act 20-2012Whistleblowers International05/09/18
Act 20-2012White Field Capital Partners LLC06/03/16
Act 20-2012White Star Technologies, LLC08/05/14
Act 135-1998Wholesalers Group, Inc10/7/2002
Act 135-1998Wholesalers Group, Inc.7/2/2012
Act 135-1998Widiberto Medina Carrero10/11/2001
Act 20-2012Wiggins Ventures LLC09/21/18
Act 14-2017Wihelma Echevarría Cortés02/22/18
Act 14-2017Wilberto Guzman05/26/19
Act 14-2017Wilda Guzman03/06/19
Act 14-2017Wilda R. Vicente Castrodad03/12/18
Act 14-2017Wilfred Gómez Saldaña02/18/19
Act 22-2012Wilfred Hsu07/21/16
Act 14-2017Wilfred Webster Denizard04/19/18
Act 14-2017Wilfredo Cosme05/03/19
Act 14-2017Wilfredo De Jesus Rojas01/31/19
Act 14-2017Wilfredo Hernandez- Alicea11/02/19
Act 14-2017Wilfredo J. Cordero Torres04/05/18
Act 14-2017Wilfredo Mercado Rosso06/05/18
Act 14-2017Wilfredo Navarro Gonzalez06/05/18
Act 14-2017Wilfredo Nieves Colomer12/28/17
Act 14-2017Wilfredo Pagani Diaz02/09/18
Act 14-2017Wilfredo Quiñones Irizarry02/09/18
Act 14-2017Wilfredo Rendon10/03/19
Act 14-2017Wilfredo Rivera Esquerdo05/19/19
Act 14-2017Wilfredo Vázquez Olivencia02/22/18
Act 14-2017William A Townsend Pico02/09/18
Act 14-2017William Almodovar Sanchez03/26/19
Act 22-2012William Anthony Fehr09/11/18
Act 14-2017William Borges Cancel03/23/18
Act 14-2017William Bracer Natal05/04/19
Act 22-2012William D. Thompson09/02/14
Act 22-2012William E Cruz12/11/18
Act 22-2012William Gardner05/09/18
Act 22-2012William Garner01/15/14
Act 22-2012William Gelpi11/24/18
Act 22-2012William Hawk11/10/14
Act 14-2017William J Cruz Medina05/17/18
Act 22-2012William J Febbo12/23/18
Act 14-2017William J Ruiz Vale06/05/18
Act 22-2012William J. Roy07/09/14
Act 14-2017William Jorge11/16/19
Act 14-2017William Julio De Jesús04/19/18
Act 22-2012William Katzenmeyer08/27/18
Act 22-2012William Mann03/27/14
Act 14-2017William Márquez Mulero03/12/18
Act 22-2012William Matos08/21/14
Act 22-2012William Mattson06/04/18
Act 14-2017William Méndez Latalladi02/28/18
Act 14-2017William Micheo Martinez06/05/18
Act 14-2017William Miranda Lopez01/06/19
Act 14-2017William O. Hurtado Santiago02/22/18
Act 22-2012William Oliver09/11/18
Act 22-2012William R Marthens 04/15/19
Act 14-2017William R. Taboas Colon12/28/17
Act 22-2012William Ramirez08/22/17
Act 14-2017William Román Aquerón02/22/18
Act 14-2017William Román Torreguitart02/22/18
Act 22-2012William Rosellini07/22/16
Act 14-2017William Ruiz06/18/19
Act 22-2012William Schulz08/27/18
Act 22-2012William Smith09/26/12
Act 22-2012William T. Haynes Jr10/07/13
Act 14-2017William Vega Ocasio02/09/18
Act 14-2017Wilma L. Cotto Oyola06/13/18
Act 14-2017Wilma Rodríguez Mojica08/09/18
Act 14-2017Wilma Sostre03/04/19
Act 14-2017Wilma Virella Santana03/23/18
Act 135-1998Wilmar Distributors, Inc.10/13/2005
Act 14-2017Wilmarie Bruckman03/25/19
Act 14-2017Wilmarie Rivera Hernández04/19/18
Act 14-2017Wilmer Rodríguez Silva02/22/18
Act 14-2017Wilmer Valentin09/29/19
