Agencies and Offices

Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DEDC) Composition:

Under this new structure, the DEDC achieves greater efficiencies in the process of stimulating and increasing investment, entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship on the Island, especially in priority areas such as manufacturing, commerce, tourism, services, and others.

As an agency, the DEDC takes various steps to successfully fulfill its mission of attracting investment, supporting SMEs, improving the business climate and competitiveness of Puerto Rico, and promoting exports, innovation and technology.

In this sense, at a general level, these efforts include the formulation and implementation of public policy, participate in local, national and international events to promote investment, implement fiscal measures, promote initiatives at the federal level, strengthen ties with the private sector and multinationals, and support the development of key initiatives and strategic projects that will drive regional economic growth.

Offices and Programs that are now part of the DEDC:

  • Business Development Office
  • Labor Development Program
  • Youth Development Program
  • Film Program
  • EB-5 program
  • Auxiliary Secretariat of Permit Management
  • State Office of Energy Public Policy
  • Industrial Tax Exemption Office

Entities that are attached to the DEDC:

  • Industrial Development Company
  • Planning Board
  • Roosevelt Roads Redevelopment Corporation

Entities that remain operational within the DEDC (in the process of consolidation):

  • Trade and Export Company
  • Tourism Company

The Secretary of the DEDC is the President of multiple Boards of Directors, including:

  • Tourism Company
  • Trade and Export Company
  • Industrial Development Company
  • Land Administration
  • Convention Center District Authority
  • Science, Research and Technology Trust
  • Authority for Redevelopment of Former Roosevelt Roads Base
  • Ponce Port Authority (Co-President)
  • Invest Puerto Rico
  • Gaming Commission

He also belongs to other Government Boards and Work Committees, including:

  • Economic Development Bank
  • Ports Authority
  • Cooperative Development Commission
  • Discover Puerto Rico
  • Committee for the Development of Industrial Hemp
  • Committee on the Elimination of the ERA Requirement
  • Committee to Mitigate Climate Change
  • Veteran Support Committee
  • Real Estate Assessment and Disposition Committee
  • Opportunity Zones Committee
  • Collaborative Economy Development Committee
  • Others