Act 20-2012Wilna LLC05/09/18
Act 14-2017Wilson Ortiz Cotti06/26/18
Act 14-2017Wilson Rovira05/26/19
Act 73-2008Win Net Connections, Inc.2/13/2015
Act 20-2012Winchemenergy LLC11/18/19
Act 73-2008Windmar Pv Energy, Inc.9/22/2010
Act 20-2012Windmar Pv Energy, Inc.08/07/19
Act 73-2008Windmar Renewable Energy, Inc.7/9/2010
Act 20-2012Windrose Trading LLC07/01/15
Act 135-1998Windsor Systems Group Of Pr2/6/2001
Act 20-2012Winecredit LLC09/07/16
Act 20-2012Wingman LLC05/09/18
Act 20-2012Winlo Management Group, LLC05/17/18
Act 22-2012Winslow C. Strong05/09/18
Act 14-2017Winston S. Imbert De Iturrondo04/19/18
Act 135-1998Wireless High Tech Services3/18/2003
Act 135-1998Wireless Idea Management Group[12/11/2008
Act 20-2012Wisconsinplc LLC06/28/18
Act 14-2017Wistremundo Dones Figueroa03/23/18
Act 20-2012Wolbert Holdings, LLC12/27/16
Act 73-2008Wolseley De Puerto Rico10/8/2015
Act 135-1998Wometco Donas12/24/2003
Act 135-1998Wood Market Manufacturing, Inc.11/12/2002
Act 135-1998Woodwork Dvelopers, Inc.11/30/2001
Act 20-2012Woolly Rhino Holdings LLC06/22/19
Act 22-2012Worachote Soonthornsima06/19/19
Act 135-1998World Engineering Solutions, Corp.7/18/2007
Act 20-2012World Music Latino Corp.08/13/19
Act 20-2012World Wide Food Provisions LLC11/15/18
Act 73-2008Wovenware Inc.3/24/2011
Act 20-2012Wovenware, Inc.04/08/13
Act 135-1998Wpr La Ceramica L.P.S.E.1/27/2005
Act 135-1998Wr Recycling, Inc.5/22/2006
Act 20-2012Ws Consultants, LLC11/14/14
Act 20-2012Www Solutions, LLC11/18/18
Act 135-1998Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Company (Wpc) / Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Company, Inc. (Wwpi) / Ayerst-Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Incorporated (Awpi) / Wyeth-Whitehall Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Wwpi) / Wyeth-Ayerst Lederle, Inc. (Wali)1/30/2006
Act 135-1998X-Films2/11/2002
Act 20-2012X-Square Capital, LLC05/12/15
Act 14-2017Xamayta Negroni Balasquide05/25/19
Act 135-1998Xamm Corp2/11/2003
Act 20-2012Xanthus Capital Advisors, LLC03/07/18
Act 73-2008Xapiens International Group, Inc.7/9/2010
Act 14-2017Xavier Alers Cardona05/23/19
Act 14-2017Xavier Colon Rivera07/14/19
Act 14-2017Xavier Quiñones De Jesus03/29/19
Act 22-2012Xinyue Keehn08/10/18
Act 14-2017Xiomara Sanchez12/16/18
Act 20-2012Xpert'S Consulting Inc.06/22/19
Act 20-2012Xperts, Inc.06/01/19
Act 73-2008Xrm, Inc.12/2/2013
Act 20-2012Xterra Group Corp03/04/16
Act 73-2008Xtrategit, Corp3/11/2013
Act 20-2012Xuanlu Music LLC06/01/19
Act 83-2010Xzerta-Tee Solar I, LLC10/28/2013
Act 20-2012Y360, LLC02/15/19
Act 22-2012Ya Zou06/10/14
Act 20-2012Yabucoa Partners Corporation05/17/18
Act 14-2017Yadiel A. Alameda Ríos12/28/17
Act 14-2017Yadira Dacosta Santaella02/28/18
Act 14-2017Yadira Flores04/13/19
Act 14-2017Yadira G. Mateo Jiménez03/23/18
Act 14-2017Yadira Garcia Sotomayor06/05/18
Act 14-2017Yadira M. Correa Millán02/09/18
Act 14-2017Yadira Vazquez Figueroa12/27/17
Act 20-2012Yagrumo Health Services LLC04/10/19
Act 14-2017Yahaira Díaz04/04/19
Act 14-2017Yahaira Moreno Denizard01/24/18
Act 14-2017Yahaira Pizarro Cancel06/30/19
Act 14-2017Yailis Medina10/03/19
Act 14-2017Yairamaris Pelet Giraud12/28/17
Act 14-2017Yaiza Martinez Ortiz05/03/18
Act 14-2017Yajaira Guzman09/28/19
Act 22-2012Yajia Hu02/23/16
Act 20-2012Yale Capital Corporation07/13/15
Act 14-2017Yamil C. Rivera02/09/18
Act 14-2017Yamil E. Castillo Beauchamp04/19/18
Act 22-2012Yamila Hanna-Garcia08/31/16
Act 14-2017Yamilka Abreu Delgado12/28/17
Act 14-2017Yamiris Rodriguez Rodriguez11/16/19
Act 22-2012Yana Bogash08/27/18
Act 22-2012Yancy W. Wright11/04/14
Act 14-2017Yanerys Agosto03/29/19
Act 22-2012Yani Feliciano09/02/15
Act 14-2017Yania López Alvarez12/28/17
Act 14-2017Yanira Benítez Ortiz09/10/18
Act 14-2017Yanira Hernandez02/06/19
Act 14-2017Yanira López09/29/19
Act 14-2017Yanira Morales Torres12/28/17
Act 14-2017Yanira Pagan10/03/19
Act 14-2017Yanira Z. Vázquez Pérez02/22/18
Act 73-2008Yarborough & Associates, LLC7/9/2012
Act 14-2017Yarelis Vazquez02/03/19
Act 14-2017Yareri Soto09/29/19
Act 14-2017Yariel Sánchez06/18/19
Act 14-2017Yariliz Ortiz Navedo02/09/18
Act 14-2017Yarisma Frometa Pastrana09/29/19
Act 14-2017Yaritza Rodriguez07/19/19
Act 14-2017Yaritza Santiago Vazquez11/04/19
Act 22-2012Yaron Brook12/04/17
Act 20-2012Yarotek Pr, LLC05/30/12
Act 83-2010Yarotek Pr, LLC2/26/2018
Act 22-2012Yash Kapadia10/03/16
Act 14-2017Yashira Veras02/19/19
Act 14-2017Yaslin Ortiz09/29/19
Act 14-2017Yazmin Corujo02/18/19
Act 14-2017Yazmin L Garcia Roque06/05/18
Act 22-2012Yehudah L. Rose07/30/13
Act 22-2012Yelena Gontmakher12/27/16
Act 14-2017Yelitza Ruiz Candelario04/19/18
Act 135-1998Yellow Distributors11/13/2001
Act 14-2017Yemina Ramos03/04/19
Act 27-2011Yerba Buena, LLC - Yerba Buena06/30/19
Act 14-2017Yerianig Perez03/04/19
Act 20-2012Yessy LLC05/09/18
Act 22-2012Yezenia J. Herrera12/18/18
Act 83-2010Yfn Yabucoa Solar, LLC9/2/2014
Act 22-2012Yi Song08/10/18
Act 14-2017Yiamira S. Oquendo Ocasio02/22/18
Act 22-2012Yijian Yang12/16/14
Act 14-2017Yilda Rivera Nazario09/27/19
Act 14-2017Yimar Berrios Diaz06/13/18
Act 14-2017Yineli Ortiz Torres09/29/19
Act 22-2012Ying Shen06/26/19
Act 22-2012Yisroel M. Goldstone03/02/19
Act 22-2012Yisroel Schmalberg06/12/17
Act 27-2011Yo soy un político, LLC - Yo soy un político06/30/17
Act 14-2017Yocasta Brugal Mena02/28/18
Act 22-2012Yogesh M. Mago10/28/14
Act 22-2012Yolanda Cinca12/07/12
Act 22-2012Yolanda Eustaquio02/11/19
Act 14-2017Yolanda Figueroa Torres04/19/18
Act 14-2017Yolanda Ramirez Rodriguez06/13/18
Act 14-2017Yolanda Rodriguez05/19/19
Act 14-2017Yolanda Sierra Quiñones04/19/18
Act 14-2017Yolianne Lozada09/29/19
Act 14-2017Yomarid Quiñones Badillo04/19/18
Act 14-2017Yomayra Otero09/29/19
Act 22-2012Yoon Shin11/18/15
Act 14-2017Yorlenis Hevia Jimenez05/14/18
Act 20-2012Young Wolf LLC06/04/18
Act 22-2012Young-A Winter12/27/17
Act 14-2017Yousef Cruz Iñigo09/29/19
Act 20-2012Ypa Caribbean, LLC03/10/19
Act 22-2012Yuan Jiang11/18/18
Act 22-2012Yuan Su11/19/19
Act 22-2012Yue Zhou08/29/18
Act 22-2012Yuhong Liu09/21/16
Act 73-2008Yumac Home Furniture, Inc.7/18/2013
Act 20-2012Yunque LLC05/17/18
Act 14-2017Yuri Corrales11/04/19
Act 14-2017Yuri Nocilayevich Shoolov05/03/18
Act 14-2017Yurizam Ramírez Ojeda04/19/18
Act 14-2017Yvelisse Gonzalez Segui07/14/19
Act 14-2017Yvette M. Cruz Pagán02/28/18
Act 22-2012Yvonne K. Lowy03/31/15
Act 20-2012Z Management Co., LLC06/28/18
Act 22-2012Zachary Danial03/21/18
Act 22-2012Zachary J Groen06/26/19
Act 22-2012Zachary K. Turner12/12/14
Act 22-2012Zachary Lyon09/13/17
Act 22-2012Zachary Mitton08/29/18
Act 22-2012Zachary Wulf02/08/16
Act 22-2012Zackary A Hurley06/01/19
Act 14-2017Zahira Lugo-Lopez07/17/19
Act 14-2017Zaida Perez Maldonado08/04/19
Act 14-2017Zaleskie Ruiz Aponte04/19/18
Act 20-2012Zanelo, LLC05/09/18
Act 135-1998Zap Import & Export Corp.3/27/2007
Act 135-1998Zap Import & Export Corp.6/9/2008
Act 27-2011Zapatero Producción Audiovisual, Inc. - Falabella06/30/15
Act 27-2011Zapatero Producción Audiovisual, Inc. - La Vida Respira el Momento06/30/15
Act 27-2011Zapatero Producción Audiovisual, Inc. - Loco de Amor06/30/15
Act 27-2011Zapatero Producción Audiovisual, Inc. - Walgreens06/30/15
Act 20-2012Zapatero Production Audiovisual LLC09/12/14
Act 20-2012Zaragoza - Alvarado Psc11/01/12
Act 14-2017Zaskia Rodríguez González01/26/18
Act 20-2012Zawna Health Pr, LLC09/21/15
Act 135-1998Zaycor Industries, Corp.5/31/2007
Act 14-2017Zayhara Reyes Bou02/28/18
Act 20-2012Zeitgestalt, LLC12/16/19
Act 14-2017Zelideth Rivera Ortiz03/23/18
Act 14-2017Zelma Z. Fauxench López03/12/18
Act 20-2012Zemi Group LLC06/04/18
Act 14-2017Zenaida Diaz Rodriguez06/05/18
Act 14-2017Zenaida Mendez Rivera06/26/18
Act 273-2012Zenus Bank International, Inc.10/25/19
Act 20-2012Zerohour Technologies LLC06/03/16
Act 14-2017Zhamarie Ortiz Mercado02/28/18
Act 22-2012Zhaowen Huang10/26/16
Act 22-2012Zhiyoung Wu12/15/14
Act 22-2012Zia U Naeem03/10/19
Act 22-2012Ziad S Nahas06/01/19
Act 135-1998Zimmer Caribe6/26/2001
Act 73-2008Zimmer Manufacturing B.V5/4/2012
Act 135-1998Zinco Manufacturing, Inc.1/1/2007
Act 20-2012Ziya Systems, Corp.11/18/19
Act 20-2012Zol Export Inc12/15/19
Act 14-2017Zoraida Elisa Estela Jove12/20/17
Act 14-2017Zoraida I. Ortiz Giuliani12/27/17
Act 22-2012Zoya Kovenya05/09/16
Act 20-2012Zreyas Pr LLC10/14/19
Act 20-2012Zrw LLC06/03/16
Act 14-2017Zuanette Ramos02/03/19
Act 14-2017Zuleika Diaz Negron05/17/18
Act 14-2017Zulma A. González Caraballo03/23/18
Act 14-2017Zulmary Campos Santiago02/09/18
Act 27-2011Zumare Entertainment, LLC - Santurce Serie06/30/18
Act 27-2011Zumare Entertainment, LLC - Santurce Serie06/30/19
Act 20-2012Zurixx, LLC01/30/15
Act 14-2017Zwinda I Aponte Rosario05/03/18
Act 14-2017Zydalee Cardona Rodriguez06/13/18

As of today, we have disclosed the beneficiaries of:

  • Export of Services (formerly known as Act 20)
  • Investor Individuals (formerly known as Act 22)
  • Medical Professionals (formerly known as Act 14)
  • International Financial Entities (formerly known as Act 273)
  • Film Industry (formerly known as Act 27)
  • Economic Incentives Act (formerly known as Act 73)
  • Green Energy (formerly known as Act 83)

In future updates, we hope to disclose the beneficiaries of: Tax Incentives Act of 1998 (formerly known as Act 135), Tourism Development (Act 74), International Insurers (Act 399) and others.

The Government of Puerto Rico has published the fiscal impact of the incentive Acts. Get the first and only version of the Tax Expenditure Report published by the Department of the Treasury.

Incentive Code

We have achieved the approval of the new Incentive Code of Puerto Rico, which seeks to establish a new efficient process for the granting and inspection of all incentives granted by the Government. This means more agility and transparency in the management of public money destined for the economic development of Puerto Rico. The Return on Investment (ROI) methodology represents the certainty that every penny that the people invest, yields positively to the treasury. Get the Puerto Rico Incentive Code. Important: See also the Information Bulletin No. 2019-003 of the Office of Incentives for Businesses in Puerto Rico with the most updated information on the provisions and procedures of incentives under the code. Download th Incentive Code of Puerto Rico.

Important: See also the Informative Bulletin No. 2019-003 of the Office of Incentives for Businesses in Puerto Rico with the most up-to-date information on the provisions and procedures for incentives under the Code.

Annual Reports to the Legislative Assembly and Governor​

The DEDC, in its mission to ensure accountability for every dollar invested in economic incentives, reports annually to the Legislative Assembly and the Governor of Puerto Rico on the economic and fiscal impact of the incentives of the Economic Incentives Act for the Development of Puerto Rico. This, until the last version in force under that statute. Subsequent years are reported pursuant to the Puerto Rico Incentive Code. You can obtain a copy of each and every one of these reports, here:

Fiscal Year 2008-2009

Fiscal Year 2009-2010 A

Fiscal Year 2009-2010 B

Fiscal Year 2010-2011

Fiscal Year 2011-2012 A

Fiscal Year 2011-2012 B

Fiscal Year 2012-2013

Fiscal Year 2013-2014

Fiscal Year 2014-2015

Fiscal Year 2015-2016

Fiscal Year 2016-2017

Fiscal Year 2017-2018

Fiscal Year 2018-2019

Fiscal Year 2019-2020